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Physics Calculator

Physics is an interesting branch of science and has got huge applications in our day to day lives. However, it can be troublesome to few people due to its huge collection of mathematical formulas. Don’t Fret as we have got you covered with a comprehensive list of physics calculators from basic to the most advanced level of topics. Need any guidance in your homework you can always visit us.

Online Physics Calculators List

Solve different types of physics problems in no time using the list of physics calculators available. Just enter the concept you wish to prepare and you will find the physics problem solver with solution under the respective headings. Use our best physics calculators for free and have an enjoyable learning experience in physics.

  • Physics Formulas
  • Accleration Calculator
  • Accleration due to Gravity Calculator
  • Density Calculator
  • Friction Calculator
  • Gravity Calculator
  • Specific Gravity Calculator
  • Gravitational Potential Energy Calculator
  • Kinetic Energy Calculator
  • Momentum Calculator
  • Force Calculator
  • Displacement Calculator S=VT
  • Mass to Energy Calculator
  • Angular Speed Calculator
  • Absolute Pressure Calculator
  • Current Density Calculator
  • Momentum With Velocity Calculator
  • Momentum With Time Calculator
  • Half Life Calculator
  • Centripetal Acceleration Calculator
  • Vertical Velocity Calculator
  • Inductive Reactance Calculator
  • Torque Calculator
  • Velocity Calculator
  • Water Pressure Calculator
  • Wavelength Calculator
  • Youngs Modulus Calculator
  • Uniformly Accelerated Motion Calculator
  • Velocity Calculator (v = √(u² + 2as))
  • Velocity Calculator v = u + at
  • Average Velocity Calculator
  • Displacement Calculator
  • Static Friction Calculator
  • Power with Displacement Calculator
  • Impact Force Calculator
  • Sound Wavelength Calculator
  • AC To DC Calculator
  • Average Speed Calculator
  • Centripetal Force Calculator
  • Acceleration of particle in electric field Calculator
  • Projectile motion for Vertical Displacement Calculator
  • Projectile motion for Horizontal Displacement Calculator
  • Atomic Mass Calculator
  • Parallel Plate Capacitor Calculator
  • Power Calculator
  • Standard Form of a Number with Calculations

Classical Mechanics Calculator ⚙️

  • Belt Length Calculator
  • Normal Force Calculator
  • Projectile Motion Calculator
  • Free Fall Calculator
  • Rocket Equation Calculator
  • Acceleration Calculator
  • Car Center of Mass Calculator
  • Car Crash Calculator
  • Conservation of Momentum Calculator
  • Elastic Potential Energy Calculator
  • Factor of Safety Calculator
  • Free Fall with Air Resistance Calculator
  • Gear Ratio Calculator
  • Gravitational Force Calculator
  • Hooke's Law Calculator
  • Horizontal Projectile Motion Calculator
  • Impulse and Momentum Calculator
  • Inclined Plane Calculator
  • Maximum Height Calculator - Projectile Motion
  • Mechanical Advantage Calculator
  • Newton's Second Law Calculator
  • Potential Energy Calculator
  • Power to Weight Ratio Calculator
  • Pressure Calculator
  • Projectile Range Calculator
  • Pulley Calculator
  • Quarter Mile Calculator
  • Reduced Mass Calculator
  • SUVAT Calculator
  • Tension Calculator
  • Time of Flight Calculator - Projectile Motion
  • Trajectory Calculator
  • Work Calculator
  • Work and Pressure Calculator

Rotational and Periodic Motion Calculator 🌎

  • Simple Pendulum Calculator
  • Simple Harmonic Motion Calculator
  • Angular Acceleration Calculator
  • Centrifugal Force Calculator
  • Mass Moment of Inertia Calculator
  • Angular Velocity Calculator
  • Physical Pendulum Calculator
  • Rotational Kinetic Energy Calculator
  • Speeds and Feeds Calculator

Waves Calculator 🔊

  • dB Calculator
  • Speed of Sound Calculator
  • Doppler Effect Calculator
  • Diffraction Grating Calculator
  • Dipole Calculator
  • Distance Attenuation Calculator
  • Harmonic Wave Equation Calculator
  • Lumen Calculator (Lumen to Lux to Candela)
  • Reverberation Time Calculator

