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Anglais endeavours to impart training and knowledge that is completely need based. With its team of experienced professionals, Anglais aims at providing utility education to its clients.

présentation oral anglais 3ème

In our learner - centred classroom, we create memories to cherish and benefit from , for a lifetime. The lessons imparted broadens a student’s perspective towards life.

présentation oral anglais 3ème

Generous and meticulous guidance is provided to our students by our counsellors and trainers who completely understands the needs of the students.

présentation oral anglais 3ème

We are ardent believers in spreading happiness. Our endeavour is to bring joy to all the people associated with us by our behaviour and attitude.

Our philosophy

We work to make our students self-reliant, when it comes to communication.

We train and prepare individuals to courageously take life in their stride., we believe in integrity and relentlessly pursue excellence in all the services..

Dedicated, positive and enthusiaistic entity.

Rajni Bhasin

Founder director.

Rajni Bhasin laid the foundation of Anglais ,with the intention to cater to people who are looking forward to chiselling and grooming their personalities in order to make themselves more presentable in society or in the workplace. With an insatiable quest to explore newer horizons ,Rajni Bhasin is yet to embark upon more challenging ventures that comes her way .


Aditi Sindhwani

Corporate trainer and researcher.

Aditi Sindhwani is a TESOL certified language counselor and corporate trainer with 10 years of experience in offering English and soft skills training . She has joined hands with Anglais with the sole purpose of sharing her knowledge and experience with those who are seeking to spruce up their overall personalities.



Student relationship manager.



Workshops and seminars for students and professionals to learn new aspects and perspectives as well as inhouse celebrations for rejuvenation of mind and spirit.



présentation oral anglais 3ème

We Have An Excellent Story

Watch our video.


Frameworks to provide a robust synopsis.


Language training as a profession involves challenges, growth, joy and fulfillment to trainers who enjoy their job.


Soft skills, are those set of skills which an individual needs to possess, to become a successful professional.


A faculty is the lifeblood of an educational institution. They are solely responsible for delivering knowledge


Such a program is intended for educators and teachers to optimize and professionalize their current method


Entrepreneurship is an exciting and challenging field/task which involves/risk taking the essential skills needed


Career Counselling is a nomenclature used to denote a process that helps an individual gain a better understanding


We provide expert guidance & training to help candidates planning to appear for IELTS


Corporate Training

Our corporate training is carefully structured to help executives keep ahead of rapidly evolving business environments.


Workshop For College Students

College students pursuing graduation are in a phase of life , where they may consider looking for a job


Workshop For School Students

School students pursuing graduation are in a phase of life , where they may consider looking for a job


I enrolled myself for Personality Development classes at Anglais. It was an amazing experience full of learnings. The one on one classes with the mentors were really very helpful as they worked on the root issues that I was facing. Mentors are also very friendly and open to feedbacks. They sincerely work on your personality to make it better and guide you in the right direction.


Preeti Sharma

Executive Manager

I did my IELTS coaching from Anglais and my experience was amazing. I got to learn new vocabulary and write creatively. The Speaking classes were very effective in confidence building. The team was very cooperative and always available for listening to my doubts and clearing them. The guidance provided by them was beneficial in achieving the desired scores.


I am currently taking Language Skills Development classes at Anglais. I am a student of 7th standard and enrolled here to get a better understanding of the language. There were issues I was facing in grammar and tenses as well as in composition. My mentor understood my problem areas and rigorously worked on me to improve my skills.


Anuj Nagpal

I am presently taking Language Skills development classes at Anglais on a one-on-one basis. There is an urgent need to improve my understanding of the English language for my future career pursuits. My kind of a situation demands exclusive attention of the mentor which is exactly what I get here and am completely satisfied by the training and guidance.


Anglais is not an institute, it’s a family. They always support us like guardians. Presently I am taking IELTS training here and am content with the intensive practise sessions and feedback classes that follow. The guidelines provided in each class are really very helpful. The mentors are available for guidance whenever we ask for it, even beyond class hours.


Nitin Singh Negi

I am currently pursuing IELTS training at Anglais and quite satisfied by the attention and support that the mentors provide to every student. They treat each student with individual attention so that none is left with any unresolved problem. The frequent and rigorous practise sessions help us in getting used to answering the tests within the stipulated time frame.


