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Home » Blog » 7 Top Technical Writing Certifications in 2023

7 Top Technical Writing Certifications in 2023

technical content writer certification


The technical writing job can go from somewhat hard to extremely difficult, depending on the industry you’re working in. Industries like SaaS, fintech and healthcare require top-of-the-line technical writing expertise to accurately relay necessary information. 

But with complexity come immense rewards as well. Since every company needs an effective way to communicate its product to the public, technical writers are a valuable asset. By getting a technical writing certification, it becomes much easier to get either your first technical writing job or one that’s also a step up in your career.

Keep in mind that getting writing certifications is not the same as getting technical writing certifications. That’s because it requires subject matter knowledge, prior expertise, and effort.

To help out, we’ll go over what technical writing entails and the best technical writing certifications you can complete in 2023 if you want to become a technical writer .

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Technical Writing Certification?

A technical writing certification showcases that you understand the process of converting technical concepts and knowledge into meaningful and easy-to-understand documentation. That means explaining complex information, processes, and steps with regard to a service or product.

There are a lot of different types of writing with unique formats, processes, and structures. Usually, structured writing makes up the bulk; however, you may also be writing for media journals, research journals, and more.

Some of the common technical writing examples include guides, orientation manuals, user manuals, instruction manuals, technical documents, press releases, release notes, FAQs, API documentation, and more.

You can find a lot of professional samples and templates to get started. It’s not the same as writing and publishing your own book because you have an existing data dump of complex information that you need to convert into easy-to-understand bits based on a specific template.

Most industries require their technical communicators to write according to an industry standard. Each technical document needs to be prepared in a specific language, tone, and graphic style.

Top Technical Writing Certifications You Can Get Today

Getting a technical writing certification, joining a certificate program, or doing technical writing courses is a great way to develop your technical writing skills. It’s not just about business writing, academic writing, journal writing, or paper writing; professional writing requires a certain perspective.

Doing online certification programs is a great way to learn that perspective, along with the necessary technical writing skills required.

That’s why technical writers tend to earn more on average, compared to typical writers. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), average technical writing jobs will get you $76,860 in the United States.

To become an excellent writer in your industry, you should try to do some online courses to learn more about the industry first. After you have a strong understanding of the industry, you can move on to getting the relevant technical writing certifications associated with the industry.

Meanwhile, you can also opt for general technical writing certifications and technical writing courses. Online training and writing programs can help you get a good idea of what most organizations want from technical writers.

You should consider opting for the following professional technical writing certification programs to develop a stronger writing portfolio.

1. Technical Writer Certification Course by Technical Writer HQ

technical content writer certification

Technical Writer HQ is one of the first sites that is dedicated to offering technical writing certifications, courses, and technical writing programs. Other than that, it aims to connect technical writers of the world so they can discuss their process, methods and get help from peers.

This specific certification is a complete technical writing course that delves into the fundamentals, the role, job description, and the complete interview process. We rated it the #1 technical writing certification course because of testimonials like this one:

“​I took Josh’s course, did the capstone project, and became certified in August. I’ve recently been offered a job as a Technical Writer for Amazon at $150k per year! I used my capstone project when they asked me for writing samples.”​ – Henry Fuse

Throughout the course, you will learn how to create and develop high-performing technical documentation. You will also learn how to develop high-quality technical writing samples for you to use.

Furthermore, you will learn how to craft an excellent technical writer’s resume, along with creating an online presence. Lastly, you will be getting tips on how you can ace any writer interview, regardless of your industry.

By the end of the course, you will have built your skillset in technical writing, built your technical writer network, and have created a successful job search strategy.

Here are some of the noteworthy topics from the course.

  • How to Analyze Your Audience
  • API Writing
  • How to Write Case Studies
  • How to Conduct Proper Research
  • How to Conduct User Interviews
  • How to Write and Edit Documentation for Most Use Cases

You will also find a lot of exclusive interviews with technical writing professionals and technical communicators about project management, along with insider tips and tricks. Other than that, you will get access to downloadable templates that you can use.

By the end of the course, you will get a technical writing certificate of completion and a badge that you can share on your website, LinkedIn profile, and other places.

You can learn more about the program by visiting Technical Writer HQ .

TWHQ’s Technical Writer Certification Course Pricing

For $299, this certification will get you everything you need either to bootstrap your technical writing career or to improve your current industry position. 

Who is TWHQ’s Technical Writer Certification Course For?

If you have experience as a writer but don’t know where to start your technical writing specialization, the Technical Writer certificate can provide the initial push that you need.

For more experienced writers, it can be a valuable feather in their writing hat, especially when looking for more advanced job opportunities that pay more than the current ones.

2. TechWriter-Certification

technical content writer certification

The TechWriter-Certification program was developed by Dr. Kenneth Rainey and Dr. John Reid while working at their respective institutions in Georgia. The courses were initially developed as side programs for the Southern Polytechnic State University and for non-credit courses at Kennesaw State University.

Using their knowledge, both the Dr.’s developed technical writing courses for the common man. They are now offered through TechWriter-Certification.

In total, there are six different courses and certifications you can apply for, including the following.

  • Basic Certificate in Technical Writing – is for someone looking to start their career. It has three courses to help newcomers learn how to develop better technical language and communication skills while helping them increase their subject matter knowledge.
  • Certificate in Writing for Current Technical Writers – is designed for experienced writers who want to improve their knowledge and chances of getting better opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Career Builder Certificate in Technical Writing – is for students looking to learn more about technical communication. The course goes on for 3-months with several sessions and courses.
  • Certificate in Professional Technical Communication – is designed to help current technical writers learn more about various writing styles so they can write better proposals, reports, studies, and more.
  • Certificate Course in Structured Writing for Technical Documentation – is for people looking to develop their structured writing skills to develop better technical documentation.
  • Writers at Work Certificate Program – is a complete writer program with four 10-hour courses for people looking to develop better skills.

If you want to learn more visit the TechWriter-Certification website .

TechWriter-Certification Pricing

To find out the TechWriter Certification cost, you need to get in touch with TechWriter’s team directly since the certificate depends heavily on the certificate tier that you’re looking for.

Who is the TechWriter-Certification For?

If you’re an experienced writer, the TechWriter certificate can help with elevating your career further. That’s not only because you get an official writer’s certificate. TechWriter also has several courses that can give a further boost to your knowledge and skills.

The same works for beginners as well, but keep in mind that the money and time investment is much higher.

3. Certified Professional Technical Communicator by the Society for Technical Communication (STC)

Society of Professional Communication

The STC is a member-only group of technical communicators and writers. It’s considered to be the oldest and largest association that is dedicated to pushing the technical communication field out into the world.

Over time, the STC has developed various professional certification options for technical communicators and writers. They refined it into a three-tiered professional certification that includes a Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert certification.

Firstly, the Foundation Certification is the most basic certification; it’s all about having the right knowledge of the field and industry you’re working in. To get the Foundation Tier, you need to showcase your knowledge, understanding, and ability of technical communication. Most importantly, you will be doing a custom test; after the test’s completion, you will receive your certification if you score above the threshold.

Once you’re done with the Foundation Certification, you can get the Practitioner Certification. That’s where you have to showcase how you would apply your knowledge in the real world. Once you’re done learning, you will be taking the Practitioner CPTC test. Upon passing the test, you will officially be Practitioner certified.

After that, you can opt for the Expert Certification; this is where you will be showcasing your knowledge through work products and expert interviews. This is the ultimate test for a writer, and once you pass the Expert CPTC test, you will be completely certified by the STC.

Being STC-certified is a sure-fire way of getting ahead of your peers in your technical writing career.

To learn more visit the Certified Professional Technical Communicator course by the STC .

Certified Professional Technical Communicator by the Society for Technical Communication Pricing

With STC, it depends on whether you’re going for the foundation or practitioner certificate. More importantly, whether you’re a member also affects the price. The foundation certificate price is $260 for STC members and $515 for nonmembers. The practitioner certificate price is $410 for STC members and $615 for nonmembers.

Who is the Certified Professional Technical Communicator by the Society for Technical Communication For?

This is another great option for mid to high-tier technical writers looking to further cement their position in the technical writing industry. 

For writers looking to start learning the craft, the price can be a bit too much. But if you’re serious about learning then the initial investment can be well worth the cost.

4. Udemy Certifications and Courses

Udemy Technical Writing Courses

Udemy has grown into one of the biggest educational platforms with courses from all over the world on a multitude of topics like technical writing, app development, HTML, project management, and more.

