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Common Responsibilities Listed on Veterinary Receptionist Resumes:

  • Greet and check in clients and their pets
  • Schedule appointments and surgeries
  • Answer phones and respond to inquiries from clients
  • Process payments and collect fees
  • Maintain client records and update medical histories
  • Prepare and maintain medical charts
  • Assist veterinarians with patient care
  • Monitor and order office supplies
  • Ensure the reception area is clean and organized
  • Assist with marketing and promotional activities
  • Provide customer service to clients
  • Handle administrative tasks such as filing, faxing, and mailing

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Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example:

  • Implemented a new appointment scheduling system that reduced wait times by 50% and increased client satisfaction scores by 20%.
  • Collaborated with the marketing team to create and execute a successful social media campaign, resulting in a 25% increase in new client appointments.
  • Managed inventory and ordering of office supplies, reducing costs by 15% while ensuring all necessary supplies were always available.
  • Developed and implemented a new client communication system, resulting in a 30% reduction in missed appointments and an increase in client retention by 25%.
  • Streamlined the payment process by implementing a new payment system, reducing payment processing time by 20% and increasing on-time payments by 15%.
  • Trained and mentored new receptionists, resulting in a 50% reduction in training time and an overall improvement in team satisfaction scores by 10%.
  • Managed and maintained client records and medical histories, ensuring accuracy and completeness of all records and reducing errors by 20%.
  • Collaborated with veterinarians to improve patient care, resulting in a 15% increase in successful treatments and a 10% decrease in patient recovery time.
  • Implemented a new filing system, reducing filing time by 30% and improving overall organization and efficiency of the office.
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Client communication
  • Inventory management
  • Payment processing
  • Training and mentoring
  • Record keeping
  • Collaboration with veterinarians
  • Office organization
  • Marketing and social media
  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving
  • Multitasking
  • Empathy and compassion for animals

Top Skills & Keywords for Veterinary Receptionist Resumes:

Hard skills.

  • Appointment Scheduling and Management
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software
  • Customer Service and Communication
  • Medical Terminology
  • Cash Handling and Payment Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Animal Handling and Restraint
  • Medical Record Keeping and Filing
  • Telephone Etiquette and Call Handling
  • Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Office Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Insurance Verification and Claims Processing

Soft Skills

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Customer Service and Patient Care
  • Organization and Attention to Detail
  • Multitasking and Time Management
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Professionalism and Work Ethic
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Active Listening and Feedback Incorporation
  • Computer and Technology Skills

Resume Action Verbs for Veterinary Receptionists:

  • Communicated
  • Prioritized
  • Coordinated
  • Facilitated
  • Troubleshot

Resume FAQs for Veterinary Receptionists:

How long should i make my veterinary receptionist resume, what is the best way to format a veterinary receptionist resume, which keywords are important to highlight in a veterinary receptionist resume, how should i write my resume if i have no experience as a veterinary receptionist, compare your veterinary receptionist resume to a job description:.

  • Identify opportunities to further tailor your resume to the Veterinary Receptionist job
  • Improve your keyword usage to align your experience and skills with the position
  • Uncover and address potential gaps in your resume that may be important to the hiring manager

Complete the steps below to generate your free resume analysis.

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StandOut CV

Veterinary Receptionist resume example

Andrew Fennell photo

As an animal lover, the role of a veterinary receptionist is very appealing. After all, who doesn’t want to spend their days welcoming fluffy visitors (and their owners, of course)?

But in order to land the role, you need to prove to the recruiter that you’re organized, approachable, and tech-savvy.

To do this, you need a strong resume that outlines your skills, and you can use our writing guide and veterinary receptionist resume example to create yours.

Bold resume builder - small

Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example

Veterinary Receptionist Resume 1

This example Veterinary Receptionist resume gives you a general idea of how to structure your own resume, along with the type of content you need to include.

Sticking with this resume format will help you to get noticed by employers and ensure that they can quickly see the benefit of hiring you.

Now, lets walk through a step-by-step guide on how to write your own winning resume.

Bold resume builder - large

Veterinary Receptionist resume layout and format

Your resume layout and format will play a big role in helping hiring managers to take notice of your resume and stay glued to it.

Shoot for a simple yet professional look to ensure you make a strong first impression, and organize the page in a way that is easy for readers to digest the information.

The following formatting tips should help.

How to write a resume

Formatting your resume for success

  • Length: Attention spans in recruitment are notoriously short, so keep your resume short and sweet. There’s no exact rule for resume length, but aim for 2 pages or less if you want to ensure yours gets read in full.
  • Font & readability : Complex fonts are a readers’ worst nightmare and will leave recruiters struggling to understand your message. Use a clear simple lean font in a color that stands out against the page, and break your text up with bullet points to make the content easily digestible.
  • Layout & Structure: While creating an attractive resume, it is crucial not to compromise functionality for design. To ensure both, use bold headings and borders to structure the page into clear sections.
  • Photos: You are not obliged to add a photo to your resume in the USA, but it can be a nice way of adding some life to the document.

Quick tip: Achieving a professional look for your resume can be difficult and time-consuming. If you want to create an attractive resume quickly, try our partner’s Resume Builder and use one of their eye-catching resume templates.

Resume formatting tips

Resume layout

When you write your resume , include the sections below.

  • Name and contact details – Pop these at the very top to ensure recruiters know how to contact you.
  • Resume summary – An eye-catching paragraph which summarizes your most valuable attributes – placed near the top of your resume
  • Skills section – A bullet pointed list of your most in-demand skills, enabling recruiters to see your suitability from a glance.
  • Work experience – List some or all of your previous jobs in reverse chronological order – voluntary work and college placements can be included if you have no paid experience.
  • Education – A summary of your professional training and academic qualifications.
  • Additional info – An optional section for anything that may boost your application, such as relevant hobbies and interests

Here’s what to include in each part of your resume.

Contact Details

Contact details

Keep your contact details short to save resume space and include the following.

  • Name and profession title
  • Cell phone number
  • Location – Add your local area such as Silicon Valley or New York , unless you are looking for work in a different location
  • Email address – Keep it professional and don’t use an old address that you thought was cool in high school, but now looks a bit embarrassing.

You can add a link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one – you do not need to include personal details like date of birth or marital status.

Veterinary Receptionist Resume Summary

Start your resume with a bang by adding a powerful summary to the top, summarizing your most valuable skills and experience.

This short paragraph is your chance to show recruiters why you are a perfect fit for the job and encourage them to read more of your resume.

resume profile

How to create a resume summary that will get you noticed:

  • Keep it short: Aim for a short punchy paragraph of 4-7 lines. This is just enough info to showcase why you’d make the perfect hire, without going into excessive detail and overwhelming busy recruiters at such an early stage in the resume.
  • Tailor to target jobs: Tailor your resume to your target jobs by studying the job description and adding as many matching skills as you can.
  • Avoid using cliches: You might be a “ highly motivated go-getter who thinks outside the box” but generic meaningless cliches like that don’t tell employers much about you – stick to factual information in your summary.

Example resume summary for Veterinary Receptionist

What to include in your veterinary receptionist resume summary.

  • Summary of experience: What kind of companies have you worked for in the past? And which jobs have you carried out?
  • Relevant skills: Skills that are highly relevant to Veterinary Receptionist work should be made prominent throughout your summary.
  • Qualifications: If your job requires any qualifications such as a professional course or a college degree, mention it briefly in your summary.

Quick tip: Choose from hundreds of pre-written summaries across all industries, and add one to your resume with one-click in our partner’s Resume Builder. All written by recruitment experts and easily tailored to suit your unique skillset and style.

Core skills section

In addition to your resume summary, your core skills section provides an easily digestible snapshot of your skills – perfect for grabbing the attention of busy hiring managers.

As Veterinary Receptionist jobs might receive a huge pile of applications, this is a great way to stand out and show off your suitability for the role.

It should be made up of 2-3 columns of bullet points and be made up of skills that are highly relevant to the jobs you are targeting.

Core skills section resume

Best skills for your Veterinary Receptionist resume

Customer Service – Providing excellent customer service, including greeting clients, answering questions, and addressing concerns in a friendly and professional manner.

Appointment Scheduling – Scheduling appointments accurately and efficiently, while maintaining a high level of organization and attention to detail.

Medical Terminology – Maintaining knowledge of medical terminology used in veterinary medicine, including an understanding of common diseases, treatments, and procedures.

Stakeholder Communication – Communicating effectively with clients, veterinarians, and other members of the healthcare team, including providing clear and concise information, active listening, and empathetic communication.

Veterinary Technology – Using veterinary software systems, electronic medical records, and other computer-based tools effectively.

Cash Handling – Handling cash transactions and using a point-of-sale (POS) system accurately and efficiently.

Problem Resolution – Identifying and resolving client problems, including billing issues, scheduling conflicts, and other concerns.

Knowledge of Pet Health and Nutrition – Maintaining knowledge of pet health and nutrition, including providing clients with information on topics such as pet food, exercise, and preventive care.

Quick tip: Our partner’s Resume Builder contains thousands of in-demand skills for every profession that can be added to your resume in seconds – saving you time and greatly improving your chances of landing job interviews and getting hired.

Work experience

So, you’ve got the recruiter interested with your catchy summary… Great work.

Now it’s time to show them the impact you make in the workplace by listing out your previous jobs and what you achieved in each one.

If you have tons of experience, you can condense this part down to the last few years – if you are junior, then you should include as much possible (even volunteering and school work placements)

Work experience resume

Structuring your jobs

Without a good structure, your job description can look messy and overwhelming to anyone reading them.

Make it easy for recruiters to read your work experience by structuring your roles like this.

Role descriptions

Job outline

Each role description should begin with a qucik summary of the job and company, along with how the job fits into the strucuture of the organization.

Key responsibilities

The bulk of the role description should be comprised of bullet points that explain all of your duties in the job.

Keep the sentences short and simple to make them easy for recruiters to digest.

Key achievements

Show employers the value you can bring to them by adding a few achievements to your jobs.

Whether you’ve saved the company money or improved an internal process, let recruiters know

Add some numbers to give readers a real scale of the impact, e.g. “reduced call wait time by 10%”

Example job for Veterinary Receptionist resume

Work as part of the reception team at a large veterinary clinic in Asheville, greeting customers and managing an average of 150 appointments per day.

Key Responsibilities

  • Greet clients, log their arrival online, and direct them to the waiting room
  • Generate invoices, manage insurance claims, and process payments by card and BACS
  • Manage the clinic inbox, respond to emails in a timely manner, and send SMS reminders
  • Make appointments, manage the clinic diary, and notify vets of the schedule

Quick tip: Create impressive job descriptions easily in our partner’s Resume Builder by adding pre-written job phrases for every industry and career stage.

Education section

Towards the bottom of your resume, add your education section.

Here you should list your professional qualifications and academic record, such as high school diplomas or college degrees.

If you have lots of work experience, you can keep this section brief (because recruiters will be more interested in your career. If you have little/no experience then you should bulk this section up with plenty of detail.

Additional information

The additional info section is optional but can be useful if you have anything else to add that could benefit your application.

For example, you may have some hobbies and interests that are relevant to your job – or you might have awards or publications to shout about.

