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Startup business, need to create a logo and branding

I am seeking a social media manager to handle our existing business's Instagram account. The ideal candidate will have experience in managing social media accounts for businesses and have a strong understanding of Instagram's algorithms and features. Platforms: - Instagram only Goals: - Increasing brand awareness Responsibilities: - Develop and execute a social media strategy that aligns with our goals - Create and curate content that is engaging and relevant to our audience - Monitor and analyze account performance and adjust strategy accordingly - Engage with followers and respond to comments and messages in a timely manner - Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices Skills and Experience : - Proven experience managing socia...

I am in need of a freelancer who can write a personal reference letter for me to present to a judge in court. The ideal candidate will have experience in legal writing and be able to write persuasively. The letter should include the following information: I already have a bunch of letters by friends that need proof reading and made slightly better - My relationship to the defendant - Positive character traits of the defendant - Specific incidents or examples that showcase the defendant's character The letter will be addressed to the judge, and I am looking for a freelancer who can complete the project within a tight deadline.

I am looking for a Spanish-Castilian teacher located in Peru who can help me improve my beginner-level Spanish speaking and writing skills. The primary focus of the lessons will be on conversation skills, with some emphasis on basic grammar and vocabulary. I prefer to receive instruction via online video calls. Ideal Skills and Experience : - Must be fluent in Spanish-Castilian - Previous experience teaching Spanish to beginners - Strong communication skills and ability to engage with students through video calls - Knowledge of effective teaching methods and techniques for language learners

I am seeking a freelancer who can generate statics about the age demographi...information about population distribution, growth, and trends. The output of the study should be as follows: - 1- Ratio and Numbers 2- Population classified based on the following parameters gender/nationalities/disability/age group/employment/Skilled and unskilled. 3- It should cover the last three years. 4- Supported by public and reliable references for the provided information. 5- The report should be completed and provided in Excel format supported by charts and graphs. Ideal Skills and Experience : - Experience with data analysis and visualization tools - Knowledge of demographic trends and statistics - Strong attention to detail and organization skills - Ability to work independ...

Looking for an experienced article writer who can create high-quality content experienced article writer who can create high-quality content for a niche audience in the business industry on a regular basis. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of the target audience and be able to write engaging articles that provide valuable insights and information. The articles will be 1001-2000 words in length, and should cover a range of topics related to the business industry. The candidate should have experience in researching and writing about complex business topics, and should be able to convey ideas in a clear and concise manner. Strong writing skills and attention to detail are a must. The listing will be for one article but the irght person will be offer...

I am looking for a freelancer who can create a comprehensive business plan for my retail business. My main goal is to attract partners, so the plan should be persuasive and engaging. The ideal candidate will have experience in creating business plans for the retail industry and will understand the key factors that drive success in this sector. I am looking for a fast turnaround, as I need the plan completed within 1-2 months. The plan should cover all the key areas of my business, including marketing, operations, and financials. The freelancer should have excellent writing skills and be able to present complex information in a clear and concise manner.

...innovate. Proficient in design software, like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Excellent communication skills. Detail-oriented, with a keen eye for aesthetics and visual details. Familiarity with the sustainable energy sector, especially the BESS and E-Mobility sectors, would be a plus. How to Apply: Please submit your resume, a link to your portfolio, and a short cover letter explaining why you think you are a good fit for this project . If available, including specific examples of previous work in similar industries or projects will also be highly beneficial. We're excited to see your unique take on our existing logo and how you can help us visually communicate our growth. Apply today and let's create something great together! Note: This is a freelance...

Profile We seek a highly organised and efficient Administration Manager to provide comprehensive administrative support to our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will possess exceptional organisational skills, strong attention to detail, the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and be an outstanding communicator. This challenging and rewarding role requires professionalism, discretion, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, technology-driven environment. What will you be up to (to name a few): • Administrative support: provide comprehensive administrative support to the Senior Leadership team, including managing calendars, scheduling appointments, coordinating travel arrangements, and organising meetings and client events. • Communication and correspondenc...

I am looking for a freelancer who can help me build my friendship again with a new experience . Our friendship ended due to a misunderstanding and I want to reconnect with my friend through online communication. I am interested in us learning a new skill together and possibly attending an event in the future. Ideal skills and experience : - Strong communication skills to facilitate online communication - Experience in teaching or coaching a new skill - Knowledge of local events and activities that can be attended together - Understanding and empathy towards friendship dynamics and how to navigate misunderstandings.