You can also find industry-specific writing courses on the site. The enrollment process is always simple, and all the courses are self-paced so that you can complete them according to your schedule. Most importantly, you get hands-on experience with real-life case studies.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or someone who’s just starting out, it’s best to start with a beginner course to get your bearings.

This course is designed to teach you the principle of technical editing and writing. Along with that, you also learn how to develop complete technical document templates and how you can effectively write your first user guide.

The self-paced and award-winning course requires you to have a Windows PC and Microsoft Word and Excel (2007 or 2010). The other relevant materials, resources, and information is provided within the course once you enroll.

To learn more about the course, visit the technical writing course on Udemy .

Udemy Pricing

The official price of the course is $199.00, but you can apply for a discount as a student. You can also bookmark the course so that Udemy emails you if the course is on sale.

Who is Udemy’s Technical Writing Certifications and Courses For?

Udemy’s certification is perfect for beginners because of several reasons. First, the prices are acceptable. You can get an official certificate without worrying about spending too much money before you even find your first gig.

Second, if you’re uncertain if it’s the right career for you, it’s a great way to test the waters with flash courses that are affordable and informative. 

5. Coursera’s Technical Writing Certification & Courses

technical content writer certification

Having over 3,000 different courses and certifications, you can easily find the right one for your career plans as a technical writer. Similar to Udemy, Coursera offers a range of technical writing courses, but unlike Udemy, the courses are free. 

To get you started, here are some courses that you can try and also specialize further and get a certificate:

  • Basic Technical Writing – This one is for copywriters looking to transition to technical writing. The course is part of the “English for Research Publication Purposes Specialization” and it specializes in teaching you how to write different reports such as research reports, design reports, progress reports, etc. 
  • Communication Skills for Engineers Specialization – Even some engineers need a more robust knowledge of technical writing. This course doesn’t aim at writers as much as engineers who need to brush their technical writing skills. Not only does the course help with writing clear reports, but also with everyday communication to present progress clearly.

If we compare Coursera to Udemy, Udemy has a bigger library of technical writing courses, but the ones found on Coursera are worth checking out. To find out more, check other courses on Coursera .

Coursera Pricing

Courses are free, but you’ll pay up to $79 per month for the specialization required to get a certificate. Nevertheless, compared to other platforms, Coursera is a solid starting point.

Who is Coursera’s Technical Writing Certification & Courses For?

Since Coursera has several courses, it all depends on your specific needs. Keep in mind that Coursera isn’t a platform for technical writers, meaning, it might not go as much in debt as other specialized platforms. This means experienced writers might not find what they are looking for. As for beginners, Coursera can be a great palace to find answers to questions you might have.

6. Dalhousie University’s Technical Writing Certificate

Dalhouse Technical Writing Certification

One of the more renowned technical writing certificates, Dalhousie University offers an in-debt writing program that covers everything you need to know about technical writing.

Besides learning the technical writing essentials, you’ll also learn how to analyze customers, create clear documents and product descriptions, create compelling strategy papers, etc. 

Dalhousie’s course aims at writers, engineers, product managers, and anyone who faces professional communication obstacles.

You get the certificate after successfully completing four courses in total. The courses consist of an essential technical writing course and three specialized ones. Each course ends with either a test or writing assignment to test your knowledge and skills.

Another benefit worth noting is that you can attend the course at your own pace, but to get the certificate, you need to complete your final evaluation within four years.

To learn more, visit Dalhousie University’s website .

Dalhousie University’s Technical Writing Certificate Pricing

The total certificate cost for the Dalhousie Technical Writing Certificate is $1,980. You can also pay $495 per course if you prefer.

Who is the Dalhousie University’s Technical Writing Certificate For?

While Dalhousie Certificate is helpful for engineers and writers alike, it does offer a more advanced overview. Meaning, it might not be the best choice if you’re not certain about your writing career or if you need the knowledge in the first place.

This goes along with the price tag since $1,980 is a considerable amount. The course is best suited for people who are sure that they need the knowledge, especially if you’re a busy engineer looking to squiz in the course in your busy schedule.

7. American Medical Writer’s Association’s Medical Writer Certified (MWC) 

Medical Writer Certified

Finally, here’s a specialized certificate for writers and people specializing in medical science writing.

The MWC is an exam-based certification that proves your expertise in writing medical papers and knowledge of core medical, technical documents. Although there are far fewer writers interested in this certificate than others, medical writing is one of the most rigorous writing jobs due to strict rules and regulations.

With that in mind, it can be difficult to find job opportunities as a writer specializing in healthcare without a trustworthy certificate. With MWC it will be easier to showcase your knowledge and credibility. Furthermore, it will boost your networking possibilities and marketability.

Keep in mind that t qualify you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in any field and a minimum of two years of experience in medical communication.

The test usually lasts for two and a half hours and puts your knowledge to the test with over 100 multiple-choice questions.

How Much Does the MWC by the American Medical Writer’s Association Cost?

To get the certificate, first, you need to apply for membership and pay $150. If you get approved, you need to pay an additional $495 for the exam.

Who Should Take the MWC by the American Medical Writer’s Association?

If you’re just starting as a writer and want to specialize in medical communication, you should probably wait until you gain experience. Besides the price tag, the certificate requires deep commitment and prior knowledge. Otherwise, you might find yourself too deep with well over $500 less in your pocket.

But if you’re already an established medical writer, the MWC is a great way to further cement yourself as a genuine professional.

Choosing the Right Technical Writing Certification for Your Career

You don’t necessarily need a college degree in the writing field if you have the right knowledge, expertise, and experience. You can do standalone courses, certifications, and complete training classes to learn more about your industry and field.

If you get some technical writing certifications under your belt helps you become better. That means learning different forms of technical documentation, writing styles, and more, so you can adjust accordingly.

Choosing the right technical writing certification for your career is all about focusing on your niche writing style and your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of some of the most common questions around technical writing certificates:

What does a technical writer do?

Technical writers work closely with industry experts to accurately deliver a technical document. The technical information from software engineers, developers, medical personnel, and other experts helps because the writer can convert it into understandable lingo using their writing ability.

In the end, technical communication is more than just being good with English writing skills, Microsoft Word, and grammar.

Is technical writing a good profession?

Current technical writers are in high demand and paid well because the demand for technical documentation has increased tremendously. Effective writing is not hard to master, but effective writing requires subject matter expertise at some level.

How do you become a certified technical writer?

Technical writing is one of the best career choices for those who want to combine their love for language with a desire to help others. Becoming certified can seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s actually pretty easy if you start out with some of these excellent technical writing certification programs listed above.

technical content writer certification

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How to Become a Technical Writer: Fundamentals & Certifications

a laptop placed next to a notebook and some documents

The demand for technical writers is strong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that technical writer employment will grow by 7% over the next ten years. The demand is primarily driven by the need for companies to have properly documented policies and procedures. This is even more important for companies deeply involved with software, electronics, and other technology, which require easy-to-understand information for internal and external use.

Given how important technical writing is in the business landscape, we’ll discuss what’s involved in technical writing and why it pays to get certified.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is best described as a discipline that takes complex language and simplifies it for the average reader. It involves translating high-level information from technical and scientific fields into relevant, easy-to-read content.

The writing style covers technical and specialized topics such as computer applications, medical procedures, and environmental regulations. Here are a few examples:

  • Quick reference guides and instruction manuals
  • Technical descriptions
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Project and product documentation
  • Medical and scientific documents
  • White papers and case studies
  • Training materials and policy guides

But technical writing isn’t reserved solely for technical or scientific fields. It’s present in almost every industry, including law, finance, and marketing.

How is Technical Writing Used?

A good technical writer is an educator; and good technical writing is useful. The goal of technical writing is to convey technical information so the reader can easily use it. Your document must teach the reader , which means it must be clear, simple, accurate, and useful.

Here are a few ways technical writing can help teach a reader complex ideas:

  • Breaks down research into easy-to-understand text
  • Informs employees how to conduct procedures safely
  • Simplifies complex product descriptions
  • Teaches customers how to properly assemble a product
  • Makes instructions or FAQs clear

What are the Requirements for a Technical Writer?

As a technical writer, you’re responsible for turning the stilted syntax, clunky clauses, and jarring jargon into something more accessible and digestible. You will take a document and make its contents relevant and useable to the reader, so you need to know enough about the topic to judge what’s relevant and useful.

Few people have the luxury to scour through every single word on a scientific document to find what they need, so they rely on technical writers to bring that to them. Writers who excel at research or enjoy parsing convoluted content are great fits for technical writing roles.