Writing your own Veterinary Receptionist resume

A winning Veterinary Receptionist resume should look great, read well, and sell your skillset to hiring managers.

If you follow the steps above, you should be able to bag yourself a top job in no time.

And don’t forget you can use our partner’s Resume Builder if you want to save time and ensure your resume contains the very best content.

Good luck with your job search!

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Veterinary Receptionist resume examples

A modern resume example for a Veterinary Receptionist position. Based on the best resume writing practices.

  • No experience
  • Specialized

Average Veterinary Receptionist Salary

What is the pay by experience level for veterinary receptionist, career paths.

Explore the most common career paths for Veterinary Receptionist. Thickness and color of lines indicates popularity of movement from one job to the next. Visit our career path planner to research other job paths.

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Professional pointers and advice for an effective Veterinary Receptionist job resume.

When considering job opportunities, you need to demonstrate your dedication and interest to achieve the place of employment. Compose the Veterinary Receptionist CV choosing special terminology and explanations of the work-related capabilities you possess, and maintain the structure acceptable. Our pro guidelines will help you to prepare a successful application form for a vocation in Healthcare.

Typical Key Skills and Action Verbs for Veterinary Receptionist

Action verbs are particular verbs that describe the most noteworthy Healthcare savviness, required for any unmatched curriculum vitae for a Veterinary Receptionist position. They should be meticulously selected to be in line with the requirements of the establishment you dream of working for. Next is an array of words that will certainly elevate the probability of getting the job: cleaning, communicate by telephone, manage animal biosecurity.

Key Skills & Proficiencies

Action verbs, veterinary receptionist cv phrases to use.

What makes a highly effective CV to obtain a Veterinary Receptionist job? Obviously, experience is a fantastic component to have, but plenty of employers will not likely even consider the application without a number of fundamental expressions and terms. Consider making use of a number of these in your curriculum vitae: data entry, signs of animal illness, first aid/cpr.

Phrases To Use

Best veterinary receptionist resume objective examples.

Becoming competent enough and acquiring relevant skills is wonderful, yet often it's just not enough to acquire a Veterinary Receptionist position or any other position in Healthcare. You also are required to be dedicated and show that you could make use of your skill sets by integrating an exceptional objective statement to your CV.

How To Use Resume Examples To Create A Job-winning Resume


It is no longer news that you need to submit a professional resume if you want to improve your chances of getting the job you crave. In this article, you will find out how resume examples can help you with this challenging task. Over the years, statistics have shown that many job seekers find the act of resume writing difficult. Creating resumes that can win you the job you desire can be challenging, especially if you are writing your first resume. However, thanks to the emergence of information technology, you can now say goodbye to the struggles that come with crafting a resume from scratch. Now, there are a wide variety of tested and proven job-winning online resume samples on different resume builders available for you to choose from. This makes it much easier for you to write resumes that will convince hiring managers to give you the job. As you keep reading this article, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What are Resume Examples?

How do I create my own resume with Resume Examples?

How do professional resume examples work, why do we suggest using resume examples, what are the things i should pay attention to when searching for a resume example, can i edit resume examples according to my needs.

Let's get right into the details!

What are Resume Samples?

As the name implies, they are ideal examples of what resumes in different industries look like. For instance, they provide you with suitable resume structures and recommended details to include in your resume. Additionally, they also show you the most effective way to portray your skills and experience to your potential employer. With the aid of these samples, you can create your resume faster and boost your chances of getting the job that you crave. This is why we have gone all out to show you how you can use them to edge out your competition (other job seekers). You will also discover some key details about resumes. Read on!

If you want to prove to your potential employers that you are the perfect fit for a vacant position, you need to create a perfect resume or cover letter. However, there is good news. You don't need to rack your brain to write a job-winning resume. All you have to do is visit a reliable online resume builder, follow a few simple steps, and best. These resume builders give you access to many ideal examples of industry-related resumes you can easily refer to when creating yours. Resume samples provide you with the perfect guide you need to craft a readable and relevant resume. Here is how you can use them to create your own resume:

  • Choose samples with resume formats suitable for a specific job or industry.
  • Observe how the names and contact information are included and follow suit
  • Include your resume objective or summary, following the pattern
  • Take a look at how the skills are highlighted and do the same
  • Get keywords from the sample and use them in your own resume
  • Mention your education using the structure in the example
  • Pay attention to the font style and use the same when creating your resume
  • Make sure you proofread your resume to confirm if it aligns with the sample you used

After doing this, you can rest assured that you have created a professional resume.

Before explaining how these examples work, let's clear air. They should not be mistaken for resume templates that are ready-made document format designed to help job-seekers portray their career achievements, skills, education, and work experience to their potential employers in an organized and attractive way. Now, the purpose of an example is to provide you with sufficient context, general best practices, and insight on what a resume for a specific industry looks like. Once you have an idea about how writing a specific or targeted resume works, you can improve the way you write your resume. This is how they work in helping you achieve your goals of writing a job-winning resume.

Here's why we recommend you use them:

  • Makes writing a top-notch resume Easier

Most of them are written by resume experts

  • Helps you to avoid the mistakes most job seekers make

Saves you time

Makes writing a top-notch resume easier.

Writing a professional resume is easier when you use a resume example. It's no longer a hidden secret that some job seekers know little to nothing about creating a resume or cover letter. If you fall under this category, that's no problem at all. Not everyone is great at putting words on paper. So, don't feel bad because you struggle with this aspect. It isn't all doom and gloom.

Here's what you can do to make things better:

Look for samples of resumes related to the industry or position you are applying for and use them as a guide when writing yours. This will improve your ability to write a job-winning resume quickly.

When you use them, you are simply following a laid-down blueprint on the right way to write a resume suitable for any industry. This is because the options you will find on resume builders are crafted by resume experts. These experts possess vast knowledge about the do's and don'ts when it comes to writing a resume. They understand perfectly well what hiring managers look out for when they screen job resumes. For this reason, they ensure that the examples they make available to you on the resume builders are easy to read and well-formatted. They make it possible for you to draw the attention of any employer to your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. You can be sure that writer's block is a thing of the past when you use them as your guide. And the best part is this — you will be able to create a resume that will leave a lasting impression on your potential employers.

Helps you to avoid the mistakes that most job seekers make

One way to avoid the mistakes that most job seekers make is to use a guide for writing resumes. According to experts' opinions, most job seekers make spelling and grammatical errors. In the eyes of your potential employers, these mistakes are red flags that can prevent you from getting the job you crave. Using examples to create your own resume can help you cut out mistakes because you need to pay attention to every detail. By doing this, you can avoid the errors your competitors will likely make in their resumes. This gives you the upper hand.

Writing a resume from scratch takes a lot of time. But it gets better when you use samples because you get to save yourself a few minutes or hours of brain-racking. All you have to do is find a resume ideal for the industry of your choosing and use it to your advantage. Besides saving you time, you won't need to go through as much stress as you would have if you had to start from scratch.

Making a decision to use examples when crafting your resume is one step in the right direction. But before you settle for an example, here are a few things you should consider during your search:

  • Ensure they are industry-related resume
  • The resume format (Chronological, Functional, or Combination Resume Format). Make sure it is the perfect fit for the position you are applying for.

When it comes to resume writing, you control the situation completely. It is up to you to create a great resume that is well-suited to a particular position or industry. You can use this opportunity to transform your previous job experience into a sensation and catch the eye of your potential employers. If you want to pull this off easily, you can edit samples of resumes. The sole purpose of an example is to provide you with the right context required to craft a resume for a certain industry or job title. Every tip, resume format, or phrase you will find is designed to help you target industries specifically and show your worth. It helps you to prove to your employers that you are a professional who understands the demands of a position and the goal of the company. With the aid of this guide, you can easily draw the attention of the company's management to your skills, dedication, knowledge, and expertise. Regardless of the industry, you plan to begin or continue your career in, there is an example available for you to use. This implies that if you want to impress employers in industries like Information Technology, Real Estate Management, Accounting, and many others, there is one for you to edit according to your needs. No one is left out.

Final Words

So far, we have shared with you all you need to know when using these helpful tools to create your resume. It's now up to you to use all we have shown and explained to you to your advantage. Remember, although writing a great resume can be tasking, you can rest assured that if you use samples on industry-related resumes the writing experience will be much easier. We wish you success in your job hunting.

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Learn from people who have succeeded in their job hunt

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5 Amazing veterinary receptionist Resume Examples (Updated 2023) + Skills & Job Descriptions

Build your resume in 15 minutes, veterinary receptionist: resume samples & writing guide, jonathan green, employment history.

  • Maintain patient records, including medical histories and client contact information
  • Prepare and administer medications as directed by the veterinarian
  • Assist in the cleaning and maintenance of the facility
  • Monitor and order office supplies
  • Process payments and handle financial transactions
  • Assist with medical treatments and procedures
  • Provide customer service to clients and patients
  • Ensure the clinic is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

Do you already have a resume? Use our PDF converter and edit your resume.

Ernest Foster

  • Answer incoming calls and respond to inquiries
  • Educate clients on proper animal care and nutrition
  • Greet clients and patients in a friendly and professional manner
  • Update and maintain clinic website and social media accounts

Professional Summary

  • Follow safety protocols and procedures

Frank Taylor

Danny hawkins.

  • Schedule appointments for clients and patients

Not in love with this template? Browse our full library of resume templates

resume examples veterinary receptionist

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Resume Samples & Writing Guide
  • Resume Example 1
  • Resume Example 2
  • Resume Example 3
  • Resume Example 4
  • Resume Example 5
  • Jobs Description
  • Jobs Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • How to Improve Your Resume
  • How to Optimize Your Resume
  • Cover Letter Example

veterinary receptionist Job Descriptions; Explained

If you're applying for an veterinary receptionist position, it's important to tailor your resume to the specific job requirements in order to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Including accurate and relevant information that directly aligns with the job description can greatly increase your chances of securing an interview with potential employers. When crafting your resume, be sure to use action verbs and a clear, concise format to highlight your relevant skills and experience. Remember, the job description is your first opportunity to make an impression on recruiters, so pay close attention to the details and make sure you're presenting yourself in the best possible light.

veterinary receptionist

  • Perform administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, confirming appointments.
  • Checking and maintaining pets’ records to see what service and or inoculations are needed.
  • Pre Exam duties, bringing pet/client into exam room, confirming services needed, take a history/complaint, prepare inoculations for vet.
  • Assisting vet, holding animal during service, dispensing medication.
  • Accepting payments from clients. 
  • Balance cash register.
  • Scheduled annual checkup appointments, consultations and surgery visits for various animals, including dogs, cats and [Animal].
  • Fielded phone calls from pet owners, answered questions and took messages that would be left for the veterinarians on staff.
  • Maintained a clean, orderly and welcoming reception area.
  • Assisted with nursing – anaesthetics, x-rays, surgery, injections, animal care, sterilising instruments.
  • Answered phones and scheduled client appointments, routine and emergency.
  • Checked in all clients, including weighing animals and putting them in the proper room.
  • Maintained client charts before and after appointments.
  • Billed clients based on appointments.
  • Communicated with veterinary professionals to provide information or education, handle complaints or issues completely and accurately.
  • Refill prescriptions for clients.
  • Maintained exam rooms for the veterinary technicians and veterinarians.

veterinary receptionist Job Skills

For an veterinary receptionist position, your job skills are a key factor in demonstrating your value to the company and showing recruiters that you're the ight fit for the role. It's important to be specific when highlighting your skills and ensure that they are directly aligned with the job requirements, as this can greatly improve your chances of being hired. By showcasing your relevant skills and experience, you can make a compelling case for why you're the best candidate for the job.