I am looking for a programmer to make file for Ender Pro Printer. This is a prototyping model. The file to be programmed via a slicer as ready to print as loaded in...there to be frequent adjustments to be made There are two parts. The base section which will house 2 transducers and two magnets The positioning of the recesses for these will be moved There will be 4 screw holes to allow screwing to the top of the cover The PCB is sandwiched between top cover and base The top cover fits over the base and the base screws to the cover sandwiching the PCB. The work involves making the initial casing. and programming the Ender 3 Pro so it will print After the initial project completed a second project for refining design will be let with benc...

...Social Media Manager . We are running 2 youtube channels (german and english) which are mainly about finances, investment and crypto. If you know this branch, will be a huge benefit. Please only apply if you are available long term and have min 5 hours a day or more time to allocate to our business. Your tasks would be: - Content strategy planning - Content creation (designs w/ canva if needed and text) - hashtag, keyword research - Analytics & Reporting (Competitor analysis - mainly from youtube at the beginning) - collecting video ideas - create posts etc on Youtube (in addition to the youtube videos), Instagram, Printerest,.. - sceduling the posts using the tool "social bee" - repurposing the youtube videos You should be able and willing to work with click up ...

I am looking for a freelancer to create a highly interactive elearning module on fraud prevention, specifically targeting entry-level staff. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing and developing engaging and interactive elearning modules with quizzes and simulations. The module should focus on financial fraud and cover topics such as fraudulent activities, red flags, and detection and prevention techniques. The module should be easy to navigate, with clear and concise content, and be visually appealing. The freelancer should have experience in designing elearning modules with a focus on fraud prevention and have a strong understanding of the subject matter.

Need this done FAST! I am looking for an experienced Python developer to help me finish my web development project . The project is currently in progress and I need someone who can help me integrate a database into the project . Ideal skills and experience : - Strong background in Python web development - Experience with database integration - Familiarity with popular Python web frameworks like Flask The main functionality needed for the project is database integration. Specifically, I need someone who can help me: - Integrate the database with the web application - Ensure data is being properly stored and retrieved from the database - fixes for table to make sure its appropriate, small changes to table and fields. auto fill certain fields f...

We are looking for React Implementation of Custom Form Designer (CFD). CFD is a typical low code- no code form builder in React. CFD will be a drag-and-drop form with user-friendly interactions. CFD will have predefined elements such as Entities, Attributes, etc which should be loaded from a JSON file and shown in a panel. Using the predefined elements, users should be able to model various types of input forms. Each element will have properties which can be configured by the user. All user changes need to be captured in JSON format and saved. Further detailed user interaction flow will be provided once the agreement is signed.

I am looking to hire a Freelancer to teach me how to develop a comprehensive, configurable product catalog using Tacton's CPQ Configuration Suite. This product catalog needs to be able to streamline the sales process and enhance customer experience . I do not currently have a product catalog in place. I would like to start as soon as possible. With this, I need someone who can teach me how to quickly and efficiently create a product catalog that meets customers' needs.

Urgent requirement of experienced Graphic designer and motion graphics Adobe illustrator Adobe animation Must have creative ideas with basic understanding of Colors Fonts Sizes etc Available during India TimeZone Only Indians apply Freelancers only

I need a new Unix and C program completed urgently. I am willing to pay good money for this project , but I need it done within one day. The specific task of this project is creating a new Unix program. There will be no AI input involved. The ideal freelancer for this job will have experience with Unix and C programming, and will be able to work quickly under strict deadlines. The budget for this project is in the range of $50-$150. - Unix systems - C programming language -System calls - no libraray calls - no plagirism no AI no chat gpt help (code from scratch) HAND WRITTEN CODE FROM SCRATCH!!

Hi there, I am looking for a new Facebook cover + a new LinkedIn one with similar features/feel. I attach examples from something I've done on Canva, but I want something better! Both need to have: 1. My photo (attached too) 2. "Media Professional?" header in big font 3. Below it in small italics: "Unlock new levels of" 4. Below it, again in big font: "Business and Personal Satisfaction" (Or change 'and' to '&' if it fits and looks better) 5. Below it, in small font: "with Noy Shani, The Consistency Coach" 6. I need creativity here when it comes to the background, I don't mind if you use legit stock pics that you have the license to use and give as part of your design. Include a background that has got some...