This background leads many technical writers to start out by assisting in technical or scientific research. Once they get a better grasp of technical writing skills, they can put together documents like instruction manuals, user guides, and FAQs.

But you do not need an advanced technical degree to be a technical writer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shares that the primary education requirement for all technical writing jobs is a college degree. Professional writers must also have a foundation in effective writing and hands-on experience in the technical field they aspire to cover.

Do You Need a Technical Writing Certification?

Technical writing can be a complex process, especially if you’re writing about financial technology or software as a service. These industries require top-notch writing expertise—so it pays to get a certification to show you’re qualified for any technical writing task.

A certification showcases your ability to deliver complex information in a structured and easy-to-digest format. Even though getting certified isn’t mandatory, it shows employers that you have the ability, training, and knowledge to synthesize technical information.

Certification is a great way to maximize your expertise and specialize. Here are some institutions that offer technical writing certification programs:

1. The American Medical Writers Association

The medical field requires one of the most specialized forms of technical writing, and the American Medical Writers Association offers the opportunity to become Medical Writer Certified (MWC). To apply for the certification, you’ll need at least two years of medical communications experience and a bachelor’s degree. Professional writers seeking the MWC must have an awareness of ethical standards in medicine and healthcare knowledge.

Once accepted, MWC writers need to complete continuing education courses to keep their certification current. People who maintain their certificate may use the MWC distinction after their names.

2. The Society for Technical Communication

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is the oldest and largest professional association that focuses on technical communication. It offers a three-tiered professional certification program : Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert. The program helps develop the knowledge and skills of technical communicators as they advance in their careers.

The testing process is increasingly rigorous with each certification level. The STC Certification gives technical writers an advantage over colleagues when vying for jobs, promotions, and pay increases.

3. The University of Washington

The University of Washington is a widely recognized institution that provides career-advancing opportunities to working professionals in the US. In the three-course certificate program , you’ll learn the fundamental concepts and practical applications of technical writing, such as document design and how to use software tools and systems.

The program is perfect for people with a strong writing background who want to beef up their technical writing expertise. Those with less experience may want to consider enrolling in the Business Writing: Reports, Proposals & Documents course .

4. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is a public research university in Nova Scotia, Canada that offers an online Technical Writing Certificate program . The interactive online course develops your skills in writing clear and compelling technical documents. During the program, you can meet your facilitator and other coursemates through live group coaching sessions.

The program is a good fit for writers working in technology, engineering, or science. The flexible learning format includes self-paced learning activities and realistic writing exercises.

Udemy is a massive open online course provider with over 155,000 courses and 40 million students. It offers a broad range of technical writing courses , covering topics such as API documentation, engineering reporting, and business writing. Some of its most popular programs include:

  • Learn API Technical Writing: JSON and XML for Writers
  • Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion
  • Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing Skills
  • Project Management for Technical Writers

Edit Your Technical Documents with Ease

To succeed in the technical writing or general business world, you must write well in every context. Documents and emails require shorter sentences and paragraphs so your ideas flow smoothly from one to the next—the last thing you’d want is to confuse your readers in the haze of jargon and convoluted phrasing.

WordRake is the go-to editing tool for technical writing professionals because it quickly edits your documents and improves your writing. Whether you’re writing for work, pleasure, or publication, use editing software like WordRake to convey technical information clearly and concisely.

Start your FREE 7-day trial today.

About the Author

Caroline Engle is WordRake’s Marketing Communications Specialist. She convinced WordRake to hire her as an intern after placing in editing competitions and writing a novel in a month. When she isn’t editing or writing copy, coordinating conference logistics, or helping improve WordRake’s functionality, she’s reading, going on ten-mile walks, or looking up flight prices. Connect with her on LinkedIn  here .

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Home » 6 Top Technical Writing Certifications: Review and Pricing

6 Top Technical Writing Certifications: Review and Pricing

technical content writer certification

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Looking for the best technical writing certifications? Our experts have compiled a list of the best certificate for your needs. 

The Bureau of Labor statistics that the technical writing industry is likely to show a 7% growth from 2019 to 2029. This makes it one of the fastest-growing job industries. This growth could lead to high demand for technical writers. With proper knowledge and the right skillset from a technical writing certification, you can explore the lucrative professional and freelance writing opportunities.

That is why both beginners and current technical writers need to evolve with the ever-changing industry. You must stay up to date with the latest techniques and tools that make technical writing more efficient. But does that mean you have to go to a college or university to get a special degree? No! the internet has made things easier. You can find recognized and prestigious technical writing courses online. These programs offer training and coaching necessary for career advancement.

Best Technical Writing Certifications 2023

Here’s a list of reviews of the best technical writing certification programs available online.

1. Certified Technical Writer by Technical Writer HQ

Certified Technical Writer by Technical Writer HQ

We rated Technical Writer HQ as having the #1 certification course for technical writers. If you’re ready to take your technical writing career to the next level, then this is one of the most recognized certifications that can do that for you.

The technical writer certification program  teaches you the primary skills needed to excel in a technical career. You’ll also learn how to land your ideal technical writing job.

Here is what you should expect from the certification program:

  • The program covers all the latest technical writing tools
  • Learn to take your technical documentation from research to publish
  • Learn to work with stakeholders in your company
  • Learn to conduct user interviews
  • Learn to design your technical documentation

Key Features

  • Build your skillset in technical writing
  • Build your technical writer network
  • Craft a great technical writer resume and online presence
  • Ace the technical writer interview

The One Week Technical Writer is an affordable certification at the cost of $299. 

Key Takeaways

The professional technical writing certification program allows is self-paced and there’s homework for each module. The course is easy to work into your schedule and you can complete homework at any time. Even though the course is designed to only take a week to complete, you can finish it at any time.

To learn more visit  Technical Writer HQ

2. University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (UWEC)

Technical Writing by University of Wisconsin

From basic technical writing to intermediate and advanced levels, the  UW certification program offers different types of courses. You can choose the one that fits your career requirements. The courses are taught by the university’s best instructors and technical communicators with more than a decade of training experience.

Here is what you should expect from the program:

  • The program aims to teach you the latest trends and tools in the technical communication and writing industry
  • How to create your own technical documentation using planning and drafting, editing
  • Audience analysis
  • Editing and organization of technical documents
  • Use of visual graphics to explain complex information
  • Document design
  • Research techniques

The key features of the program include:

  • The program offers flexible scheduling hours.
  • It also allows you to register as a group.
  • You can customize the training program according to your requirements.
  • You can collaborate with your instructors to work on an issue.
  • You can register online.
  • If you are unable to complete your course on time, you can request an extension from the program. 
  • It offers a self-paced duration

The technical writing certificate program has different price tags for each of its courses. The pricing starts from $119 and can go up to $1,599. 

The professional certification program allows you to start your course whenever you want. This allows you to schedule your course during your holidays or free time. The program also offers a wide range of technical writing courses, so, you can pick the one that meets your requirements. You can also register as a group for any of the online courses. This can help you share the financial cost of the program. 

3. Learning Tree

Learning Tree International

From planning to creating complete technical documents, the technical writing program offered by Learning Tree teaches you the complete process. The online training course can improve your understanding of technical documents and writing skills. The main aim is to enable you to break down technical information into easy-to-understand content.  

Here is what you should expect from the course:

  • Learn the techniques of effective writing
  • Produce readable technical documents such as white papers and instruction manuals
  • Use graphic tools to make your document more efficient

The key features of Learning Tree include:

  • The program offers after-course coaching.
  • You also get an after-course computer sandbox.
  • You will have to take an exam at the end of the course.
  • Certificates are awarded after completing the course. They are accredited by Project Management Institution and CPE. 
  • The program offers team training. 
  • The content is tailored to meet your requirements. 

The live and in-class training course is offered at $2,990 and for the government, it is $2,659. For the team training course at your site, you can contact Learning Tree to work out the training program and its cost. 

Learning Tree offers one of the most  highly-rated technical writing courses online. The program is useful for both beginners and seasoned technical writers. It is a certification program, so you will walk away with an accredited certificate for your acquired skills. This can help you apply for better-paying technical writing jobs. Moreover, the enrollment forms are available online, which makes the registration process quite easy.

4. Society for Technical Communication (STC)

The Society for Technical Communication

STC is among the oldest online learning platforms. The program offers online technical communication courses including a recognized technical writing certificate program and Technical Communicators certification. The course is designed to help students, academics, managers, and practitioners.  On average, it will take you 2 to 6 months to complete a course. You will get to learn from experienced professionals and instructors.  