How to include technical skills in your resume:

Technical skills are a set of specialized abilities and knowledge required to perform a particular job effectively. Some examples of technical skills are data analysis, project management, software proficiency, and programming languages, to name a few. Add the technical skills that will get hired in your career field with our simple-to-use resume builder. Select your desired resume template, once you reach the skills section of the builder, manually write in the skill or simply click on "Add more skills". This will automatically generate the best skills for your career field, choose your skill level, and hit "Save & Next."

  • Animal Handling
  • Veterinary Software
  • Veterinary Terminology
  • Medical Record Keeping
  • Surgery Scheduling
  • Animal Restraint
  • Inventory Management
  • Client Communication
  • Cash Handling
  • Sterilization Procedures
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Veterinary Procedures
  • Veterinary Diagnostics
  • Animal Care
  • Computer Literacy
  • Microsoft Office
  • Animal Welfare
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Medical Billing

How to include soft skills in your resume:

Soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to how you work and that can be used in any job. Including soft skills such as time management, creative thinking, teamwork, and conflict resolution demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and show that you navigate challenges and changes in the workplace efficiently. Add competitive soft skills to make your resume stand-out to recruiters! Simply select your preferred resume template in the skills section, enter the skills manually or use the "Add more skills" option. Our resume builder will generate the most relevant soft skills for your career path. Choose your proficiency level for each skill, and then click "Save & Next" to proceed to the next section.

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Organization
  • Public Speaking
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Attention to Detail
  • Self-Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Collaboration
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Presentation
  • Written Communication
  • Social Media
  • Troubleshooting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Supervisory
  • Risk Management
  • Database Management
  • Documentation
  • Financial Management
  • Visualization
  • Business Acumen
  • Process Improvement
  • Relationship Management.

How to Improve Your veterinary receptionist Resume

Navigating resume pitfalls can mean the difference between landing an interview or not. Missing job descriptions or unexplained work history gaps can cause recruiters to hesitate. Let's not even talk about the impact of bad grammar, and forgetting your contact info could leave your potential employer hanging. Aim to be comprehensive, concise, and accurate.

Stanley Walker

Include your contact information and job descriptions, missing job descriptions lessens your chances of getting hired..

  • Employers want to know what you've accomplished, so make sure to include descriptions for all of your previous jobs.
  • Keep job descriptions short but don't just list your jobs.
  • Never copy-paste a job description to post on your resume. Get inspired and use tools to help you write customized descriptions.

How to Optimize Your veterinary receptionist Resume

Keep an eye out for these resume traps. Neglecting to detail your job roles or explain gaps in your career can lead to unnecessary doubts. Grammar blunders can reflect negatively on you, and without contact information, how can employers reach you? Be meticulous and complete.

Charles Davis

  • Assist with medical treatementss an proceduers.
  • Answering incoming calles and responding too inquirys.
  • edjucate clints on propur animul care an nutrishun.
  • Assist in the cleanin and maintenence of the facilty.
  • Povide basic animal care, includin feedin an bathin.
  • edjucate clients on proper animle care and nutrtion.
  • Provide basic animal care, includin feedin an bathin.
  • Updat and maintane clinic website an social media account's.
  • Answering incomming calles and responding to inquirys.

Correct Grammar and Address Gap Years in Your Resume

Don't leave unexplained gaps in your work history..

  • When explaining gaps in your employment section, start by being honest.
  • Elaborate on the gap and show that you never stopped learning.
  • Explain and elaborate any gap in your work history by highlighting new skills.

veterinary receptionist Cover Letter Example

A cover letter can be a valuable addition to your job application when applying for an veterinary receptionist position. Cover letters provide a concise summary of your qualifications, skills, and experience, also it also gives you an opportunity to explain why you're the best fit for the job. Crafting a cover letter that showcases your relevant experience and enthusiasm for the Accounts Payable role can significantly improve your chances of securing an interview.

To the Hiring Team at American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

I am a highly motivated Veterinary Receptionist with 6 years of experience in Animal Care. I am excited to submit my application for the Lead Veterinary Receptionist position at American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, where I believe my skills and expertise would be an excellent fit.

Growing up, I always had a fascination with Animal Psychology. As I pursued my education and gained experience in this field, I realized that this was where I could make the most impact. I have had the opportunity to work on things throughout my career like personal projects and voluntary work, which have developed in me a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this field. I am excited to bring my passion and expertise to the role at and help your organization achieve its goals.

I appreciate the opportunity to apply for the Lead Veterinary Receptionist position. I am committed to making a positive impact on the world, so I am thrilled about the opportunity to join your team and work towards achieving our shared goals for the betterment of everyone.

Showcase your most significant accomplishments and qualifications with this cover letter. Personalize this cover letter in just few minutes with our user-friendly tool!

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Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example & Writing Guide

Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example

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Veterinary receptionist resume sample, professional summary.

Friendly and detail-oriented Veterinary Receptionist with experience in managing incoming phone calls, scheduling appointments, and maintaining patient records. Has a passion for helping animals and a commitment to providing top-notch customer service to pet owners.

Work Experience

Abc animal hospital (anytown, usa).

Veterinary Receptionist | August 2018 - Present

  • Manage incoming phone calls, schedule appointments, and greet clients as they check in for their appointments.
  • Conduct basic administrative work, such as maintaining patient records, sending reminders, and reconciling payments
  • Assist veterinary technicians in preparing examination rooms, restraining animals, and tracking inventory of necessary supplies

XYZ Veterinary Clinic (Anycity, USA)

Veterinary Receptionist | May 2016 - July 2018

  • Greeted clients as they checked in for their appointments and assisted in managing incoming phone calls
  • Maintained and updated patient records, assisted in the processing of invoices, and reconciled payments
  • Ensured cleanliness of the reception area and examination rooms, restocked supplies as necessary

ABC College (Anycity, USA)

Bachelor of Science in Animal Science | May 2016

  • Coursework included animal behavior, genetics, and anatomy & physiology
  • Completed a semester-long internship at a local animal shelter, where I helped manage animal intake and performed temperament assessments
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and veterinary practice management software
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment

Focus on Your Achievements

Your resume should showcase what you've accomplished in your career. Instead of listing daily tasks, emphasize your achievements, demonstrating your value with real-world examples.

Veterinary Receptionist Resume Writing Guide


If you're interested in becoming a veterinary receptionist, you'll need to have a strong resume that showcases your relevant skills and experience. A veterinary receptionist is responsible for managing the front desk of a veterinary office or clinic. This role involves tasks such as greeting clients, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and keeping records of patient information.

When writing your veterinary receptionist resume, it's important to follow a clean and simple format that's easy to read. Use a standard font such as Arial or Times New Roman, and keep your font size between 10 and 12 points. You should also aim to keep your resume to one page, so be sure to prioritize your most important qualifications and experiences.

  • Contact Information: Begin your resume with your name and contact information at the top of the page, including your phone number, email address, and mailing address.
  • Objective: Include a short statement describing your career goals and how they align with the position of a veterinary receptionist.
  • Education: List any relevant education or training, such as a high school diploma, certification in veterinary office management, or coursework in animal science.
  • Experience: List your previous employment history, highlighting any relevant experience working in a veterinary office or clinic. Include job titles, dates of employment, and a brief summary of your responsibilities and accomplishments.
  • Skills: Provide a list of relevant skills, such as excellent customer service, multitasking abilities, and proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • References: Include a sentence at the end of your resume stating that references are available upon request.

Make sure to proofread your resume for any spelling or grammatical errors, and have a friend or family member review it for clarity and readability. Additionally, tailor your resume to each job application by highlighting the skills and qualifications listed in the job description. Good luck with your job search!

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Lying or exaggerating.

Honesty is critical on your resume. Any form of lying or exaggerating about your experience or skills could lead to consequences when the truth is discovered.

Resume Examples You May Interested

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My Resume DB

Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

Veterinary Receptions are responsible for managing the front office. This includes scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, greeting clients who walk in off the street and maintaining a clean reception area. Clerks should also be familiar with medical terminology so they can answer any questions clients may have about their pets’ treatment or medications. The top skills for this position are customer service, communication skills, medical terminology, medical procedures (animal), and computer software. Veterinary experience is not required but receptionist experience is helpful.

resume examples veterinary receptionist

The Best Veterinary Receptionist Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Veterinary Receptionist resumes for your reference.