I'm looking for someone who can create a funnel in Google Analytics. I want to track where my users drop off during their sign-up/sign-in journey and also see the num...User is on home page > Clicks Get Started > Clicks Subscribe > Signs Up > Goes to stripe enters details > Comes back to Dashboard > Is Subscribed & to what product. If the user drops off at any point during the journey I want to be able to visualise it. Example 2: 250 were active today, out of that 250, 100 of them were subscribed out of a total of 500 total users. Please note that if this project is done well, I will have more projects for you in the future. Also, I have a good understanding of Google Analytics if you have any further questions. To be eligible: comment, "I unde...

I am looking for a freelancer who can integrate my Facebook and Instagram accounts into my Meta Ads Manager . Specifically, I need assistance with the following: - Integration of both Facebook and Instagram accounts - No need for assistance in creating ad campaigns, just integration of accounts - Facebook Business Manager account already created Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in integrating Facebook and Instagram accounts - Familiarity with Meta Ads Manager - Experience working with Facebook Business Manager accounts Please provide examples of previous similar projects you have completed.

I am seeking a skilled developer to troubleshoot and fix the Google Tag Manager on my Elementor Pro website. The tags are not working properly and are not tracking the entire site. I require someone with experience in Google Tag Manager and familiarity with Elementor Pro to identify and resolve the issue. No recent changes have been made to the website that could have affected the tags.

...cross-functional teams, including marketing, design, and content, to ensure consistent brand messaging and alignment across all channels. Stay up-to-date with social media best practices, emerging platforms, and industry trends to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge. Requirements: Proven work experience as a Social Media Marketing Specialist or similar role. In-depth knowledge of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and emerging platforms. Experience with social media management tools and analytics platforms. Strong understanding of social media advertising, targeting, and campaign optimization. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Thai. Creative mindset with the ability to develop engaging...

Hi - we are looking for someone to create approx 30 new word templates for our bidding team: Convert 15 x existing (25-45page) long plans/report style (with table of contents, tables, page dividers, clean styles). Convert 5 x existing short cover letter plus short report style (with table of contents, tables, page dividers, clean styles). Create 10 x new company letterhead templates Create 1 x new company long report template Create 1 x new company short report template Current docs have inherited styles, and we would like to convert to a clean fresh new suite of templates to align to company branding. Company is based in Sydney but team works remotely. Need a short term solution. Would like to understand non-disclosure agreement details also.

I am looking for a freelancer to create a letterhead for me with my logo. The letterhead should have a color scheme that I have already selected. I prefer the letterhead to be delivered in Microsoft Word format. I do not require any additional design elements on the letterhead, just the logo and text. Ideal skills and experience : - Graphic design experience - Proficiency in Microsoft Word - Attention to detail to ensure the letterhead accurately represents my brand.

We are an agency looking for a google ads manager to help us manage our clients ads

We're small digital marketing agency who specialises ...reporting mechanisms to gauge SEO performance Collaborate with other marketing teams to align SEO strategies with broader company goals Work closely with web developers and marketing teams to properly implement SEO best practices Monitor and analyze SEO statistics such as clicks, impressions, and conversions Qualifications: Proven experience as an SEO Manager , SEO Lead, or similar role Knowledge of standard and current SEO practices Knowledge of HTML/CSS Experience with SEO reporting and monitoring tools Familiarity with relevant tools (e.g., Ahrefs, Screaming Frog,) and web analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, GSC) Excellent communication skills Strong organizational and leadership skills Analytical mi...

...projects. Responsibilities: 1. Freelancer Selection: Your first responsibility will involve identifying and selecting the right freelancers for each specific job. This includes assessing their skills, experience , and expertise in areas such as product listing, website optimization, and SEO. 2. Project Negotiation: Once the freelancers have been identified, you will be responsible for negotiating project terms, including deadlines, rates, and deliverables. Effective communication and negotiation skills are essential in ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement for both parties. 3. Project Management: As an Executive Assistant, you will play a crucial role in overseeing and managing the projects. This includes monitoring progress, tracking milestones, and e...

I am in need of a part-time Entrepreneur Manager /Assistant who has excellent research skills, resourcefulness, and initiative to handle administrative tasks for my business. The ideal candidate should have experience in the Business/E-commerce/Amazon industry. The specific tasks that the assistant will handle include managing my emails, scheduling meetings, and handling day-to-day administrative tasks. Ideal Skills and Experience : - Excellent research and analytical skills - Resourceful and proactive with a can-do attitude - Experience in Business/E-commerce/Amazon industry - Strong organizational skills - Excellent communication skills - Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively - Proficient in MS Office and Google Suite If you are a self-start...

