17+ Sample Job Application Letters for Fresher Graduates – PDF, Word

Businesses in various industries usually hire people based on their qualifications and the work experiences that they have already gathered that are related to the operations of the company. Being a fresh graduate may have its downsides in terms of application for a job position; however, one way of creating the best impact that may give you an edge among your competitors even if you are still a fresh graduate is the creation of a comprehensive job application letters.

sample job application letters for fresher graduates – pdf word

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Job Application Letter Template

graduate job application letter templat

  • Microsoft Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs
  • Editable PDF

Best Fresher Teacher Job Application Letter Template

fresher job application letter template

Sample General Student Internship Job Application Letter

sample student job application letter

Job Application Letter to HR Manager Template

job application letter to hr manager template

Job Application Letter For Graphic Designer Template

job application letter for graphic designer template

Job Application Letter for Business Administration Fresher Graduate

job application letter for business administration fresher graduate

Marketing Job Application Email Letter for Fresher Graduate

job application email letter for fresher graduate

Job Application Letter for Fresher Civil Engineering Graduate

job application letter for fresher civil engineer graduate

Job Application Letter for Fresh Customer Service Logistics Graduates

job application letter for fresh logistics graduates

Simple Job Application Email Letter for Fresher Graduate

sample job application letter for fresher graduate

How to Write a Job Application Letter for a Fresher Graduate

  • Since you still lack any industry experience, focus on the activities and  sample programs in your academic institution that you have been involved with. This can be very effective, especially if those events are related to the operation plan of the industry or company where you want to practice your competencies.
  • Provide a background of your academic performance. Your grade point average sometimes gives the company an impression of the kind of professional performance that you can provide for them.
  • List down your skills, talents, and other abilities that may be helpful for you to easily cope with the job functions that will be given to you should you be hired for a specific work position.
  • Your internship experiences may also be helpful as it has already provided you with the basics in terms of professional work operations. More so, it can give a bigger impact if your internship simple program is related to the job position that you are applying for.

Job Application Letter for Fresher Graduate Management Trainee

job application letter for fresher trainee graduate

Job Application Letter for Fresher Finance Accounting Graduate

job application letter for fresher accounting graduate

Free Job Application Letter for Fresher Graduate Nurse

job application letter for fresher nursing graduate

Professional Job Application Letter for Fresher Nursing Graduate

formal job application letter for fresher nursing graduate

Free Entry Level Job Application Letter for Fresher Graduate

entry level job application letter for fresher graduate

Free Job Application Letter for Fresher Tourism Graduate

job application letter for fresher tourism graduate

Free Job Application Letter for Technician Position Graduate

job application letter for technician position graduate

What to Write in Your Job Application Letter (for Fresher Graduates)

  • The date that the job application basic letter has been written
  • The name of the company where the new graduate wanted to apply
  • The academic institution where the applicant finished his or her studies
  • The date of the applicant’s graduation or the year that he or she finished his or her current educational attainment. You can also see more templates like  Job Application Letter for Executive .
  • The field of expertise that the candidate have studied
  • The relation of the job position that a candidate is applying for to the nature of his or her educational background
  • The qualifications of the applicant. You can also see more templates like  Manager Job Application Letters .

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How to Write an Application Letter

How to Write an Application Letter

How do you write an application letter that can get you the job you desire?

Many job seekers don’t always see the reason why they should write an application letter when they are applying for a job because they feel they can just send their CVs.

Your CV indeed contains all the necessary information that the recruiter needs to know about you, but sometimes your CV alone may not be able to do the job of helping you land the job of your dreams.

Your CV may do a great job of showing that you have the skills and education required to excel in a particular position, but it may not be great at telling your prospective employer that you are the best person for the job.

This is what an application letter does for you. An application letter expresses your interest in a job and shows the employer why you are the best person for the position. Writing an application letter is one of the hidden job search hacks that help you  apply for fewer jobs, but land more interviews .