Veterinary Receptionist

  • Assisted in scheduling appointments/surgeries for patients in person or by telephone.
  • Maintained patient records by obtaining, recording, and updating personal and financial information.
  • Assisted in the treatment of patients and availability of treatment information by filing and retrieving patient records.
  • Received recognition as a sole employee with 100% accuracy in data entry of thousands of veterinary records.
  • Consistently met or exceeded revenue goals by encouraging customers to use veterinary hospital services through data collection and voluntary verification techniques.
  • Thoroughly clean clinic and animal areas daily, including cages, floors, dishes, bedding, etc.
  • Provide treatment and care for animals including vaccinations, examination, and performance of medical treatments (i.e. bandaging, nail clipping, ear cleaning, etc.), as needed.
  • Monitor pre and post-surgery animals for any difficulty with anesthesia.
  • Maintain patient records by accurately recording treatments and test results in patient charts and other medical records.
  • Trained staff of four during a seven-week period; disciplined and guided staff to attain a 98% error-free data entry rate within the first month of employment.
  • Open the veterinary clinic before the arrival of the doctors; get the clinic ready for the day’s work, and close the clinic as directed by the veterinarian.
  • Answer incoming calls professionally and route calls to other staff members in line with the hospital’s protocols.
  • Welcome clients with their pets to the clinic in a friendly and courteous manner.
  • Prepare patient forms and files ahead of their scheduled appointments for easy access when they arrive.
  • Recognized for outstanding service after training, supervising, and supporting the team of five employees following six months on the job.
  • Used Animal Intelligence software to schedule appointments, and create and update client accounts during the daytime part of shifts.
  • During emergency hours of my shifts, keeping upset and sometimes frantic clients calm was my forte.
  • Handled multi-line phones, client/ patient discharges, incoming emergencies, room flow, and client communication, among other tasks all while remaining friendly, helpful, and professional.
  • Developed exceptional time management and multitasking skills needed to perform tasks to the highest level.
  • Assured quality customer service in the veterinarian’s reception office.
  • Provide professional, efficient, and exceptional service at all times.
  • Assist incoming clients by completing the required documentation, entering all pet information and history in the computer, utilizing proper tags for identification, and ensuring prompt service.
  • Preparation of medical files for every pet treated in the clinic and maintaining and updating these files.
  • Schedule appointments accurately, take messages, and ensure that there is no confusion or overlap of appointments.
  • Promoted and marketed a new health plan to the veterinary clinic’s clients to increase profits and shorten claims payouts.
  • Worked at the front desk and alongside doctors and technicians, assisting with patient care.
  • Set and managed appointments in high volume, 12 doctor clinics; checked patients in and out.
  • Spearheaded the implementation of technology in-clinic administration.
  • Rescued two animals brought in under suspicious circumstances. One was a family pet, the second was a stray dog that had been hit by a car. She nursed both to health and returned them to their owners with her own money and without drawing attention from authorities or animal rights groups.
  • Answering phones and greeting visitors, I increased total office visits by 7%.
  • Coordinate appointments and care management with rescue organizations and pet owners.
  • Communicate directly with the Veterinarian and the Veterinary Technicians to ensure clients are billed appropriately and billing is coded correctly.
  • Communicate with other doctors and clinics to ensure appropriate coordination of care.
  • Update vaccination records and recommend vaccinations and other preventative care to ensure proper preventative measures are up to date.
  • Trained, supervised, and coordinated the pet transportation of animals in the community. This resulted in a decrease of 21% in the overall animal loss.
  • Front opening and closing duties such as payment detail reports and cash deposits.
  • Check-in and check-out in an efficient and timely manner for doctors working that day.
  • Make sure lab work is in the system and recalls are made for DVM to look over and contact clients with information on patient prognosis.
  • Managed the scheduling of over 8,000 veterinary appointments at three hospitals.
  • Reducing lost pet calls by 39% after creating a system to locate dog tags prior to scheduling appointments.
  • Schedule, check-in and allocate appointments and procedures as designated by clients and doctors.
  • Fill, prepare, organize, and call in prescriptions to designated pharmacies by the client and compounded prescriptions to BCP.
  • Numerically file finished client/patient charts that have been completed throughout the day.
  • Assist in rectifying any client dilemmas/inconveniences that occur and including directing them to the appropriate Dr. or supervisor/manager if needed.
  • Ameliorated animal abuse reports by promoting awareness through handouts, announcements to customers, and faxes to regional police departments. Also assisted in finding lost pets using the lost/found section of a newspaper website.
  • Interact in a helpful and positive manner with diverse members of the public by greeting and checking in with clients, answering phone calls, and receiving and sending emails.
  • Maintain accurate records by auditing patient charts and updating patient and client information in the database.
  • Coordinate with front desk team members and medical team members to provide clients and patients with a positive experience and appropriate veterinary care.
  • Maintained veterinary health care records, scheduling, advising, and counseling clients, and answering phone calls.
  • Authorized and disbursed pet food orders as directed by office policy.
  • Assisted the veterinarians and veterinary technicians with animal care, treatments, and filling medications.
  • Participated in meetings to enhance methods to increase the practice’s sales and clientele and to improve client satisfaction.
  • Used the Infinity software program for data entry of the medical procedures for each patient.
  • Educated clients about possible forms of treatments, services, and products that the hospital provides.
  • Followed up with clients to ensure that their pets are complying with their medical needs.
  • Act as the first point of contact for customers and pets, visitors, and pharmaceutical and medical supply vendors.
  • Ascertain patient needs and communicate emergent situations with medical staff.
  • Promptly answer multi-line phone system, schedule appointments, and field inquiries.
  • Performed follow-ups for appropriate medical procedures for cats to ensure that advice was followed.
  • Communicated information to the public in person and over the phone.

How to Become a Successful Veterinary Receptionist?

Though there are no educational requirements, most offices will want a receptionist with at least a basic grasp of veterinary knowledge, which requires either a bachelor’s or associate’s in veterinary medicine, though some smaller clinics may be willing to accept just a high school diploma or GED.

As you are typically the first point of contact with the office, you will always want to put forth a friendly face and have a comforting disposition, as while some patients will just come in for a check-up others will be there for more serious issues, and a calming presence will make them feel far better.

You will also be in charge of the schedule, so keeping a close track of time is very important so the veterinarian isn’t overwhelmed while still ensuring patients can be seen. Due to emergencies, this may require some rescheduling, so you’ll have to be organized so no one is forgotten or double booked.

The technical knowledge you’ll require with prescriptions will also be something to focus on, as animals, just like people, need the right medicine and the right dose to be healthy. Accidentally ordering the wrong kind can make them sick or do serious harm, so you’ll need to always be attentive.

There are many veterinary offices all across the United States, and when customers first enter that need to be checked in with their pets, their insurance is taken, and payment will need to be issued when they leave. A veterinary receptionist takes care of this and also handles communication for the office through phones or emails.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.

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Veterinary Receptionist Resume Guide

Veterinary receptionists are responsible for greeting clients, scheduling appointments and providing customer service. They also handle payments, maintain client records and answer basic questions about services offered by the veterinary clinic.

Veterinary clinics are always on the lookout for knowledgeable receptionists like you. But before employers can consider you, they need to know who you are—which means crafting a resume that stands out from the competition.

This guide will walk you through the entire process of creating a top-notch resume. We first show you a complete example and then break down what each resume section should look like.

Veterinary Receptionist Resume

Table of Contents

The guide is divided into sections for your convenience. You can read it from beginning to end or use the table of contents below to jump to a specific part.

Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

Shana Kirlin Veterinary Receptionist

[email protected] 679-735-3942 linkedin.com/in/shana-kirlin

Amicable veterinary receptionist with 5+ years of experience providing exceptional customer service and administrative assistance. At XYZ Veterinary Hospital, successfully managed incoming calls, scheduled appointments, handled payments and billing processes for over 200 clients per week. Received numerous awards from the hospital staff for outstanding performance in client relations. My goal is to provide excellent customer service at ABC Animal Clinic while expanding my knowledge of veterinary practices and procedures.

Veterinary Receptionist, Employer A McAllen, Jan 2018 – Present

  • Reorganized the appointment scheduling system, reducing wait times for clients by 25% and increasing customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Successfully processed over 50 payments per day while providing accurate information to pet owners on veterinary services available at the clinic.
  • Monitored inventory levels of medical supplies, medicines and other items required in daily operations; alerted management when stock was running low or expired products were detected.
  • Streamlined filing systems for patient records & billing documents which resulted in a 30% reduction in clerical errors and improved overall efficiency of administrative tasks within the practice environment.
  • Represented the hospital professionally as first point-of-contact with customers over phone calls and face-to-face interactions; handled complaints diplomatically to maintain goodwill between patients/clients & staff members alike.

Veterinary Receptionist, Employer B Rockford, Mar 2012 – Dec 2017

  • Communicated with pet owners, veterinary staff and other stakeholders in a friendly and professional manner; assisted over 200 customers daily.
  • Recorded patient medical histories while ensuring accuracy of information; decreased data entry errors by 15%.
  • Spearheaded the implementation of an updated appointment scheduling system that improved customer wait times by 20 minutes on average.
  • Reliably ensured timely filing and management of sensitive medical records for 500+ patients across multiple locations according to relevant regulations & standards set forth by governing bodies in the industry.
  • Assisted veterinarians with preparing surgical instruments, equipment sterilization & pre/post-operative care for all clients as needed during appointments, resulting in positive feedback from 75% of surveyed customers about their experience at the clinic.
  • Time Management
  • Animal Welfare
  • Receptionist Duties
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Communication
  • Animal Behavior

Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology Educational Institution XYZ Nov 2011


Veterinary Receptionist Certification American Association of Veterinary State Boards May 2017

1. Summary / Objective

A resume summary for a veterinary receptionist should showcase your customer service skills, organizational abilities and knowledge of animal care. You can mention the number of years you have worked in the field, any relevant certifications or training programs you completed, and how well-versed you are with medical software such as VetMatrix. Additionally, highlight any awards or recognition that demonstrate your commitment to providing excellent client services.

Below are some resume summary examples:

Dependable veterinary receptionist who excels at multitasking and working with animals. 4+ years of experience in a veterinary office setting, including greeting visitors and scheduling appointments. Proven ability to handle sensitive client information while maintaining professionalism, discretion, and confidentiality. Seeking to join ABC Vet Clinic as the next front desk receptionist where I can bring excellent customer service skills to help create a positive environment for clients and their pets.

Driven and organized veterinary receptionist with 5+ years of experience in the animal care industry. Skilled in managing multiple tasks and delivering excellent customer service to pet owners while maintaining accurate patient records. Proven ability to work under pressure and quickly adapt to changing environments. Seeking an opportunity at ABC Clinic where I can utilize my extensive knowledge of pet health needs, along with my friendly demeanor, to provide outstanding client support services.

Seasoned veterinary receptionist with 5+ years of experience in a fast-paced animal hospital. Proficient in multiple computer systems, including Avimark and Cornerstone. Committed to providing superior customer service while managing client appointments and maintaining accurate medical records for over 2,000 clients. Seeking to join ABC Animal Hospital as the next veterinary receptionist where I can utilize my knowledge and expertise to provide excellent care for all patients.

Committed veterinary receptionist with 5+ years of experience providing exceptional customer service to pet owners. Highly organized and able to manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. At XYZ Veterinary Clinic, successfully handled appointment scheduling, billing inquiries, and staff communications for over 100 clients per day. Received recognition from management for consistently exceeding expectations and maintaining excellent client relationships.

Skilled veterinary receptionist with 10+ years of experience working in busy animal clinics. Adept at providing exceptional customer service, scheduling appointments and managing the front desk. At XYZ Clinic, managed a client base of over 500 pet owners while maintaining accurate records for all animals under care. Received numerous commendations from clients for being both knowledgeable about their pets’ needs and friendly towards them.

Accomplished veterinary receptionist with 5+ years of experience in a veterinary clinic. Possess excellent customer service skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. At XYZ Veterinary Clinic, managed client check-ins, appointments scheduling, billing processes, filing documents, and customer inquiries with efficiency and accuracy. Led training sessions for new staff members on office policies and procedures.

Energetic and detail-oriented veterinary receptionist with 3+ years of experience in customer service, scheduling appointments, and managing client records. Looking to bring strong organizational skills and problem solving abilities to ABC Veterinary Clinic as the next front desk attendant. At XYZ Animal Hospital, achieved 97% satisfaction rating from clients for promptness and accuracy of services provided.

Determined veterinary receptionist with 6+ years of experience in the healthcare industry. Looking to join ABC Veterinary Clinic and provide top-notch customer service, critical data management support, and efficient front desk operations. At XYZ clinic, boosted patient satisfaction ratings by 15%, while also improving efficiency in scheduling appointments by 20% via process improvements.

2. Experience / Employment

Next comes the work history section, which should be written in reverse chronological order. This means your most recent job is listed first.

Stick to bullet points when describing what you did, as this makes it easier for the reader to take in all of the information quickly and easily. When writing these bullets, make sure to include details about what you did and any quantifiable results that were achieved due to your work.

For example, instead of saying “Managed client appointments,” you could say, “Scheduled over 200 veterinary appointments per month while ensuring clients received timely reminders via text message or email.”