I am in need of a Sales Manager for my technology business, who has experience in a specific market or territory. The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience : Skills: - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - Ability to lead and motivate a sales team - Strong negotiation and closing skills - Knowledge of CRM software and sales analytics Experience : - At least 5 years of experience in sales management - Proven track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets - Experience in the technology industry - Familiarity with the specific market/territory we operate in If you have the skills and experience I am looking for, please apply to this project .

I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with the design of print materials using Canva. As I am open to suggestions for the design needs. I have an ecommerce with educational materials in PDF. Materials are developed in Word and then transferred to Canva. The content of the design will be used for print materials, so the freelancer should have experience in designing for this format. The primary goal of the design is to entertain, so the freelancer should have experience in creating visually appealing and engaging designs. Ideal skills and experience : - Strong proficiency in Canva - Experience in designing for print materials - Creative and able to provide design suggestions - Experience in creating visually appealing and engagi...

Looking for a MATLAB expert with experience in image processing and object tracking for a mobile report project . The goal of this project is to achieve a high accuracy level (above 95%) in object tracking. The project will involve working with RGB images and the ideal candidate should have experience in human pose estimation and 3D reconstruction.

We're an agency looking for a backlink builder to assist us to build backlinks using SEMRush and against competitors. You should have experience in backlink building and work as part of our internal team.

Hi. My children's book is SHOES. Its 30 pgs, 6 chapters, 3-5 pgs each. I had an artist (student) completed half the project , kept deposit and disappeared. I'd like: Illustrations Background/scene Color illustration Storyboard Book cover Book layout Files ready for print eBook formatting

...perfect book cover for my non-fiction book for small business owners on how to garner their own press. The book cover should be classic, fun and professional, conveying the message of the book to the readers. The book will be a physical book, and the format of the cover should be suitable for both print and digital formats. I'm looking for a creative and professional approach to the design versus a purely minimalist approach. I'm open to any suggestions the designer might have to make the cover stand out in a unique and attractive way - however I will need to approve any artwork before final production so please bear this in mind. I'm also open to any questions or ideas you may have.I'm eager to work with someone who can capture the essen...

We are looking for an event manager to run the Christmas street market which is part of a festive event which has been held in Meads Street, Eastbourne on the last Friday of November since 2012. We are attaching a broad spec giving more information.

We are a US medium-sized Medical Diagnostic company in need of a Financial Consultant for a 2-hour Quickbooks training session. The ideal candidate should have experience working with Medical Diagnostic companies and be able to provide guidance on the Chart of Accounting. Specifically, we need help with organizing our Chart of Accounts and improving our understanding of reports and cash flow. I am an accounting major student who graduated last year, our company in the US has 2 Finance. Currently, we using Quickbooks, but quite poorly, we require a consultant who can provide hands-on training and help us optimize our accounting processes.

Create a logo for my start up venture - an investment advisory firm / asset manager .

I am looking for a freelancer to create and input coding exercises for Python/Javascript courses using such platforms as or lms plugins. The coding exercises should be at an intermediate level of difficulty. I have some general concepts in mind that I would like the exercises to cover , but I am open to suggestions. I am looking for more than 10 coding exercises for each programming language. Ideal skills and experience : - Experience in Python and Javascript programming - Knowledge of coding exercises and assessments - Ability to create engaging and challenging exercises - Strong attention to detail - Excellent communication skills to ensure the exercises meet my requirements.

We are looking for architects to help produce build plans with elevation views, material callouts, section/cut views for connection details. Please see attached files for an example/previous build plans.

...dial unix /run/: connect: no such file or directory Can we screen share? There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $10 possible? Please note $10 is the max total that I can handle for this (doing hourly reduces % fee). Will leave a Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 stars : - ) My funds are low but will pay quick and leave 5 stars. Please give your best possible for your bid ? (something reasonable?) Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each? Look at feedback on my profile, feedback I left for many others. Here is the project : SINCERELY WOULD BE NICE TO MEET YOU PLEASE ANY THOUGHTS ? Please note project is due in tw...

electrical installation business , want simple just lettering logo in black with possibly electric blue streak through lettering or around/ down middle of each letter . No symbols

I am looking for a social media manager content creator who can help me with my Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn account. I want to focus on creating both images and stories that will engage my followers. I would like new content to be posted 2-3 times a week. Ideal Skills and Experience : - Proficient in using Instagram for business purposes - Experience in creating high-quality visuals and storytelling - Knowledge of social media marketing and content creation best practices - Ability to analyze social media metrics and adjust strategy accordingly - Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with a team - Creative and innovative mindset to keep content fresh and engaging