The technical writing course has three tiers, Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert. You have to pass each tier to qualify for the subsequent one. 

Here is what you will learn during your training period:

  • Content Development
  • Project Planning & Analysis
  • Reviewing and Editing
  • Written communication
  • Production Delivery
  • Content Management
  • Organizational Design
  • Visual Communication

The key features of STC include:

  • The program is recognized by reputable employers. 
  • The STC course covers the latest trends and tools in technical communication.
  • One of the highlights of STC is its annual technical course. It is a prestigious event in the telecommunication industry.
  • The course is useful for both beginners and experienced technical writers.
  • Apart from training and coaching, STC plays a role in transforming your career.
  • You can also market your business on STC’s official website. 

There is an enrollment of $15. Here is a breakdown of the membership fee:

  • Gold Membership – You can become a gold member for $395
  • Retired – $145
  • Professional & Academic – It requires $225
  • New Professional – $180
  • Student – $75

At STC you can learn both the fundamentals of technical writing and advanced trends in the industry. The course is also quite affordable as compared to other options available online. Once you become a member, you can get access to STC’s job database, publications, salary reports, and a few other benefits.

5. LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a number of technical writing courses. You can pick the course that meets your requirement and get online training from experienced instructors. These training courses are available in video format. Some of the courses offer their videos in different languages. After completing the course you will get certified for your newly acquired skills.

Here is what you will learn from these courses:

  • Fundamentals of technical writings
  • The complete writing process
  • Technical report writing
  • How to determine the purpose of your technical document
  • Strategies to break down technical information into readable content

The key features of the Alison course are:

  • You can download an app on your phone and learn on the go.
  • It offers quizzes to assess your progress.
  • You can display your certification in your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Most of the courses give you lifetime access to their learning and reading material.

Most of the courses will offer you a free one-month trial. You must pay a monthly fee after the trial period. Prices are different for each course.  Some of the courses also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

LinkedIn is a recognized platform and its certifications are recognized by almost all the leading employers. It also offers hundreds of courses, which gives you the freedom to choose the one that is useful for you. It is a good option for both beginners and current writers.  

6. Cal State East Bay

Cal State East Bay

Cal State East Bay offers an online course for technical writers. The course is designed for people who want to develop their writing skills and for professionals looking to get better in the field. The certification course will teach you all the tools necessary to break down complex information into simple content. 

Here is what you will learn from the Cal State East Bay course:

  • Improve your understanding of written communication
  • Teach you different research methods
  • Drafting and editing techniques
  • Learn different writing techniques
  • Develop resume-writing and job-hunting skills

The key features of Cal State East Bay are:

  • The course is taught by an award-winning faculty.
  • ​It is a self-paced course.
  • It offers 80 hours of training.
  • It will help you build a professional writing portfolio.
  • It is a 6-month long course.
  • This course offers one-on-one interaction with your instructor

The course costs $1,850. The tuition fee is subject to change.

The self-paced course allows you to schedule your study hours at your convenience. The course will help you differentiate between technical and academic writing and can improve your writing skills. The certification at the end of the program can also help your career. You do not have to jump through any hoops to enroll but you will need to have a basic knowledge of English grammar.

Upgrade Your Technical Writing Skills

The job market is becoming more and more competitive. You not only need to have experience but also the ability to evolve and keep up with ever-changing technology.

That is why the learning process never stops. The field of technical writing is no different. 

So, how do you stay relevant as a technical writer? Your answer lies in online technical writing certification programs. They are a feasible solution for both beginners and current writers. 

These programs offer courses that improve your skillset and knowledge. The certification at the end of your training can serve as a validation of your acquired skills. This could play a role in transforming your career by giving you more exposure. A recognized technical writing certificate is the difference between you and your competitor. 

To benefit from these courses you must become smart about choosing them. Before selecting a course make sure that it is related to your industry. Moreover, the course must teach you something new. If you picked a course that did not offer anything new, it would not add to your skills. Another factor to consider is the authenticity of the course. Before you sign up, check for reviews, affiliations, and accreditations.  

It is all about choosing the right course to move forward in your career.

Below is a list of some of the most common questions about technical writing certifications:

1. What is a technical writing certification?

A technical writing certification is a document that proves you have the necessary skills to write about technical topics, and it will cover subjects like how to format text, grammar rules for technical style, and vocabulary words specific to your field.

2. How do you become a certified technical writer?

While certification may seem intimidating at times, it’s easier than ever to get started with some of the best technical writing certifications out there; just start one of the courses listed above.

3. What are the benefits of being certified in technical writing?

Being a technical writer doesn’t require any special certification, but it can give you more options for your career advancement. Certified technical writers often make more money than those who aren’t. Moreover, being certified in technical writing helps you better perform at your job leading to higher quality output, and often, recognition and salary increases. 

4. Do you need a certificate to be a technical writer?

You don’t need a certificate to write technical documents, but being qualified can open doors that might not have been there before.

technical content writer certification

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Best Technical Writing Certifications in 2023

technical content writer certification

Become a Certified Product Writer


As a technical writer , if you’re not consistently honing your abilities, sooner or later the competition will catch up to you. To stay on top of your game, completing a well-recognized technical writing certification course can go a long way. There are a lot of continuing education/training opportunities for technical communicators out there. Whether you’re a beginner or a current writer who wants to take the next step in your career, there’s a technical writing certification program for everyone. To help you pursue the right one, in this article, we’ll review some of the best technical writing certification programs being offered in 2023. Let’s start.

What is a Technical Writing Certification?

A technical writing certification showcase your knowledge of delivering highly complex information in a targeted way via easy-to-comprehend, and structured writing. Usually, you get the certificate after finishing technical writing courses and a final exam. Stakeholders , software developers, engineers, scientists, and business analysts use technical to share technical information with a defined audience. Used in fields like software engineering, medical science, maintenance, finance, etc., technical writing is a form of technical communication. For technical communicators and other technical writing professionals, the basic principle is that it relies on using unambiguous language to convey otherwise highly technical information. Technical writing takes a lot of shapes and forms, including, but not limited to:

  • Software documentation
  • User manuals
  • Financial reports
  • White papers
  • Business plans

Of course, different technical documents have different goals (like explaining the usability of a software product, sharing set-up instructions for a team of engineers, etc.). Furthermore, the tone, selection of words, and depth of information depend on the final audience. The structure for technical documentation is one of the few things that separate it from most forms of. Technical writing is a rewarding career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of current technical writers in the US is $76,860 . If you enjoy explaining technical information, have a knack for structured writing, and are passionate about a technical area, this might be the perfect career path for you.

Top 8 Technical Writing Certification Options 

There’s always room for improvement in the technical field. Whether you’ve been in the game for a while now and want to further polish your skills, or set foot in the field for the very first time, you can find a ton of technical writing courses and certificate programs catered to your needs. After reviewing several technical writing certificate courses, we’ve shortlisted the following 8 that are worth checking out:

1. Technical Writing Certification Course by Technical Writer HQ

Technical Writer HQ is a place for everything technical writing. They have guides on API writing, interviewing, crafting a technical writer’s resume, and formatting technical documentation. The organization offers the renowned T echnical Writer Certification Course . This is the most up-to-date course on technical writing in technology companies. They teach everything from working with product managers, engineers, and designers to how to manage the document development lifecycle. Here’s a recent testimonial from the course: “​I took Josh’s course, did the capstone project, and became certified in August. I’ve recently been offered a job as a Technical Writer for Amazon at $150k per year! I used my capstone project when they asked me for writing samples.”​ – Henry Fuse The Technical Course Certification Course is a widely recognized credential that helps people land technical jobs and up-level their careers. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in the certification course:

  • How to Implement Technical Key Responsibilities
  • How to Set Scope and Purpose of Your Documentation
  • How to Analyze Your Audience
  • How to Write an FAQ
  • How to Write White Papers
  • How to Write User Manuals
  • How to Write Case Studies
  • 50+ Interview Questions Answered

The course was designed by Josh Fechter who’s the founder of Squibler, a writing software. He has over ten years of technical writing experience and has been writing software tutorials, manuals, handbooks, and white papers for over eight years. His work has been praised by Facebook’s and LinkedIn’s engineering team, Reuters, Inc., and Forbes. To learn more visit Technical Writer HQ

How Much Does the One Week Technical Writer by Technical Writer HQ Cost?

Technical Writing HQ provides extensive resources such as homework, practical exercises, and video material for $299.