To write effective bullet points, begin with a strong verb or adverb. Industry specific verbs to use are:

  • Communicated

Other general verbs you can use are:

  • Coordinated
  • Demonstrated
  • Facilitated
  • Participated
  • Reorganized
  • Represented
  • Spearheaded
  • Streamlined

Below are some example bullet points:

  • Managed the front desk operations of a busy veterinary clinic, responding to client queries over the phone and in person while scheduling appointments for 10+ pets per day.
  • Facilitated smooth patient flow by checking-in customers promptly upon arrival, verifying pet insurance information and collecting payments quickly; increased customer satisfaction ratings by 25%.
  • Advised clients on animal health care topics including vaccination schedules, feeding instructions & treatments; reduced average wait times from 30 minutes to 15 minutes or less.
  • Accurately inputted medical data into an electronic records system within 2 hours of initial appointment completion; eliminated errors due to manual filing methods previously used at the clinic.
  • Filed all relevant documents such as invoices, laboratory reports and vaccine certificates according to organizational protocols; improved filing system organization efficiency by 40%.
  • Independently managed the front desk of a busy veterinary practice, overseeing reception services for over 100 clients per day and assisting with animal care tasks as needed.
  • Structured efficient check-in/check-out procedures that enabled staff to process all appointments within 1 hour; improved customer satisfaction ratings by 25%.
  • Presented information on pet health programs & vaccinations to customers upon arrival, upselling additional services such as spaying/neutering when applicable; raised revenue by $1,500 in the last quarter.
  • Utilized scheduling software to book appointments for veterinarians and maintain an organized database of patient records; reduced appointment reminder calls from 12 minutes to 2 minutes on average each day.
  • Formulated comprehensive medical files containing complete client histories & treatments administered for quick reference during exams; expedited workflow rate by 35% in first month of employment.
  • Updated patient records and appointment schedules for over 500 clients daily, expediting the admissions process and reducing paperwork errors by 15%.
  • Resolved customer inquiries efficiently in-person, via phone & email; successfully managed a call volume of up to 40 calls per day with no backlogs or delays.
  • Reduced average wait time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes through efficient scheduling management while ensuring that patient needs were addressed first priority.
  • Confidently handled billing processes including payments, collections & refunds accurately and within established timelines on a daily basis.
  • Processed over 200 invoices per month with 100% accuracy while providing professional administrative support to veterinarians at all times.
  • Collected payments from over 150 pet owners each week, utilizing POS systems and ensuring accurate record keeping to optimize cash flow.
  • Optimized operations by creating a filing system for client records and streamlining appointment scheduling processes; reduced wait times by 40%.
  • Efficiently handled customer inquiries regarding services offered, pricing structure, payment methods & potential treatments; increased client satisfaction ratings by 15%.
  • Processed payments of up to $5,000 per day on behalf of veterinarians while maintaining clear audit trails in the accounts department database with 100% accuracy rate.
  • Achieved cost savings targets set out by management team through efficient use of office supplies such as paper and printer cartridges; lowered costs down 20% year-on-year for 3 consecutive years.
  • Scheduled over 80 appointments for clients and their pets each week, ensuring that all visits were timely and accurate.
  • Developed an efficient filing system for patient records to improve organization of data; decreased appointment wait times by 10%.
  • Greeted over 200 pet owners a day in person or on the phone with compassion, providing information about services offered at the clinic and scheduling follow-up visits as needed.
  • Proficiently managed cash register transactions including deposits, payments and refunds while adhering to established accounting guidelines; increased revenue by 4% within 6 months of employment.
  • Improved customer experience ratings significantly through friendly interactions both online & in-person; achieved 100+ positive reviews from customers on Yelp within 1 year of hire date.
  • Organized and managed patient files, ensuring accuracy of data entry for over 50 patients per day; streamlined filing system which resulted in a 20% decrease in paperwork time.
  • Revised the existing scheduling process to optimize veterinary appointment slots, resulting in an increase of 15% efficiency with regards to customer service times.
  • Participated actively during client visits by providing accurate information about animal health care procedures and products as well as answering queries related to pet medical services; increased customer satisfaction rate by 10%.
  • Resourcefully troubleshot technical issues regarding software systems used at the clinic on a daily basis while adhering to proper protocols; reduced downtime from 2 hours/day to 30 minutes/day on average.
  • Assessed customers’ financial needs based on their individual situations and created payment plans accordingly; enabled 90+ clients access necessary treatments despite budget constraints each month.
  • Substantially increased customer satisfaction ratings by 15% within the first quarter of employment, through friendly and professional interactions with pet owners.
  • Compiled detailed medical records for over 100 animals per day, ensuring accurate information was documented in a timely manner.
  • Prepared and administered medication to pets under veterinarian supervision; successfully provided 340 vaccinations during last 6 months of work.
  • Demonstrated excellent organizational skills when scheduling appointments for clients; managed an average of 50+ visits per week without any delays or cancellations reported.
  • Coordinated between veterinary staff members in order to ensure that all equipment used were sterilized properly before each appointment; reduced incidence rate of infection by 17%.
  • Answered incoming calls from clients, responded to emails and scheduled over 500 appointments per month for both walk-in and return customers.
  • Mentored two junior receptionists in the use of veterinary software systems; provided detailed training on patient data entry as well as client relations protocols, resulting in a 20% increase in efficiency across the team.
  • Meticulously managed medical records according to industry standards, ensuring that all information was accurately recorded and securely stored with minimal chance of loss or duplication; reduced misfiling cases by 25%.
  • Introduced new customer service initiatives which raised overall satisfaction levels among pet owners visiting the clinic by 10%; performed follow-ups with clients after their visits so they could provide feedback about their experience at our facility.

Skill requirements will differ from one employer to the next; this can easily be ascertained from the job posting. Organization A may be looking for someone with knowledge of veterinary terminology and Organization B may be seeking someone who is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

It is important to tailor the skills section of your resume to each job you are applying for because many employers use applicant tracking systems these days, which scan resumes for certain keywords before passing them on to a human.

In addition to listing relevant skills here, it’s also beneficial to discuss them in more detail elsewhere – such as the summary or experience sections – so that they stand out even more.

Below is a list of common skills & terms:

  • Animal Care
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Client Education
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Medical Records
  • Medical Terminology
  • Office Administration
  • Organization Skills
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Photography
  • Social Networking
  • Team Leadership
  • Telephone Skills

4. Education

Including an education section on your resume is a personal choice. If you just graduated and have no work experience, it might be beneficial to mention your education below your resume objective. However, if you have significant work experience that showcases the skills necessary for the veterinary receptionist role, omitting an education section altogether may be best.

If an education section is included in your resume, try to highlight courses or subjects related to the job such as animal care and handling or medical terminology.

5. Certifications

Certifications demonstrate to a potential employer that you have the necessary knowledge and skills for the job. They also show employers that you are committed to developing your professional abilities, which can be an attractive quality in any candidate.

If you have certifications related to the position or industry, make sure they are included on your resume as it could give you a competitive edge over other applicants.

6. Contact Info

Your name should be the first thing a reader sees when viewing your resume, so ensure its positioning is prominent. Your phone number should be written in the most commonly used format in your country/city/state, and your email address should be professional.

You can also choose to include a link to your LinkedIn profile, personal website, or other online platforms relevant to your industry.

Finally, name your resume file appropriately to help hiring managers; for Shana Kirlin, this would be Shana-Kirlin-resume.pdf or Shana-Kirlin-resume.docx.

7. Cover Letter

Including a cover letter with your job application is an important step to take. It helps you stand out from the competition and provides recruiters with a better understanding of who you are and why they should hire you.

A cover letter usually consists of 2 to 4 paragraphs that provide more information than what’s on your resume, such as reasons for wanting the role or examples of past accomplishments. They also give employers insight into how well-suited you are for the position in question.

Below is an example cover letter:

Dear Gilbert,

I am writing to apply for the veterinary receptionist position at your clinic. As a highly organized and efficient professional with 5+ years of experience working in customer service and administrative roles, I am confident I would be a valuable asset to your team.

In my previous role as an administrative assistant, I was responsible for managing the front desk, handling customer inquiries, scheduling appointments, and maintaining filing systems. My excellent communication skills and ability to stay calm under pressure have allowed me to effectively handle multiple tasks simultaneously while providing top-notch customer service. I am also proficient in using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

As a self-starter who is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done right, I am confident I would excel in this role. Moreover, my friendly personality makes me well-suited for working closely with clients and their pets. In addition to being an excellent communicator, I am also very detail-oriented which allows me to accurately manage client records and schedule appointments without error.

If given the opportunity, I would be proud to put my skills and experience to work for you as your next veterinary receptionist. Thank you for your time; please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any additional information about my qualifications.

Veterinary Receptionist Resume Templates

resume examples veterinary receptionist

12 Veterinary Receptionist Skills: Definition and Examples

The veterinary receptionist is responsible for a variety of tasks, including greeting clients, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and handling payments. In order to be successful in this role, there are a few key skills that are essential. This article will provide definitions for the 12 most important veterinary receptionist skills.

Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example

Veterinary Receptionist Skills

Communication, customer service, organizational, multi-tasking, prioritizing, answering phones, greeting clients, taking messages.

As a veterinary receptionist, you will need excellent communication skills in order to interact with clients, staff, and veterinarians. You will need to be able to effectively communicate information and instructions, as well as answer any questions that clients may have. Excellent communication skills are essential in this role in order to provide quality customer service and maintain a positive working environment.

Customer service is the ability to provide excellent customer service to clients of a veterinary practice. This involves being able to effectively communicate with clients, understand their needs, and provide them with the information and assistance they need. It is important for veterinary receptionists to have strong customer service skills in order to create a positive experience for clients and build relationships of trust.

The ability to be organized is an important skill for a veterinary receptionist. This person will need to be able to keep track of appointments, medical records, and payments. They will also need to be able to communicate effectively with clients and staff.

The ability to use a computer is essential for any veterinary receptionist. This is because they will need to be able to use software programs to manage appointments, client records, and billing information. They will also need to be able to send and receive email, as well as browse the internet for information.

Multi-tasking is the ability to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. This is an important skill for veterinary receptionists because they are often required to answer phones, greet clients, and input data into the computer system all at the same time.

The ability to prioritize is an important skill for any veterinary receptionist. This is because there are often many tasks that need to be completed at any given time, and the receptionist needs to be able to determine which tasks are the most important and need to be completed first. This skill can be developed through practice and by paying attention to the priorities of the veterinarian or practice manager.

The ability to schedule appointments is an important skill for veterinary receptionists. This ensures that the veterinarians and other staff are able to see patients in a timely manner and that the clinic is not overbooked.

Data entry is the process of inputting data into a computer system. As a veterinary receptionist, you will need to be able to input data quickly and accurately in order to keep track of appointments, medical records, and invoices.

Filing is a skill that is necessary for any veterinary receptionist in order to keep the office organized and running smoothly. This skill involves being able to alphabetize and file paperwork in a timely and efficient manner.

The ability to answer phones is a key skill for any veterinary receptionist. This involves being able to effectively communicate with clients, schedule appointments, and provide general information about the practice. Answering phones is a critical part of the job and requires excellent customer service skills.