Optics Calculators 🔍

  • Snell's Law Calculator
  • Lens Maker Equation Calculator
  • Index of Refraction Calculator
  • Thin Lens Equation Calculator
  • Angular Resolution Calculator
  • Aperture Area Calculator
  • Binoculars Range Calculator
  • Bragg's Law Calculators
  • Brewster's Angle Calculator
  • Malus Law Calculator
  • Telescopic Magnification Calculator
  • Wien's Law Calculator

Fluid Mechanics Calculators 💧

  • Buoyancy Calculator
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator
  • Bernoulli Equation Calculator
  • Drag Equation Calculator
  • Stoke's Law Calculator
  • Fan Calculator
  • Flow Rate Calculator
  • Hydraulic Jump Calculator
  • Hydraulic Pressure Calculator
  • Hydraulic Radius Calculator
  • Knudsen Number Calculator
  • manometer Calculator
  • Pipe Flow Calculator
  • Poiseuille's Law Calculator
  • Reynolds Number Calculator
  • Water Density Calculator

Atmospheric Thermodynamics Calculator ☁️

  • Air Density Calculator
  • Air Pressure at Altitude Calculator
  • Heat Index Calculator
  • Dew Point Calculator
  • Lighting Distance Calculator
  • Cloud Base Calculator
  • Wet Bulb Calculator

Thermodynamics Calculators 🌡️

  • Combined Gas Law Calculator
  • Thermal Expansion Calculator
  • Van Dar Waals Equation Calculator
  • Specific Heat Calculator
  • Latent Heat Calculator
  • Carnot Efficiency Calculator
  • Ideal Gas Law Calculator
  • Particles Velocity Calculator
  • Biot Number Calculator
  • Boltzmann Factor Calculator
  • Boyle's Law Calculator
  • Charles' Law Calculator
  • Curie's Law Calculator
  • Efficiency Calculator
  • Electrical Mobility Calculator
  • Enthalpy Calculator
  • Gay-Lussac's Law Calculator
  • Joule Heating Calculator
  • Newton's Law of Cooling Calculator
  • Mean Free Path Calculator
  • Thermal Conductivity Calculator

Electromagnetism Calculators 🧲

  • Coulomb's Law Calculator
  • Lorentz Force Calculator
  • Ohm's Law Calculator
  • Parallel Resistor Calculator
  • Capacity Calculator
  • Acceleration in the Electric Field Calculator
  • Capacitance Calculator
  • Capacitor Energy Calculator
  • Capacitors in Series Calculator
  • Crossover Calculator
  • Cyclotron Frequency Calculator
  • Drift Velocity Calculator
  • Electric Field Calculator
  • Electric Power Calculator
  • Electromagnetic Force on Current-Carrying Wire
  • Energy Density of Fields Calculator
  • Faraday's Law Calculator
  • Hall Coefficient Calculator
  • Ideal Transformer Calculator
  • Inductor Energy Storage Calculator
  • LED Resistor Calculator
  • Inductor Energy Calculator
  • Magnetic Field of Straight Current-Carrying Wire
  • Magnetic Force Between Current-Carrying Wires Calculator
  • Magnetic Permeability Calculator
  • Number Density Calculator
  • Parallel Capacitance Calculator
  • Photon Detection Efficiency Calculator (SiPM)
  • Power Factor Calculator
  • RC Circuit Calculator
  • RLC Circuit Calculator
  • Resistor Color Code Calculator
  • Resonant Frequency Calculators
  • Series Resistor Calculator
  • Shockley Diode Calculator
  • Solenoid Inductance Calculator
  • Solenoid Magnetic Field Calculator
  • Spherical Capacitor Calculator
  • Voltage Divider Calculator
  • Voltage-Drop Calculator
  • Watt Calculator
  • Watts to Amps Calculator
  • Wire Gauge Calculator
  • Wire Resistance Calculator

Quantum Mechanics Calculators ⚛️

  • Rydberg Equation Calculator
  • Hydrogen Energy Levels Calculator
  • Photoelectric Effect Calculator
  • De Broglie Wavelength Calculator
  • Stefan Boltzmann Law Calculator
  • Bohr Model Calculator
  • Compton Scattering Calculator
  • Compton Wavelength Calculator
  • Curie Constant Calculator
  • Fermi Level Calculator
  • Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Calculator
  • Magnetic moment Calculator
  • Photon Energy Calculator