If you are tired of getting  rejected every time you apply for a job vacancy , then you should consider writing an application letter that will help you express your sincere interest in the job of your dreams. In this article, we will be looking at:

  • What is an application letter
  • Importance of an application letter
  • Difference between an application letter and a resume letter
  • How to write an application letter
  • Application letter examples


What is an Application Letter?

A job application letter is a formal document that is sent to a prospective employer to express your interest in a position. An application letter is usually sent alone and not attached alongside another document.

Most times, an application letter is not sent after you must have seen an advertised position but sent whether or not a vacancy was advertised. The application letter serves a purpose that is similar to that of the CV.

Read:   How to Write an Application Letter in Nigeria for a Teaching Job

When You Should Write an Application Letter.

Yes, it is true that you should write an application letter when you are interested in a job, but that is not all you consider before you decide to write an application letter.

When you see a job advert that you are interested in, you send your CV and cover letter, right? But this does not quite work for application letters. Employers will not replace the CV and cover letter with an application letter.

The approach of an application letter is different from the CV and the cover letter. You should write an application letter when the employer does not solicit your interest in the position. This simply means when there is no job advertisement or posting.

For example, if you are searching for a job and you have a list of top companies that you would love to work for, you don’t necessarily have to wait for a job posting to declare your interest in that particular job. You can simply email an application to different companies.

This is a way for you to extensively and formally introduce yourself to the prospective employer of the companies that you would love to work for.

shs graduate application letter for job

Why You Should Write an Application Letter for a Job

Just like we have discussed earlier, there are many reasons why people write application letters. If you are actively searching for a job, then this is why you should consider writing an application letter:

  • It serves as a formal introduction between you and your prospective employer.
  • It can help you access hidden jobs.
  • It can help you to be a step ahead of other job seekers.
  • It puts you in a less competitive circle in comparison with what happens when jobs are advertised with thousands of applicants showing interest.
  • It can help you boycott the process of applying for a job online, and writing a resume letter because most times application letters stand alone.

Difference between a Job Application Letter and a Cover Letter

Many people use the terms application letter and resume letter interchangeably because they think that they mean the same thing. Even though the application letter and the cover letter perform almost the same function, they are different.

  • An application letter is intended to stand alone, while a cover letter is usually accompanied by a CV or resume.
  • A resume/cover letter will contain a brief introduction that consists of three to four sentences about the job seekers' experience, education, accomplishment and why the job seeker feels he/she is the best candidate for the job. On the other hand, an application letter may have a more extensive introduction because it is meant to stand alone just like the CV.
  • An application letter often can substitute for a resume and, therefore, requires that the job seeker include specific information about her work history and professional competencies. A cover letter, on the other hand, should not contain too much information about the job seekers because it is merely an introduction to the resume.
  • A cover letter is like an elevator pitch. It is intended to capture the reader's attention enough to make the recruiter or hiring manager want to review the CV.
  • A cover letter is usually used by a job seeker to show interest in a job vacancy after which the job seeker will attach a detailed document (which is usually a CV). An application letter is mostly used by a job seeker to show interest in an unsolicited job.

Learn  how to write a stunning cover letter  now.

How to Write An Application Letter in 10 Easy Steps

These tips will guide you on how you can write an application letter:

  • Write an Outline
  • Write your first draft
  • Use a friendly tone
  • Make it concise
  • Tailor the job application letter to the job specification and company requirement
  • Use typed and not handwritten documents
  • Use quality paper
  • Write a mind blowing ending

Are you applying for a security job, but don't know how to write an application letter? Read how to write an application letter for a security job in Nigeria

1. Write an Outline : Just like you write an outline when you want to write an essay, it is also important that you write an outline when you want to write your application letter. The outline is the structure of what you want to write in your actual application letter. It is good that you make clear what you want to achieve, and all the things that you want your prospective employer to know.