The ability to greet clients in a warm and friendly manner is an important skill for any veterinary receptionist. This is because the receptionist is often the first point of contact between the client and the practice, and so their attitude and demeanour can set the tone for the whole visit. A good greeting can put the client at ease and make them feel welcome, while a bad one can make them feel anxious and stressed.

Taking messages is an important skill for a veterinary receptionist because it allows them to communicate with clients who are not able to speak to the veterinarian directly. This skill is important because it allows the receptionist to relay important information to the client and schedule appointments.

How to improve veterinary receptionist skills

In order to be a good veterinary receptionist, one must have excellent customer service skills. This means being able to deal with a wide variety of people, including those who may be upset or angry about their pet's condition. It is also important to be able to handle a large volume of phone calls and keep track of appointments. The following are some tips on how to improve your customer service skills as a veterinary receptionist:

-Make sure you are always polite and professional when dealing with clients, even if they are angry or upset.

-Try to empathize with the client's situation and show that you understand their feelings.

-Be patient when answering questions and take the time to explain things thoroughly.

-Make sure you are organized and keep track of appointments and phone calls.

-Always follow up with clients after their visit to see how their pet is doing.

How to highlight veterinary receptionist skills

If you're looking to highlight your skills as a veterinary receptionist, you'll want to focus on your ability to handle customer service inquiries, schedule appointments, and manage medical records. You should also be able to effectively communicate with both clients and staff.

On a resume

As a Veterinary Receptionist, you will be responsible for providing customer service to clients, scheduling appointments, answering phones, and performing other clerical duties. To highlight your skills as a Veterinary Receptionist on a resume, include any customer service experience you have, as well as any experience you have working with animals. If you have any relevant education or training, be sure to include that information as well.

In a cover letter

In your cover letter, be sure to highlight your skills as a veterinary receptionist. Mention your experience dealing with customers and providing excellent customer service. Also, highlight your organizational skills and your ability to multitask. Be sure to mention any relevant software experience you have, as well as your typing speed. Finally, emphasize your love of animals and your commitment to their care.

During an interview

If you are interviewing for a veterinary receptionist position, be sure to highlight your customer service skills. Describe a time when you provided excellent customer service to a client. If you have experience working with animals, be sure to mention that as well. Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a client or pet. Finally, be sure to mention any relevant computer skills, such as experience using scheduling software or handling online payments.

Related Career Skills

Veterinary Receptionist Resume Samples

A Veterinary Receptionist maintains a smooth, well-planned and orderly flow of work in a veterinary clinic. The various levels of tasks mentioned in the Veterinary Receptionist Resume include the following – greeting pets and clients by their name, managing sign-in sheets, receiving all incoming calls, screening and routing calls as needed, scheduling appointments, contacting scheduled outpatient and pre-surgery appointments, filing and updating records, collecting payments, drafting letters and other correspondences on behalf of Doctors; and supporting the value of veterinary hospital services .

Candidates are expected to demonstrate the following skills – a background working with animals and pets, familiarity with veterinary practice management software, billing knowledge, ability to understand the needs of humans and animals alike, and superb communication skills. A college education is not always necessary and employers don’t expect anything more than a high school diploma or GED.

Veterinary Receptionist Resume example

  • Resume Samples
  • Veterinary Receptionist

Junior Veterinary Receptionist Resume

Objective : Friendly and enthusiastic Junior Veterinary Receptionist with over 4 plus years of specialization in veterinary customer service. Able to learn new tasks quickly and proficient in growing key customer relationships. Represent establishment with friendly, professional demeanor at all times.

Skills : Microsoft Office, Internet, Computer Proficient, Office Equipment

Junior Veterinary Receptionist Resume Template

Description :

  • Greet persons entering the establishment, determine nature and purpose of visit, direct or escort them to specific destinations.
  • Taking in medical records/history for the veterinary technicians as well as going over the relevant history and initial complaints with the veterinarian.
  • Responsible for keeping in correspondence via email and fax with other hospitals and clinics regarding patient records, referrals, and insurance as well as requests for appointments and filling medications per DVM's orders then documenting any and all communications in client/patient accounts.
  • Reconciling beginning and end of day transactions and processing payments and handling collections.
  • Operate telephone switchboard to answer, screen, or forward calls.
  • Receive payment and record receipts for services.
  • Transmit information or documents to customers, using computer, mail, or fax machine.

Veterinary Receptionist - Intern Resume

Objective : To obtain a position that enables to use the strong medical and scientific skills in the welfare of animals. Determined to achieve company aspirations whilst growing within the organization. Eager to expand and broaden the knowledge every step of the way, remaining determined and driven.

Skills : Cornerstone, Avimark, V-Tech, Microsoft Office, Customer Service, Patient Care

Veterinary Receptionist - Intern Resume Format

  • Give patient updates, discharge instructions, and provide follow up for hospital patients.
  • Client medical demonstrations & education.
  • Answering client inquiries, scheduling appointments, recording messages for doctors and other staff, and booking appointments.
  • Inputting data into electronic and handwritten medical records.
  • Checking patients in, discharging patients, dispensing medications & prescriptions, invoicing. Receiving Client Payments- posting & recording payments, receiving payment, running end of day transaction register.
  • Check clinic email, fax, & phone messaging- prescription refill requests, appointment requests, client inquiries.
  • Client Communication- patient updates, appointment reminders, update inquiries, admit /discharge patients.
  • General Office duties- mail, hospital bills, cleaning/organizing reception area.

Veterinary Receptionist And Assistant Resume

Objective : Veterinary Receptionist And Assistant providing excellent service in a friendly and approachable manner. Team builder and leader who is committed, confident, exceptionally hard-working, always reliable and focused on delivering a high standard of work with each task given. Looking for a challenging job where one can build upon the veterinary experience and customer service skills.

Skills : Citrix Xen App, Meditech, Internet, Epic, Allscripts, Vision And Microsoft Office.

Veterinary Receptionist And Assistant Resume Template

  • Handled checking clients in and out in a fast-paced and changing environment.
  • Answered incoming phone calls regarding a variety of questions and concerns client had about their pet, and scheduled appointments and surgeries in a busy office.
  • Contacted clients regarding pharmacy refill pickups, basic lab work, and instructions regarding surgery for the following day.
  • Helped determine emergencies and take the proper steps to ensure the client and pet were taken care of and assisted accordingly.
  • Acted as a liaison between clients and Veterinary Technicians and Veterinarians regarding the care of their pets.
  • Ensured the hospital was consistently clean and stocked appropriately for clients.
  • Maintain medical records, establish or understand medical record filing systems.

Veterinary Receptionist - Trainee Resume

Objective : Highly qualified Veterinary Receptionist with experience in the industry. Enjoys creative problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects, and would excel in the collaborative environment in which your company prides itself.

Skills : Math, Listening, Taking Care Of Pets, And Reception Work.

Veterinary Receptionist - Trainee Resume Example

  • Performed general clerical duties such as record keeping, filing, typing, updating the patient's database, opening, and routing of incoming mail, answering correspondence, and preparing outgoing mail.
  • Operated switchboards providing general information to callers, took messages or routed calls to appropriate staff members.
  • Provided excellent customer service while checking customers in and out, scheduling and canceling appointments, and placing appointment reminder calls.
  • Faxed refill prescription requests to the pharmacy.
  • Advised pet owners of any special precautions, side effects and when to administer the prescribed medications.
  • Received payments and recorded receipts for services.
  • Runner for the grooming department assisted with animal grooming duties for dogs and cats such as bathing, brushing, and blow-drying.

Associate Veterinary Receptionist Resume

Objective : Energetic Associate Veterinary Receptionist, customer-focused and with experience in working with doctors, nurses, and patients (human and animals). Specializing in reception and processing of patients, transcribing medical information. To work in a competitive and challenging work environment constantly improving the technical and interpersonal skills and contributing to organization growth in line with personal growth.

Skills : Microsoft Office, Yardi, Bluemoon, One site, Quickbooks, Cornerstone, Sage, & with POS Systems.

Associate Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example

  • Clean and maintain kennels, animal holding areas, examination or operating rooms, or animal loading or unloading facilities to control the spread of disease.
  • Hold or restrain animals during veterinary procedures.
  • Provide emergency first aid to sick or injured animals.
  • Assist veterinarians in examining animals to determine the nature of illnesses or injuries.
  • Clean, maintain and sterilize instruments or equipment.
  • Operate telephone switchboard to answer, screen, or forward calls, providing information, taking messages, or scheduling appointments.
  • Greet persons entering the establishment, determine nature and purpose of visit, and direct or escort them to specific destinations.
  • Transmit information or documents to customers, using computer, mail, or facsimile machine.

Senior Veterinary Receptionist Resume

Summary : To work with an organization, where the abilities and qualities will be effectively utilized for the growth of the company. To have more experience and to work with new and innovative ideas. To be a part of an esteemed organization where one could prove oneself by applying the analytical skills and knowledge in the relevant fields and to become an inevitable part of the success ladder of the organization by exploring every opportunity and threat in a mutually symbiotic atmosphere.

Skills : Microsoft Office, Social Media, POS Systems, Server, Cash Management.

Senior Veterinary Receptionist Resume Template

  • Use computers for various applications, such as database management or word processing.
  • Answer telephones and give information to callers, take messages, or transfer calls to appropriate individuals.
  • Create, maintain, and enter information into databases.
  • Set up and manage paper or electronic filing systems, recording information, updating paperwork, or maintaining documents, such as attendance records, correspondence, or other material.
  • Operate office equipment, such as fax machines, copiers, or phone systems and arrange for repairs when equipment malfunctions.
  • Greet visitors or callers and handle their inquiries or direct them to the appropriate persons according to their needs.
  • Complete forms in accordance with company procedures.
  • Assess immediately upon arrival each client’s rare need, as well as the pet’s general condition.

Veterinary Receptionist/ VCO Coordinator Resume

Headline : A highly motivated Veterinary Receptionist/ VCO Coordinator with a record of maintaining an emphasis on the highest quality of consumer service. Excellent listening skills, oral and written communications. Comfortable interacting with all levels of the organization and public. Customer-oriented problem solver with an ability to adapt to new situations. Diverse background includes customer service, patient care, sales and supervision. Committed to quality and excellence.

Skills : Computer Skills Including; Word Processing, Spread Sheets, And Email. Interpersonal Skills, Clerical Skills, Pet First Aid Certified.

Veterinary Receptionist/ VCO Coordinator Resume Sample

  • Answer telephones and relay information to callers, schedule appointments, take messages and transfer calls to the appropriate individuals.
  • Operate office equipment, such as fax machines, copiers, and phone systems and arrange for repairs when equipment malfunctions.
  • Greet clients and callers and handle their inquiries and direct them to the appropriate resources, according to their needs.
  • Schedule and confirm appointments for clients for routine exams, as well as surgeries.
  • Process various forms of payments and also performed end of the day closing duties, including preparing daily payments for deposits.
  • Supervise other clerical staff and provide training and orientation for new staff.
  • Prepare and dispense medications for patients.

Assistant Veterinary Receptionist Resume

Objective : Energetic Assistant Veterinary Receptionist with a history of proven, positive results seeking a new opportunity to utilize the experiences in the service and hospitality industry that will expand the knowledge and skillset while allowing me to provide significant contributions to a progressive team and organization.