Who Should Take the One Week Technical Writer Certification?

This certification is great for writers who don’t know where to start with their technical writing career. You’ll get a helpful 360-degree overview of technical writing, alongside practical advice that goes outside just the usual writing. As a writer, it’s essential to know how to communicate with developers and engineers, something you’ll learn as well.

2. UX Writing Certification Course by Technical Writer HQ

This UX Writing Course by Technical Writer HQ allows you to unleash your UX writing skills and help you become an expert UX writer. With this course, you can master the art of drafting microcopies, learn to decide the content voice and tone, and principles of UX writing. Moreover, this UX writing course is a pathway to all those who want to excel in their UX writing careers. You not just learn the skills, but also develop a strong UX writing portfolio as you proceed with learning the detailed course contents. On top of that, you also get to learn the content design skills and even the skills required to develop conversation chatbots. Here’s what you’ll learn from this UX writer course:

  • Audience analysis
  • Content style guide
  • Content design myths
  • Information architecture in UX
  • Content Design Process
  • Adding humor to microcopies
  • Collaboration in UX writing
  • Creating UX writing portfolio
  • Optimizing UX writer resume
  • Tips to successfully answer UX writer interview questions and answers

So, even if you’re just starting your UX writing career, this beginner friendly top rated UX writing certification course is a perfect choice for you to master UX writing skills so you can progress and chase your UX writing career goals faster.

On top of that, after the completion of this course, you’ll get a professional UX writing certificate that you can showcase to add more value to your UX writer resume. Also, d on’t forget to check the additional course perks you get by enrolling to this advanced UX writing course

How Much Does the UX Writing Certification Certification Cost?

The detailed course contents are available for lifetime access for a one time payment of just $499.

Who Should Take the UX Writing Certification Course?

This advanced video course is a perfect choice for those who are curios to learn about UX writing and want to start their careers in this fast growing in-demand field. If you have no prior experience or knowledge, and even if you don’t know where to start, and how to learn and become an expert in a short time frame, this UX writing course covers everything from A to Z required to become a professional user experience writer.

3. Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) by the STC

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is a professional association of technical writers, editors, technical communicators, and managers. The STC’s mission is to promote the growth of the field of technical communication through multiple technical writing programs. To that end, the association offers networking events, competitive online courses, and a professional certification program known as the “ Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) .” The CPTC is a widely recognized credential that speaks volumes in the technical writing industry. The program is split into the following 3 tiers (passing one tier will unlock the next):

  • Foundation – the first tier is for beginners. Completion of this certification demonstrates that the professional has sound knowledge of the principles of technical communication. 
  • Practitioner – this is the next step in your CPTC journey. Those who hold the Practitioner certificate show that they have high proficiency in applying the best practices of technical communication. 
  • Expert – this is the ultimate proof of a technical communicator’s high expertise. The assessment is based on special interviews and work products. As of now, the STC still has to announce the exam for this tier.

In order to get started with the CPTC, you’ll also need to become a member of the STC. Furthermore, there are many online courses being offered by the STC, each of which can award certification holders with continuing education points (CEPs). All in all, if you’re looking for a decent program with a path for steady growth, the CPTC is a good choice.

How Much Does the Society for Technical Communication Certification Cost?

The foundation certificate costs $260 for STC members and $515 for nonmembers. The practitioner certificate costs $410 for STC members and $615 for nonmembers.

Who Should Take the Society for Technical Communication Certification?

If you’re serious about your career, getting the foundation certificate is a great way to solidify yourself as a professional technical writer. After, depending on your needs, you can ramp up your professionalism with practitioner and expert certificates as well. But if you’re looking for technical writing to be more of a side-gig, there are better courses that you can take.

4. Medical Writer Certified (MWC) by the American Medical Writer’s Association

This certification has a narrow target audience in that it’s only meant for technical writers who specialize in medical science writing. The Medical Writer Certified (MWC) program is offered by the American Medical Writer’s Association (AMWA) in collaboration with the Medical Certification Commission (MWCC). The AMWA has over 4,000 members and a simple goal – to help fellow medical writers excel in their careers by providing them with training, networking, and continued education opportunities. By acquiring this writing certification, you can solidify your medical skills, strengthen your professional profile, and attract better employment opportunities. In order to qualify for the examination, you must:

  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Have at least 2 years of experience in the field of medical communication

The exam for this specialized technical certification is based on 125 multiple choice questions, lasting 2.5 hours. It is conducted at more than 300 testing centers worldwide. You can learn more about examination get answers to FAQs regarding eligibility on the program’s main landing page.

How Much Does the MWC by the American Medical Writer’s Association Cost?

To get the certificate, first, you have to pass the application which costs $150. After, you can apply for an examination, which will cost another $495.

Who Should Take the MWC by the American Medical Writer’s Association?

The certificate is for professional medical writers looking to establish themselves further in the industry. Since it requires two letters of professional reference, a university transcript, and a total fee of $645, it’s mostly for writers looking to build a professional medical writing career.

5. Coursera’s Technical Certification Courses

Coursera is one of the largest e-learning platforms out there, offering over 3,000 online courses, specializations, and certifications in hundreds of disciplines. The platform offers a good selection of self-paced, 100% online courses on technical writing. From basic certificates to advanced credentials, you can easily find a program that meets your learning needs. Here are a few that are worth exploring:

  • Technical Writing – this is an intermediate-level course that is offered by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. If you want to demonstrate proficiency in the principles of sharing experimental/professional results, this course is ideal.
  • Skills for Engineering Leader – if you’re a seasoned engineer who wants to learn the basics of technical writing, this 16-hour long course is perfect for you. It is a part of the “ Communication Skills for Engineers Specialization ” program.

You can consume the learning material/watch the lectures for free. However, to obtain the certification and share it in a professional capacity, you’ll need to pay the set fees.

How Much Does the Coursera’s Technical Certification Cost?

While courses are free, you’ll pay anything between $39 and $79 per month for advanced education and certification.

Who Should Take the Coursera’s Technical Certification?

Due to its pricing and educational model, Coursera is great for beginners and advanced technical writers. More experienced technical writers might prefer a more “technical writing oriented” platform for the certification, but due to Coursera’s strong presence in the education industry, the certificate has value. Especially for beginners.

6. Udemy’s Technical Certification Courses

Like Coursera, is a massive online training platform with far greater of courses in hundreds of fields. Furthermore, compared to Coursera, has a better selection of technical writing courses , all offering certificates of completion. From courses that teach technical skills to project management professionals to programs like Grammarly Premium that will show you the ropes of business writing, the learning possibilities are endless. Here are a few of the top-rated technical writing certification programs worth the enrollment:

  • Technical Writing: Master Your Career – this is a basic course that will help you become a more successful writer. It is 5.5 hours long and costs only $49.9.
  • Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Skills – this next certification course is also meant for beginners who want to develop technical documents. It is 6 hours long and comes with a price tag of $199.9.
  • Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation – if you’re interested in specializing in software documentation via GitHub, this course is a good place to start. As of now, the course costs $129.9.

While Udemy offers free courses as well, unfortunately, all the technical writing courses being offered right now are paid.

How Much Does Udemy’s Technical Certification Cost?

Udemy’s Technical Certification price ranges from $49.9 to $129.9, depending on the course and the certification provider.

Who Should Take Udemy’s Technical Certification?

Similar to Coursera, Udemy is a fantastic place to start for beginner technical writers. Not only do you get a professional education, but you also get a certificate to prove your quality as you venture into the technical writing business.

7. Tech-Writer Certification Programs

Tech-Writer Certification, in collaboration with different accredited university partners, offers a few well-recognized technical certification programs . Unlike online certificate courses offered by Udemy and Coursera, Tech-Writer Certification programs have to be completed within the specified time periods (otherwise you’ll be required to pay an extension fee to continue). The certificates being offered by this platform include:

  • Basic Certificate in Technical Writing – this writing program is made up of three courses, designed specifically for beginners who want to learn technical writing. Assessments are based on quizzes, assignments, one-on-ones with the instructors, and a final project.
  • Comprehensive Career Builder Certificate in Technical Writing – this program is meant for professionals who want to take the next leap in their career. It is a comprehensive course that lasts for 3 months. 
  • Certificate in for Current Technical Writers, Editors and Designers – as the name suggests, this program has been designed for technical communicators already in the field. It lasts for 90 hours.

In addition to the above, Tech-Writer Certification also has a 360-degree certificate course on technical communication, a program for structured technical documentation, and another one that teaches the basics of written communication skills.