An outline of your application letter will make it easy for you to write your application letter because you have the structure planned out already.

2. Write a Draft : After you must have done a structure for your application letter, then it is good for you to do a rough draft of the application letter before writing the original one.

When you are drafting your application letter, you can make use of the outline that you did earlier to serve as a guide for your application letter. At this point, you may not worry about grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. This is to help you develop a prototype application letter.

3. Salutation : Salutation is one aspect of the application letter that is obvious. Most times that is what the employer will likely see first as soon as they open the letter. Since this is an important aspect of the application letter, you need to be careful.

It is important for you to know some tips on salutation before you start writing your application letter:

  • You should put a comma at the end of your salutation
  • If you are addressing more than one recipient, you should address the recipient as ‘Dear Sirs/Madams’.
  • If you don’t know the name of the recipient, you should address the person as ‘Dear Sir/Madam’.
  • If the recipient's gender is not known, you should address the person with the full name. Like; ‘Dear David Houston’.

 4.  Tone : Employers can sense your tone from the way that you write. When you are writing your application letter, you must treat the recipient with respect. Be polite and use formal language when you are writing. Be careful not to use slang or ambiguous words.

5. Be Brief : As much as you need to give your prospective employers reasons why you think you are the best person for the job, it is equally important for you to as brief as possible.

Employers are very busy and may not be able to spend time reading your application letter. Mention the purpose of your letter in the first paragraph because this is where the employer will likely look at first.

6. Tailor the letter to the job and the company : Tailoring your application to the job that you are applying for and the company will give your prospective employer the mindset that you are passionate about the job and the company.

Employers look forward to hiring people that are passionate about the job. Tailoring your application letter may be all you need to land the job of your dreams.

7. Use typed and not handwritten documents : Unless a handwritten letter is requested, you should send a typed and computer-generated document. Typing your document will help you present a well-aligned, clear, and easy to read the document.

8. Use a high quality Paper: If you are sending a hard copy application letter, make sure you use a good and quality paper. Don’t tear out a sheet of paper from your notepad and use that paper to write your application letter. If you do that, your application letter will look scrappy and rough.

9. Proof-reading : proof-reading your application letter will help you see errors that you would need to fix before you send your application letter. You can read your application letter out loud to yourself to see some errors.

Check the spellings on your application letter and punctuation errors. You can use Grammarly.com to check your spellings and edit your errors.

 10.  Ending your application letter : When you are sending your application letter, you should make sure that your tone matches the tone of the letter. A formal letter closing is polite, courteous, and respectful.

These are common closing that you can use to end your application letter:

  • ‘Sincerely’ or your ‘faithfully’
  • ‘Your Truly’
  • ‘Faithfully Yours’

Application Letter Example for Any Job Vacant Position

Application letter format

Writing an application letter can be easy and straight forward if you follow some rules. From salutation, closing, to the overall organization of your letter some rules makes your application letter appear good.

Your application letter should begin with the contact information. The contact information should include your contact and that of the employer.

The contact information should include; name, address, phone number, email, and date. If it is an email application letter, you can put your contact at the end of the letter after your signature.

The heading of your application letter includes the contact information and the salutation.

Contact information

(Your contact information)

City, State Zip Code

Phone Number

Email Address

(The employer’s contact information)

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,


Salutation is the polite greeting that is usually at the beginning of the application after the contact information of the. The common salutation format is ‘Dear Mr./Ms’ followed by the person’s last name.

The body of the application letter

The body of your application letter lets your prospective employer know the position that you are applying for, why they should consider your application and how they would finally follow you up if they consider you for the position.

The body of your application letter is made up of different paragraphs leading up to the conclusion. Here we are going to look at the different paragraphs.

First paragraph

The first paragraph of your application letter will include information about why you are writing the letter in the first place. It is in this paragraph that you will mention the job that you are applying for and where you saw the job application.