Skills : Microsoft Office, Yardi, Bluemoon, One site, Quickbooks, Cornerstone, Sage, & POS Systems.

Assistant Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example

  • Answered the telephone and assisted clients with various tasks, such as, making appointments, emailing medical and vaccination records, requesting prescription refills, and acting as the mainline of communication between clients and veterinarians.
  • Prepared charts, certificates, and other paperwork necessary for appointments and surgeries.
  • Welcomed clients and gathered appropriate information prior to their appointment.
  • Concluded the client's appointment and processed payment.
  • Veterinary Assistant Greeted and guide patients and clients into examination rooms.
  • Restrained patients for examinations and minor procedures.
  • Administered vaccines, fluids, and medications as directed by the veterinarian.
  • Respond to non-patient calls or visitors and connect them to the appropriate team member.

Veterinary Receptionist - Entry Level Resume

Objective : Positive, forward-thinking Veterinary Receptionist with proven experience in supporting successful customer service initiatives within veterinary and pet nutrition environments. Coordinates effectively with all organizational levels and thrives within high-pressure settings. Continually meets/exceeds sales goals all the while maintaining a firm grasp and knowledge of available products and services.

Skills : Computer Proficient, Office Equipment, Customer Service, Patient Care.

Veterinary Receptionist - Entry Level Resume Example

  • Greet persons entering the clinic, determine nature and purpose of visit, and direct or escort them to specific destinations.
  • Collect, sort, distribute, or prepare mail, messages, or courier pickups.
  • Answer telephones and direct calls to appropriate staff.
  • Schedule and confirm patient diagnostic appointments, surgeries, or medical consultations.
  • Complete veterinary insurance and other claim forms.
  • Compile and record veterinary medical charts, reports, or correspondence.
  • Transmit correspondence or veterinary medical records by mail, email, or fax.
  • Responsible for confirming all appointments in advance ensuring clients receive accurate information about preparing their pet for the appointment.

Lead Veterinary Receptionist Resume

Summary : A highly motivated Lead Veterinary Receptionist with a record of maintaining an emphasis on the highest quality of consumer service. Excellent listening skills, oral and written communications. Comfortable interacting with all levels of the organization and the public. Customer-oriented problem solver with an ability to adapt to new situations. Diverse background includes customer service, patient care, sales, and supervision. Committed to quality and excellence.

Skills : Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop.

Lead Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example

  • Serve as the first point of contact with clients. Calm upset/angry clients, research and rapidly solve problems and rebuild client trust to prevent the loss of clients.
  • Responsible for meeting and greeting clients and providing them with first-class customer service.
  • Also in charge of maintaining a pleasant and welcoming, but efficient and professional reception area.
  • Document patient data in computer system Receiving deliveries, couriers, incoming faxes & arranging distribution to recipients.
  • Logging information on calls received and maintaining detailed records.
  • Ensuring that the reception & meeting room areas are clean & welcoming.
  • Offer emotional support and resource materials to grieving clients in a compassionate and discreet manner.

Sr. Veterinary Receptionist Resume

Summary : A very friendly, energetic Sr. Veterinary Receptionist, able to keep up with the high demands of a 7 doctor practice. A compassionate, hardworking individual, able to take on new challenges, willing to learn and experience new things. Always ready to greet clients with a warm friendly smile and always show love/compassion in all situations concerning their pets.

Skills : Excellent Customer Service, Multi-Line Phone System, Data Entry, Excel, Microsoft Office, Filing

Sr. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Template

  • Get current weight on each patient along with any new information for the patient or client.
  • Escort clients into rooms for Doctors' visits as well as surgery pre-op and post-op consults.
  • Quickly, compassionately and calmly direct clients coming in with emergencies or euthanasia to rooms.
  • At cash out/double-check to make sure doctors/technicians have correctly circled every service applied to the patient, as well as schedule any follow-up appointments needed.
  • Also, cash-out any clients coming in to pick up medication or prescription food.
  • Transcribe doctor's notes from written charts to computer files.
  • Serve as a liaison between clients and service agencies during handling of pet remains by ensuring a complete, accurate, and compassionate process.
  • Oversee discharge of animals from the clinic including clear communication of discharge instructions.

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Veterinary Receptionist skills for your resume and career

  • Job Outlook

Veterinary receptionist skills summary. Below you'll find the most important veterinary receptionist skills. We sorted the top veterinary receptionist skills based on the percentage of veterinary receptionist resumes they appeared on. For example, 28.8% of veterinary receptionist resumes contained pet as a skill.

  • The most common veterinary receptionist hard skill is pet. 28.8% of veterinary receptionists have this skill on their resume.
  • The second most common hard skill for a veterinary receptionist is customer service appearing on 14.2% of resumes. The third most common veterinary receptionist skill is client service on 8.3% of resumes.
  • Three common veterinary receptionist soft skills are communication skills, computer skills and customer-service skills.

After you find the veterinary receptionist skills you need, you can them to your resume using an AI resume builder .

Below we've compiled a list of the most critical veterinary receptionist skills. We ranked the top skills for veterinary receptionists based on the percentage of resumes they appeared on. For example, 28.8% of veterinary receptionist resumes contained pet as a skill. Continue reading to find out what skills a veterinary receptionist needs to be successful in the workplace.

15 essential veterinary receptionist skills for your resume and career

  • Check clients in and out, invoices and estimates, sell and order pet food, medications, and supplies.
  • Reconciled daily income reports, evaluated inventory stock levels, weekly reordering pet food, hospital supplies, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Acknowledged Clients of Hospital's Amenities, Charges, Basic Pet Care Information, & Introduced Available Prevention Products.
  • Helped people look for a pet and reviewing adoption applications to make sure applicant is a suitable owner.
  • Advised pet owners of any special precautions, side effects and when to administer the prescribed medications.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is the process of offering assistance to all the current and potential customers -- answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.

  • Facilitate & provide exceptional customer service * Maintain accurate records * Maintain confidentiality * Daily accounting duties
  • Provided compassionate customer service with emergent medical conditions and end of life events.
  • Developed great client relationships and earned reputation for delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Excelled at providing high quality customer service and juggling multiple responsibilities.
  • Trained service staff to enhance customer service and provide accurate recommendations.

3. Client Service

  • Train all employees in client services procedures.
  • Worked as a full time client service specialist and receptionist for a thriving veterinary clinic.
  • Maintained appointments, provided quality client service, cash transactions, laundry, and light cleaning
  • Worked on a large team and gained experiences in the field of client services.
  • Perform duties in client services.

4. Patients

  • Determined severity of walk-in patients and arranged for technical staff to retrieve injured animals.
  • Interacted with patients and coordinating communication between doctors, assistants/technicians, and clients.
  • Scheduled patients for surgical procedures and gave estimates for any routine surgical procedures.
  • Assist Veterinary Technicians and Assistants in restraining patients for whatever procedure is needed.
  • Manage updates to primary Veterinarians, for hospitalized patients and daily appointments.

5. Processing Payments

  • Check out clients by processing payments and schedule necessary follow up appointment and/or surgery.
  • Managed multiple phone lines, booking appointments, greeting clients, and processing payments.
  • Explained payment options and processing payments to clients.

6. Exam Rooms

An exam room in a hospital is a place where patients are examined by medical representatives. In several cases, the exam room distinguishes the doctor-patient relationship and is a critical component of the overall care process.

  • Maintain exam rooms for the veterinary technicians and veterinarian.
  • Created new client accounts, and charts, pulled vaccines, cleaned exam rooms, typed out labels and filled medication.
  • Greet Clients, answer phones, billing, preparing exam rooms, preparing Rx, assisting with some procedures as needed.
  • Manage office, medical and pharmacy supply inventories; receive deliveries and organize supplies in stockrooms and exam rooms.
  • Check clients in, show them to the exam room and take payments at checkout.
  • Executed and performed booking appointments for all senior Cosmetology and Barber students.
  • Use Spa Soft, answer phone calls and provide guest with information on services and follow up with booking appointments.
  • Scheduled appointments to assure proper scheduling and continuing appointments including walk-in customers, booking, and re-booking.
  • Answer phones, booking appointments for clients and calling clients to confirm appointments.
  • Worked with Spa Soft Booking program as well as Opera Software.

8. Medical Terminology

  • Have practical knowledge of animal (patient) treatment and knowledge of veterinary hospital medical terminology, surgery scheduling and procedures.
  • Required to be familiar with Veterinary and Medical terminology.- Provided education to owners regarding medications, procedures, and policies.
  • Use correct medical terminology when speaking with staff and clients.
  • Responsibilitieschecked in patients,scheduling, billingSkills Usedlearned a lot of medical terminology

9. Compassion

  • Maintained compassion and professionalism during high-stress situations.
  • Assisted with X-rays Answered phones, made appts./surgeries Supplied care and compassion on a daily basis

10. Medical History

  • Maintain patient documents and medical history records with accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Update vaccine lot/serial information into patient's medical history.
  • Scanned and attached previous medical history of each animal.
  • Obtained and verified accurate demographic and medical history from new patients.
  • Created patient charts and updated electronic medical history.

11. Cornerstone

  • Performed administrative and receptionist duties including scheduling appointments on Cornerstone software.
  • Prepare and maintain medical records using Cornerstone database.
  • Check clients in/out, scan pertinent documents into CornerStone Practice Management system and collect payments for visits.
  • Maintain client and patient records in Cornerstone Database Answer 4 phone line system simultaneously
  • Maintained electronic and hard copy documents through filing and Cornerstone Software.

12. Animal Hospital

  • Assisted Veterinarian with operating procedures at the animal hospital.
  • Lead receptionist for an emergency medicine animal hospital.
  • Assisted in keeping the front end of the animal hospital clean and presentable.
  • Comfort clients during sensitive moments that accompany the nature of an animal hospital.
  • Prepared the opening and closing of the animal hospital.

13. Appointment Scheduling

  • Focused mainly on client care, appointment scheduling, emergency triage, etc.
  • Check in/out, appointment scheduling.
  • Manage a multi line telephone system, paper and electronic appointment scheduling.
  • Performed front desk duties including- -Answering phone calls-Booking appointments-Checking in clients/ cashier-Appointment Scheduling/ Payroll Processing-Salon assistant including assisting with clients i.e.
  • Answer telephones, appointment scheduling/confirmation, processing/documenting co-pays, making referral appointments and sending documentation to providers, office machinery proficient

14. Front Desk

  • Front desk duties, assisted Veterinarian and Techs, prepared bank deposits which included bank runs.
  • Clean rooms, lobby, take out trash, keep front desk clean and organized.
  • Sanitized, Organized, & Maintained Front Desk, Lobby, & Office Areas.
  • Front desk training and much more is also under my umbrella of responsibilities.
  • Worked on shelter side cleaning cages and working front desk.

15. Check-In

Check-in is the hospital process of registering new patients to the hospital database. It also refers to where patients get their information registered or where patient's kin check for their patient's whereabouts.