Relativity Calculators 🚀

  • Specific Travel Calculator
  • E=mc2 Calculator
  • Relativistic Kinetic Energy Calculator
  • Velocity Addition Calculator
  • Time Dilation Calculator
  • Length Contraction Calculator

Astrophysics Calculators 🌌

  • Escape Velocity Calculator
  • Orbital Velocity Calculator
  • Luminosity Calculator
  • Black Hole Temperature Calculator
  • Redshift Calculator
  • Alien Civilization Calculator
  • Black Hole Collision Calculator
  • Exoplanet Discovery Calculator
  • Hubble Law Distance Calculator
  • Kepler's Third Law Calculator
  • Orbital Period Calculator
  • Radiation Pressure Calculator
  • Schwarzschild Radius Calculator

Unit Conversion Calculator ⚙️

  • Angle Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Energy Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Volume Unit Calculator
  • Power Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Distance Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Area Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Pressure Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Speed Unit Conversion Calculatorr
  • Temperature Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Torque Unit Conversion Calculatorr
  • Time Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Force Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Mass Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Acceleration Unit Calculator
  • Capacitance Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Density Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Electric Charge Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Force / Length Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Illuminance Unit Conversion Calculatorr
  • Mass Flow Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Viscosity Unit Conversion Calculator

Other Physics Calculators

  • Weight on Other Planets Calculator
  • Stopping Distance Calculator
  • Earth Curvature Calculator
  • Arrow Speed Calculator
  • Sled Ride Calculator
  • Universe Expansion Calculator

FAQs on Physics Problem Solver

1. What is the Best Website for Physics Problems?

Physicscalc.Com is a trusted portal that has a comprehensive collection of topics in physics ranging from the basic ones to the most advanced ones and solves all your problems in a fraction of seconds.

2. How to Solve Physics Problems Faster?

The Only key to solve physics problems faster is to practice regularly. Try to learn shortcuts so that it would be easy for you to solve difficult concepts too easily.

3. Is there any website which can answer questions related to Physics?

Physicscalc.Com is a website that answers all your questions related to physics instantaneously and is a great resource for studying Physics.

Physics Calculator

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Collection of Solved Problems in Physics

Welcome in collection of solved problems in physics.

This collection of Solved Problems in Physics is developed by Department of Physics Education , Faculty of Mathematics and Physics , Charles University in Prague since 2006.

We are looking for authors of tasks in English or other languages. The database interface is prepared to be run in any language. If you are interested please contact administrator at sbirka@kdf.mff.cuni.cz .

The Collection contains tasks at various level in mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and optics. The tasks mostly do not contain the calculus (derivations and integrals), on the other hand they are not simple such as the use just one formula. Tasks have very detailed solution descriptions. Try to solve the task or at least some of its parts independently. You can use hints and task analysis (solution strategy).

Level and category of the task is indicated by an icon in the right upper corner.

Tasks in English are translated from the Czech part of the Collection.The development of the Colection interface as well as translations of tasks was supported by projects FRVŠ (759 F6d/2008, 788 F6d/2010, FRVŠ 888 F6d/2011) a by IRP.

In case of problems or ideas how to improve the Collection please contact administrator .


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  6. How to Be a Better Physics Problem Solver: Tips for High School and

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    PhyWiz solves your physics homework for you. Get step by step solutions for questions in over 30 physics topics like Kinematics, Forces, Gravity

  6. What is the best website for physics problems?

    Studdit is a reliable website with a wide range of physics topics, from basic to advanced. It can solve all your problems in just seconds.

  7. Physics Calculator

    Physicscalc.Com is a trusted portal that has a comprehensive collection of topics in physics ranging from the basic ones to the most advanced ones and solves

  8. Physics AI Homework Solver

    Whether you're a high school or college student, Smodin physics solver can help you tackle even the most challenging physics problems. With Smodin, you can

  9. Collection of Solved Problems in Physics

    The Collection contains tasks at various level in mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and optics. The tasks mostly do not contain the calculus (

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    But these approaches are not universal, and will not allow you to solve every problem you encounter. An expert is able to apply the physics concepts she knows

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