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online handwriting classes near me

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Handwriting Bootcamp: Flex Class

online handwriting classes near me

Write With an OT: FLEX Handwriting Journal in Cursive, Letters and Words

online handwriting classes near me

1:1 Learning Letters and Mastering Handwriting: From Scribbles to Elegance

online handwriting classes near me

Handwriting Without Tears One-On-One Tutoring

online handwriting classes near me

Waldorf Cursive Handwriting Course III FLEX

online handwriting classes near me

Write With an OT: FLEX Handwriting Journal in Print, Letters and Words

online handwriting classes near me

1:1 Handwriting Tutoring With an OT 6-18 Years

online handwriting classes near me

1-on-1 Print and Cursive Handwriting Tutoring and Private Lessons

online handwriting classes near me

One on One Handwriting Class for 6-10 Year Old Children

online handwriting classes near me

Tails and Curls: The Art of Cursive Handwriting (Ages 13-18)

online handwriting classes near me

1-on-1 Print or Cursive Handwriting Tutoring Lessons (3-8)

1:1 handwriting tutoring- with an ot (3-5 years old), 1:1 handwriting tutoring for older students-with an ot, harry potter adventure and handwriting practice-with an ot (flex class).

online handwriting classes near me

1-on-1 Print or Cursive Handwriting Tutoring Lessons (Ages 9-18)

Tutoring for handwriting.

online handwriting classes near me

1:1 Cursive Handwriting

online handwriting classes near me

Creative Cursive Club: Combine Handwriting, Mindfulness, and Art (Flexible Schedule)

online handwriting classes near me

Handwriting with Miss Sue, M.A. Ed. - 1:1 Tutoring for Preschoolers Ages 3-5

online handwriting classes near me

One-to-one 1:1 Ongoing Handwriting Course

online handwriting classes near me

Reviews for top Handwriting Courses classes

Parent submitted images.

online handwriting classes near me

Reviews for Handwriting Courses classes

online handwriting classes near me

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online handwriting classes near me

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online handwriting classes near me

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online handwriting classes near me

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The Postman's Knock

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This course includes an 18-page worksheet set!

Improve Your Handwriting: A Comprehensive Online Course

$ 27.00

  • Comprehensive course that will give you the tools to change your handwriting for the better — forever!
  • Improve your print and your cursive — this course covers techniques for improving both styles of writing.
  • Includes 27 videos + an accompanying 18-page worksheet with drills and exemplars to practice.
  • The worksheet comes in both a printable and a Procreate (iPad) version. See the  Welcome to Procreate FAQs for Procreate download support!
  • Designed for both right- and left-handed learners  – there course includes a video exclusively for lefties.
  • Instant access to videos + unlimited viewing  — You’ll find nearly two hours of video lessons. All videos are captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing.
  • No expiration – Start the course now or later; you will always have access to the videos.
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  • Reviews (12)

Note that this course presumes that you already know how to write both in print and in cursive. It was designed for adults and will not be helpful for young children.

This self-paced Improve Your Handwriting eCourse will act as your go-to for developing handwriting that you’re proud of! The course walks you through several techniques and drills in the thorough TPK style that learners love. The goal isn’t to radically alter your handwriting (it should still represent you, after all), but you will learn how to write with:

  • Better spacing – Cross Drills help you to keep the spacing between your letters consistent!
  • A more relaxed grip – Thanks to Relaxation Drills, you’ll learn how to write without tension, leading to polished letters.
  • Confident and smooth strokes – As a result of filling out all the drills in the worksheet. Confident strokes always lead to impressive writing!

If you don’t quite understand how to do something, there’s a “Discussion” portion under each lesson where you can ask questions! All lessons include a short quiz and homework assignments.

Here’s the course layout:

Lesson 1: Self-Diagnosis

  • This lesson includes two short videos and helps you to pinpoint exactly what you want to change about your current handwriting.

Lesson 2: Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • How to ensure that you have the proper writing conditions
  • Using the best writing tools for you
  • Gripping the pen in a way that’s right for you
  • Helpful tips for lefties

Lesson 3: Exercises

  • Relaxation Exercises, Picket Fence and Brick Wall Drill, Currents Drill, M’s Drill, Clouds Drill, and the Ova Drill.

Lesson 4: Improving Your Print

  • How to write in neat, mature print
  • How to write using three examples of aesthetically-pleasing print handwriting (“Neat Print”, “Brandi’s Handwriting”, and “Architect Handwriting”)

Lesson 5: Improving Your Cursive

  • How to improve your cursive via filling out the cursive-specific drills in the worksheet set
  • Effectively writing three beautiful examples of cursive (“Elementary School Cursive”, “Spencerian Handwriting”, and “Lindsey’s Handwriting”)
  • Ways to modify your cursive with embellishments and personality

Lesson 6: Practice Suggestions + Handwriting Inspiration

  • This lesson includes one short video that details different ways you can practice. The lesson also enumerates tips over how to write neatly “in real life”! The lesson concludes with several examples of handwriting inspiration that you can incorporate into your everyday writing.

The total viewing time for this course is approximately 1.5 hours, but I’d recommend allocating one month to do everything that you’re asked to do in the course.

Once you purchase this listing, you will be given full access to the course videos and worksheet set! Please note that you must have or create an account on TPK to take the course. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one during the checkout process (or create one now ). Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the course, or you can find the course in your account .

online handwriting classes near me

Cynthia Petrovski – December 20, 2021

I have used this course to improve my handwriting. It is easy to follow and enjoyable. I am taking it slowly and trying to incorporate what I learn into my daily writing. Thank you so much. Just what I was looking for at a reasonable price.

online handwriting classes near me

Roxanne D – December 13, 2021

I purchased this course for my high school daughter. This made a big difference in improving her handwriting. It was especially nice that it could be for all ages! This actually motivated her to start writing letters to her long distance friends. Thank you for making this so easy to use and affordable! I’m hoping she will continue on with calligraphy! Thank you!

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Amy Style Calligraphy Video Course

Amy Style Calligraphy Video Course

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Premium Brush Pen Calligraphy Worksheet + Videos – Janet Style

Janet Style Calligraphy Video Course | The Postman's Knock

Janet Style Calligraphy Video Course

[email protected]

+44 (0) 777 200 7086

Magic Link Logo

The Magic Link Handwriting Programme®

Structured course for primary & secondary school children. proven to achieve clear & confident handwriting. , established success for 5-18 yr olds, improves grades & confidence, learn fast, flowing handwriting.

Created by Lee Dein, certified speech & language therapist & dyslexia teacher. The Magic Link programme has demonstrated its effectiveness with thousands of students & provides a solution for handwriting improvement. Supports the national curriculum. For home or school use & excellent for  all  children struggling with messy handwriting.

online handwriting classes near me

Choose the right class for you…


Select pre-cursive (non-joined) for 5 yr olds or cursive (joined-up) for 6-18 yrs. Pre-recorded video lessons & printable, worksheets teach neat & clear handwriting.


School licence for classrooms or groups. No teacher training required . Includes video lessons & worksheets. Pre-cursive for yr 1 & cursive  for yrs 2-6 & secondary.


Certified Magic Link handwriting teachers provide group lessons face-to-face or via Zoom. Choose single or double lessons. Course completed in approx 10-12 lessons.

Perfect for all children, including those with…

Hypermobility, asperger’s syndrome, dyspraxia (dcd), right & left-handers, boost confidence & grades.

Grades improve as handwriting becomes neater & faster & self-confidence increases. Recommended by teachers, parents, educational psychologists, occupational therapists & used in many U.K schools.

Simple Magic Link® font

The simple Magic Link® font has no confusing ‘lead-in’ or ‘entry’ strokes’ which often leave children struggling & destroy confidence. The proven ease of this style helps fine motor skills in both right & left-handed children & has transformed the lives of thousands with amazing results.

The Magic Link Handwriting program is a godsend! My son went from having completely illegible handwriting to perfectly legible handwriting. His confidence has increased and his hand does not hurt when writing. We used the online program as we are not UK based and it was easy to implement at home. We had tried several different programs before Magic Link, and this is the only program that worked for us!

online handwriting classes near me

This is the method my son learned. He has ADHD with dysgraphia and we can’t believe the transformation! From avoiding writing because of the teachers comments of it being illegible our David aged 8 has become so much more confident and willing. He practices daily and looks forward to the sessions. I would rate this programme OUTSTANDING!

A fantastic programme that i would recommend to any parent who wants to improve their child’s handwriting. We used the online version which was well explained step by step with plenty of examples to practice. Very marked improvement after a few days and my son is now more confident and neater in his writing. I consider this the best investment i have made in his education so far!!

Paul Paddle

This is the method my son learned. He has ADHD with dysgraphia and we can’t believe the transformation! From avoiding writing, our David, age 8, has become so mch more confident and willing. He practices daily and looks forward to the sessions. I would rate this programme OUTSTANDING!

My 7 year old son was diagnosed with dyspraxia and referred to many occupational therapists and we never noticed any difference. Within just a few magic link handwriting sessions I could not believe the dramatic improvement in his handwriting. He now even asks to write and his confidence in writing has improved enormously.

This online programme has been phenomenal. My son with dyspraxia has been able to transform his handwriting whilst also learning the value of hard work. He spaces his work out beautifully. We have had compliments from teachers even before the course was completed. He is so proud of himself and his confidence has been boosted. We cannot thank the Magic Link Handwriting programme enough. Thank you Lee Dein!

Life changing! I am a GP and a mum and I would even recommend this to my patients. For any child struggling with joined up writing with all its associated frustrations and anxiety, this is transformative. It’s a short course so it won’t drag on. It took us only 5 weeks! Now I have a much more confident child who is a proud owner of a pen licence. His school work is legible and his marks are better as a result. Thank you, Lee.

Nick was diagnosed with Dysgraphia in late 2018. I researched ways in which to help him and I was advised to put him in to touch typing lessons.  

6 weeks ago, in April 22, I decided to follow up my research and signed him up to Magic Link. His handwriting has transformed and I could not be any prouder of him!!

Emma Thomas

My 7 year old son could not write anything without copying and even then he got his letters turned around. We had him tested and he was moderate-severe dyslexic and also had dysgraphia.

The magic link program transformed my son’s writing. Lee has invented an amazing program which helps improve handwriting within a few weeks and which will no doubt help many children for years to come.

Magic Link has changed our son’s life, transforming his illegible handwriting in nice, neat writing in 6 weeks. He no longer loses marks because the teacher cannot read his answers. Thank you, Lee!

Katleen Richardson

Lee Dein and the Magic Link Handwriting program has been brilliant. Our daughter 6 was really struggling to achieve neat joined-up handwriting and in collectively less than 20 hours the Magic Link Program completely changed this. I would also add as parents the program has given us a structure that we can now follow at home going forward. I would highly recommend the Magic Link Handwriting program to any parent

Adrian Yearwood

This has been amazing for my son. He’s nine years old and it’s absolutely transformed his handwriting. It’s the one thing that has been keeping him back at school. We can finally read his writing! thoroughly recommend to anyone. He’s gone from the bottom to the top. Really brilliant progress.

If someone is looking for a structured approached to improve their handwriting then this is an option worth exploring.

Dr Sally Payne Dyspraxia Foundation Trustee

Lee’s course has completely transformed my son’s handwriting. He is 9 with a diagnosis of ASD + ADHD. School are absolutely amazed by the improvement in his handwriting (as are we).

More about the Magic Link Handwriting Programme®

Use in schools

Short video clip; use with right & left-handers

online handwriting classes near me

Follow the simple steps to achieve neat, legible handwriting

online handwriting classes near me

Helps pupils with dyslexia, dyspraxia & hypermobility

online handwriting classes near me

Improve grades & success in 7+ exams, 11+ exams, GCSE & A levels

Everyone can improve their handwriting.

Handwriting activates the brain more than keyboarding as it involves more complex motor & cognitive skills.

Improve your life with clearer handwriting

Good handwriting is essential long after graduation & is part of our daily lives. It’s never too late to learn.

Boost confidence & self-esteem

Children, students, teachers, lecturers, parents feel happy, confident & inspired by good handwriting skills.

Gain higher scores in exams

Many assessments are based on time-limited written examinations; fast, legible handwriting is essential.


online handwriting classes near me


online handwriting classes near me

The Magic Link programme introduces a simple and unique handwriting font which teaches letter direction, letter size and joined-up writing from the start. There are no lead-in (entry) strokes, which often confuse. The Magic Link font inspires confidence that letters can be written neatly and simply, with little scope for error.

online handwriting classes near me

Magic Link Limited

Pyramid House 954 High Road London N12 9RT United Kingdom Company No: 9146910

VAT No: 454 5172  91

Mob:  +44 (0)  777 200 7086

Email:   [email protected]

As an Amazon Associate, Magic Link Ltd earns from qualifying purchases

More About Magic Link

  • Reasons for Bad Handwriting
  • Handwriting Research
  • Importance of Good Handwriting
  • Terms & Conditons – Home User
  • Terms & Conditions – Schools
  • Privacy Notice

Find a handwriting tutor near you

Find handwriting tutors near me

Top 10 handwriting tutors near you.