It is in the first paragraph that you create a lasting impression on the employer. This is where you sell yourself to your prospective employer.

Second and third paragraph

The second and the third paragraph of your application letter should tell your prospective employer what you have to offer the company and what you have to offer performing the job.

These paragraphs are the most important in your application letter because this is where you have to prove to the employer that you meet the need of what the employer is looking for.

This is where you would have to share the experience, skills and accomplishments that suggest you as the best person for the job.

Remember to state how your qualification makes you the best person for the job.

Note : You should research the company and find out some information that will help you emphasize that you are the best person for the position. You can research the role that you would love to fill to find out the company’s expectation for the role, and then tailor your application in that regards.

You should also not forget to make use of specific example where possible. If you say that you are a skilled at marketing products, you should be able to give examples that would emphasize that.

Last paragraph

The last paragraph of your application letter should summarize your application letter. You should also thank your employer in this part of your application letter. You should conclude this paragraph by thanking your employer for considering you for the position.

You can also include information on how the employer or the company will follow you up.

Complimentary close

You should sign off your letter with a polite close. For example;

Signature (for a hard copy letter)

Typed Signature


Job Application Letter   Example for an Experienced Job Candidate

Writing an application letter for a job may not be an easy thing to do especially when you are writing one for the first time.

Looking at an application letter example will help write your own without much stress. This application letter example will guide you to write your application letter.

David Emmanuel

11 South Street

Ocean View Estate, Lekki,

Lagos, Nigeria.


[email protected]

November 13th, 2019.

Judith Peterson

Human Resources Director

Capital Solutions, Inc.

101 Admiralty Way

Lekki, Lagos,

Dear Mr. Judith,

I was very happy when my friend, Daine James, told me that Capital Solutions are searching for a Human Resources Specialist with a minimum of two years experience.

From my research on the company, I learned that Capital Solutions see team work as an important aspect of performance that can help the company reach its goals, and how much the company needs a Human Resources specialist that would join the team and start performing at once. I believe that I am that ideal candidate for your team.

I am David Emmanuel, a graduate of Human Resources and Personnel Management from the University of Lagos. My 5 years of experience in Human Resources practices has made me become a Human Resources specialist.

In my current as the Human Resources Manager, I manage a team of 20 staff members, organize on-boarding program for new staff, and prepare pay role for the company. I also have experience in:

  • Data entry and data reporting on HRM software
  • Recruiting and hiring processes (which includes; creating job descriptions, posting job vacancies, creating candidate awareness on available job vacancies, screening CVs and scheduling interviews).
  • Organizing company event. (Organizing end of the year party and team bonding events).

I would love to speak with you about my qualifications and what I can do for your team. Thank you for your consideration.


David Emmanuel.

Job Application Letter   Example for Job Candidates with No Experience

Jane Aderinsola

11 Ajayi Close,


John Samuel

Dear Mr Emmanuel,

I was extremely excited when a friend mentioned the opening for the role of a customer service intern. I recently graduated from the University of Lagos, where I studied Mass Communication. I am very passionate about customer service, which is why I am excited about this position.

As a first-class graduate of Mass Communication, and as a one-time public relations officer for the students’ Union. I have learned how to effectively communicate and manage relationships with diverse people.

Asides from my graduate program, I have also taken different certificate courses and training in customer service practices and public relations. I recently attended a 2-weeks customer service training where I learned: The ethics of customer services, telephone etiquette, and I improved my written communication skills.

From my education, training and experience, I have been able to build the following skills:

· Excellent communication skills

· Good listening skills

· Improve my writing skills

· People management skills

· Interpersonal skills

· MS Office

I believe that my education, experience, and training in Mass communication and customer service practices has prepared me for this internship role.

Considering the great milestone that ABC company has achieved over time, I am certain that this company will be a great environment for me to grow my career as well as contribute to the success of the organization.

I look forward to a scheduled time where we can discuss my qualification as regards the internship.