How Much Does the Tech-Writer Certification Cost?

Tech-Writer doesn’t list their certification pricing. You need to get in touch with Tech-Writer for that information.

Who Should Take the Tech-Writer Certification?

Tech-Writer certificate is for tech writers who want to dedicate their entire career to technical writing, instead of it being a side-job. Similar to STC, there are several certificate tiers you can choose from depending on your current career level. If you’re looking to step up your game, the Tech-Writer certificate can be a solid choice.

8. Certificate in Professional Technical Writing by the University of Washington

The University of Washington (Professional & Continuing Education) is a renowned institution in the US that provides working professionals with unrivaled career-advancing opportunities. The institution’s certificate Professional Technical Writing program will show that you have a deep understanding of the principles of technical – giving you a substantial competitive edge over your peers. It is based on 3 courses that will help build a solid foundation of technical writing. Through this comprehensive program, you’ll learn how to create different high-level technical documents gohstwriter , the basic elements of document design, and how to use popular documentation tools. The program is conducted online with real-time meetings, lasts for 8 months, and will set you back by $3,597. Only apply if you are fully committed to taking your technical writing career to the next level.

How Much Does the Certificate in Professional Technical Writing by the University of Washington Cost?

The program is conducted online with real-time meetings, lasts for 8 months, and will set you back by $3,597. 

Who Should Take the Certificate in Professional Technical Writing by the University of Washington?

You should only apply if you are fully committed to taking your writing career to the next level ghost writing . With professional technical communication, you’re more likely to win job opportunities. But, if you’re still in the phase of testing out the field, there are other certificates and courses that you can take.

9. Dalhousie University’s Technical Writing Certificate Program

The final technical writing certification is the comprehensive program being offered by Dalhousie University’s College of Continuing Education. Like all the aforementioned certificates, this program is conducted online. Upon completion, you’ll receive a university-accredited certificate which you can then showcase as proof of your skills. Another great thing about this program is that there are no strict eligibility criteria ghostwriter österreich . The program consists of 4 courses, including 1 core course called “Technical Writing Essentials,” and 3 elective courses, making it one of the most flexible options out there. While the learning activities are to be completed on a self-paced basis, the evaluations have to be completed within a period of 4 years.

How Much Does the Dalhousie University’s Technical Writing Certificate Program Cost?

The total certificate fee is $1,980 or $495 per course.

Who Should Take the Dalhousie University’s Technical Writing Certificate Program?

If you belong to a STEM field and are serious about pursuing a rewarding career in technical writing, you can apply with no questions asked.

Which Technical Writing Certification is Right for Me?

Considering that there are so many options, it can be difficult to pick just one. However, your decision should boil down to the following factors:

  • Your current budget
  • How well-recognized the certification course is in your industry
  • Your current requirements/level of skills
  • How flexible the course is

Regardless, earning a certification is a milestone that you should be proud of ghostwriter wien . Showcase this achievement on your resume (and profile) to get noticed for competitive technical writing jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the most commonly asked questions and answers about current technical writers’ certificates.

Are technical writing certifications worth it?

A technical writing certification is official proof of your knowledge and skills as a technical writer.  Both for beginners and experienced technical writers, it is much easier to get new job opportunities with a certificate than without one.

How to become a certified technical writer?

You can become a certified writer either by going to a university or by taking one of the offered certification exams ghostwriter facharbeit . The certification exam you take depends on your personal goals as a writer.

How much do technical writing certifications cost?

Depending on the platform, technical writing certifications can cost anywhere from $79 to $2,399 for comprehensive career-building certificates. Some of the aspects that impact the price are specialization, the platform itself, and technical writing skills level.

technical content writer certification

We offer a wide variety of programs and courses built on adaptive curriculum and led by leading industry experts.

  • Work on projects in a collaborative setting
  • Take advantage of our flexible plans and community
  • Get access to experts, templates, and exclusive events

Become a Certified Product Manager. Our Product Manager Certification Program teaches you the skills, strategies, and frameworks you need to tackle the challenges of product development and succeed in your role as a product leader.

Become a Certified Data Product Manager. The Data Product Manager Certification Course solves the core need of a PM by helping them gain data fluency.

Become a Certified Product Owner. Our Product Owner Certification Program equips you with the strategies, frameworks, techniques, and skills needed to tackle the challenges of one of the most in-demand roles in the tech industry head-on and come out on top.


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The Basic Technical Writing Certificate consists of three courses. This program is Instructor-led, taught by highly qualified industry and tech writing faculty. This program has been designed for individuals who lack sufficient experience in the field of technical writing. This program is ideal for those who want to enhance existing career in technical writing or move in a new direction.

technical content writer certification

The Writers at Work Certificate Program consists of four 10-hour courses that will allow busy professionals a flexible path toward learning valuable writing techniques. Your writing skills affect your professional image. The better your writing skills are, the better your image is and the better your chances for advancement. Effective writing in the workplace is an essential skill.

technical content writer certification

The Advanced Certificate In Writing For Current Technical Writers, Editors And Designers is designed for those in the field. This program is Instructor-led, taught by highly qualified industry and tech writing faculty . The program is designed for those who want to enhance existing careers or move in a new direction within the corporate workplace.

technical content writer certification

This Professional Technical Communication Certificate-Portfolio is designed to help new and existing writers work within a range of styles specific to the field. This program focuses on writing styles and competencies needed to create technical reports, project proposals, feasibility studies, website communications, presentations, manuals, and other forms of technical correspondence.

technical content writer certification

The Career Builder Certificate program is designed for students serious about advancing their career in the field of technical communication. This Certificate is specifically for communication professionals, technical writers/communicators, information specialists, business analysts, research report writers, and engineers.

technical content writer certification

Today documents are no longer written and published as individual entities within a documentation set but rather written as data segments for reuse on systems that automate processes for controlling and managing the segments. The Certificate Course in Structured Writing for Technical Documentation provides you with an opportunity to use information to create a documentation set using DITA standards.

NEW: Professional Copyediting and Proofreading Certificate

technical content writer certification

The Professional Technical Copyediting Certificate is designed to introduce students to the practice of being a technical editor. Students are offered an opportunity to learn the different levels of editing, including mechanical, copyediting, proofreading, and comprehensive editing. Other topics include the editor’s role in the publication cycle, collaboration with writers and authors, and the creation and use of style guides. Basic procedures for editing and proofreading are discussed. The role of the editor in the online medium sometimes blurs distinctions between design, content, technical, marketing, and this is assessed in the context of the evolving role of editing online content.

Glass Buildings

My writing on the job has definitely improved. I write more confidently as a result and more frequently. In addition, I am more open to suggestions about my writing than previously. I think I`ve gained a greater sense of collaboration in terms of publishing a document. I did use my final assignment to help prepare me for a potential proposal that may prove to be very lucrative.

Alex Milosavljevic Technical Writer

Image by Christina @

 Sherry Hosler Technical Writer

This course contained valuable information presented in a well-organized on-line format that I could access at my convenience. I learned not only from the material, but the presentation of the material. I had an excellent instructor both knowledgeable and approachable. I believe I have benefited from the courses I`ve taken with Techwriter-Certification. I`m definitely interested in completing more on-line courses and will recommend them to my co-workers.

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

D. Berg Technical Writer

This course and instructor gave me more insight on how to write policies, procedures, and forms that will be understood by senior, and new employees. I will use this learning experience to help re-write 100's of company documents.

woman 3

Anastassia Ash Technical Writer

Excellent course, thank you so much! My instructors  are very professional and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions promptly and helped me greatly in this process. They paid lots of detailed attention to my assignments and gave me several very useful pieces of advice. I am very satisfied with this course of study.

Glass Buildings

Top 7 Tech Writing Certification Online In 2024

The craze of getting tech writing certification online is increasing among the people who want to enter the technical writing industry. here, we will discuss general tech writing, reasons to pursue a career in tech writing, why you should get tech writing certification online, and where you can get it..

The image is about tech writing certification online

Now here we will touch upon all the things in detail.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is the process of getting thorough knowledge about the product or service and presenting it to the user in a simple and easy-to-understand language. In other words, the core purpose of a technical writer is to dissect complex ideas into an appropriate piece that makes end-users life simple.

In the initial stages, software manuals, instructions of user manuals, and process documentation were considered part of technical writing. However, now the time has changed, and hence, tech writing involves various things like reports, writing summaries, etc.

In short, you can consider any information represented in a technical form as a part of technical writing .