Ascension Educational Services

Ascension Educational Services

Aisha's Tutoring

Aisha's Tutoring

SB Journeys- Holistic Learning Coach

SB Journeys- Holistic Learning Coach

Dewey Smart - Ivy League Tutors And Counselors

Dewey Smart - Ivy League Tutors And Counselors

Flatirons Tutoring

Flatirons Tutoring

Stevens Private Tutoring

Stevens Private Tutoring

Brilliance Ignited LLC

Brilliance Ignited LLC

WizKid Tutoring

WizKid Tutoring

Getting Schooled-Tutored By Traci

Getting Schooled-Tutored By Traci

Excel English Tutoring

Excel English Tutoring

Reviews for handwriting tutors.

online handwriting classes near me

Search, get cost estimates, contact tutors, and book—all for free.

View profiles, read reviews, check qualifications, and see prices before hiring.

Ask questions, confirm their availability, and hire the right tutor when you're ready.

Explore to find handwriting tutors nearby

Related services near you.

online handwriting classes near me

Free Bullet Journal Printables

Masha Plans

How To Get Better Handwriting: Free Online Courses

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online handwriting classes near me

Handwriting is one of the most widely used types of Bullet Journal lettering and definitely the one we can all benefit from, whether you’re a journaler or not. But let’s face it, not everyone is blessed with naturally beautiful handwriting.

If you’ve ever looked at your Bullet Journal and wished for a more elegant script, you’re not alone.

Here’s the good news: improving your handwriting is possible, and I’m living proof of that! I’ve been there, struggling to make my words look neat and pretty.

So, if you’re wondering how to get better handwriting , you’re in the right place. This post will guide you through some fantastic free online courses that can help you polish your penmanship.

online handwriting classes near me

I can’t stress this enough: beautiful handwriting is mostly about practice, practice, and more practice.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a few tricks up my sleeve. Over the years, I’ve collected a treasure trove of handy tips that can make your handwritring journey a little less daunting.

I’ve shared a lot of these gems right here on this blog, and you’ll find them conveniently linked at the end of this post.

However, I strongly believe in the power of diverse perspectives. So, I’ve rounded up a selection of free classes from various creators who are eager to share their unique insights and techniques for handwriting improvement.

Each one offers a fresh take on the art of penmanship, providing you with a richer, more well-rounded understanding of how to elevate your handwriting game.

And be sure to scroll until the end to get some worksheets and lettering freebies to help you on your journey!

This post may contain affiliate links. They will be of no extra expense for you, but I receive a small credit. Please see my  Disclosure  for more details. Thank you for supporting Masha Plans!

Handwriting Supplies Recommendations

Having the right supplies for your handwriting journey is actually very important.

Your handwriting changes depending on the pens and paper you use, so getting the stationery that fits you is a huge step towards success.

So here are a few of my recommendations.

  • Grid paper. It’s always best to practice your handwriting with some kind of a grid. My favorites are dot grid or lined, and I usually really love using Rhodia Notepads for practicing.
  • Muji Pen – I love this pen for its smooth gel ink and the gentle thin lines it creates.
  • Pilot G2 – if you’re looking for thick lines and smooth writing, this pen is for you! And they come in different colors, so you can add more variety to your writing.
  • Zebra Sarasa Dry – if you’re left-handed, you’ll find this pen the best since it dries super fast, so there is less chance of ink smudging.
  • Lamy Fountain Pen – these are amazing fountain pens and are pretty affordable compared to some other brands. So, if you want to try a fountain pen, this is the way to go.

Zebra Sarasa Dry Gel Ink Pen Black (JJ31-BK), 0.5mm Fine, 5 pens per Pack (Japan Import)

Now that you have all your supplies ready, let’s talk about those free online courses to take!

Free Online Courses To Get Better Handwriting

Each and every course I'm about to share with you resides in the virtual corridors of Skillshare .

If you're not acquainted with this platform, fasten your seatbelts because it's a wonderland for those of us who relish online learning - and yes, I proudly include myself among those aficionados who've been smitten with Skillshare for quite some time now.

Visualize an online library overflowing with thousands of courses covering a spectrum of topics from casual handwriting to more complex skills like coding or photography. If you can envision it, chances are, Skillshare has it.

Generally, Skillshare operates on a subscription model, but I have a tasty morsel of information for you. By employing my exclusive link , you'll unleash a whole month of free access to all premium classes, akin to discovering a golden ticket!

You heard me correctly. A full month of unlimited learning without having to spend a single penny. So, now that you're in on this secret, allow me to direct you towards some first-rate handwriting classes that I believe will enhance your learning journey even further.

online handwriting classes near me

Improve Your Handwriting: Strategies for Better Form, Legibility, and Speed

Doris Fullgrabe's course is a comprehensive guide to improving handwriting.

The class covers a variety of topics, from perfecting form and legibility to increasing speed. Doris provides practical demonstrations, collaborates with a live student, and encourages learners to adopt a beginner's mindset for real progress.

Beyond technical skills, she delves into the cognitive benefits of handwriting, explaining how it aids in organizing thoughts, recalling information, calming the mind, and more.

This course is ideal for anyone looking to refine their penmanship while also reaping the mental benefits that come with it. It's a journey worth undertaking, promising not only improved handwriting but also a more organized, calm, and creative mind.

online handwriting classes near me

Improve Your Print and Cursive Handwriting & Penmanship For Beginners

This course is a comprehensive guide designed to transform your penmanship from illegible to impressive. Tatiana, a professional Creative Artist, takes you through a series of exercises from A to Z, aimed at improving your handwriting and boosting your confidence.

She emphasizes the importance of good handwriting not just for personal satisfaction but also for business success.

The course covers everything from proper pen holding to paper positioning, and even includes practice with full sentences and a shopping list. Moreover, you'll get to add a personal touch to your cards, letters, and notes, improve your hand-eye coordination, and discover your unique handwriting style.

With bonus content like downloadable PDF worksheets and a special lecture on handwriting numbers, this course is a goldmine for anyone eager to enhance their handwriting skills.

online handwriting classes near me

Handwriting: the Basics in Italic Style

This fantastic course by Stefania Gulmini is all about the basics of italic handwriting.

Imagine being able to craft beautiful, flowing letters, and that's exactly what Stefania will help you achieve. She'll guide you through deconstructing and reconstructing letters, and before you know it, you'll be connecting those letters into graceful cursive. You'll even learn how to add a classy slant to your writing.

online handwriting classes near me

Transform Your Handwriting With Beautiful & Easy To Read Cursive

Have you ever wanted to master the art of beautiful, legible cursive? If so, Robert J. P. Oberg's course on Skillshare is just what you need.

Picture yourself penning elegant letters in a style reminiscent of the 1800s Spencerian script, but with a simpler, more modern twist. Robert guides you through everything from the right way to hold your pen, to avoiding common mistakes, and even throws in practical tips for speed and consistency.

Trust me, learning or improving cursive doesn't have to be a daunting task - it can be fun and incredibly rewarding. And guess what? You'll not only end up with enviable penmanship, but also a writing style that's uniquely yours. Plus, there's bonus content waiting for you, including guide sheets and sample paragraphs.

online handwriting classes near me

Improve Your Handwriting

This fantastic course by Christina Karachaliou that's designed to help you fall in love with your handwriting. You know, it's funny how we often overlook our handwriting, but trust me, a beautiful handwriting style always gets noticed and can even boost your confidence!

Christina's course is like a friendly guide, taking you step by step through video lessons aimed at helping you practice and gain confidence in your everyday handwriting.

You might be thinking, "I've tried before, but I just don't know where to start or how to structure my practice," and that's totally okay! Christina has got you covered with a workbook and a practice schedule that'll guide you through 45 days of daily practice.

And the best part? You decide how much time you want to dedicate each day.

Free Lettering Worksheets

I’ve created for you several lettering freebies that will help you elevate your handwriting game to new heights. Picture yourself creating stunning brush and hand lettering that makes your Bullet Journal pages pop with personality.

Remember, improving your handwriting is not just about making it pretty – it’s about expressing yourself in a unique and creative way. So go ahead, indulge in these freebies, and let your Bullet Journal be the canvas where your enhanced lettering skills shine!

All you need to access these is to sign up in the form below, and once you confirm your subscription, the freebies will be on the way to your inbox!

More Resources

I love working on my handwriting, and I understand what a huge difference pretty handwriting can make in your life and your Bullet Journal.

So, there are plenty more resources and tips on this blog. I recommend you check out these posts next:

  • Handwriting Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Penmanship
  • Cute Handwriting Practice Sheets
  • Best Pens To Improve Handwriting

>>> What do you struggle with the most when working on your handwriting? Let us know in the comments!

Hope this post was interesting. If you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee .

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!

online handwriting classes near me

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+91 9444700011 & 22

School of fine arts & research institute, iso 9001:2008 certified.

  • Art & creativity
  • Online Art Classes
  • Online Handwriting Classes
  • Crash & Hobby Courses
  • Painting Classes
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  • For Institutions
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Online Class

Lil-Brahmas is a Research Institute for Creative stimulation and Visual communication. Here, we welcome minds from all walks of life & nurture them artistically. Only Holistic Art School who draws Individual Attention, individual Tracking and having students across globe.

We have defined progressive professional curriculum for School Students, College students, Working professionals and Art lovers. It is not just hobby center...beyond that, it focuses life skills. We can't ignore Art as a Hobby anymore!

online handwriting classes near me

Contact for details

online handwriting classes near me

  • An unit of lil-Brahmas Creative Educations Pvt Ltd 22A, Thirumurugan Nagar, Porur, Chennai Tamilnadu - 600 116
  • Ph: 9444700011 & 22         044-43165747 [email protected]

Art in Your Life

This section is to share the creative moments in any forms like photos and videos... It can be a craft, art, collage, or a real time snap from wall, sky or our own food plate while starting, walkingand eating...

online handwriting classes near me

The 7 Best Online Calligraphy Classes of 2024

Improve your penmanship skills

online handwriting classes near me

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Spruce Crafts / Design by Amelia Manley

Best Overall: CreativeLive

Best budget: skillshare, best for variety: udemy.

  • Best for Beginners: The Postman's Knock

Best for Gifting: Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Best for digital hand-lettering: amanda arneill, best for hobbyists: creativebug.


CreativeLive has plenty of desirable features that make it a great place to learn online calligraphy.

The site has 14 lettering courses to browse. Each course preview shows student reviews and how many people have enrolled in the class. What makes CreativeLive so appealing is that you can see how many people recommended the course, and there is also a section that displays student work.

After you take the course, you'll have the option to upload your projects and become part of this online community. The platform is ideal for all skill levels and budgets because there are subscription, a la carte, and free course options.

Check out the "brush lettering basics" lesson (for about $29) to get started.

If you are looking to take several calligraphy courses but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on each, consider Skillshare as a budget-friendly option.

The online calligraphy courses from Skillshare are popular and well-executed. For instance, this hand lettering course for beginners has had more than 39,000 students enroll. On Skillshare, you can see how many students took a class, read unbiased reviews, and watch a video introduction that explains the coursework.

Skillshare is budget-friendly because it offers free, premium, and team memberships at a low monthly cost. Each course may not have the same depth as some of the a la carte versions, but there is enough material to get you started with your hand lettering practice.

Be sure to read reviews before selecting a lesson, and we also recommend reading some of the comments in the Discussion section. Here, you can see where people had trouble with the course and find out particular questions students had while they were learning.

Udemy is an online platform that hosts thousands of classes on a variety of subjects. This website is ideal if you want to compare several online calligraphy courses before choosing. There are hundreds of classes that range in price from roughly $29 to $200.

When scanning the site, you will see a carousel of the most popular calligraphy classes at the top. More importantly, each class has honest and unfiltered user reviews. You can also see how many students have enrolled in a class, which can give you an idea of the lesson's success. You can preview the class with a trailer, as well as different modules within it.

The courses on Udemy cover the broadest range of techniques and skill levels, which is why we chose it for Best Variety. You can select from offerings like Arabic Calligraphy, Modern Calligraphy, and Hand Lettering for Beginners.

There is a subscription plan for business accounts, but otherwise, each course is sold on an a la carte basis. If you enjoy one class, you can check out the instructor's bio and see their other offerings.

Best for Beginners: The Postman's Knock

The Postman's Knock

You may have already stumbled across Lindsey Bugbee's work on Instagram or Pinterest if you're familiar with the world of online lettering. Her site, The Postman's Knock, has produced one of the best online calligraphy courses for beginners.

Instead of indirectly supporting instructors through larger platforms, you can support Bugbee directly by purchasing her course for $35 on her website. She has included several student reviews on the site and a thorough breakdown of what you can expect.

The six well-developed lessons featured are perfect for beginners who don't know where to start and can't take an in-person workshop. Each lesson comes with homework and a short quiz, all in the service of helping the knowledge and skills stick.

Bugbee also includes a printable workbook that will help you expand your skills throughout the course. If you want a real in-class experience, The Postman's Knock is a standout.

Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Are you hoping to support another small business and artist? So many people love the online calligraphy courses offered by Laura Hooper Calligraphy. She does a great job of combining necessary coursework with all the supplies you need, which helps take the guesswork out of it.

Not sure which pen and ink to use? Purchase her beginner calligraphy kit for $169 that comes with essential supplies and an online course. She even has a calligraphy kit that is specifically designed for kids. Choose from courses like How to Write in a Straight Line or How to Create Wood Signage for $89 each.

Laura Hooper Calligraphy classes make wonderful gifts. It's easy enough to print out a gift certificate to redeem an online course. However, it's much more helpful to give your loved one a complete calligraphy kit with everything they need to get started.

While there aren't online reviews on this site, you can head to Hooper's Instagram to explore the credibility of her business.