Thank you for your consideration .

Application Letter FAQ

1: should my cv be accompanied by an application letter .

The answer is yes, your CV or résumé should always be accompanied by an application letter. It's an important self-marketing tool which you shouldn't fail to utilize.

2:  How Should I Format My Application Letter?

Your application letter should be formatted the following way: ●    Heading (hard copy) or Subject (Email) ●    Salutation Check this post for more infomration on how to format your application letter

3:  What Should I Include In My Application Letter?

Your application letter should include relevant work history and skills, the significant role you played in your previous job which matches the job you are now applying for, why you would be a  good fit for the role, achievements, and any industry certifications you possess

4: How Long Should My Application Letter Be?

Typical, a cover letter should be half a page, or one full page in length. Break it into paragraphs, so that the information can be easily and quickly absorbed by the recruiter.

Having a professional application letter can help you land the job of your dreams without having to wait for years. Companies receive loads of application letters daily, but learning how to write an effective application letter can help stand out from other job seekers.

Looking to land your dream job? See  100 interview questions and answers  to get you prepared for the big day.

shs graduate application letter for job

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How to write a CV & Application Letter as an SHS Graduate

shs graduate application letter for job

As WASSCE/SHS graduates transition from senior high school to the job market, it’s crucial to have a well-prepared Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter. This article offers a step-by-step guide on how to craft these essential documents.

Crafting Your CV

A CV is a comprehensive record that outlines your educational history, achievements, notable projects, awards, and professional experiences. Here’s how to create a basic CV after completing your WASSCE:

  • Personal Details : Include essential information like your name, contact details, and address.
  • Profile : This section should highlight your skills and interests, such as excellent communication abilities, teamwork, and adaptability.
  • Presbyterian Boys’ SHS, Legon: 2021–2023
  • Nungua Senior High Scool, Nungua: 2018–2021
  • Alpha Preparatory School: 2015–2018
  • Positions Held : If you’ve held any roles in school, list them here. Skip this section if it doesn’t apply.
  • Skills and Experience : Even without formal work experience, you likely possess valuable skills. These could include computer proficiency, communication skills, and interpersonal abilities.
  • References : Provide the names and titles of two or three individuals who can vouch for your qualifications.


Writing a Cover Letter

Many people struggle with cover letter writing, as it’s often not covered in educational settings. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Include your address and the company’s address.
  • Use a specific title like “Application for Employment as a Teacher.”
  • Keep the body concise; 80 words or fewer should suffice.
  • Conclude with a polite closing and your signature.

Sample Application Letter for SHS Graduates

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shs graduate application letter for job

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High School Student Cover Letter Samples & Examples That Worked in 2023

Julia Gergelova — Resume Writer

How to craft an effective high school student cover letter

For high school students who are striving to earn a part-time position, an internship, or any other type of extracurricular work, writing a great cover letter is the first key step to take. Since many high school students do not have a long work history yet, this can require some extra time and cleverness to frame high-school-level experiences compellingly.

In this guide, we teach you exactly how to write an effective cover letter as a high school student. Continue reading to learn all about:

  • Crafting a memorable cover letter header as a high school student
  • Tailoring your high school student cover letter to be specific to the reader
  • Writing an eye-catching introduction for your high school cover letter
  • Highlighting your skills and academic experiences as a high school student
  • Persuasively concluding your high school student cover letter

Let’s jump into the first step and begin crafting the ideal high school student cover letter!

Part-Time Job Cover Letter Template

1. How to craft a memorable cover letter header as a high school student

As a high school student, your top priority when writing a cover letter is to make it look professional.

High school students can often overlook the importance of visual design when writing cover letters, as they are more focused on making the letter’s content sound good.

Yet, a great-looking and professional cover letter format can go a long way in impressing employers.