After looking at the basic definition of technical writing, let’s move on to the main reasons why you should choose a career in technical writing.

Also, Read: Fundamentals of Technical Writing

Reasons to Pursue Career in Technical Writing

Here are some of the most notable benefits of choosing a career in technical writing:

It’s Creative Field

Most people think that technical writing is about writing documentation, and it is a tedious task. In general, it is not limited to text, but you need to communicate effectively through different mediums. Hence, technical writers get an option to write about images & graphics as well as video scripts and audio files.

Here, you get an opportunity to work on multiple types of projects. For instance, today you are writing a product description, and tomorrow you might get an opportunity to write about detailed video script. Moreover, you need to provide information to users and ensure that they connect with the product well.

Check out: Technical Communication- A New Throb in Writing Domain

Growing Demand

The demand for technical writing is great right now, and it will grow exponentially in the next few years. The reason being, more & more people worldwide are launching new tech products and services every year, and they require a technical writer to convey information to end-users. Scope of Learning New Things Everyday

Technical writing involves knowing about various technologies & tools, and hence, you require an in-depth understanding of all. During the process of writing, you will learn a lot of things about a product or service a particular business is offering. Moreover, you will learn about upcoming updates about products and services.

You Don’t Require Technical Background

Even if you don’t belong to the tech field, you can enter into technical writing. Here, you only have to know essential details about a specific product/ service, apply your analytical skills, and be inspired to write about tech stuff.

Dive into this Guide to Technical Communication Skills

Generate Good Revenue

Technical writing is one of the most crucial jobs around the world. Depending on the city and the country you are doing a job, your salary will vary. In India, the average base salary of a technical writer is Rs 498,990/year.

You Don’t Require a Degree

You don’t require a fancy college degree like a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts, etc., to enter the technical writing industry. If you have primary schooling and are passionate about technology, you can learn technical things and start your journey as a technical writer.

Why should you get a tech writing certification online?

Here are some of the most crucial reasons why you should get a tech writing certification online:

  • If you are starting or want to gain better skills as a technical writer, then getting technical writing certification is one of the most suitable ways to go ahead.
  • A certified technical writer will have more benefits and importance compared to non-certified technical writers.
  • Technical writing is a broad field which offers specification in different areas such as writing tools, software platforms, living standards, etc.
  • If you want to learn about the latest things running in the tech writing world, you should get a popular tech writing certification online.

After looking at the most important reasons to obtain a tech writing certification online, here we will walk you through some of the best places from where you can get a technical writing certification online.

1. technical writing master course.

IIMSkills is a well-known institute from India that offers tech writing certification online. Apart from the technical writing master course, the institute provides various courses effective in the industry today. The primary mission of IIMSkills is to provide world-class education to people around the world at an affordable price. As of now, it has trained people across more than 35+ countries globally.

The technical writing course from IIMSkills is much similar to the content writing course that focuses on various factors involved in technical writing. Several benefits like flexible batch timing, lifetime access to learning material, and internship set it apart from other institutes in the market.

This certification is suitable for anyone who wants to upskills their technical writing skills or a new entrant in the technical field.

Course Curriculum

It is an extensive course that covers a vast number of topics. Here is what you will learn from this course.

  • Basics of technical writing
  • Flow Charts, block diagrams, and schematics with infographics
  • Technical reports
  • Discourse Writing
  • API Documentation
  • Proofreading and publishing
  • User Manuals and data sheets, etc.

Key highlights of this Certification

  • The course provides lifetime access to the Learning Management System.
  • You will learn about various technical tools necessary in the industry.
  • The students who register for this course get an opportunity to opt for an internship. On enrolling for the same, they can publish their first whitepaper or technical blog.
  • You have to appear for an exam and get a specific score to obtain tech writing certification.

Cost: INR 14900+ 18% GST

IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Demo Invite

Other courses at IIM SKILLS

CAT Coaching

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

2. One Week Technical Writer Certification

This course is offered by Technical Writing HQ, one of the leading institutes offering writing courses. Joshua Fetcher and his partner, Obaid Kahn has years of experience in the technical writing field, and they have curated the course with one mission, to help people break their fear of technical writing and excel their job.

Various professionals who have got certification from Technical Writing HQ are working at Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Course Duration: One Week

It is an extensive technical writing course that teaches you the basics of a technical writer, how to ace up in interviews, and how to land a job as a technical writer. Here are some of the essential topics covered in the course:

  • How to Implement Technical Writing Key Responsibilities
  • How to Set Scope and Purpose of Your Documentation
  • How to Analyze Your Audience
  • How to Conduct Proper Research
  • How to Structure and Design Your Sentences
  • API Writing
  • Whitepaper Writing
  • Case Studies Writing and more.

Key Highlights of this certification

  • The course offers self-paced learning.
  • Learn about strategies, communication skills, and technical writing skills needed in the industry.
  • Highly interactive quizzes and challenges to keep you hooked to the course and complete it.
  • You will learn to write excellent quality documentation.
  • It helps you build your technical writer resume and online presence.
  • The course comes with lifetime access; hence, you can watch it as many times as you want.

Also, Read: Best Tech Writer Certification Courses in India

3. Certified Professional Technical Communicator

The next tech writing certification online course on our list is Certified Professional Technical Communicator offered by the Society of Technical Communication (STC). It is yet another well-known institute worldwide offering three types of certification. These include CPTC Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert. Here, you have to pass a test to get the required certification.

The institute provides study material for the foundation course on the website; however, you need to purchase specific books to learn concepts and get other certifications.

Let’s have a look at each certification in detail:

Foundation: It is for beginners. By clearing the CPTC Foundation test, it’s evident that you have a thorough knowledge of the best practices of technical communication.

Practioner: It is the next stage in CPTC. Getting a CPTC Practioner Certificate ensures that you can quickly grasp and apply technical communication concepts, guidelines, and processes, which further helps you make various decisions.

Expert: Getting this certification ensures that you have extensive knowledge of technical communication. To get this certification, you need to apply for specific expert interviews and work products. There is no expert-level exam announced yet.

Key Highlights of the Certification

  • It is one of the world’s most recognized technical writing certifications.
  • Foundation Certification provides you with the basics of technical communication.
  • The Practioner Certification ensures that you understand and practice things you have learned in real life.
  • For getting the Expert Certification, you need to go through several expert interviews and work products.
  • This certification ensures that you get in-depth knowledge of technical communication, which helps you transform your career.

Cost: The cost of each of the levels is different. However, before appearing in any of the exams, you need to become a member of STC. If you want to appear for the exam directly, then the cost is high.

To know more about this tech writing certification online, click here .

4. TechWriter Certification

TechWriter certification is a famous institute offering various technical writing certificates for individuals to grow in the tech writing field. They have collaborated with multiple accredited universities to provide the best technical certification programs.

Dr. John Reid and Dr. Kenneth Rainey are the two people behind TechWriter who have curated these courses for the workspace. There are a total of 3 different certificates that the institution is offering. Let’s look at them in detail:

Basic Certificate in Technical Writing: It is an instructor-led program specially created for people who don’t have enough experience in technical writing or advance their career in content writing or go towards a new path. You have to invest 90 hours in this program.

Certificate in Writing for Current Technical Writers, Editors, and Designers: It is also an intrusted-led program especially for those people who want to gain advanced skills in technical writing or go towards a new path with a corporate workspace. The duration of this course is three months.

Comprehensive Career Building Certificate in Technical Writing: It is created especially for the people already working in tech writing and anyone who wants to advance their careers. You have to invest three months in this program.

Based on the tech writing certification online you choose, you will learn different things. Let’s look at what you will learn from all these three certifications:

Basic Certificate in Technical Writing

By taking up this course, you will learn how to identify different forms of technical communications, conduct an audience analysis, craft appropriate documentation, review your content, and more.

Certificate in Writing for Current Technical Writers, Editors, and Designers In this course, you will learn how to analyze the audience, conduct task analysis, list out the main things mentioned in technical communication, conduct testing of your documentation, etc.

Comprehensive Career Building Certificate in Technical Writing On completing this course, you will be able to identify various things in writing, add graphics and modify them, learn technical terminologies, identify issues in grammar, and more.

  • TechWriter offers three types of courses, basic, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Industry-led experts deliver all the courses.
  • To improve your technical writing skills, you get various assignments and quizzes in the course.

Cost: The cost of getting the basic certificate for technical writing is $975. Further, the cost of each certification is different. To know more about these technical writing certifications, visit this link .