Amanda Arneill

Modern calligraphy comes in two forms: hand-lettering and digital hand-lettering. Hand-lettering is what it sounds like, forming fonts by hand. Once you have the basics of calligraphy down, you can start experimenting with digital hand-lettering using an iPad or other tablet.

If you're looking for a course to teach you how to better navigate digital hand-lettering, check out the offerings from Amanda Arneill. She teaches students how to use Procreate and how to use an iPad for lettering. The classes on her site are broken down by skill level, and each class is split up into several modules.

These calligraphy courses are on the pricier side, but the content is especially helpful for people having a difficult time transitioning their designs to digital form.

For example, Arneill's Digitize Your Designs course costs around $197. The price, however, can help entrepreneurs grow their digital lettering business to the next level.


The lettering content on Creativebug is ideal for hobbyists, scrapbookers, and journalers who want to add more beauty to their work. The material on this site is very sociable and craft-friendly.

For instance, some of the courses are set up like 30-day challenges that will help you take your hobby to the next level, without feeling like you’re boxed into an academic course outline. Each student can create an online profile that will include an avatar, classes they've taken, and a completed gallery of work. The most highly recommended course on the platform is Beginning Calligraphy with Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls .

Imasa-Stukuls is a modern calligraphy master who teaches students a modern calligraphy approach in an engaging and effective way. The four-part course is available with a basic subscription to Creativebug.

Before you sign up, see if there are any free trials available on the platform. Creativebug offers three plan options: Unlimited (roughly $8 per month), Unlimited Plus (around $10 per month), and Annual Unlimited Plus (about $6 per month).

What Is Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is the art of decorative handwritten lettering. You can create calligraphy using a pen, brush, or other tools. 

What Will an Online Calligraphy Class Teach Me? 

Online calligraphy classes will teach everything you need to know about calligraphy, including grip, types of strokes, refining letters, and how to use a variety of calligraphy tools. Additionally, you can also learn digital hand lettering on an iPad or other tablet, such as in the class we highlighted from Amanda Arneill. 

Will I Need Special Materials for an Online Calligraphy Class?

Yes, you will need special materials for your online calligraphy class. Lindsey Bugbee of The Postman’s Knock, our top class pick for beginners, details the basic materials you’ll need for calligraphy, including: a pen or pencil, paper, Sumi or India ink, calligraphy pens, and special pen nibs. Those items are sure to get you started. 

What Will I Make in an Online Calligraphy Class?

In the online calligraphy classes we’ve selected, you will be able to craft your own personal, beautiful hand lettering. This can be applied to a variety of uses, such as addressing envelopes, creating invitations, or making word art for your home or as a gift for friends, family, and colleagues.

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online handwriting classes near me

Handwriting Improvement Course

Excelling your penmanship: Join the Best handwriting course

Best results Guaranteed

  • Slots are Filling Fast
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced

What you will learn

  • Learn the principles of proper hand positioning while writing
  • Improve your Handwriting to next level
  • Speed writing training will also be provided in this course.
  • Learn the right way of spacing letters

handwriting improvement course

For 4+Years Age and above

1500+ Students have Already Enrolled

handwriting improvement course

Why Callistyle?

With Callistyle’s handwriting improvement course online you can master the art of writing from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

With mentors who have over seven years plus experience, a unique teaching methodology, and satisfaction guaranteed, Callistyle is where you should consider joining.

  • Free Demo class.
  • Certificate provided.
  • Individual attention provided.
  • Only two students in one batch.
  • Flexible class schedule & timing.
  • 12x7 doubts clarified
  • Best results guaranteed!
  • Flexible payment method.
  • 7 years plus experienced Trainers.
  • Assistance provided post course completion also.

Want to Know More about the Course?

Course overview.

Are you worried about your messy handwriting?  Or are you the one who feels embarrassed of your kids’ grades due to bad handwriting? Well here we got you. Unlock your potential with our impeccable handwriting improvement course by just spending an hour of our session everyday!

Whether you are a kid, student, professional, amateur, or simply a parent concerned with your kid’s handwriting, this English handwriting improvement course is designed to help you master the skill of penmanship.

Register Now

At Callistyle, we provide you with innumerable benefits which are too hard to resist. We create a learning environment where we provide,

  •   Engaging sessions –   Our interactive live sessions will let you explore a collection of interesting video tutorials, live sessions, visual learnings and informative PDF through which you will learn a way of beautiful lettering and mastering the art of writing .  
  • Personalized Feedbacks – Our experienced tutors are committed to help you grow more. We, in Callistyle, connect personally to sort out your problems and provide you with individualised feedback and supervise your progress reports on a daily basis. Our team is ready to serve your queries 12/7
  • Practice Worksheet- After every handwriting improvement course session, we provide you a well-crafted range of worksheets. This worksheet is to carter and enhance your learning and to make you practise the concepts taught in the classroom.
  • Free Revision Classes – We provide Free revision classes for every student after the course completion. The free revision classes goes for four months straight. We will be providing Handwriting practice post course completion as well. Continous follow ups will be provided even after the course completes.
  • Comfortable Accommodation – We strive to stand out from others by providing you with comfortable accommodation. Every Callistyle batch has a maximum 2-3 students with one instructor for each. This helps the learner to grasp better by staying away from crowd.
  • Techniques and tips –  We understand the importance of practising and nurturing good handwriting skills from an early age.  That is why, we at Callistyle, provide nuggets of concepts and techniques to apply to excel in your penmanship.
  • Free Demo Class :- We in Callistyle, make quality our priority. Owing to this, we organise a free demo class for all the interested students to showcase our commitment to provide you with exceptional educational opportunities.

Course Highlights

handwriting improvement course

Learn Online

At your own schedule

handwriting improvement course

Mobile Friendly

No laptop? No problem.

handwriting improvement course

Support Even After Course Completion

handwriting improvement course

Certificate Course

Certification Provided after the Course

handwriting improvement course


Practical Training

handwriting improvement course

Doubt Clearing

Through Q&A forum

handwriting improvement course

Beginner Friendly

No prior knowledge required

handwriting improvement course

Experienced Trainers

7+ years of Experience

Downloadable Content

With lifetime access

Students Feedback

You Don’t Trust Us, But You can Trust them


What they’re saying, benefits of having good handwriting.

But wait, before you doubt us, let us show how learning good handwriting is helping you in the development of your child. As scientifically proven, learning handwriting helps

  • Stimulate brain activity
  • Improved grades
  • Boosts Confidence
  • Retention Power
  • Improves your thinking skills
  • More you write, the more you learn.

Course Syllabus

We train in the following three styles of Handwriting –

  • Cursive Handwriting Improvement
  • Printed Handwriting Improvement
  • Lucida/ Italic Handwriting Improvement

We follow the Observation, Engagement, and Appreciation approach. Thus, we follow these steps in our training approach-

We begin by identifying the student’s handwriting and needs. Then, we train students right from basics, such as correcting the pen/pencil holding, and sitting posture while writing. After these are mastered, they are taught basic strokes. Then alphabets will be taught through the basic strokes. Then words, sentence and paragraph training will be provided. Speed writing training will be provided as well. Throughout the student will be given feedback to keep them engaged in the work and their success will be appreciated to ensure they enjoy the work they do.

Before & After Handwriting Transformation Images of our Students

Course certification.

Calligraphy courses provided by Callistyle are certification based. Once enrolled, you will receive certification at the completion of the course.

handwriting improvement course

Who Can Learn This Course

Business owners, working professionals, home makers.

Anyone who is Above 4+ Years Can Learn this Course.

Register for Demo now!

Course duration.

Cursive handwriting – 16 classes Printed handwriting – 16 classes

Course FAQs

Frequently asked questions about this Course

Callistyle’s handwriting course can help your students improve their handwriting. Practicing basic strokes, followed by letters, words, and sentences is the way to success.

Yes, Callistyle offers certificates for their handwriting course.

Callistyle’s handwriting course makes handwriting improvement easy. Handwriting improvement is not difficult for young children, as starting at age five they can learn to improve their handwriting with basic strokes and such, which Callistyle provides training in.

Yes, you can improve your handwriting with a normal pen or pencil.

In 30 days, a child can improve their handwriting?

Children can start learning how to improve their handwriting once they’re five years old.

Yes, with Callistyle’s expert teachers who have over seven years of experience, children can improve their handwriting online. You can book a demo class to experience Callistyle’s courses.

Yes, Callistyle provides workbooks in such a way that every student can improve their handwriting visibly.

Our Courses

online handwriting classes near me

  • Summer Camp

online handwriting classes near me

Callistyle for Schools

online handwriting classes near me

Spoken English

online handwriting classes near me

Western Singing

online handwriting classes near me

Western Dance

online handwriting classes near me

Drawing Course Online

online handwriting classes near me

Dancing Class

online handwriting classes near me

Classical Singing

online handwriting classes near me

Classical Dance

online handwriting classes near me

Calligraphy Course

Handwriting improvement.

online handwriting classes near me

  • Student Review
  • Book a Demo
  • Mon–Sat, 9 AM – 9 PM IST
  • Head Office: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • [email protected]
  • (+91) 89460 17752
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Refund Policy

Copyright @ Callistyle. All rights reserved.

Get FLAT 15% OFF on your FIRST Course

Fill the form to know more.

online handwriting classes near me


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Hobby Classes › Handwriting classes › Handwriting Classes Online

Handwriting Classes Online

Select from 4,169 Online Handwriting Classes Online

Nivedita Wadekar Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Pune

Till date have taught more than thousands of students with positive results . Age group stating from 6 years and above.

online handwriting classes near me

I possess the EBVTR (Educational Board of Vocational Training and Research) Certificate. My key skills include English Print and Cursive, Marathi...

Meenakshi Jain Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Surat

Online Cursive Handwriting course for kids above 1st grade to 8th grade

Jayabharathi R. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Chennai

I am Jayabharathi a professional psychologist, student counselor and handwriting expert, taking handwriting classes since 2010. Have taken classes...

Do you need help in finding the best teacher matching your requirements?

Pavan Kumar Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Cuddapah

I am a handwriting and drawing teacher. I am giving online tuition since 2010. I am certified in Technical teachers course in Art Education. I have...

Rachna G. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Anekal

As a Handwriting and Calligraphy coach​, I’ve transformed the handwriting of 100+ children through my program- Focus Booster Hand Phonetics for Children....

Susmita S. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Kolkata

I am a teacher. I am giving home tution since 2 years. I have completed my graduation from Burdwan University. I have a degree in B.Ed.

Bhagyashree Warke Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Pune

I do teach students in English and Marathi Handwriting. The course is conducted for 21 days. We teach students to improve handwriting using graphology...

Steffy Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Chennai

I am experienced in cursive handwriting, speed writing, speed reading, calligraphy. I'm a certified trainer from a Write rite franchises. I am a teacher...

Ashok Rathore Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Ajmer

I am mechanical engineer with 40 years of industrial experience and 10 years of teaching experience in indutrial training institute for teaching engineering...

Chandni G. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Delhi

My teaching philosophy is to make my lesson plans relatable. There is no job more important than Teaching the future leaders of our world the information...

Karpagachelvi . Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Chennai

I am a handwriting teacher, I will teach both cursive and printed styles. Anyone can attend the handwriting class, I will provide a government...

Sagar Kanase Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Bangalore

I am a professional Product Designer with 10+ years of experience in the creative field. Handwriting is one of my strengths. I am passionate about...

Resham S. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Pune

I am certified to take Handwriting Improvement Classes for kids above the age of 5 and adults too. I have a degree in BPharm and I am taking home...

Ritika Bhansali Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Bangalore

I am a Handwriting Analyst. I help students in their handwriting improvement by providing graph therapy practice, which helps in the behavioural and...

Sharmishtha D. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Mumbai

Happy to share my wonderful journey of professional experience as Teacher cum Soft skill Trainer Being committed to my career was not so easy going...

R. Ananya S. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Chittoor

I am a journalism student and also a civils aspirant. I spend my time with books and music and i read newspapers on a daily basis to keep myself...

Shillpi S. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Bangalore

You can start seeing the results after 4th day itself during the workshop of 7 days , every kid is different & so are the techniques used to make...

Naddunuri B. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Hyderabad

I am a teacher who can speak and teach telugu hindi and English. I can teach online classes at home due to pandemic. U can even approach my tution...

Lavanyha K. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Visakhapatnam

I am a professional graphologist, graphotherapist and handwriting trainer over past 8 years. I worked with may schools in Andhra Pradesh. Working...

Sachdeva Sangeeta Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Delhi

I am a teacher I am giving online offline classes. My specialty is its my 7day challenge for good handwritingand 3 days for speed writing.i have experience...

Divya Sanghvi Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Bangalore

I am an experienced teacher with over 10 years of experience in teaching all subjects across all boards. Since 2 years I am more passionate about...

Nagalakshmi Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Hyderabad

I teach handwriting and calligraphy classes , iam a penkraft certified teacher, will provide ready to use kits .This is certified course to students...

Khushi D. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Mumbai

I am BSc IT student and also a home tution teacher with 3 years I have degree in information technology GPA is 8.00 out of 10

Sireesha Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Hyderabad

am a professional handwriting trainer, I provide one to one training and also group training, if your child won't improve his/her handwriting after...

Shwetha A. Handwriting Classes Online trainer in Mysore

i am a master trainer in handwriting.i am giving home online tutor home tuition since 1 year. i have a post graduation in MBA.

Find more Handwriting Classes Online

online handwriting classes near me

How do I find the best Handwriting Classes Online ?

