3 Minute Speech on Friendship


Good Morning to one and all present here. I am going to present a speech about friendship. Friendship is one of the treasures that anyone can possess. God gave us the right to choose friends because they will be with us forever. Our parents and siblings are loving us as they are our own blood. But a friend is someone, who is initially a stranger. Then they take their place in our life above all the other relations. Friendship is nothing but true and pure love without expectations in return.

Speech on Friendship

Role of a Friend

True friends always support each other even during the hardest of times. A true friend is one who feels happy for our success, on the other hand, who feel gloomy for our failures. A true friend may criticize also so that we may come out of our weakness.

He may scold us if we do a mistake and guide the right path. That’s why it is being said that true friend is more precious than any gem in our life. Love from your friend will always be unconditional. They may expect nothing from us but shower their love always.

Friendship – A Divine Relationship

Friendship is a divine relationship, which is beyond the definition of blood relations. It is the only relation that is truly priceless. We may acquire all kinds of pleasures by putting our efforts. But even then life may remain dull, without having someone to share our life with some true friends.

It’s natural that human being always tends to find emotional support and social life. In spite of having everything in life, we may remain in a vacuum. It happens only when we have no such good friend to share our small and small happiness in life. Friends are always there to listen to us unconditionally.

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There is no Second Chance for True Friendship

Friendship will provide us with thousands of fun moments in life which we may memorize in our old age. But side by side, with times this relation may have moments of crisis. A misunderstanding may crop in and this amazing relation may start weakening.

Always be the first one to save the friendship. God forbid, if due to some unfavorable reason distance ever arises within this relation, we must not let our friend go. Hold his or her hand and apologize for any mistake done. There is nothing more pathetic in anyone’s life than losing a true friend.

Friendship is a relationship that is like a newborn baby. Friendship is always pure and like a bundle of joy which only needs more and more nourishment to grow. Never ignore true friends or take them for granted. We may come across various people at different phases of our life. Many may pretend to be our friends but never go by outward glitter.

At last, I wish to say that a good friendship is very difficult to come across. Therefore, we should appreciate this divine relationship having a base on understanding and feelings. We just need friends to live happily. Lasting friendship is a blessing for everyone.

We don`t need to pretend to be someone else when we spend time with our friends. They give us total freedom to be who we are in reality. We should always be grateful to people who make us happy. A true friend is one of the most precious possessions in anyone’s life.


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Purposive Communication Quiz - Questions & Answers


Are you ready for some quiz questions relating to effective communication? This purposive communication quiz has been designed to help you understand the importance of purposive communication and test your knowledge at the same time. Purposive communication is the ability to present, write, and speak in a variety of effective ways to a diverse audience of backgrounds and cultures. When presenting. Remember to share the quiz with all your friends so they, too, can learn about purposive communication!

These are graphic representations of the proposed elements included in the communication process, which shows the relationship between elements.

Communication Models

Communication Symbols

Communication Types 

Communication Charts

Rate this question:

Maria has a presentation on Monday. She should organize the information by

Knowing the purpose of the presentation, the audience, and gathering information

Avoiding clutter, using large font sizes, and avoiding too much text

Listing the main points, having only one main idea per slide, present ideas in chronological order

Using only one design and color scheme

Mr. Alvarez adjusts his message according to his audience and the occasion to achieve a particular effect. In what model he based his speech?



Eugene White’s  

D. Aristotle’s

Dark text: ______ :: White text: Dark Background                 a.           b.          c.           d.

Dark text   

Light background 

White background

Textbooks, digital resources, internet: Resources :: Text, graphics, animation:_________

Special features of computer-based presentations



None of the above

What happens to communication when the sender and the receiver apply different meanings to the same message?

There will be no communication. 

The communication may succeed or fail.

There will be a misunderstanding that leads to break-ups.

The communication might not exist.

A model of communication, which is also called a “telephone model.”




Eugene White’s

According to Eugene White, what is the most important concept of his model?

The message delivered

The sender 

The feedback  

All of the above

 In which communication method must there be a common field of experience between the sender and the receiver so they would understand each other?



Eugene White’s 


This type of public speaking is done to highlight important and voluminous information that cannot be solely delivered by memory. This is also done if the speaker is not around and has only been represented by another person.

On-the-spot speech   

Read speech    


Extemporaneous speech

The real meaning of the message exists within the mind of the speaker. Only then the listener tries to get the message as accurately as possible. What principle of communication is?

Communication is powerful.

Communication is irreversible.

Communication is an interpretative act.

Communication is contextual.

This type of public speaking requires the two opposite sides to solve a problem through arguments and arrive at a consensus.




Impromptu speaking

If the channel is the means by which the communication is delivered, what is the function of the medium?

It amplifies the communication.

It clarifies the communication.

It refines the message.

It replicates the message.

You are thinking about a lot of problems, and you cannot even talk well to your friends. What type of noise is observed?



You have headaches while listening to your teacher. What type of noise is apparent?





The speaker relies only on his or her memory to deliver his/her speech.


Memorized speech

Which of the following does not belong to the group?

Memorized speech  

Read speech 

Smart talking  

The communication on which the communicator wants his/her receivers to pay attention to and understand, but not to change their behavior.

Informative Communication 

Persuasive Communication

Argumentative communication

Which of the following does not belong in the group?



The author of Rhetoric who discussed the three primary forms of proof.



The power of words, once spoken or written, can never be taken back. What principle of communication is observed?

The one who delivers the message in the process of communication is the _____________.


. noise        


This refers to the receptive channel of communication which is realized by the sense of hearing.



Kris encountered signal interruption while talking to Cassie on the phone. What means does the message pass through?



Feb easily responded to the message sent by Rose on Facebook. The message in response to Rose’s message is called




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