In your cover letter header, you should include:

  • Your name and academic position
  • Your contact information
  • The name of the company you are applying to
  • The address of the company you are applying to

Here is an example of a well-formatted high school student cover letter header

Molly Madison , High School Class President (123) 456-7890 | [email protected] | linkedin.com/in/molly-madison

To: Jackson’s Downtown Boutique & Shoppe Gallery 1234 Street Address Phoenix, AZ

2. How to properly tailor your high school student cover letter

After giving your cover letter an excellent visual structure and flow, your next step is to tailor the greeting and content of your high school student cover letter .

Tailoring a cover letter means making the information as relevant to the reader as possible. For instance, if you are applying to work in an ice cream shop, describing how your skills can be applied to customer service and food safety are good ways to make your letter relevant to the job.

Additionally, you should address your cover letter to the person who is most likely to read and review it, such as a company’s owner or a head manager.

Here are 3 examples of personalized cover letter greetings

Dear Mr. John Doe,

  • Dear Hiring Manager John Doe,
  • Dear Mr. John Doe & the Hiring Department,

Find out your resume score!

Resume Analytics

3. How to write an eye-catching introduction for your high school student cover letter

When applying for jobs as a high school student, you are likely not going to have an extensive work history to showcase in your cover letter.

To make up for this, you need to ensure each detail you write is as eye-catching and compelling as possible. It is especially important to pay extra attention to your introduction , as an introductory paragraph can often be the thing that either impresses employers or makes them lose interest.

The best high school cover letter introductions should include:

  • A brief overview of your academic history (academic performance, extracurriculars, etc.)
  • Any key roles you have held in your academic history (leadership roles, athletics, etc.)
  • A brief statement on what you are passionate about (this should be relevant to the role, position, or opportunity you are applying for)

Here is an example of a great introduction from a high school student cover letter

I am a junior at Rowe County High School seeking my first job in the outdoor recreation industry. As a student, I helped to start an Outdoor Program club that now has 30+ members and takes students on chaperoned adventures, such as hiking and camping. Your company is a staple in the local outdoor community and gaining this job would provide me with the opportunity to both practice my passion and learn more about the industry. 

4. How to highlight your skills and academic experiences as a high school student

With your introduction out of the way, you can now begin writing your cover letter’s body paragraphs.

Many people choose to break up their body paragraphs into smaller, simple sentences. Additionally, bullet points can be used to keep your body paragraphs more organized and easy to skim over.

When writing these body paragraphs, your main goal is to describe your best skills and accomplishments as a high school student. You should select skills and accomplishments that are highly relevant to the position you are applying for.

Here are 6 examples of skills to include in a high school student cover letter

  • Communication skills (describe your exact style of communication)
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking

Here is an example of how to describe an accomplishment in a high school student cover letter

As a student at Monroe High School, I won the election for Class President two years in a row during my sophomore and junior years. This year, I am serving as the Senior Class President, which comes with greater responsibilities, including management of the school spirit budget.

5. How to persuasively conclude your high school student cover letter

To conclude your high school student cover letter, you must write a persuasive closing statement that encourages the reader to get in touch with you promptly.

Remember to maintain your professionalism in your conclusion as well by including a formal sign-off.

Here is an example of a persuasive closing statement from a high school student's cover letter

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my letter and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. As I am still in school, the best hours to reach me are in the early morning between 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. or in the late afternoon from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. It would be my honor to work at your company and I hope to hear from you within the next week about my application.

Many Thanks,

[Applicant Name]

Julia Gergelova — Resume Writer

Julia Gergelova

Julia is a professional writer, translator and graphic designer. She holds degrees in translation and interpretation, and has international work experience from a number of different countries in Europe as well as China and Panama. Julia formerly taught academic writing and as a graphic designer contributed to outlets such as  The Business of Business . She has a passion for lifelong learning and good coffee.