You can browse the list of best Handwriting Classes Online tutors on UrbanPro.com. You can even book a free demo class to decide which Tutor to start classes with. Visit UrbanPro to find the best Tutor for Handwriting classes

What is the typical Fee charged for Handwriting Classes Online ?

The fee charged varies between online and offline classes. Generally you get the best quality at the lowest cost in the online classes, as the best tutors don’t like to travel to the Student’s location. Check Fees for various classes on UrbanPro

Monthly Fee for 1-1 Classes

Hourly fee for 1-1 classes, monthly fee for group classes, hourly fee for group classes, monthly fee for handwriting classes at home, hourly fee for handwriting classes at home, monthly fee for online handwriting classes, hourly fee for online handwriting classes, does joining handwriting classes help.

It definitely helps to join Handwriting Classes Online , as you get the desired motivation from a Teacher to learn. If you need personal attention and if your budget allows, select 1-1 Class. If you need peer interaction or have budget constraints, select a Group Class. To explore options: Handwriting Classes Online

Where can I find Handwriting classes near me?

UrbanPro has a list of best Handwriting classes To see the entire list see: Handwriting Classes Online .

Reviews for top Handwriting Classes Online

1,271 Reviews

review star

Lalima attended Handwriting

"I had sent my son for the handwriting class conducted by preethy. It was effective...."

Chetna attended Handwriting

"Pooja is a wonderful teacher. She is process oriented and focused. My son really..."

Mansha attended Handwriting

"Ritesh pal mam has helped my son in writing and he had learner by improving on his..."

Ahmed attended Handwriting

"I am foreigner student who write from right to left which is make hard form me to..."

AASHISH attended Handwriting

"It is very nice institute for abacus, vedic maths and handwriting courses. My kids..."

Chitrakala attended Handwriting

"Akankksha has a proven and effective methodology to improve handwriting. The faculty..."

Sajan Chouta attended Handwriting

"Abhigyaan Training center is really awesome. They have well skilled trainers with..."

Mrs.madan attended Handwriting

"My kid has just started going to handwriting classes & she's very comfortable with..."


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Handwriting Classes Online in your city

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Handwriting classes online questions.

Do not erase a lot . Keep proper gap between words. Learn to write proper letters Dan words . Use dark...

Find a metor to guide you....without having a look at ur handwriting , nobody can guide you....if u share...

As an experienced tutor specializing in Handwriting Coaching, I understand the significance of mastering...

Handwriting is important everywhere not only 12 std its usefull in collage job day to day life it Sud...

Handwriting Classes Online Lessons

Hi Children, Don't be tensed while writing the answers. Read the questions 2 to 3 times. Recall the answers and write with neat handwriting from the...

Good Handwriting skills create a confident child! In this backdrop, this page has been created. Resources can be accessed here for learning and improving...

You can improve your handwriting at any age! yes. All you need is a Pen/Pencil , a notebook and 10 minutes of your daily time. The basic of handwriting...

1. Basic method of holding note nd pencils 2. Basic stokes n all tricks words to write 3. Covering all small n capital alphabets 4. Sentence writing...

online handwriting classes near me

Looking for best Handwriting Classes Online ?

Find Best Handwriting Classes Online ?

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Hugo House is a nonprofit literary arts organization that aims to make writing accessible. Everyone has a story to tell. Whether you’re a new writer wanting to learn, an experienced author seeking a supportive environment to share your work, or a reader looking for new books to love—at Hugo House, you’ll find ways to explore your creativity, whatever your interest or budget.

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Superhero Poetics

Instructor: Cynthia Manick. In this craft talk and workshop, participants will explore and generate their own creation myths through direct address, confessional poems, and persona.

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Hugo House Instructor Reading: Katrina Carrasco, Bill Carty, and Alma García

Hugo House Instructor Reading: Katrina Carrasco, Bill Carty, and Alma García

Open hours with frances mccue, works in progress (virtual), poetry in the salon: featuring sally ashton, marjorie manwaring, & molly tenenbaum, works in progress (in-person).

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Adelle Dimitui, 2023-24 Hugo Fellow Mid-Year Check In

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Upcoming Online Writing Courses

February courses, ambient grief: writing the alteration, with jacinda townsend.

How do we write about moments of painful transition, or grief that the world doesn't recognize as grief? Turn ambient pain into powerful words in this transformational personal essay workshop. 

Creative Nonfiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Personal Essay

Ambient grief writing course

Even Smaller: Adventures in Short-form Writing

With tina barry.

Course full. Contact us to join waitlist.

Less is more in this bite-sized writing class, where you'll learn how to tell complete stories under the tightest word counts.  

Fiction , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

Even Smaller micro writing course

From Memory: Writing Fiction or Memoir from Lived Experience

With chin-sun lee.

In this class, you'll use a nearly infinite resource—your own memory—to craft compelling fiction or nonfiction stories.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Short Story

Writing fiction and nonfiction from memory course

Death Riding Shotgun: How Awareness of Our Mortality Impacts Poetry

With lisa c. taylor.

How can your own mortality inform your work? In this 6-week course, you'll use death to inspire and motivate your poetry writing.

Lifestyle and Wellness , Poetry

death riding shotgun mortality writing class

Rapid Story Development: A Master Plan for Building Stories That Work

With jeff lyons.

In this 10 week story writing class, Jeff Lyons pairs the Enneagram with story development techniques to revolutionize your writing practice.

rapid story development enneagram writing course

Stringing the Beads: Craft Your Personal Essay

With joanna penn cooper.

Harness the freedom of the personal essay in this 4 week course, where we'll shape our ideas, thoughts, and obsessions into compelling nonfiction pieces. 

Creative Nonfiction , Personal Essay

stringing the beads personal essay writing course

Tales From The Memory Palace: 6 to 250 Word Memoirs

With giulietta nardone.

If you want to be an in demand storyteller in the digital age, you need to get in, get out and get going. In this "short" four-week memoir writing adventure, you'll learn to scope out, swoop down and snatch up important memories from your life then speed write them into miniature masterpieces.

Creative Nonfiction , Memoir , Personal Essay

online handwriting classes near me

Where the Diary Ends and the Essay Begins

With shelby hinte.

Start a diary practice and turn it into a mode of writing personal essays in this generative journaling workshop. 

From diary to essay writing course

Character is the Key: Unlock Your Best Stories

With jessie roy.

If you want to tell a good story, you need to write good characters. Learn how to unlock your best stories in this one-day character development workshop. 

Fiction , Novel , Short Story

Character writing course

March Courses

Sing the body electric: poetry of the body, with andrea jurjević.

The human body is a continuous source of inspiration for poetry. Embody the poetic in this electric workshop. 

sing the body electric poetry of the body course

The Magic of Flash Nonfiction

With tamara dean.

Tell your stories quickly and stylishly in this short form creative nonfiction workshop, where you'll come away honing the magic of flash nonfiction.

the magic of flash nonfiction

The Spirituality of Poetry

With joy roulier sawyer.

Let the spirit of language move through you. In this 6 week course, we will study, write, and share poetry about the sacredness of human experience.

spirituality of poetry

Warp and Weft: Weaving Free Verse Poetry from Life

With anna scotti.

Weave everyday events into deftly-written free verse poems in this generative, creativity-centered poetry workshop. 

Warp and Weft poetry writing course

Write Your Memoir in 12 Weeks

With blaise allysen kearsley.

Writing can be a solitary experience, but writing a full memoir takes energy, momentum, and moral support. Find all three in this memoir writing intensive.

Creative Nonfiction , Memoir

write your memoir in 12 weeks

The Surprising Sentence: Honing Your Prose Style

Great sentences stack up into great stories. Learn how to hone your style and voice at the most basic unit of writing, the sentence, in this workshop.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Live Workshop , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

the surprising sentence writing course

Comics for People Who Can’t Draw!

With aubrey hirsch.

Can't draw? No problem! In this workshop, learn how to tell complete stories in publication-ready comics, no matter your artistic background. 

Lifestyle and Wellness , Personal Essay , Short Story

comics for people who can't draw

From Writing Circle to Poems in 6 Contemporary Forms

With susan vespoli.

Only 1 seat left!

From the sonnet to the villanelle, turn your journal entries into formal poetry in this 6 week writing circle workshop.

poetry writing circle

Writing (and Reading) the American Short Story

With vincent scarpa.

In this workshop, we will read and celebrate the American short story, while writing our own fiction that honors this literary canon. 

Fiction , Short Story

American short story writing course

Poetic Prose: The Prose Poem

With barbara henning.

Explore the border between prose poetry and flash fiction. For writers of fiction, poetry, essay and memoir.

Fiction , Poetry , Short Story

online handwriting classes near me

Show and Tell: How to Write Captivating Memoir and Nonfiction

With brad wetzler.

Your true story of healing or transformation can captivate and empower your readers. Learn how to balance showing the vivid details of your own journey with telling the broader themes for readers to apply in their own lives.

Creative Nonfiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir , Personal Essay

show and tell nonfiction writing course

Write into Mystery: Writing Flash Memoir on Wonder and the Unexplained

We often encounter wonder, mystery, and the unexplained in our everyday lives. Turn those experiences into flash essays in this community-centered course.

writing into mystery wonder and the unexplained

Writing Mindfulness: Sensual World/Poetry Mind

With marc olmsted.

A four-week class, melding the language mind with the sensual: How to turn detailed observation into a poem. With Marc Olmsted.

online handwriting classes near me

Get Your Book Noticed: Writing Loglines That Sell

Your logline helps you query agents, market your book, and figure out the story itself. Hone your logline and set your book up for success in this Zoom workshop.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

Log line writing course

Crafting the Poetry Novel for Young Adults

With kelly bingham.

Even if you’ve never written poetry before, you can begin the rewarding process of crafting a poetry novel for Young Adults. Is there a market for novels written in verse? Are they well received? Yes, there is, and yes, they are!

Fiction , Novel , Poetry

online handwriting classes near me

Onward: Writing the Novel-in-Process

With sandra novack.

So now that you have your opening novel pages, what next? Get detailed, constructive feedback on your work-in-progress, wherever you're at in writing it.

Fiction , Novel

Online novel writing class: Fifty Pages of the Novel

The Craft of Poetry

With jonathan j.g. mcclure.

Poetry is alive and well. Contemporary poets can be touching, terrifying, and laugh-out-loud funny. Join us for an exploration of writing and reading poems.

the craft of poetry

The Lyric Essay

With gretchen clark.

Explore non-traditional and imaginative ways to tell your stories with this ten-week writing course online. Creative nonfiction teacher Gretchen Clark provides detailed feedback on weekly writing assignments that emphasize creative freedom.

online handwriting classes near me

Write Your World: Express Your Creativity through Article Writing, Blogging, and Essays

With rudri patel.

Want to write your world, your way? Join us for this six-week program on article writing, blogging, and essays.

article writing, blogging, essays

April Courses

30 poems in 30 days, with ollie schminkey.

This National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), build community and get feedback on your work while writing a poem every day.

30 poems in 30 days

(Live Workshop) Poetry as Sacred Attention

With nadia colburn.

Poetry asks us to slow down, listen, and pay attention. In this meditative workshop, we'll open ourselves to the beauty and mystery of poetry.

poetry as sacred attention

Let It Rip: The Art of Writing Fiery Prose

You'll write prose that gets folks so hot and bothered they won't be able to put it down, even if it isn't about sex.

online handwriting classes near me

The Heart Remembers: Writing About Loss

With charlotte maya.

How can we organize grief and loss into language? Honor your feelings and write moving essays in this heart-centered creative nonfiction class. 

the heart remembers writing about loss

Write Your Novel! The Workshop With Jack

With jack smith.

Get a good start on a novel in just ten weeks, or revise a novel you’ve already written. Free your imagination, move steadily ahead and count the pages!

online handwriting classes near me

Writing the Body: A Nonfiction Craft Seminar

With margo steines.

The weird and wild body is a rich site of exploration in creative nonfiction. Explore the questions, stories, and lessons your body holds in this seminar with Margo Steines.

embodied writing interview | writing and the body

Write Your Picture Book!

Picture books have changed greatly over the last few decades, and the market is wide open for fresh ideas. Join us in this six-week intensive where we’ll take that idea of yours and turn it into a manuscript!

how to write a children's picture book

A Poet’s Calling Card: Writing and Composing a Chapbook

With caitlin scarano.

The poetry chapbook gives poets the chance to make a small, artful collection around a poetic obsession. Learn how to craft yours in this 8 week chapbook intensive.

Poetry chapbook writing course

Plot Your Novel

Over eight weeks, you'll develop a solid basis in the fictional elements—protagonist, setting, secondary characters, point of view, plot, and theme—while you develop the outline of your novel. You'll receive feedback at all stages from your fellow writers and your instructor.

online handwriting classes near me

Poems of All Sizes: Haiku, Tanka, and Japanese Poetic Forms

With miho kinnas.

Explore the history and poetics of Japanese poetry forms, and write haiku, tanka, renga, haiga, and linked verse poetry.

Live Workshop , Poetry

haiku and senryu writing course

How to Craft a Poem

With zining mok.

A poem can tell a story, communicate our innermost thoughts, and reveal what moves us most deeply. Craft poems that do all of this and more in this guided poetry workshop.  

how to craft a poem

The Joy of Poetry: A Beginner-Friendly Workshop

Have you wanted to get into poetry, but don't know where to start? Learn the craft from the Joy of poetry herself in this welcoming workshop.

poetry writing class

May Courses

The first fifty pages of the novel.