  • Greeted and Check-in Customers Answered Multi-line phone system Scheduled Appointments Cashed Out Customers Filed documents and kept office generally organized
  • Established accurate accounts for each guest upon check-in according to their requirements and ensured guest paperwork or documentation was filed appropriately.
  • Greeted customers in professional manner and facilitated check-in and check-out process as appropriate.
  • Greeted members and authorized access to facility through computer check-in system.
  • Managed check-in desk, interacting and assisting approximately one hundred members.

What skills help Veterinary Receptionists find jobs?

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List of veterinary receptionist skills to add to your resume

Veterinary Receptionist Skills

The most relevant veterinary receptionist skills for your resume, according to recent trends include:

  • Customer Service
  • Client Service
  • Processing Payments
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical History
  • Cornerstone
  • Animal Hospital
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Care
  • Phone Calls
  • Greeting Clients
  • Telephone Calls
  • Client Education
  • Multi-Line Phone System
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Medical Charts
  • Patient Charts
  • Patient History
  • Emergency Cases
  • Financial Transactions
  • Computer System
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Emergency Situations
  • Reminder Calls
  • Animal Handling
  • Medical Procedures
  • Care Credit
  • Client Appointments
  • Patient Appointments
  • Client Inquiries
  • Office Equipment
  • Blood Draws
  • Word Processing
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Medical Treatment
  • Direct Calls
  • Bank Deposits
  • Computer Programs

Real examples of veterinary receptionist skills on resumes

Build a professional veterinary receptionist resume in minutes. Browse through our resume examples to identify the best way to word your resume. Then choose from 5 + resume templates to create your veterinary receptionist resume.

Online courses to improve veterinary receptionist skills

One of the best ways to learn the skills needed to bea veterinary receptionist is to take online courses to advance your career, like those provided by Udemy and Coursera.

1. Professional Receptionist Course by London Reception Academy

Master the traits of a Professional Receptionist studying deportment, elocution, customer service and telephone skills...

2. Speak Medical Spanish to Your Patients and Clients

Spanish essentials for healthcare; program teaches correct pronunciation, pain management and medication, among others...

3. Pet First Aid (Advanced)

Learn essential knowledge and skills to be able to confidently carry out emergency first aid on a pet animal...

4. Dog CPR, First Aid + Safety for pet pros + dedicated owners

Essential training to keep your dogs safe, attract clients & gain skills & confidence to take action in an emergency...

5. Animal & Pet Reiki Energy Healing Certification Course

Animal & Pet Reiki using energy healing is both easy to do and rewarding for all! Obtain certification upon completion!...

6. Customer Service Mastery: Delight Every Customer

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Veterinary Receptionist Related Skills

  • Administrative Receptionist Skills
  • Dental Receptionist Skills
  • Desk Receptionist Skills
  • Front Desk Coordinator Skills
  • Front Desk Receptionist Skills
  • Front Office Assistant Skills
  • Greeter Skills
  • Lead Receptionist Skills
  • Medical Office Administrator Skills
  • Medical Receptionist Skills
  • Medical Scheduler Skills
  • Office Receptionist Skills
  • Office Representative Skills
  • Patient Coordinator Skills
  • Receptionist Skills

Veterinary Receptionist Related Careers

  • Administrative Receptionist
  • Dental Receptionist
  • Desk Receptionist
  • Front Desk Coordinator
  • Front Desk Receptionist
  • Front Office Assistant
  • Lead Receptionist
  • Medical Office Administrator
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Medical Scheduler
  • Office Receptionist
  • Office Representative
  • Patient Coordinator
  • Receptionist

Veterinary Receptionist Related Jobs

  • Administrative Receptionist Jobs
  • Dental Receptionist Jobs
  • Desk Receptionist Jobs
  • Front Desk Coordinator Jobs
  • Front Desk Receptionist Jobs
  • Front Office Assistant Jobs
  • Greeter Jobs
  • Lead Receptionist Jobs
  • Medical Office Administrator Jobs
  • Medical Receptionist Jobs
  • Medical Scheduler Jobs
  • Office Receptionist Jobs
  • Office Representative Jobs
  • Patient Coordinator Jobs
  • Receptionist Jobs

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  • Veterinary Receptionist
  • Veterinary Receptionist Skills


  1. 15 Essential Veterinary Receptionist Skills For Your Resume And Career

    resume examples veterinary receptionist

  2. Veterinary Technician Resume

    resume examples veterinary receptionist

  3. resume examples veterinary receptionist

    resume examples veterinary receptionist

  4. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Samples

    resume examples veterinary receptionist

  5. Richmond Avenue Animal Hospital Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

    resume examples veterinary receptionist

  6. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

    resume examples veterinary receptionist


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  1. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Examples and Template for 2023

    Sample #1 Sample #2 John Smith Chicago, IL | 771-555-0199 | [email protected] Summary Competent, organized and dedicated Veterinary Receptionist with 3+ years of experience. Able to handle dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes.

  2. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Examples & Key Skills

    412-877-0724 [email protected] linkedin.com/in/jeanette.raynor Summary A stress-resistant and passionate certified vet receptionist with over 1 year of experience. Proficient in cloud-based project management, billing software, and CRM systems. Extensive knowledge of veterinary terms, procedures, types of medication, and nutraceuticals.

  3. 2023 Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example (+Guidance)

    Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example: When crafting a Veterinary Receptionist resume, it's essential to highlight your ability to improve office efficiency and client satisfaction.

  4. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Examples & Samples for 2023

    Veterinary Receptionist Resume Examples Veterinary Receptionists are responsbile for welcoming patients and their owners as they enter a veterinary office. The most important responsibilities for this role are taking phone calls, handling correspondence, accepting payment, scheduling appointments, selling pet care items and announcing emergencies.

  5. Veterinary Receptionist resume example + guide [Secure s]

    Contact details Resume summary Work experience section Education section Additional information Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example This example Veterinary Receptionist resume gives you a general idea of how to structure your own resume, along with the type of content you need to include.

  6. Veterinary Receptionist Sample Resume

    A good resume should be brief and to the point. A Veterinary Receptionist resume will highlight your experience and qualifications, as well as how you can help the company you are applying to. Create a Veterinary Receptionist Resume Free professional veterinary receptionist resume sample.

  7. Veterinary Receptionist Resume

    Here is the Veterinary Receptionist Resume example: Jane Nichols 483 Smithfield Avenue Lubbock, TX 79401 (555)-555-5555 [email] Job Objective Highly-motivated Veterinary Receptionist in search of position with company in which to use my experience and skills to their fullest potential. Highlights of Qualifications:

  8. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

    100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor (555) 432-1000 - [email protected] Professional Summary Multi-tasking Veterinary Receptionist known for being compassionate, professional and dependable. Skilled in customer service, record keeping and appointment scheduling. Pursuing a position where well-honed office skills will be appreciated. Skills

  9. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

    Jessica Claire Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (555) 432-1000 - [email protected] Summary Friendly Veterinary Receptionist with a love of animals and a strong work ethic. Committed to working as part of an amazing office team.

  10. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

    Experience. Vca Antech, Inc. - Veterinary Receptionist. Aurora, IL 08/2003 - 07/2007. Answered multiple line phone system for busy animal care facility and responded to questions regarding pricing and services. Processed financial transactions for clients. Worked with clients to processes all financial transactions.

  11. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Examples

    A modern resume example for a Veterinary Receptionist position. Based on the best resume writing practices. Use this example as an inspiration approved by recruiters No experience Middle Specialized Rated 4.5/5 out of 67 reviews Edit This Resume Average Veterinary Receptionist Salary year $ 30695.33 / year Avg. Base Salary (USD) 10% 22147.55 k $

  12. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

    Veterinary Receptionist Thrive Pet Healthcare - Nashua, NH. Answered owner animal health questions and advised on best care practices. Entered data from pet records and office visits into computer system using Avimark. Greeted pet parents with warm smile and pleasantly asked for sign-ins upon arrival. Processed new patients and updated client ...

  13. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample & Tips

    5 Amazing veterinary receptionist Resume Examples (Updated 2023) + Skills & Job Descriptions You have strong communication skills and a passion for pets. You are organized as you set appointments and maintain the reception area, paying close attention to keeping the front desk stocked with tasty treats for dog and cat patients.

  14. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Example & Writing Guide

    Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample. Professional Summary. Friendly and detail-oriented Veterinary Receptionist with experience in managing incoming phone calls, scheduling appointments, and maintaining patient records. Has a passion for helping animals and a commitment to providing top-notch customer service to pet owners.

  15. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Sample

    These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Veterinary Receptionist resumes for your reference. Assisted in scheduling appointments/surgeries for patients in person or by telephone. Maintained patient records by obtaining, recording, and updating personal and financial information.

  16. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Examples and Templates

    [email protected] | (847) 661-8230 | 890 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607, USA Summary I have over 1 year of experience as a Veterinary Receptionist. In my previous role, I was responsible for greeting clients and their pets, scheduling appointments, answering phones, and handling payments.

  17. Veterinary Receptionist Resume (CV) Example and Writing Guide

    A resume summary for a veterinary receptionist should showcase your customer service skills, organizational abilities and knowledge of animal care. You can mention the number of years you have worked in the field, any relevant certifications or training programs you completed, and how well-versed you are with medical software such as VetMatrix.

  18. Veterinarian Resume Examples (Guide & Template)

    Veterinary Receptionist Resume; Lab Assistant Resume Sample; ... Sample Veterinary Resume Template . Claude Chien. [email protected]. 804-2860-443 . Professional Summary . Associate veterinarian with 7+ years of experience. Specialist in companion animal emergency and critical care and ACVECC diplomate. Seeking to leverage my skills to ...

  19. Top 16 Veterinary Receptionist Resume Objective Examples

    Article Top 16 Veterinary Receptionist Resume Objective Examples This article provides readers with examples of effective and professional veterinary receptionist resume objectives to help them create their own. Brenna Goyette Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Expert Updated July 8, 2023 14 min read

  20. 12 Veterinary Receptionist Skills: Definition and Examples

    12 Veterinary Receptionist Skills: Definition and Examples The veterinary receptionist is responsible for a variety of tasks, including greeting clients, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and handling payments. In order to be successful in this role, there are a few key skills that are essential.

  21. Veterinary Receptionist Resume Samples

    The various levels of tasks mentioned in the Veterinary Receptionist Resume include the following - greeting pets and clients by their name, managing sign-in sheets, receiving all incoming calls, screening and routing calls as needed, scheduling appointments, contacting scheduled outpatient and pre-surgery appointments, filing and updating recor...

  22. 15 Veterinary Receptionist Skills For Your Resume

    The most common veterinary receptionist hard skill is pet. 28.8% of veterinary receptionists have this skill on their resume. The second most common hard skill for a veterinary receptionist is customer service appearing on 14.2% of resumes. The third most common veterinary receptionist skill is client service on 8.3% of resumes.

  23. Part Time Grooming Receptionist Jobs, Employment in Los ...

    9 Part Time Grooming Receptionist jobs available in Los Angeles, CA on Indeed.com. Apply to Front Desk Receptionist, Receptionist, Salon Receptionist and more! ... Veterinary Receptionist. Anza Animal Clinic. Westlake Village, CA 91362. $18 - $19 an hour. Part-time. ... Resume Samples - Resume Templates; Career Resources: Career Explorer ...