For a modest budget feature film, we need two comic book covers designed that resemble (but aren't) the Little Archie comic books. We will use them to cover actual comic books so that these can be shown on camera. The size of each cover is 6.02 x 8.99 inches. Sample is here, although ours will have a different name and can be a little simpler: or

I am looking for a skilled Wordpress developer to optimize my existing website for improved performance. The goal is to make all of the metrics on to be in the green for both mobile and desktop. I don't want to change the theme so have to work with the existing theme. There are only a few restrictio...skilled Wordpress developer to optimize my existing website for improved performance. The goal is to make all of the metrics on to be in the green for both mobile and desktop. I don't want to change the theme so have to work with the existing theme. There are only a few restrictions: There are a few script tags that we cannot remove (we need that) including google tag manager and an external 3rd party. the website is

DEADLINE: TODAY END OF DAY I am seeking an experienced English to...translate a business presentation powerpoint. The intended audience is external clients and partners, and the powerpoint contains 19 slides although around 20% are cover slides and closing slides. The ideal candidate should have: - A proven track record of translating business presentations accurately and efficiently - Native fluency in Brazilian Portuguese and English - Familiarity with the business terminology used in the presentation - Ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work - Good communication skills to ensure that the translation accurately conveys the intended message If you have the required skills and experience , please submit your proposal with your rate per word and estimat...

We are looking for a talented architectural project manager in UK. This person should be in architecture or design or to learn it very quickly. This is a freelance job without weekly salary or stuff.... But we are going to pay to the candidate up to 40 percent from every single project ! You should find for us the best clients using our portfolio and our website that will be provided in chat. Hamed Zakipour Studio is a new community of talented people, founded by me 4 years ago. We have reached our goals in many countries, but we want to go further, to make more beautiful architecture and design. At the moment we are working with USA, UK and a few other clients from different countries. The service what you will offer to clients: Architectural visualizatio...

You will manage our social media channels, developing content calendars, creating social media campaigns, and analyzing performance metrics to optimize our social media presence. Branding Building

...products. Our most successful content recently has been a mixture of topical issues and adding humor or controversy. All 3 together is best. Skills Creative idea generation for funny and engaging content Long form article writing via ChatGPT generating and editing to add personality Able to generate responses from followers in social media Klaviyo experience PLUS: Ability to create short video in Kapwing or any video software PLUS: Experience with the newest AI formats including generating deepfake videos, ElevenLabs, etc BIG PLUS: Ability to negotiate with media groups on posting opportunities Responsibilities: Generating articles of 500 - 1000 words when given ideas by company Post articles to the appropriate channel (ex media partner, our own blog, etc) Generate ide...

I'm looking for someone to help create and manage short-form content on social media. Specifically, I'm looking for someone who can create engaging videos, post them on Instagram, and increase brand awareness. Posting high-quality co...someone to help create and manage short-form content on social media. Specifically, I'm looking for someone who can create engaging videos, post them on Instagram, and increase brand awareness. Posting high-quality content regularly will hopefully help boost brand recognition, grow our following, and increase engagement with our followers. Experience in digital media or marketing, as well as particular expertise in creating engaging videos, is a must for this project . If you have the skills to help build our company's presen...

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3 Project Manager Cover Letter Examples Created in 2023

Stephen Greet

Project managers are integral in achieving company objectives, communicating, budgeting, and delegating to lead teams to complete projects on time with excellent deliverables. Project managers like you often need to collaborate with other project teams while serving as a liaison who shares team questions, concerns, and ideas. 

Your  job skillset  brings people together to get things done and surpass new company goals. To advance your project manager career, you’ll need to create a  project manager resume  and cover letter that’s as well-rounded, cohesive, and detail-oriented as you. 

Almost everyone dreads writing cover letters! But luckily, we’re here to inspire and guide you with three project manager cover letter samples, a few useful tips, and an outline to get you on your way!