The first 50 pages sets up plot, characters, and voice, and it lays the groundwork for your book's overall structure and success. Receive critical, supportive feedback on your book's start from novelist Sandra Novack.

First 50 Pages of the Novel

Writing Our Grief: How to Channel Loss into Creative Expression

Writing about grief is a powerful healing tool. Turn pain into power in this personal essay course, with instructor Rudri Patel.

grief writing course

Telling the Stories Your Body Holds: Writing and Shaping Strong Personal Essays

With sarah herrington.

Where do essays come from? In this course, they come from the body. Learn how to start—and finish—powerful essays that begin inside the self.

telling the stories your body holds

The Watching Eye/Thinking Mind: Writing Flash Fiction

In this ten-week workshop with poet and novelist Barbara Henning, write tiny fictions while experimenting with first and third person points of view and analyzing how point of view affects the craft of fiction writing. Barbara will provide practical instruction and assignments, suggestions for revision, and lectures and and articles.

online handwriting classes near me

June Courses

Finding confidence in the braided essay: a craft and empowerment workshop for literary nonfiction.

Weaving your story with facts and research can help you craft a stronger essay. Tell your story with confidence in this empowering essay writing course.

braided essay writing course

The Cabin In The (Virtual) Woods: Writing Horror Comedy

The line between horror and comedy is a lot thinner than you think. In this class, make your readers laugh in one sentence and cower in the next.

Fiction , Novel , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

cabin in the virtual woods writing horror comedy

Call of the Weird: Poetry and Nature

Turn your poetic lens towards the outdoors in this six week workshop, where we'll put to verse everything strange and wonderful about the natural world. 

call of the weird writing course

The Healing Power of Poetry

Poetry heals. Journey alongside several poets whose works resonate with a variety of healing themes, and learn how to use craft elements as healing tools.

the healing power of poetry

The Literary Essay

Explore the literary essay - from the conventional to the experimental, the journalistic to essays in verse - while writing and workshopping your own.

the literary essay online writing course

The Elements of Fiction

Good fiction writing can feel like juggling as you balance all the different elements of storytelling. By the end of this course, you'll be an expert juggler.

online handwriting classes near me

July Courses

Opening the door to poetry, with jude nutter.

How do we use poetry to express life's marvelous complexity? Learn how to control language beyond the "ordinary" and discover the many possibilities of poetry.

opening the door to poetry

September Courses

Creative nonfiction and the personal essay.

Gretchen Clark pick axes her way into the volcanic marriage of real life and fiction. Weekly writing with incisive feedback.

online handwriting classes near me

Telling Truth: A Poetry Workshop

Learn how to tell your story and write a mini chapbook of poems in this truth-driven poetry workshop.

telling truth poetry workshop

Dread and Desire: Gothic Fiction Techniques to Lure and Horrify Your Readers

With briana una mcguckin.

This Halloween, learn how to write eerie, haunting moods in this comprehensive course on Gothic writing techniques.

dread and desire gothic writing workshop

November Courses

Write your novel in 12 weeks.

In this generative novel writing course, we'll go from writing a strong beginning to writing "The End" on your novel's first draft.

Write Your Novel in 12 Weeks!

Unscheduled Courses

These online writing classes don’t currently have a next session on our calendar, but will soon. If you see a course you’re interested in, use the “I’m Interested” button to let us know, and we’ll follow up with you when the course is on our calendar next.

Want to reach us or our instructors with questions about our online writing courses? Contact us at [email protected] , or visit the contact form .

(Live Workshop) Drawing Poems: the Art of Visual Poetry

By melding poetry with design, visual poets can create multidimensional works of art and literature. Explore the craft in this visual poetry workshop. 

visual poetry writing course

(Live Workshop) Dream Writing

How can writers harness the power of dreams? Let your slumber supercharge your creativity in this three hour dream writing workshop.

Creative Nonfiction , Live Workshop , Memoir , Personal Essay

dream writing dali

(Live Workshop) Get Clear on Your Story and Voice

What is your story about? What is your voice? Whether you write poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, hone your writing in this 3 hour workshop.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Live Workshop , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

get clear on your story writing class

(Live Workshop) Haiku & Senryu: Rekindling A Sense of Wonder

Haiku, Senryu, and other Japanese poetry forms encourage us to slow down and write mindfully. Learn how to write these forms in this meditative writing workshop.

haiku and senryu writing class

(Live Workshop) How To Start A Blog, Grow An Audience & Make Money

With jessica festa.

When planned right, a blog allows you to share your passion and make money in the process. Learn how to start a blog in this one-day webinar.

Creative Nonfiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Live Workshop , Personal Essay

How To Build A Blog, Grow An Audience & Make Money

(Live Workshop) Intro to Screenwriting

With susan pohlman.

In this workshop, you'll learn the ropes of screenwriting and create living pieces of collaborative storytelling.

Fiction , Live Workshop , Stage and Broadcast

screenwriting course

(Live Workshop) Move Your Writing Forward: The Art of the Bullet Journal

Want to have a productive new year? Set up your bullet journal in this one day live workshop.

Lifestyle and Wellness , Live Workshop

learn bullet journaling course

(Live Workshop) Revising the Novel: Take Your First Draft to the Next Level

With donna levin.

Ready to start revising your novel? Get rolling in this in-depth webinar.

Fiction , Live Workshop , Novel

revising the novel webinar

(Live Workshop) The Art Friend’s Dilemma: Advice on Writing from Real Life

Are you writing about people from real life? This one-day live workshop answers the question of how to be a good art friend.

how to be a good art friend

(Live Workshop) The Art of Love Stories: A Flash Fiction Workshop

How do you distill love into 1,500 words or less? Zining Mok explains in this love stories flash fiction workshop.

Fiction , Live Workshop , Short Story

how to write love stories flash fiction workshop

(Live Workshop) Writing Beginnings and Endings

With sarah aronson.

How do you write a story that's compelling to start and satisfying to finish? Sarah Aronson explains in this comprehensive one-day workshop.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Live Workshop , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Short Story

beginnings and endings

(Live Workshop) Writing from a Strong Sense of Place: A Generative Workshop

With jacquelyn stolos.

Develop powerful and realistic settings in this generative three-hour workshop, with Jacquelyn Stolos.

Fiction , Live Workshop , Novel , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

a sense of place

*Private Class | Embodied Writing: Improve Your Writing with Full-Body Creativity

With rosemary tantra bensko.

Have a grand time with specific physical exercises that honor your health, generate imaginative ideas, explore deeply and make your creative writing entertaining.

*Private Class | Embodied Writing: Somatic Practices to Improve Your Work

*private class | finding confidence in the braided essay: a craft and empowerment workshop for literary nonfiction, *private class | food writing: meals and manuscripts, with jennifer billock.

Do you love cookbooks, cooking, or reading anything about food? This food writing course is for you. With award winning writer Jennifer Billock.

food writing course

*Private Class | From Pitch to Publication: Writing Narrative Journalism

Explore literary journalism as a powerful means to share fascinating characters, stories, and perspectives. Learn all you need to start pitching, landing, and writing reported essays and features.

magazine writing reported features

*Private Class | Introduction to Writing Genre Fiction

Take the whirlwind tour! Learn the conventions of eight major fiction genres, try them out, and figure out your niche.

genre fiction writing | many hats

*Private Class | Poetry Workshop: Bring Your Poems to Life

Join us for this workshop on creating powerful poems—poems that are clear and organized, fresh and moving, full of life.

poetry writing course

*Private Class | Telling the Stories Your Body Holds: Writing and Shaping Strong Personal Essays

*private class | the craft of poetry, *private class | the literary essay, *private class | the micro-obstacles/flow technique.

Create new work with fresh language, universal themes, sustained mystery and memorable characters. Stimulate your imagination.

online handwriting classes near me

*Private Class | Using Bullet Journaling to Achieve Writing Goals

Looking to keep your writing goals organized? Make it happen in our bullet journaling course. Learn the art of the BuJo with Rudri Patel!

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

*Private Class | Write Your World: Express Your Creativity through Article Writing, Blogging, and Essays

*private class | writing our grief: how to channel loss into creative expression, *private class | writing the short story.

beyond convention how to write wild fiction

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Writing Original Love Poems

How do poets write about love in fresh, surprising, original ways? Tackle the art of love poetry and write about all kinds of love in this generative workshop.

writing love poetry course

A Writerly Life: Develop a Writing Routine that Works for You

What does a writer's life look like? Build a productive writing habit in this course for writers of all backgrounds.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

living a writerly life course

Advanced Fiction Workshop with Emily Adrian

With emily adrian.

Build a feedback group and sharpen your novel or short stories for publication in this workshop-oriented fiction class. 

Look again: Novel revision course

Anatomy of a Premise Line: How to Use Story and Premise Development for Writing Success

The premise line is the only reliable tool that can tell you, BEFORE you start writing, whether or not your story will “work.” In this class participants will learn how to master the process of premise line development—the essential first step in any book or screenplay’s development process.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Novel , Stage and Broadcast

online handwriting classes near me

Architecture of the Creative Heart: Writing Formal Poetry

With david mills.

Learn how diving into form—the coherent relationship of all of a poem’s parts—can enhance your creativity and freedom as a poet.

writing formal poetry

Battling the Blank Page: Writing the First Third of Your Novel

With elisa bonnin.

If the blank page daunts you, conquer it in this comprehensive novel writing course, where you'll end with over 1/3 of a first draft written.

Write the First Third of Your Novel

Beginner’s Mind: A Mindful Approach to Personal Essays

With susan barr-toman.

Write true and meaningful personal essays with the tools of mindfulness. We'll discover new insights in our work as we center ourselves, confront our inner critics, and write mindfully. 

Beginner's Mind Mindfulness Nonfiction Writing Course

Beyond Formula: Writing Love Scenes With Spirit, Passion, Grit And Character Truth

With anya achtenberg.

Write about love beyond trite sentiment and shallow fictions. Work down to the real thing: deep, powerful, destructive, exalted, fundamental.

online handwriting classes near me

Block Buster: Turbocharge Your Creativity with Breakneck Writing

Banish writer's block, unearth fresh ideas, and sharpen your storytelling ability with the practice of fast, timed writing.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

writing prompts for writers block

Boost Your Imagination and Reap the Literary Rewards

It happens to all of us: life gets in the way and our creativity falters. Get back on track with this four-week creativity boosting class!

boost your creativity writing class

Both Fish and Fowl: The Prose Poem

A successful prose poem reads like a magic trick. Learn how to wield the powers of poetry in the context of prose in this comprehensive prose poetry course.

Poetry , Short Story

Both Fish and Fowl: The Prose Poem

Branches of Creative Nonfiction

With tess fahlgren.

What are the different types of creative nonfiction? From the personal essay to the hermit crab, learn the ropes of CNF in this 8 week class.

branches of creative nonfiction

But What Is Your Story Really About? Finding the Core of Your Short Memoir, Story, or Personal Essay

Take a four-week writing adventure deep into the core of your story, to find the true theme of your personal essay, short story, or short memoir.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Personal Essay , Short Story

what is your story about

Character Transformation Workshop: How to Write Stories that Emotionally Resonate

Learn how to write emotionally resonant journeys that stick with the reader, using the power of character transformation.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir , Novel , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

character transformation workshop

Claiming Our Stories: Autobiography, Memoir & Autobiographical Fiction

Turn your experience into fiction, autobiography, or creative memoir. Bring forward stories with a powerful truth at their core. Instructor Anya Achtenberg.

online handwriting classes near me

Comic strip artists rely much more on creativity than on artistic skill. In this workshop, you'll learn all the tools you need to make fun and engaging comic strips—even if your drawing level is "stick figures."

Craft Your Story: Short Fiction and Memoir Live Workshops

With margo perin.

Get tailored advice and inspiration for your fiction or nonfiction stories, in this weekly live workshop with award-winning instructor Margo Perin.

craft your story

Crafting a Story or Novel Chapter Using Forward-Moving Tension

How do writers tell stories with tension, action, and emotion? Learn how to write forward-moving tension in this 5 week fiction course.

conflict in writing forward moving tension

Crafting the Poetry Novel: Advanced Workshop

Want to make headway on your poetry novel? This workshop offers the structure and resources to get it done, with instructor Kelly Bingham.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Novel , Poetry

advanced poetry novel workshop

Crafting the Romance Novel

With jeanne de vita.

More than happily ever after. Writing a romance novel is about more than just telling the story of how two characters meet, fall in love, and ride off into the sunset of happily ever after. A romance novel follows the same structure as powerful novels in other genres and employs the building blocks of great…

romance novel writing course

Creating Narrative in Comics

Art and storytelling have a rich relationship to one another. Explore that relationship in this class on writing narrative comics. Open to all artistic skill levels!

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Personal Essay , Short Story

creating narrative in comics

Creating the Visual Journal

With lissa jensen.

Go beyond narrow definitions of “journaling" to include visual images and let writing give what is seen a new voice. Surprise yourself.

creating the visual journal | visual journal writing class

Creative Nonfiction: The Art of Telling True Stories

With nicole hardy.