A Platform To Create A Robust Personality

Anglais School of Skills Development is not just about trainings and workshops; its beyond that. We believe in creating impressive personalities and guiding our students towards a bright future. Our endeavour is to create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Our Address

Aggarwal Prestige Mall, 5th Floor-512, Rd. Number 44, Rani Bagh, Pitam Pura, Delhi-110034

+91 9319 828 287

[email protected]


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présentation oral anglais 3ème

Anglais • Verbes Irréguliers

présentation oral anglais 3ème

Présentation - Verbes Irréguliers en Anglais

A. Lagarde Fouquet présente Ed Charton et son oeuvre


En anglais et en italien, édouard charton, born- may 11, 1807 in sens (bourgogne), france. died- february 27, 1890 in versailles, france.

A lawyer by profession, Edouard Charton was the founder and editor-in-chief of the “Magasin pittoresque” from 1833 to 1888, as well as director of publication for Hachette for thirty years (1860-1890) (Le Tour du Monde and La Bibliothèque des Merveilles).

Deputy and senator for many years, his convictions illustrate 19th century thought:

Faith in progress and the emancipation of people through education

Respect for human dignity and constant fight for the dissemination of knowledge.

Political action in favour of his liberal and republican ideas

In 1831, Édouard Charton is 24 years old. He received his law degree at the age of 20 but hadn’t yet practiced. During this transitional period, he continued to lead the life of a student while gathering experience.

He reaffirmed the moral values acquired in his family and found in selected works of known as the Unknown Philosopher, Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin. He gathered experience in philanthropy, he discovered the problems involved in the social condition of man, he tested solutions, and he worked for good causes.

His affiliation to Saint-Simonism revealed his talents as a speaker, turning him into a travelling preacher for the cause, and leading in the end to great disappointment.

He established durable and useful friendships with men who shared common ideals.

In 1833 his chance comes 'to fight ignorance' with the foundation of the new publication 'Le Magasin pittoresque'. He remains director of the successful publication until 1888. For more than fifty years, always pursuing the same aims, he collected and wrote texts, selected engravings, supervised the printing and the diffusion of this 'encyclopaedia out of order'.

Applying the same methods with the same rigour and constancy, he chose the best collaborators to propagate practical knowledge while stimulating curiosity and forming artistic tastes.

In 1860, his collaboration with Hachette was of great importance. It gave him the opportunity to reach new readers with the Tour du Monde (travel and exploration review) and the Bibliothèque des Merveilles (scientific knowledge).

L'Illustration, a famous French illustrated review, was created in 1843 on his initiative.

Based on the conviction that man could improve and progress through the acquisition of knowledge, Charton busied himself diffusing 'practical knowledge' to the greatest number.

He used his great writing talent only to inform and moralise.

After the Revolution of 1848, his friend Hyppolite Carnot, minister of public instruction and religion in the French provisional government recruited Charton as Secretary general of the ministry. It was the beginning of his political career.

Although an Opponent of the Second Empire of Napoleon III in 1851, he adapted to the circumstances, without ever denying his Republican convictions

He promoted public reading with the creation of popular libraries.

He took part in the creation of a Museum of Anthropology.

He showed throughout his life a constancy and a consistency of behaviour which his friends and two generations of collaborators testified to.

Overcoming his "anxious" character, he was a man of action.

Faithful in friendship, he maintained relations with those who shared his belief in the moral progress of man, whereby the progress of each individual led to the progress of humanity as a whole.

Believing in God and the immortality of the soul, Charton’s morality was his religion on Earth.

His travels were edifying, but also distracted him from his disappointments (break with Saint-Simonism, failure of the Second Republic in 1848.)

In the National Assembly, he remained in the background despite his talents as a speaker. He only took the floor to speak concerning questions of education, fine arts, and the press, but also against the death penalty.

Inciting his colleagues to reach a consensus, he could also remain firm and intransigent when necessary.

During the Second Empire, he turned down the post of director of the Comédie française which would have necessitated swearing an oath to the emperor .

The Republic did not grant him what would have been the crowning glory of his life: political alliances prevented him from serving as head of administration, or as Minister of Fine arts, both opportunities to demonstrate his organisational talents.