All student cover letter examples

  • Formal Sciences Student
  • Humanities Student
  • Student Internship
  • Natural Sciences Student
  • Professions And Applied Sciences Student
  • Social Sciences Student
  • University Student

All high school student cover letter examples

Example Cover Letter for Teenager

Related high school student resume examples

Intern at Xactly Corporation Resume Sample

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english template

Cover Letter Ninjas

Cover Letter Examples For High School Students

' src=

For many high school students getting a job is a rite of passage. More importantly, it’s the first step towards financial independence, skills development, and some new life experiences. Whether you need a job to help your family financially, or just for some fun money, you must put together an impressive application package.

One of the most important elements of that package will be your cover letter. It’s your way to introduce yourself to a potential employer. You can really help yourself out by leaving a great first impression. Before you sit down to type out your next cover letter, read the paragraphs below. We’ve included some helpful tips and a sample cover letter for a high school student.

Do High Schoolers Need a Cover Letter?

As a rule of thumb, yes. If you are going through a formal job application process (think applying online for a waitressing job over being asked to babysit by a parent’s friend), it’s best to attach a cover letter. In fact, since you probably don’t have much work experience, a cover letter may be your only application document aka a piece of information the hiring manager will use to form their opinion about you and decide on hiring. So don’t skim on this step! 

How Do you Write a High School Cover Letter?

All cover letters, regardless of your age or work experience, have the same structure:

  • Introductory paragraph, detailing who you are and what job you are after
  • Cover letter body, providing more context about your motivation, personal attributes, and possible qualifications
  • Closing paragraph, reiterating your interest and availability, plus prompting the next steps. 

This is the basic structure to follow when writing your first cover letter as a high school student.

Below are some extra helpful tips to help you shape your letter into a professional-sounding employer magnet! 

Focus on Your Skills

Presumably, you don’t have much work experience . That’s fine. Employers who hire students expect that to be the case. Still, you want your cover letter to highlight how you can be of service to a potential boss. You can do this by emphasizing your skills.

Think of it this way. There are so many ways that you can pick up skills. You don’t simply learn them at work. For example, you may have learned how to use Microsoft Word and Excel through business classes in high school. Maybe you started a YouTube channel with friends, and now you’ve got great video editing skills. Even doing regular school assignments has helped you to learn how to use a computer, conduct research, and develop great writing skills.

Claire W.

Write a Self-Assured Intro

Use your introduction paragraph to tell the hiring manager exactly who you are, your purpose for applying, and share your top selling point. This is the single skill, experience, or personality trait you think is most likely to help you get an interview.

Check out this example:

“My name is James Evans, and I am a senior at Wilson Academy. I am an eagle scout with extensive experience leading groups during camping and hiking outings. This, I believe, makes me a great fit for this job, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share more about myself.”

Show That You’ve Done Your Research

Learn as much as you can about each company, and the available position before you write your cover letter. The more you know, the better you can personalize each cover letter to the employer.

Start with a name. It’s always a good practice to address your cover letter to the hiring manager. That’s the person who will read and decide if they want to interview you or take a pass on your application. Address your letter to the person directly, and avoid using generic greetings (e.g. ‘dear sir or madam’).

Finally, by doing a bit of research, you can do a better job of showing an interest in the company. For example, you could note a special project or undertaking. Something like this:

“I noticed that you are opening a new store at the corner of 5th and Main St. That’s walking distance from my home. I’d be excited to be part of the sales team at this brand-new location.”

Talk About Your Accomplishments

Without much experience, you may find it difficult to fill up a written page. One thing that you can do is create a bullet list with between three and five accomplishments that you think will make you stand out. These should be meaningful to employers.

For instance, winning a graphic design competition if you are applying for a trainee position at a development firm would be perfect. Earning the first chair in violin when applying for a job at a call center is something you should probably leave off of your cover letter.