How do you tell your stories beautifully and authentically? Learn the fundamentals of creative nonfiction with Nicole Hardy.

creative nonfiction fundamentals

Creative Writing & Storytelling Techniques For Business Professionals

Good writing helps business connect deeply with the clients they're hoping to work with. Learn how to hone the power of story in your professional career.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness

Writing for Business Professionals

De Novo: How to Build Your Own Fantasy or Sci-Fi World

Create captivating worlds in this comprehensive worldbuilding course. You'll come away with fantastic settings that make your stories mesmerizing, believable, and real.

worldbuilding in science fiction and fantasy

Deep Waters: The Prose Poem Advanced Workshop

Take the plunge in this advanced prose poetry course, where you'll write and revise short, powerful works of prose that hit like poetry.

deep waters prose poetry course

Deepening and Organizing Our Stories: Memoir/Creative Nonfiction and Autobiographical Fiction

For writers of memoir, creative nonfiction and fiction, with some experience. Particularly helpful to writers in the midst of a longer work.

Henri Rousseau Le centenaire de l'indépendance (1892)

Drafty in Here: Write Your Novella in Ten Weeks

Write the entire first draft of a novella-length story, with plenty of feedback from stage to stage, and finish with a plan for revising toward a publishable manuscript.

online handwriting classes near me

Embodied Writing: Improve Your Writing with Full-Body Creativity

Embodied writing: somatic practices to improve your work, fall (back) in love with poetry, with moriel rothman-zecher.

Whether you're new to poetry or returning after a hiatus, rekindle the spark that puts verse to page in this exploratory poetry class.

poetry writing course

Find Your Brave: Publishing As An Act Of Courage

In this fun, transformative four-week program, get tips and techniques to bring out your courage to publish a story in print or online.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Personal Essay , Short Story

Find Your Brave: Publishing As An Act Of Courage

Finding Inspiration in Dreams

With amy bonnaffons.

Our dreams are fertile fields of inspiration, meaning, and creativity. Learn how to use your dreams as doorways to future writing.

Finding inspiration in dreams writing course

Finding the Real Story: Essential Elements of Story in Fiction and Memoir

Address the larger issues of writing story through a look at the essential elements of narrative in fiction and memoir.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Novel , Short Story

online handwriting classes near me

Finding Wildness and Freedom in Poetry

Find a greater sense of comfort, ease, lightheartedness, and freedom in reading and writing poetry.

finding wildness and freedom in poetry

Finish Your Manuscript: Next-Level Picture Book Mentorship

During this six week program, you will work closely one-on-one with Kelly to finalize, refine, and polish your picture book into a manuscript ready to submit for publication or representation.

Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Novel , Short Story

children's picture book manuscript workshop

First Pages That Will Pull Agents In!

With troy wilderson.

Polish your opening pages in this novel intensive, where you'll make your first pages so perfect, your readers will need to know what comes next.

First Pages that Pull You In

Flash Fiction: Writing the Short-Short Story

Write 1–3-page flash fiction in this online course with Barbara Henning, drawing on classic, poetic & experimental elements. Read the form’s masters.

Pete's Lounge - WikiCommons

Food Writing: Food-Focused Memoir

The food we eat and enjoy tells volumes about our lives and experiences. Write it all down in this food memoir course, with Jennifer Billock.

Pierre Auguste Renoir -Luncheon of the Boating Party - Wikipedia

Food Writing: Meals And Manuscripts

From pitch to publication: writing narrative journalism, from writing circle to finished poem: turn raw writing into poetry.

Gather together in a virtual writing circle, hit the mute button on your internal editor, and uncover inspiration to shape into poetry.

From Writing Circle to Poems in 8 Contemporary Forms (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

From the sonnet to the villanelle, turn your journal entries into formal poetry in this 8 week writing circle workshop.

From Writing Circle to Poems of Kindness, Wonder, Connection & Joy (Mondays and Fridays)

Only 2 seats left!

Explore the power of joy, kindness, and community in this four week poetry workshop.

from writing circle to poems of gratitude and hope

From Writing Circle to Poems of Kindness, Wonder, Connection & Joy (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

From writing circles to poems of gratitude & hope for the new year (mondays and fridays).

Want to move forward into the new year with gratefulness and clarity for 2024? Join us for 4 weeks of writing about gratitude and hope.

From Writing Circles to Poems of Gratitude & Hope for the New Year (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

From writing circles to poems of gratitude and hope.

Poetry is a powerful method for healing and happiness. Write poems about gratitude and hope in our intimate, live-video writing circles, with instructor Susan Vespoli.

Fundamentals of Travel Writing

Take to the skies in this online travel writing course. We'll discuss the market, different types of travel writing, and pitching your piece!

travel writing course

Get Back to That Book

For any number of reasons, the book we want to write gets waylaid. Get back to it in this motivational two part workshop.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir , Novel

get back to that book

Get It Done: Create the Scaffolding to Start (and Finish) a Writing Project

With eman quotah.

Get your butt in the chair, your mind roaming freely, and your creative juices flowing in this motivational, all-genres writing class.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Live Workshop , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

scaffolding a writing project

Get It Done: Fast-Draft Your Novel in 13 Weeks

Write a complete first draft of your novel in this 13-week intensive, where you'll learn everything you need to write a successful story. 

get it done novel intensive

Get That Novel Finished! Tools and Inspiration to Complete Your First Draft

Finishing a novel requires guts, dedication, and stamina. When you find yourself struggling, our 10-week course with Donna Levin will help!

finishing the novel course

Get That Novel Started: A Two-Week Writing Workshop

Take the plunge! Put your ideas to paper, write and share the opening pages of your novel, and create a plan for writing a full first draft.

Get that Novel Started writing course

Get Your Book Done Intensive! 4 Weeks to Measurable Progress

The summer is the best time to get the ball rolling on your book. Join us if you really want to get your book into the world.

write your book class

Graphic Novel Writing Bootcamp

With cristian aluas.

Put pen to graphing paper in this workshop on crafting the graphic novel. By the end of the Zoom call, you'll have an 8 page graphic short story that's ready to illustrate.

Graphic Novel Bootcamp

Growing Smaller: The Art of Micro- and Short Fiction

Less is more. Learn the ropes of flash and micro-fiction in this 4-week course and hone the art of the short-short story.

microfiction short fiction writing course

How to Firm Up the “Mushy Middle” of Any Story

Ensure a strong middle throughline for any story. Say goodbye to the "mushy middle," and hello to stories that work.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Novel , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

How to Firm Up the “Mushy Middle” of Any Story

How to Pitch

With rachel krantz.

Learn the ins and outs of pitching your work to print and online publications from Rachel Krantz, a full-time writer and formerly the Senior Feature Editor at Bustle.

Creative Nonfiction , Live Workshop , Personal Essay

how to pitch writing course

How To Start A Blog

Create your blog, brand it, create engaging content and successfully promote posts. Taught by journalist, writer and photographer Jessica Festa.

Jessica Festa - Starting A Blog

How To Turn Your Blog Into A Career

From branding to search engine optimization and advertising, this course puts bloggers on the path to earning an income through their blog.

How to Write Character-Driven Stories

Characters don't just drive the story, they are the story. Learn how to craft character-centered fiction and give life to the people on your page.

character writing workshop

How to Write Great Stories

Learn how to combine character, setting, plot, and other elements of fiction to write powerful, compelling stories.

Fiction Fundamentals: How to Write Great Stories

Humor Is The New Black!

Ready to add a splash of fun to your writing life? Join us for a four-week humor writing class. We’ll read. We’ll laugh. We’ll write. We’ll experiment.

laughing from Imgarcade.com

I’ve Drunk Your Poisoned Nectar: Writing with the Goddess

With shankar narayan.

Dig deep into the rich mythology of South Asian goddesses to find new inspiration for your work in this generative, open-genre writing class.

goddess writing course

Iconoclast: Reimagining the Line Break

Poets can express so much in just a line break. Hone this tool of the poetic craft in this two part Zoom workshop.

line break writing course

In Bloom: Nature Writing Workshop

With dana de greff.

Only 3 seats left!

Want to write about nature like Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, or Annie Dillard? Join us for this six-week nature writing course.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

online nature writing course

In Your Own Words: Transforming Life Into Memoir and Fiction

Learn how to draw inspiration and material from your life experiences or those of people you know, or want to know, to craft compelling, publishable memoirs, personal essays, autobiographical novels and short stories, and/or narrative poetry.

online handwriting classes near me

Intro to Fiction Writing

What makes a good fiction story? Learn how to write compelling stories in this eight-week intro to fiction course, with Donna Levin.

intro to fiction writing

Introduction to Writing Genre Fiction

It starts with play: get (back) into writing, with janée baugher.

Harness the joy of creativity in this inspiration-focused class, where we'll uncover new ideas for writing projects and draft loads of new material. 

It Starts with Play writing course

Kickstart Your Novel

How do novelists turn an idea into a published book? Gain the confidence to  be a novelist in this transformational 3 hour workshop. 

kickstart your novel

Let’s Get Personal: The Art and Craft of the Personal Essay

Draw inspiration and material from your life experiences or “real life” people you know to craft compelling, publishable personal essays. With author Margo Perin.

online handwriting classes near me

Look Again: Revision for Novel Writers

With amanda hosch.

Most novels become great through the power of revision. Learn how to turn a rough draft into a swoon-worthy manuscript that readers and publishers will love.

Make Your Prose Sing

With leslie lawrence.

Enrich your prose with techniques from poetry. Bring paper and pens; leave with a better ear and lots of ideas about how to make your prose sing.

make your prose sing writing course

Manuscript Review for Children’s Writers: Summer Edition

Instructor Sarah Aronson welcomes all writers who are working on manuscripts for kids and teens. This advanced workshop will focus entirely on the participants' own work in progress.

online handwriting classes near me

Manuscript Workshop: Writing For Young Readers

With denise santomauro.

Author Denise Santomauro leads this intermediate/advanced workshop on writing for children. It offers support, structure and detailed feedback on manuscripts.

Mastering the Elements of Fiction

In this course, you’ll work with the basic elements of fiction--the fundamentals that drive the story and determine the quality of the work.

online handwriting classes near me

Mastering the Manuscript: Completing a Full-Length Poetry Manuscript (from Start to Finish)

In this generative course, you'll write the bulk of the poems you'll use in your full-length manuscript, and learn how to structure them into a collection.

AWP booth

Next-Level Creative Nonfiction: Elevating Essays, Memoir, Travel Writing & Literary Journalism

With wendy call.

Elevate your memoir, travel writing, literary journalism, & lyric and personal essays.

online handwriting classes near me

No More Excuses! Four Weeks to Finish and Submit Your Personal Essay or Short Memoir

Join us for this insightful four-week “get the writing done” program, give and receive thoughtful comments from your fellow writers and the instructor, and enjoy heaps of encouragement and writing wisdom along the way.

writing class for accountability and inspiration

Observing What’s Vivid in Prose and Poetry

Learn how to spotlight beauty through fresh, vivid, and surprising language, in this four week mindfulness writing course.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

observing what's vivid in prose and poetry

Oral Storytelling Techniques for Writing Flash Nonfiction

With corey rosen.

In this class, you'll harness the power of oral storytelling to craft exceptional pieces of written nonfiction.

oral storytelling writing course

Ordinary to Extraordinary: Turning Everyday Experiences into Poetry

No experience is too small or mundane to serve as a foundation for extraordinary poetry and short fiction.

Creative Nonfiction , Personal Essay , Poetry

online handwriting classes near me

Overcome Writing Anxiety: Boost Your Storytelling Confidence in Four Short Weeks!

"Who are you to want to write?" Someone great, that's who! Politely ask Mr. or Ms. Fear to step aside while you sign up for this fun, freeing and functional adventure.

how to gain confidence writing

Penning Passion: Finish the First Draft of your Romance Novel in Ten Weeks

In this comprehensive class, you'll learn the ropes of romance writing and finish a first draft of your romance novel. 

Romance novel writing course

Plot Your Novel with the Three-Act Structure

The 3 act structure gives us the scaffolding we can hang our stories off of. Come away from this class with a fully plotted novel and a plan to write it.

Writing Stories with the Three-Act Structure

Plumbing the Past: Turning Life Experience into Poetry, Flash and Creative Non-Fiction

Dig deep into personal ritual while studying narrative poets, short fiction and non-fiction authors, and food writers.

Creative Nonfiction , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

online handwriting classes near me

Poetry and Performance: Slam Poetry 101

In these workshops, master the elements of poetry and performance, and learn to take your poems from the page to the stage.

microphone slam poetry

Poetry Workshop: Bring Your Poems to Life

Putting it all together: completing your first poetry manuscript.

How do you put together a poetry book? From choosing a theme to ordering your poems, you'll end this course with a ready-to-publish manuscript.

poetry manuscript writing course

Roads Into Writing: Opening New Terrain In Your Work

Write like mad, read brilliant books & deepen your craft while exploring new paths to inspiration. With novelist and poet Anya Achtenberg, .

Scene Study: Strengthen Your Writing with Compelling Scenes

Great stories are constructed with great scenes. Immerse your reader in your stories by learning the ropes of scene development.

scene writing course

Secrets & Confessions: Writing Deeply Personal Nonfiction

In this fully anonymous class, we will write and share the secrets we hold closest to our chests, and turn those secrets into compelling creative nonfiction. 

Personal nonfiction writing course

Simple Summer Writing Circles and Poems

Sail through the summer and survive the heat with these chill writing circles, where you'll laugh, vent, and honor the season in poetry.

simple summer writing circles

Simple Winter Sanity-Saving Writing Circles

Write your way to the finish line of 2023: let go of and say goodbye to a momentous year, honor the changes in yourself and the world, and set your intentions for a new chapter.

winter writing circle course

Speculative Fiction: Sci-fi, Fantasy, & More

With tara campbell.