Bettina Tergeist

Nato a Sens (Yonne) l’11 maggio 1807, morto a Versailles il 27 febbraio 1890 ;

Avvocato, iscritto al foro di Parigi nel 1827, non esercita questa professione per la quale sembra avere avuto un’autentica avversione e continua a collaborare, come al tempo dei suoi studi, ai bollettini di due società, la Société pour l’Instruction élémentaire e la Société de la Morale chrétienne ( la Società per l’istruzione elementare e la Società della Morale Cristiana). È all’interno di queste società finantropiche che capisce l’importanza dell’istruzione, scopre i problemi sociali e si forma delle idee che conserverà per tutta la vita. Si unisce ai sansimoniani nel 1829, e dopo un passaggio alla redazione del giornale Le Globe, diventato nel 1830 le Journal de la doctrine de Saint-Simon, sotto la direzione di Michel Chevalier, egli percorre la Bretagna e la Vendea per predicare le idee sansimoniane. Durante lo scisma de 1831 che vede l’uscita dei sansimoniani repubblicani, rompe con Prosper Enfantin come i suoi amici Hippolyte Carnot e Jean Reynaud.

Inizia nel 1833 con Le Magasin pittoresque, settimanale illustrato lanciato dal tipografo sansimoniano Lachevardière sul modello del Penny Magazine inglese, une fruttuosa carriera di direttore di pubblicazioni. Infaticabile direttore di questa prima rivista popolare illustrata fino al 1888, egli riuscì a mobilitare per la causa dell’istruzione e del ‘divertimento utile’ non soltanto i suoi amici sansimoniani ma anche scienziati e scrittori noti. Per più di cinquant’anni gli articoli non sono firmati, ma si sa per esempio che George Sand vi ha saltuariamente contribuito o che Camille Flammarion vi ha fatto le sue prime esperienze di volgarizzatore nel 1864, all’età di 22 anni.

Persuaso che l’illustrazione sia indispensabile per la comprensione e per il piacere egli è all’origine del rinnovamento dell’incisione su legno in Francia e ha favorito gli inizi della carriera di numerosi illustratori di fama. Édouard Charton è all’origine nel 1843 con Joanne, Paulin e Dubochet del lancio de l’Illustration, altro settimanale di successo, di cui lascia rapidamente la direzione.

Alla caduta di Luigi Filippo nel febbraio del 1848 è chiamato al segretariato generale del Ministero dell’Istruzione pubblica dal suo amico Hippolyte Carnot, ministro del governo provvisorio. Deputato dell’Yonne poi Consigliere di Stato, egli protesta contro il colpo di Stato del 2 dicembre 1851 prima di dimettersi dalle sue funzioni. Il suo atteggiamento in occasione di questi avvenimenti è riportato da Victor Hugo nell’ Histoire d’un crime. Sotto il Secondo Impero, Charton si presenta senza successo come candidato dell’opposizione democratica a Sens, nel 1857 e nel 1863.

Dopo aver pubblicato (1853 à 1855) i quattro volumi de l’Histoire des voyageurs anciens et modernes, si interessa ai racconti dei viaggiatori contemporanei e lancia la rivista Le Tour du Monde che segna i suoi inizi in Hachette. Questa rivista di successo è seguita dal lancio nel 1864 di la Bibliothèque des Merveilles, collezione di operette di volgarizzazione. Anche qui Charton sa convincere per assicurarsi la collaborazione dei migliori specialisti (‘uomini speciali’). Nel 1862 pubblica con Bordier una Histoire de la France illustrée, salutata in termini elogiativi per la scelta delle sue illustrazioni nel bollettino della biblioteca dell’École des Chartes.

La caduta dell’Impero segna il suo ritorno alla politica. Il 6 settembre 1870 è nominato prefetto della Seine-et-Oise dal governo di difesa nazionale. Eletto repubblicano dell’Yonne nel febbraio 1871, siede all’Assemblea nazionale. A partire dal 1876, rappresenta senza interruzione, fino alla sua morte nel 1890, il suo dipartimento di origine al Senato. I suoi interventi nelle assemblee sono tutti contraddistinti dallo scrupolo di promozione del popolo attraverso l’educazione e l’istruzione.

Egli sottolinea l’importanza dell’insegnamento artistico e difende l’idea di una politica culturale. Partecipa alla creazione del museo di etnografia del Trocadéro, antico museo dell’uomo. Stabilitosi a Versailles nel 1863, vi fonda una biblioteca popolare nel 1864.

Membro corrispondente dell’Institut de France dal 1867, è eletto nel 1876 all’Académie des Sciences morales et politiques al posto lasciato vacante per la morte di Casimir-Périer.

La città di Sens ha dato, lui ancora in vita nel 1888, il suo nome alla via dove si trova la sua casa natale. I suoi concittadini di Versailles lo hanno onorato dando il suo nome a una via della città e dedicandogli un busto nell’atrio del municipio.

Silvia Berardi-Maddalena

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