Project Manager Cover Letter Example


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Project manager cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

Technical Project Manager Cover Letter Example

cover letter for project manager with no experience

Senior Project Manager Cover Letter Example

Senior project manager cover letter template

Project Manager Resume

Need a resume to pair with your project manager cover letter?

or download as PDF

Project manager resume template

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Project Management Job

Girl showing a presentation in a board to a curious guy depicting the girl showing how to write a project manager cover letter

While you’re contemplating the above examples and outlining your own project manager cover letter, remember these three tips for an outstanding final piece: Always learn about the company and job you’re applying for, spotlight your best achievements, and polish your tone.

cover letter for project manager with no experience

Write to the project management role and company

So many cover letters get pushed into the abyss for being generic. You don’t want your cover letter to be like everyone elses! So, look for details in the  job description  and “about” sections on the company website that other candidates will overlook. Research the company and role thoroughly, seeking out specific and unique needs that resonate with you.

Project managers are sought after for their ability to bring innovative ideas and prioritized information together for a streamlined game plan, so your cover letter should demonstrate you’ve done this! Research the company’s objectives and use their previous projects as grounds to establish a connection when possible. Look on the company site for specific mission statements or values, and spotlight them when you discuss your qualifications called for by the job ad.

cover letter for project manager with no experience

Share your best project management success

You’ll have limited space to work with since your project management cover letter must remain under a page. But on the flip side, don’t simply repeat the bullet points from your resume, either! Pull one or two of your most incredible accomplishments from your resume and then go beyond the bullet points to show the positive impact you made.

For instance, how did you lead a software development project that wound up increasing sales or customer retention rates? Did you meet an impressively high percentage of your team’s project deadlines—er even exceed expectations? What about the time you collaborated with other project managers on a cross-departmental SaaS project that dramatically boosted company profits? 

Find possible opportunities where you can highlight how your experience as a project manager has benefitted others in ways that parallel what the job description and company need.

cover letter for project manager with no experience

Mimic the tone of the company

Many hopeful applicants struggle with polishing their cover letters; you’ve described your accomplishments in-depth with eye-catching details and tailored your skills to the job ad after researching the company—and all in under a page! But what now? Next up, you’ll perfect your cover letter’s tone and resulting overall message.

If you’ve checked all the boxes but still don’t feel like you’ve nailed it, revisit the job listing and company website with fresh eyes. This time, now that you’ve got all your ducks in a row in terms of your qualifications and background, focus on the personality that’s demonstrated in the job description—and especially on the company site. What’s the company culture like?

Study the tone of the organization: Do they sound more corporate, sticking with formal terms and efficient wording? Or do they cultivate a more laid-back atmosphere with a conversational tone and occasional touches of humor? 

Focus on the personality that’s demonstrated in the job description—and especially on the company site .

Whatever tone the company uses, revise your cover letter to match it and show that you’re the one who gets it! You may spend a little extra time editing and revising, but it’ll be well worth it to showcase what a stand-out candidate you are.

A Cover Letter Outline for Project Managers

Woman showing a board with checklist and outline showing how to create outline of project manager cover letter

Let’s break things down so that your letter will be downright incredible! If you find a  resume outline  helpful, we dare say that this handy outline—complete with examples from the letters you read earlier—will be vital for understanding the nuances and taking your next steps with confidence.

cover letter for project manager with no experience

How to start a project manager cover letter

Your contact info:  Include your name, address, phone number, and email address (plus your LinkedIn or other professional social media) if you’re using a cover letter template. 

513 Made-up Street Upland, CA 91784 (123) 456-7890

Date:  This should reflect the exact submission date of your application materials, e.g., January 5, 2023.

Inside address:  This is just the address of the person receiving your application materials. Always look up and include their name, company and role, and address. 

Isabelle Brody, Hiring Manager PharmaCord  150 Hilton Dr. Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Greeting:  Your greeting, also known as your salutation, is the first impression you’ll make in your cover letter—and first impressions are critical! Hunt down the name of the person you’re writing to (LinkedIn is your friend here), always avoiding generic terms like “Dear Sir/Madam.”

Dear Mr. Iglesias,  Dear Ms. Brody:

cover letter for project manager with no experience

How to write your project manager cover letter

Body:  The body of your cover letter is the stage for your career highlights and qualifications to shine. Write three to four paragraphs that develop your interest, credentials, and enthusiasm for future contact and discussion.

Opening paragraph:  To put it bluntly, most cover letters are terribly boring and unenthusiastic—and the company will be just as unenthusiastic about a candidate with a bland cover letter, regardless of how qualified they might be. Compare the following examples to see how you can write an eye-catching opening paragraph for your project manager cover letter.

I didn’t really like having to use Zoom at first, but now I like it. I’d like to work for the company too and I’m great at organizing stuff so I’m a great choice.