Speculative fiction isn't (only) warp drives and magic wands; it's anything that examines human lives and relationships through alternate realities. In this course, learn how to wield the fantastic in your fiction.

online handwriting classes near me

Story Lab: Story Structure 101

Structure is essential to great storytelling. Learn how to roadmap any story in this comprehensive story structure class.

story lab story structure 101

Story Lab: The Story-Subplot Connection

Subplots are key to maintaining narrative pace and tension in a story. Drive your story forward with this deep dive into the elements of good storytelling.

Story Lab: The Story-Subplot Connection

Style and Sense: Bring Your Writing to Life

With john gottberg anderson.

How do we transport our readers to vivid worlds? In this course, learn the skills that evoke the senses and bring your writing to life.

style and sense bring your writing to life

Suspense Sells! Power Up Your Writing With Conflict, Tension and Emotion

Inject suspense into your stories to keep readers turning pages. For writers of all kinds of fiction: thrillers, mysteries, romance, humor, literary and memoir. A four week class with Giulietta Nardone.

online handwriting classes near me

Techwashed!: Writing with AI, Data, and Surveillance

Raise a mirror against society's relationship to technology in this two part workshop series where we will learn how to write about tech.

techwashed writing course

Teen Writers’ Workshop: Discover the Writer You Want to Be

With cara stevens.

Give your teens the power of writing and community in this two part workshop, where teen writers will learn the skills to become professional authors.

Teen writers' workshop

Telling Your Food Story

With hannah howard.

Let's write at the kitchen table together, as we explore using food as a lens to tell our stories.

food writing course

Ten Steps to Creating Interesting, In-Depth Characters

How do you write about people convincingly? Empower your character development in this workshop filled with exercises and character discussion.

Fiction , Live Workshop , Novel , Short Story

character development workshop online

The Chronology of Mind: From Journal to Poem or Prose

Gather material through writing and experimenting with journaling, researching and taking notes to develop into poems or prose works.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

A_Wilde_time Wiki Commons

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

Create fantastical worlds with mythical beings in this comprehensive introduction to fantasy and science fiction.

writing science fiction and fantasy

The Deep Dive: Poem As Self-Discovery

With meghan sterling.

Through poetry, we can access our deepest truths. Use the poem as a roadmap to self-discovery in this 6-week poetic deep-dive.

The Deep Dive poetry writing course

The Five Ws (and One H) of Drafting Middle Grade and Young Adult Novels

Asking yourself these six questions will give you the scaffolding for your next young adult or middle grade novel.

middle grade young adult novel

The Lyric Essay: Invitation to Play

With elizabeth winder.

Create dynamic, genre-bending works of musical prose in this playful and exploratory lyric essay workshop. 

lyric essay course invitation to play

The Micro-obstacles/Flow Technique

The only submission workshop you will ever need.

How do you get your poems in literary journals? This two part webinar shows you the ropes for getting your work published, read, and celebrated.

coaching editing independent study

The Poetry of Play

Get playful in your poetry in this fun-focused workshop, where we'll experiment our ways into new and delightful poems. 

The Poetry of Play writing course

The Sixth Sense: Writing Horror with a Message

Looking to write the substance of nightmares? Learn the ropes of horror writing in this spine-chilling fiction course.

horror writing course

The Soundtrack of Your Life: Writing About Music, Memories and Mix Tapes

In a song inspired class, write several essays about the music that has moved you through life: the emotions, the relationships, the events, the outcomes.

online handwriting classes near me

The Wandering Heart: Tales of Connection

Wander through the rooms of your own life to discover stories of deep connection, reconnection or loss of connection and fashion your findings into stories suitable for blog posts, essays, short memoirs, short plays, scenes in screenplays, or chapters of novels.

Creative Nonfiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir

online handwriting classes near me

Tiny and True: Creating Flash Essays with Mindfulness

How do you tell the full truth in under 1,000 words? Learn the art of flash essays and write nuggets of wisdom in this tiny essay class.

tiny and true flash nonfiction essay course

Turn Up the Heat: How to Write Good Sex

How do you write sex scenes that are both erotic and realistic? Make your reader's heart race in this webinar on writing good sex.

turn up the heat how to write good sex

Twoness Poems

With e. ethelbert miller , miho kinnas.

Twoness poems are poems written collaboratively with another poet. Learn something new about yourself, your writing partner, and poetry in this collaborative Valentine's Day workshop.

twoness poems course

Untie the Tropes: Write In-Depth YA Protagonists

Do you want to write YA, but you're terrified of teenagers? Learn how to write authentic teen characters without tropes in this generative YA course.

transcending teen tropes ya writing course

Using Bullet Journaling to Achieve Writing Goals

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Poetry

Using Your Poetry Skills to Write Memoir

With freesia mckee.

How do poets tell their stories in prose? Take the leap from poetry to memoir in this hybrid writing workshop.

Creative Nonfiction , Live Workshop , Memoir , Poetry

memoir for poets

What to Do When Your Characters Fall in Love: Writing Romance in Any Genre

Relationships are an important feature of fiction—and not just romances! If your non-romance work has love involved, learn the ropes in this 5 week course, open to writers of all genres.

writing romance outside romance genre course

What’s So Funny? Writing Poetic Humor

Can a poem make the audience laugh out loud? Learn how to harness poetic humor in this class about knocking the reader's socks off.

writing poetic humor

Word Flashes & Eye Snapshots: Sketching Your Life Awake

For any writer wanting to root writing in vision and vision in the body: for poetry, fiction, essay, memoir & pleasure.

online handwriting classes near me

Write from the Untamed Mind: Find Your Voice

Join Susan in two writing circles each week: intimate spaces for writers to free-write together, saying yes to whatever shows up, followed by group read-arounds. These writing sessions are spontaneous, intimate, freeing, and transformative.

Write from the Untamed Mind writing course

Write Your Children’s Book!

If you’re looking for accountability, support, enthusiasm, feedback, and a chance to make progress on your Children's Book or YA story, then this is the place for you.

write your children's book

Write Your Novel Draft!

With aatif rashid.

Move far ahead in your novel draft, while learning the craft of novel writing and developing a stronger writing practice.

Draft your novel writing course

Write Your Novel: The Art of the Outline

Structure and start your novel in this comprehensive class. You'll come away with a skeleton for your story and at least 20 pages written.

online handwriting classes near me

Writing About Family

Family is complicated, and so is writing about it. Navigate the complexities of writing about real relationships in this generative essay class.

Writing about Family

Writing Autobiographical Fiction

Learn to depart from "what really happened," and write compelling fiction from your own life experiences.

writing autobiographical fiction

Writing Chronic Illness

Creative nonfiction offers a container for the sharing and exploration of illness. Tell the story of your body in this healing-oriented workshop.

Writing chronic illness

Writing Circle Workshop: A Focus on Eight Contemporary Poets (Section 2)

By studying the poems of Billy Collins, Ellen Bass, Natalie Diaz, and more, write stunning poetry in this generative writing circle workshop.

writing circle workshop a focus on eight contemporary poets

Writing Circle Workshop: A Focus on Nine Contemporary Poets

Write freely and expressively in this 8-week poetry workshop. Along the way, we'll explore the transformative work of 9 contemporary poets.

writing circle workshop nine contemporary poets

Writing Circle Workshop: A Focus on Six Contemporary Poets –Mon./Fri.

By studying the poems of Maya Stein, Sharon Olds, Alberto Rios, and more, write stunning poetry in this generative writing circle workshop.

Writing Circle Workshop: A Focus on Six Contemporary Poets –Tues./Sat.

Writing circle workshop: finding community and creativity in a challenging time.

Write out the storm: Join supportive, friendly faces in twice-weekly virtual community writing circles.

Writing Circle Workshop: Writing for Happiness, Healing, and Health (Monday/Friday)

Expressive writing can be a powerful elixir for what ails you. Learn and practice tools for writing expressively, including two virtual writing circles each week, turn raw writing into poetry or prose, and come away with a better understanding of how writing can lead toward wellness.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

writing for happiness healing and health

Writing Circle Workshop: Writing for Happiness, Healing, and Health (Tuesday/Saturday)

Writing circles & exercises to spark new poems (mondays and fridays).

Looking for inspiration? Write, vent, laugh, and honor your writing practice in these generative writing circle workshops.

Writing Circles & Exercises to Spark New Poems (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

Writing circles: finding community, clarity, poetry, and prose.

Join our writing circle to form a writing community, find clarity in your words, and turn your untamed free-writes into poetry and/or prose.

Lifestyle and Wellness , Poetry , Short Story

Writing for Kids: Entering the World of Children’s Literature

Learn the fundamentals of writing for children in this one day workshop, and write the kinds of stories that kids simply can't put down.

writing for kids

Writing Magical Fiction

In this workshop series, you won't just write using magic in fiction—you'll harness the magic that only fiction can make.

writing magical fiction

Writing Place in Creative Nonfiction

In Creative Nonfiction, place is a character in itself. Deeply explore a narrative and a place of your choosing, and make weekly progress on your essay or memoir.

writing place in creative nonfiction

Writing Poetry About Family Histories

To write about our families means reconciling past and present, our origins and our futures. Put these contradictions to verse in this two part webinar.

Writing Poetry about Family Histories

Writing Short Stories with the Empathic Approach

Great fiction brings deeper understanding. Foster a greater sense of connection and supercharge your stories in this empathy-driven fiction class.

in their shoes fiction empathy writing course

Writing Spontaneously: How to Let Your Stories Surprise You

Some of the best stories don't follow a specific plot structure; they develop organically. Learn how to hone spontaneity in your fiction writing and come away surprised by your work.

spontaneous writing course

Writing the (Modern) Love Essay

With paz pardo.

How do you distill the complexity of (modern) love into language? Learn how in this workshop, where you'll transform your lived experience of romance into an essay. 

online handwriting classes near me

Writing the Absurd

If you turn on to the absurd in life—to the ironic, edgy, bizarre, and grotesque—this is the course for you. Learn the key techniques of writing absurdist fiction, dark fiction, and satire.

writing the absurd

Writing the Memoir-in-Essays

Learn how to tell your story through the memoir-in-essays, a form that allows writers to interweave the facts of their lives in interesting and evocative ways.

Writing the Memoir-in-Essays

Writing the Short Story

Writing with consistency and courage.

What makes a successful writer? It's not talent, craft, or even the right connections—it's consistency and courage.

writing with consistency and courage

Writing with Tarot

Jump-start your creative juices, and explore a world of divination, symbolism, and imagery right at your fingertips: learn short story and novel writing through Tarot.

online writing course using tarot

You Are Drinker and You Are Wine: Writing with the South Asian Sufis

Through the traditions of Sufi poetry, learn how to write poems that access the divine and stand the test of time.

Sufi poetry writing course

You Yourself Are the Beloved: Writing with South Asian Ghazals

The ghazal poem has a rich history with a tricky form to master. Learn the ropes in this inspiring and electrifying workshop.

ghazal poetry course

These online writing classes don't currently have a next session on our calendar, but will soon. If you see a course you're interested in, use the "I'm Interested" button to let us know, and we'll follow up with you when the course is on our calendar next.

About Our Online Writing Courses

We've been offering writing classes online since 1995 to all kinds of students. Whether you're completely new to the Internet (back then, everyone was) or more experienced learning online, our writing courses will be a great fit for you.

Online Course Platform

We offer our classes through an online course platform called Wet Ink. It's designed to be simple and usable for people without a technical background. You'll be sent instructions for joining your class in Wet Ink on the day it begins.

Weekly Assignments

Most classes are structured around weekly assignments: once each week, the teacher emails or posts a lecture to the list that includes a writing assignment, and the students complete the assignment and send it to the list. This means that the teacher and all students in the class see all completed assignments.

The instructor writes his or her feedback on the assignment and sends it back to the list, and students are encouraged to offer feedback on each others' work.

Additionally, some classes are set up as workshops, and are organized around feedback on student manuscripts.

There are no specific times that you must be online. This allows you to work on the class material at your convenience: it's the ideal way to take a class.

Class Discussion and Connection

The list also hosts class discussions about lessons, assignments, and writing in general. The more interaction among students, the more valuable and enjoyable the class. We offer guidelines to keep dialogue supportive and beneficial, and no negative or abusive behavior is allowed.

Writing can be a lonely pursuit, and it's often difficult for writers to make contact with each other. Part of our reason for being here is to change that. We encourage class members to develop ongoing correspondence in which they can share their work. Often a sense of community forms, and some groups have continued to work together long after the class is over.

With the odd "anonymous intimacy" of the Internet, it's easier to take chances in your writing, and to be honest and thoughtful in your criticism of others' writing. First-time students in our online writing courses are often surprised how much they learn, and how much they enjoy the experience.

If you have further questions, browse the Writers.com FAQ .

Our Online Writing Class Format in Detail

Most of our courses take place on an online learning platform called Wet Ink. We also offer some workshop-style courses through Zoom, which will be clearly marked in the course description. The details below are for our Wet Ink-based courses.

When you enroll in one of our online writing classes, we'll send an email confirming your participation. On the start date of the workshop, your instructor will send a welcome letter explaining how to access the Wet Ink classroom.

You'll access the entire course within Wet Ink, including:

  • Reading lectures
  • Starting or joining discussions
  • Submitting assignments each week
  • Commenting on other students’ work
  • Receiving direct weekly feedback on your work from the instructor

When the course wraps up, we’ll send you a questionnaire about your experience in the course.