5. Medical Writer Certified (MWC) by the American Medical Writer’s Association

This tech writing certification online is mainly targeted at people who want to make their career in medical science writing. Medical Writing Certification Commission (MWCC) is partnered with the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) and designed Medical Writer Certified (MWC).

The association consists of 4000 members in the US, Canada, and 30+ countries that dedicatedly work to deliver precise health and medical information to the users. To appear for the exam, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any field plus two years of working experience in the medical communication field.

Exam Duration The duration of the exam is 2.5 hours.

  • Ensure to your employer or client that you have credibility and knowledge in medical writing.
  • Display your dedication to professional development in the field of medical writing.
  • You can open doors to new employment opportunities for yourself.

6. Coursera Technical Writing Certification Courses

Coursera is one of the leading eLearning platforms that has collaborated with 200+ universities & companies worldwide to deliver cost-effective and job-relevant courses for individuals and organizations.

As of now, there are more than 3,000+ online courses available on Coursera in varied specializations and disciplines.

The platform provides a vast number of courses to obtain tech writing certification online. Here, you can find courses from basic to intermediate to advance level. Out of these courses, Technical Writing by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is the best course you should look forward to enrolling.

Let’s look at the course duration and curriculum.

Course Duration: Technical Writing by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is of 19 hours.

The course is for intermediate level, which means people with technical writing basics can understand it well. This course is divided into four modules, each one focusing on the essentials of technical writing.

Key Highlights of the certification

  • It provides self-paced learning so that you can complete it at your own pace.
  • The course comes with various practice quizzes.

Cost: You can complete the course for free; however, you have to pay $29 to $100 per course to get the certificate.

Read more about Coursera Technical Writing Course

Udemy is also a famous American massive open online course provider targeted at professional adults and students. Udemy was founded in the year 2008, and until now, there are more than 155K courses on various topics and available in 65 languages.

In order to obtain a tech writing certification online, you can take various courses on the platform. Out of all, we recommend the following courses that you can take on the platform to being great at technical writing.

Technical Writing: Master Your Writing Career

The course is created by Joseph Philips, who has years of experience in technical writing and has written various books for leading publications. It is specially targeted at beginners.

Course Duration: 5.5 hours

Course Curriculum: You will learn how to know your audience, write the book, polish your writing, and more.

Price of this course: Rs 3,200

Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation

The course is created by the JPDocu School of Technical Writing and targeted at all the people who want to learn about writing proper software documentation.

Course Duration: 12-Hours

Course Curriculum: Technical writing basics, Types of documentation along with examples, and more.

Price of this course: Rs 8,640

Udemy runs sales throughout the year by which you can get these courses at much lower prices.

Also, Read: Best Technical Writing Courses on Udemy

All the courses we have listed are well-recognized by various companies worldwide. Moreover, people getting tech writing certification online from these institutes have got a great job or have started their freelancing journey.

Whether you are a beginner or someone who wants to take a massive leap in your career, you can opt for any of the above certifications online. The selection of the certification course should be based on your budget, flexibility in the certification course, and your current level in technical writing.

Lastly, by getting a tech writing certification online and putting your effort into implementing things you have learned, you can indeed become a successful technical writer.

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technical content writer certification

The 6 Best Technical Writing Certifications

Technical Writing serves a vital purpose. How companies communicate product-related information impacts users’ ability to safely and effectively use a product, as well as how those users perceive the company behind the product. As a result, technical writers often need to be certified. Technical writing certifications empower writers with the tools to communicate critical information to key audiences. But certificates vary wildly in cost, required coursework, and the qualification obtained in the end. This begs a few questions. What’s the best technical writing certification? And how do you choose? Keep reading to find out!

The 6 Best Technical Writing Certifications (Degrees, Courses, and Online Programs)

1. the university of strasbourg, master’s in technical communication and localization (tcloc) / tekom certification.

The University of Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France offers professional certification in technical communication, and much more. The dual-track program offers students both a master’s degree in technical communication and localization , as well as professional certification in technical writing through TEKOM, the European Association of Technical Communicators. 

The TCLoc program offers multiple pathways for students to obtain their degree and certification, taking between one and two years. TCLoc’s diverse curriculum includes multiple web languages and technologies, immersion in the burgeoning field of localization, an introduction to Computer-Aided Translation tools, content marketing and strategy, project management, professional writing, visual communication and design, and much more. 

It’s ideal for career changers and established professionals in the field of technical communication and localization, wherever they’re located in the world.

Cost: $6660 for first-time applicants

Find out more about the University of Strasbourg’s TCLoc progra m !

2. UC San Diego Extension

Professional certificate in technical communication.

UC San Diego’s Extension Program features a Professional Certificate in Technical Communication . The program consists of 18-24 months of coursework and includes in-person and online options. Featuring core courses, a variety of electives, and a capstone course, the certificate affords learners a range of knowledge and skills, from technical editing and communication to information design and critical thinking for technical communicators.

The program also grants access to more technical tools such as Adobe Photoshop, text editors, HTML editors, Desktop Publishers, and a ten-week grammar lab. Participants must earn a pass (C-) or better in each course. 

Cost: $5,250

3. University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Basic certification in technical writing.

The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire’s Basic Certification in Technical Writing is in its 15th year. The certificate comprises 3 courses – Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced – and 90 hours of coursework. 

Students must complete the program within the timeframe noted upon signing up, though for a fee extensions are possible. 

The certificate focuses on helping individuals:

  • Enhance technical language and communication skills
  • Prepare for teaching professional communication 
  • Prepare and execute training in their companies
  • Advance in a variety of technical communication-related positions

4. Society for Technical Communicators

Certified professional technical communicator (cptc).

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is the world’s oldest association dedicated solely to technical communication. Their Certified Professional Technical Communicator provides a three-tiered certification program for technical writers of all skill levels. Applicants can choose from:

  • Practitioner
  • Expert 

Each certification level requires participants to pass a test. Foundation certificants gain knowledge of the following subject areas:

  • Project Planning
  • Project Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Organizational Design
  • Written Communication
  • Visual Communication
  • Reviewing and Editing
  • Content Management
  • Production Delivery

Cost: Professional and Academic memberships from $225

5. Oregon State University

Online technical writing certificate.

Oregon State offers a multi-course online technical writing certificate . A series of six courses, the program can help technical writers already in the industry to advance their writing abilities, as well as give aspiring tech writers the knowledge and skills to succeed. Students can take any course individually or all for the full certificate. 

In addition to a free intro to technical writing, the certificate includes these courses: 

  • Manuals: Instructions and Overviews
  • Technical Editing and Report Writing
  • Single-Sourcing and Methodology
  • Usability and UX Design
  • Technical Writing and Portfolio Creation

Cost: $2,125 or $425 per course

Udemy is an online course provider and learning marketplace. It offers tons of courses at prices that are sure to please your wallet. Most cost between $19.99 and $199, making Udemy the most budget-friendly option on this list. Courses are taught by real instructors or professionals in the field, and you’ll get a certificate of completion when you finish. 

A sample of Udemy courses includes:  

  • Professional Technical Writing: Advancing Your Writing Skills
  • The New Trainer’s Guide to Creating End-User Documentation
  • A Quick Start to Technical Writing with DITA

Cost: $19.99 +

How to Choose the Right Technical Writing Certification for You

Choosing the right technical writing certification involves careful analysis of many different factors.

Career Objectives

There are multiple pathways in the field of technical writing . You’ll need to determine whether you’re looking to write for science, tech, the medical industry, or another specialization. Furthermore, if you’re looking to change careers, you may need a degree or higher-order certification. If you’re already established in your industry, there are tons of technical writing certifications . Or you may just need a course here and there to freshen up your credentials.

Online learning

Most technical writing certifications fully take place online. You’ll need a reliable device and stable access to the internet and learning platform.

Certificate vs. Certification

Be careful. Certificates and certifications may not carry the same weight. A certificate can often be awarded by simply attending a class. Certifications are often earned through rigorous assessment and evaluation. Carefully analyze what you need to meet your goals.


Technical writing courses vary greatly in cost. You can pick up courses from online platforms for under $100, while certifications from academic institutions can cost thousands. Consider your personal and career objectives so you can gain an idea of what you need to spend to reach your goals.

It’s also worth inquiring whether your employer may help foot the bill for the course fees. Many companies have a budget for professional development.

The Last Word

Carefully considering these factors, as well as thoroughly exploring each certification program above, should enable you to choose the program that best suits you. In this way, you can begin to not only hone your skills as a technical writer, but advance in your career, as well.

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