Why It’s Bad:  Oh no—what was that?! It should go without saying to never reference the company in a negative way—there’s no redemption after that. Besides, this opening paragraph is much too informal and lacks examples of how the candidate is supposedly “great at organizing stuff” that could connect them with the company’s goals.

Like countless others across the globe, I experienced difficulties adjusting to a new lifestyle after 2020, but Zoom saved the day with a platform for everything from work-at-home meetings to connecting with my family for occasions that I otherwise would have missed. And thanks to my adaptability, SaaS experience, and PMP certification, I now hope to provide my coordination, organizational, and management skills to help Zoom deliver happiness to other folks as well.

Why It’s Good:  While the candidate with the sketchy opener probably meant that they disliked having to use Zoom because of its association with the pandemic, this much-better opener is crystal-clear about how Zoom actually helped alleviate stress in a difficult situation. Then, we see a smooth transition into skills and experience that reference Zoom’s mission statement of improving communication.   

Paragraphs 2-3:  Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is! These body paragraphs are meant to substantiate and expound upon the claims made in your opening paragraph. Think of when you revolutionized a company app’s infrastructure or brought various departments together to improve customer feedback—but stick to one achievement per paragraph since you don’t have much room.

While I thrive in creative environments, I never hesitate to take ownership of the technical aspects of project management as well. Etsy afforded a unique view into customer fulfillment infrastructures and key components like monitoring competitive bids and value engineering for the sake of maintaining profitability. By using Google Analytics to gauge and proactively improve the success of new product features, I boosted daily engagement by 21 percent.

Why It’s Good:  This candidate draws compelling parallels between their experience at Etsy and their present potential to further Spotify’s goals. The two companies are quite different, but the applicant finds soft and hard skills coupled with metrics that translate beautifully between the two. The abilities mentioned in this paragraph also reference specific challenges and skills from the job description. Two thumbs up!

Closing paragraph:  Your closing paragraph should summarize the highlights that make you the perfect candidate who’s ready to make the company’s needs and vision your own. Finally, end with a call to action that further emphasizes your interest.

Spotify’s great, I listen to it all the time. As you already saw, I’ve got all kinds of qualifications that would help your company. If you’re interested in more information, just ask.

Why It’s Bad:  Well, this could be worse, but it’s still too informal and vague—not to mention a tad presumptuous. The candidate misses opportunities to work in specifics from the job description or company mission statement. The tone needs work, too: This reads more like a text than the conclusion of a cover letter.

Thinking analytically, communicating proactively, and building trusting relationships that would drive Spotify’s initiative to create more meaningful connections between artists and fans excites me for the future. Music has been core to some of the most special moments in my life, and I am eager to create equally beautiful moments for millions of others by acting as Spotify’s project manager. I’d love to connect with you soon on how I can improve your reach. 

Why It’s Good:  This candidate leads with more relevant skills and an enthusiastic description of how they’ll further Spotify’s goals. Before the call to action, the applicant’s personal connection makes a return appearance and elegantly reinforces their reference to the company’s initiative.

Signature:  Thank the reader for their time if you didn’t already do so in your closing paragraph. Otherwise, use a brief and professional closing phrase followed by your real name.

Cynthia Anderson

Enclosure(s):  This important piece tells the reader that there’s more good stuff to review after your cover letter. Project managers should include their resume, application, and any professional recommendation letters or required certifications.

Enclosures: Resume Application ACP certification

Build Your Best Project Management Resume Next

A big monitor screen  placed in a desk surrounded by builders and helpers showing how to build project manager resume

Congratulations! You’re on the fast track to writing a superb project manager cover letter! But, we gotta ask—is your resume just as cohesive and spectacular? 

In fact, it’s easier to start writing your cover letter once your  project manager resume  is done! That way, all your bullet points are laid out, making it simple to pick the most outstanding achievements to spotlight in your cover letter. 

We’ll help you  make a resume , and you can choose a  modern Word resume template , a  creative Google Docs resume template , or one of our own  resume examples  to edit like the one below. Building from the ground up is daunting, but we’re committed to getting you the right tools to ease the frustration of the job hunt.

IT Project Manager Resume

Need a resume to pair with your IT project manager cover letter?

IT Project Manager Resume Template

You can use the same principles we’ve outlined for your cover letter to make a glowing resume, too: Tailor your resume to the job description’s specific skills and key company values. Before you know it, you’ll have hooked a potential employer’s attention—and they won’t forget you anytime soon!