High School Student Cover Letter Sample in .docx Format

high school student cover letter example for Word

Download example (Word version)

Cover Letter Example For High School Students – Text Format

Dear Mr. Jackson,

My name is Bruce Ninja. I’m a junior at Wilson Technical Academy. I am currently enrolled in the school’s culinary education program. Through this program, I have learned safe and proper food preparation practices, the basics of cooking and baking, and obtained my food sanitation license. I believe my education and experience would make me a great addition to your team as a line cook and the barbecue pit restaurant.

I attend regular classes for half of the day. There I maintain a 3.5-grade point average. In the afternoon I attend culinary arts classes. 3 days a week I work in the student cafeteria. There my duties include preparing sandwiches, soups, and salads. I also work front-of-house operating a cash register, taking orders from customers, and bussing tables.

Last summer I worked as an apprentice with Mitch Murray where I was able to learn various techniques relating to barbecuing and grilling meats. We traveled throughout the Midwest on the barbecue competition and state fair circuit. During that time I won awards for:

  • Most creative side dish
  • State of Missouri governor’s youth BBQ award
  • Iowa State Fair Best in Show youth division

I am experienced in many aspects of the casual restaurant industry. I am also willing to take on any duties as needed and look forward to learning as much as I can in any position I’m given. I’ve included my resume as well as two letters of recommendations one from Mitch Murray BBQ, and the other from my culinary arts instructor. I hope to hear from you soon

Bruce Ninja

First Job Cover Letter Example for a High School Student – .docx Format

This sample was written for a high school student, looking to secure their first-ever job in retail. 

high school student cover letter example for a first job

Cover Letter for High School Student First Job Sample – Text Format

Dear Ms. Snowden,

I’m sending this letter to express my interest in the Summer Front-Desk Receptionist job at Fullerton Park Hotel. While I am new to the workforce, I am confident that your establishment will benefit from my hard-working attitude and strong people skills.

As a local at Fullerton, I have deep knowledge of the city attractions, restaurant spots, and leisure activities. As a member of the History Society at Fullerton High School, I can confidently introduce guests to the cities heritage and provide curious historical facts to the most curious guests. In addition, I have strong digital literacy skills and feel comfortable using office software and conference phones systems. In fact, I can also troubleshoot common tech issues (e.g. such as those with Wi-Fi), thanks to the tips and tricks my mechanical engineer-brother shared with me. I’m a self-starter and eager to learn using new types of proprietary software too.

Fullerton Park Hotel is also well-known for its stellar customer service level, reflected in a 9.8 rating on Booking.com. If accepted for this job, I’d be fully committed to maintaining the same levels of customer-centricity. A good attestation to my pleasant personality is a personal references letter by my History Teacher, attached to this letter.

I am available to come by for an interview at your convenience. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Jessica Ninja 

Final Tip: Secure a Recommendation

If there is an instructor, previous employer, scout leader, or coach who is willing to write a quick letter of recommendation that can really help your application. It’s that extra bit of endorsement that could help you and the interview!

Other Cover Letter Samples

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shs graduate application letter for job

Sample cover letters for fresh graduates (HR, Marketing, Sales)


We know it’s not easy to write a cover letter. You have spent almost two decades of your life in education, for some actively involved in sports, school activities, clubs, associations and others. And then there are those who have experience in internship, part-time jobs , industrial training and others. So how to cramp that much in a one-page cover letter?

What is a cover letter, you ask? As explained by the balance , a  cover letter is a document sent with your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience. It acts like a sales pitch document that allows you to ‘sell’ to the hirer on why you are qualified for the job you are applying for.    


Cover Letter Sample 1 (HR, print version)

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Cover Letter Sample 2 (Marketing, email version)

▪7 tips to help you prepare for a job interview in English

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Cover Letter Sample 3 (Sales, without internship experience, print version)

NOTE: These application letter samples are for reference only. All information provided should be considered as fictional.

This article is either written or edited by jobsDB HK. If you would like to publish it on other website or publication, please contact us by email: [email protected] . jobsDB reserves the right to take legal action against any person that infringes the copyright.

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