You won't need to be online at a particular time or day. In general, you should plan to check in with the course at least a few times each week.

Thousands of our alumni have returned to study with us again, and some have been with us since the beginning in 1995. We hope you’ll become part of the Writers.com community, too.

Questions about our online writing courses, our community, or anything else? Email us at [email protected] , please!

What Sets Our Online Writing Courses Apart

At Writers.com, we have 25 years of experience offering the best writing classes online. Many elements set our courses apart:

  • Our instructors are gifted, experienced teachers who are writers themselves. They also care about their students and the progress they make. Any good "school" or workshop can teach you the craft of writing; we offer personal attention and inspiration as well.
  • Each instructor develops his or her own courses. Unlike other online writing schools, we have no prepared, prepackaged classes randomly taught by just anyone who has the time to teach it. You know exactly who your teacher will be before you ever register, and you'll receive feedback from that teacher on your writing.
  • We accept a maximum of 12 students per class in most classes. You will never be a face in the crowd in a Writers.com class.
  • We take your work seriously, but we also have fun. Some of our classes are rigorous and intense. If you want to be a professional writer, you need a tough, but supportive, environment. We have that. But we also offer other classes that are a chance to experiment, learn for the sheer joy of learning, explore new ideas, and discover new pathways.
  • Our classes fit into your daily life – no matter what time zone you are in.
  • If you are able to visit websites, you can participate fully in our classes. The course software is simple to learn and designed for learners of all kinds across the globe.
  • Writers.com is operated by a small, dedicated staff of human beings who genuinely want to help you meet your writing goals. Having a technical problem, or finding that a course isn't the right fit for you? Contact us and we'll work it out, person-to-person.

Join one of our writing courses, and experience the Writers.com difference for yourself!

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Creative Writing

One of the nation's most prestigious open-enrollment creative writing programs..

Creative Writing at UCLA Extension

Whether you're looking to improve your writing for personal fulfillment, want to be published, or are preparing to apply to an MFA program, the Writers' Program can help you achieve your goals. You will find a supportive community of instructors, academic counselors and fellow students to help you on your journey.

We offer a wide range of open-enrollment courses, all of which may be taken individually. A guide on where to get started is provided below.

We also offer a fully customizable 21-unit Certificate in Creative Writing  where you can develop professional creative writing skills in the genre of your choice.

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Creative Writing Certificate

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Develop your skills in the genre of your choice, including fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and more.

This customizable program culminates in a capstone project where you will make significant progress on a polished collection of work.

Taught by a prestigious roster of instructors who are published writers and active professionals, courses can be taken onsite, online, or a combination of both.

three smiling students at The Writers Studio

Annual Writers Studio

4-day in-person, intensive workshops in Creative Writing & Screenwriting.

Perfect for both aspiring and experienced writers looking for new inspiration.

August 1-4, 2024 Registration opens Monday, February 5

Writers' Program Consultations

overhead perspective of a writer using a latop

If you have a completed draft of a manuscript and need feedback for your work, you may consider a one-on-one consultation with a Writers’ Program instructor.

Consultations give you a full cover-to-cover read of your work, a written evaluation, and a follow-up conversation in person, via phone, or web chat.

Expect more from your education.

MFA, fiction writer, author of the story collection Once Removed (UGA Press) and winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction. 

Colette Sartor


Writers' Program Network of Writers (WP NOW)

Stay immersed in the Writers' Program community. Our optional membership program offers exclusive access to a range of discounts and benefits, including members-only networking, professional development opportunities, and course discounts. 

L earn More

My UCLA Extension coursework, teachers, and colleagues have shaped my writing life, fueled the creation of my novel, and provided continual inspiration.


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Learn how we can help your organization meet its professional development goals and corporate training needs.

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16 free and paid entrepreneurship courses aspiring founders can take online

Shot of an attractive young businesswoman standing and looking contemplative while holding a cup of coffee in her home office

With layoffs making the news in just about every sector, you might find yourself wondering if you should venture into self-employment. Lucky for you, experts agree even economic downturns provide plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship.

“It’s always a good time to be an entrepreneur,” says Angela Lee , a professor of entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School and faculty director of the school’s entrepreneurship center. But, the founder of investment network 37 Angels warns, “the bar is higher than before” for startup founders looking for funding thanks to growing competition and emerging technology. 

Yale School of Management Executive Education logo

Yale - Accelerated Management

Business owners today also have more resources than ever at their disposal, be it artificial intelligence or remote workers. “There’s lots of opportunities and lots of new ways to do things,” says Brandy Aven , an associate professor of entrepreneurship at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University

But even if you don’t ever want to start a company, having an entrepreneurial mindset can be incredibly valuable. “Entrepreneurial skills teach you how to be agile, they teach you how to be scrappy, they teach you how to make decisions with very limited information—all of which are useful skills in 2024 and beyond,” says Lee. Beyond this, learning like a founder exposes you to useful topics such as business finance, management, and building productive teams.

Online courses are a great way to develop the skill set and confidence of a business owner, and there’s an abundance of options for both self-disciplined learners and those that like more direction.

Below, we’ve compiled 16 free and paid entrepreneurship courses taught by top companies, institutions, and experts.

8 free entrepreneurship courses you can take online

If you’re just starting out or money is tight, consider taking one of these free introduction courses to get your feet wet and figure out where you want to take your entrepreneurial journey next.

1. The Elements of Entrepreneurial Success by Stanford  

Provided by Alison , a free learning platform, The Elements of Entrepreneurial Success pairs Stanford’s reputation with the fundamentals of starting a business. The course covers leadership and hiring, the five types of organizational culture, and managing risk and reward, and ends with a final assessment to lock those learnings in. You’ll also hear advice and stories from experts like Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki .

Length: 4–5 hours

Structure: Self-paced

2. Business Growth: Start-Ups, Investment and Negotiation by Stanford

Business Growth: Start-Ups, Investment and Negotiation differs from Stanford’s other course on Alison in that it focuses on finding meaning as a business owner, as well as for your employees. It’s also mostly targeted at founders interested in partnering with VCs and covers negotiation tactics, product development techniques, and how to go about finding angel investors.

3. Starting a Business by MOBI

My Own Business Institute (MOBI) is a partnership between entrepreneurs Phil and Peggy Holland and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University to offer free online education to aspiring business owners. Its course Starting a Business aims to provide all the basics of entrepreneurship—licenses and permits, financing, and expansion—and focuses especially on the importance of writing a business plan.

Length: 15 sessions/1–4 hours per session

4. Launch Your Online Business by SUNY

Offered by The State University of New York (SUNY), one of the largest higher education institutions in the country, Launch Your Online Business is built for budding entrepreneurs in the ecommerce or web space. Its curriculum includes coming up with a unique product, creating a pitch deck, defining key performance indicators (KPIs) for success, and keeping up marketing and sales after you’ve launched, and ties in learnings from real business owners. You can purchase the certificate course for $49.

Length: 4 modules/14 hours

5. Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities by the University System of Maryland

Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities is based on The Opportunity Analysis Canvas, created by faculty and director of entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland James Green. The idea pairs together psychology, sociology, and business principles to teach students how to think like an entrepreneur or innovator. You can upgrade to a certification for a small fee.

Length: 4 modules/2–3 hours per week for 4 weeks

6. Grow Your Business with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women

Grow Your Business with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women is one of 10 courses Goldman Sachs offers aspiring female entrepreneurs for free online. This specific topic covers business growth plans, which can help guide your product’s growth and development, but other classes include the fundamentals of funding, competition, and business finance.

Length: 4 hours

7. The Entrepreneurial Mindset by Babson

Backed by legacy institution Babson College, The Entrepreneurial Mindset dives into the school’s Entrepreneurial Thought & Action method and how it applies to real-world business scenarios and problems. You can upgrade to the certification for $189.

Length: 4–6 hours per week for 6 weeks

8. Side Hustle “From Zero to 100” by City, University of London

Udemy’s Side Hustle “From Zero to 100” is in partnership with the City, University of London’s entrepreneurial arm CityVentures. Side hustles are how some of the most successful entrepreneurs got their start, and this course is a great primer in growing a social media following, networking, and knowing when to go off on your own full time, as it’s taught by real-life business owners who’ve done these things successfully. Upon completion, graduates will receive an official certificate from the institution.

Length: 13 lectures/1 hour and 58 minutes

8 paid entrepreneurship courses you can take online

With a paid online course or certification, you can take your entrepreneurship education deeper through hands-on experience and mentorship, with the backing of a major organization.

1. Entrepreneurship Essentials by Harvard

Backed by Harvard Business School Online, Entrepreneurship Essentials is a great place to start if you have no entrepreneurial experience. It’ll take you through market research and coming up with a business idea, weighing the pros and cons of self-employment, and how to make key financial decisions, all while touching on the MBA program’s popular framework: People, Opportunity, Context, Deal.

Cost: $1,750

Length: 4 modules/6–8 hours per week for 4 weeks

2. Entrepreneurship Specialization by Wharton  

With Wharton’s Entrepreneurship Specialization , you’ll learn how to spot opportunities in your industry, the art of pivoting and scaling, and financial modeling. Your journey will end with a capstone project of creating a pitch deck. If your capstone receives top marks, you may be introduced to investors in Wharton Entrepreneurship’s network.

Cost: $79 a month

Length: 5 courses/2–3 hours per week for 20 weeks

3. Developing New Business Ventures (Online): From Ideation to Successful Launch by Columbia Business School

Columbia’s Business School’s New Business Ventures online education program is for entrepreneurs with a business idea who aren’t sure how to proceed. It’ll teach you how to frame your idea for customers and investors, save on costs associated with development, define metrics for success, and build the right team to support your needs.

Cost: $2,450

Length: 4 live modules and 4 self-paced/2–4 hours per week for 8 weeks

Structure: Hybrid, next course starts April 8, 2024

4. Key Technologies for Business Specialization by IBM

IBM’s Key Technologies for Business Specialization prepares business owners for understanding and being able to work with three of today’s most powerful technologies and trends: cloud computing, AI, and data science. Within each topic, the course covers their definitions, popular models and tools, and business cases and applications.

Cost: $49 a month after a 7-day free trial

Length: 3 courses/10 hours a week for 1 month

5. Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing by Google

How you market your product or service to customers is crucial for success, and Google’s Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing is one of the best courses for picking up such a skill. You’ll learn from the leading search engine topics such as SEO best practices for ranking high in shopping searches and using ads to drive leads, as well as how to create a customer persona.

Length: 4 modules/21 hours

6. Building Your Freelancing Career Specialization by CalArts

Freelancers are also often business owners, and this Building Your Freelance Career Specialization by the California Institute of the Arts aims to teach aspiring contractors everything they need to know to work for themselves: setting goals, creating a business budget, building a portfolio and personal brand, and navigating issues such as taxes or intellectual property.

Length: 5 courses/10 hours a week for 1 month

7. Self-Made Entrepreneurship with Sara Blakely by MasterClass  

Sara Blakely, the founder of successful intimates brand Spanx, teaches self-made entrepreneurship by using her story as proof you can bootstrap yourself to success without an MBA or previous experience. In this course, she’ll touch on defining your purpose, branding and marketing techniques, and other tools that helped her achieve billionaire status.

Cost: Starts at $10 a month

Length: 14 lessons/3 hours and 30 minutes

8. Designing a Business by IDEO University

Designing a Business is run by IDEO, an award-winning global design company, and covers its unique human-centric, design-thinking approach to prototyping, marketing, testing, and business strategy—and is back by real entrepreneur stories.

Length: 4 hours a week for 5 weeks

Structure: Live

5 tips before diving into entrepreneurship  

Entrepreneurship can be highly rewarding (and lucrative) if you have a smart business idea paired with the determination and skills to make it happen. But it also has its risks and downsides. Aven and Lee shared their best tips for entrepreneurs just starting out or professionals curious about going off on their own:

Focus on solving a problem: “People who make good entrepreneurs are people who fiercely want to solve a problem, which is very different from somebody who fiercely wants to start a company,” says Lee. When your primary goal is to help others or solve a common or persistent need, the rest—sales, growth, prestige—more easily follow.

Make sure the lifestyle suits you: Entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out, work unstructured and often long days, and many don’t see income for months or years. Lee suggests taking the time to think through this new work schedule and financial hurdle—and running it by your family for support. “It’s really hard work, lots of risks certainly in the beginning,” she says. “I think that’s important to know.”

Become data-driven: Data underpins everything an entrepreneur does—it’s how they know what kind of product to make, whom to serve, and how to attract an audience. “We’re looking for people who are able to run small experiments, very quickly fail, and then say, ‘Okay, well I’m going to go in this direction because that’s what the market’s telling me to do,’” says Lee. 

Read and listen voraciously: Beyond courses, expert advice can be found anywhere, from books to podcasts. A couple recommendations from Lee include The Lean Startup , Talking to Humans , and Traction .

Ask for help (and be open to feedback): Entrepreneurship isn’t a solo journey, and founders should regularly ask for help when they need it, from the right people—experts with a similar manner, skill set, or business. “That person is going to speak a language and have a similar perspective to help…direct you in the right position,” Aven says, adding that the most resilient founders don’t let advice or harsh feedback deflate them, but rather motivate them. Bringing on a cofounder or two, she adds, can help supplement skills or areas where you’re weaker or less confident.


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