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Cover letter for project manager for how to write thesis example

Cover letter for project manager

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Project manager: job description

Project managers are responsible for the planning, management, coordination and financial control of a project.

Hero image for Project manager: job description

They are employed in a range of industries from IT to construction.

What does a project manager do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills

Project managers ensure that a project is completed on time and within budget, that the project's objectives are met and that everyone else is doing their job properly. Projects are usually separate to usual day-to-day business activities and require a group of people to work together to achieve a set of specific objectives. Project managers oversee the project to ensure the desired result is achieved, the most efficient resources are used and the different interests involved are satisfied.

Typical responsibilities include:

Depending on the project, responsibilities can cover all aspects of a project from the beginning stages through to completion. Project managers typically lead by example, so expect to be working at least the same hours as your staff. Salaries for project management jobs can be high, but will vary according to the norms in the specific industry and the project manager’s level of experience.

Typical employers of project managers

A project management function, if not an actual job title, can be found in most organisations across virtually all industries. However, project management roles can be found most commonly in:

Find out how to become a project manager with the Association for Project Management.

Qualifications and training required

There are routes into the career for experienced professionals, graduates and school leavers alike.

Many project managers get appointed to the role after having worked in that particular industry for a significant period of time, as they have lots of related knowledge and skills to bring to the project.

However, many employers run project management graduate schemes, in which graduates start out as an ‘assistant project manager’ or a ‘graduate project manager’ in order to learn the ropes of project management. Whether you require a specific degree will vary according to the industry, employer and specific graduate scheme: for example, some engineering and technology organisations will require STEM subjects but many organisations will accept applications from all degree disciplines.

Similarly, a few organisations – particularly in the construction, engineering and manufacturing industries – offer higher or degree apprenticeships in project management. Entry requirements vary, but typically include a minimum of number of GCSEs (or equivalent) and a minimum number of UCAS points. Other organisations offer apprenticeships in various business-related roles (such as supply chain) that could eventually lead to a project management job.

Whatever stage in your career you become a project manager, you are likely to be required to pick up an industry qualification, such as PRINCE2, 'Agile' project management and those offered by the Association for Project Management (APM). Many of these will be paid for by your employer. It is also likely that you will need a full, clean driving licence.

The Association for Project Management and the professional bodies in the specific industries are also good sources of vacancies.

Key skills for project managers

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Project Manager Resume

Does Your Resume Showcase Your Project Management Expertise?

Project managers leverage our team of resume writing experts to position themselves as the  expert in their field .

And you need more than just a resume... you will also need a Cover Letter and Optimized LinkedIn profile.

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How We Help Project Managers

Career transitions can be tough but with the help of our resume writing team, you can make your transition to a new role much smoother.

Resume Writing

We work with you to created an impactful project manager resume that will pass applicant tracking system (ATS) scans AND get the attention of hiring managers!

Cover Letter

Your cover letter has one job to do... to get the hiring manager to "turn the page" and read your resume. We know how to create cover letters that get people to take action.

cover letter for project manager with no experience

Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn for their recruiting efforts? Let us create an optimized profile for you so you can get discovered by the recruiters representing the best project manager jobs.

cover letter for project manager with no experience

Project Manager Resumes with IMPACT

Does your resume tell your real story.

If someone reads your resume today, what does it say about you? Do they understand the value you can bring ? Do people know where you would be a perfect fit for a job? Or are they left wondering exactly what are you looking for?

Our Team is Your Team

Leverage our decades of experience.

We will work with you to develop a roadmap to meet your career challenges with confidence and to help move you up the ladder of management success.

And with our optional coaching services, we will make sure you are fully prepared for the entire hiring process.

Project Manager Resume Writers x4

What Project Managers Are Saying About Their Resumes

I would absolutely work with your team again...and reach out when looking for ways to refine my credentials and best market them to prospective employers.

cover letter for project manager with no experience

IT Project Manager

This was an excellent investment... I have just gotten through to the first round of interviews at a major consulting company using this improved resume.

cover letter for project manager with no experience

Project Manager

What an amazing experience. ...the resume turned out to be amazing, and their general advice as far as job search has been very valuable in my job search.

cover letter for project manager with no experience

Sr. Project Manager

Our Professional Package Includes a 100% Satisfaction + 60 Day Interview Guarantee!

You're either fully satisfied… absolutely thrilled with your project manager resume, and interview activity or just send us a message telling us why within 60 days and we’ll rewrite your resume. No problem.

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