presentation noun ( APPEARANCE )

  • adverse conditions
  • good/bad karma idiom
  • have it in you idiom
  • unaffiliated
  • undercurrent

Definition of presentation

  • fairing [ British ]
  • freebee
  • largess

Examples of presentation in a Sentence

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Word History

15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

Phrases Containing presentation

  • breech presentation

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present arms

presentation copy

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Definition of 'presentation'

  • presentation

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presentation in British English

Presentation in american english, examples of 'presentation' in a sentence presentation, cobuildコロケーション presentation, のトレンド presentation.

使用法を表示: すべての年 過去10年 過去50年 過去100年 過去300年

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  • present-day reality
  • presentable
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の関連用語 presentation

  • award presentation
  • brief presentation
  • medal presentation
  • oral presentation
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  • presentation

an act of presenting.

the state of being presented.

a social introduction, as of a person at court.

an exhibition or performance, as of a play or film.

offering, delivering, or bestowal, as of a gift.

a demonstration, lecture, or welcoming speech.

a manner or style of speaking, instructing, or putting oneself forward: His presentation was very poor.

Commerce . the presentment of a bill, note, or the like.

Obstetrics .

the position of the fetus in the uterus during labor.

the appearance of a particular part of the fetus at the cervix during labor: a breech presentation.

Ecclesiastical . the act or the right of presenting a member of the clergy to the bishop for institution to a benefice.

Origin of presentation

Other words from presentation.

  • non·pres·en·ta·tion, noun
  • self-pres·en·ta·tion, noun

Words Nearby presentation

  • presenile dementia
  • presenility
  • presentable
  • present arms
  • presentational
  • presentationalism
  • presentationism
  • presentative
  • presentative realism Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use presentation in a sentence

Look no further than those execs who have sat through online presentations outlining a more inclusive workplace only to have to go back to working in teams where they’re made to feel different.

The day of the presentation comes, and the ecommerce team gathers around, continuously nodding along with each slide.

In the questions-and-answer presentation on Wednesday, Palantir did not address the issue of voting power.

For repurposing, you can use four different formats, which are – video series, infographics, podcasts, and presentations.

This presentation will explain the ins and outs of the process as well as the need for older children who are looking for a home as well.

We were scoring it like the Olympics: presentation , technique.

Bogucki includes the leaflet in a Powerpoint presentation he has developed.

Her biggest surprise, she said, was realizing how much presentation and technical points mattered.

That may be partially because The Big Lebowski is their most nihilistic presentation .

One of the hottest tickets at the 2014 edition of Comic-Con, the annual nerd mecca in San Diego, was the Marvel presentation .

You were obliging enough to ask me to accept a presentation copy of your verses.

Nor was ever a better presentation made of the essential program of socialism.

After the presentation of the Great Southern case our Bill was heard and all the opposition.

The presentation of the Railway case and the rebutting evidence did not begin till all the public witnesses had been heard.

Furthermore, a note is payable on demand when it is thus stated, or is payable at sight or on presentation .

British Dictionary definitions for presentation

/ ( ˌprɛzənˈteɪʃən ) /

the act of presenting or state of being presented

the manner of presenting, esp the organization of visual details to create an overall impression : the presentation of the project is excellent but the content poor

the method of presenting : his presentation of the facts was muddled

a verbal report presented with illustrative material, such as slides, graphs, etc : a presentation on the company results

an offering or bestowal, as of a gift

( as modifier ) : a presentation copy of a book

a performance or representation, as of a play

the formal introduction of a person, as into society or at court; debut

the act or right of nominating a clergyman to a benefice

med the position of a baby relative to the birth canal at the time of birth

commerce another word for presentment (def. 4)

television linking material between programmes, such as announcements, trailers, or weather reports

an archaic word for gift

philosophy a sense datum

(often capital) another name for (feast of) Candlemas

Derived forms of presentation

  • presentational , adjective

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Definition of presentation noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


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  • 3 [ countable ] a meeting at which something, especially a new product or idea, or piece of work, is shown to a group of people The sales manager will give a presentation on the new products.
  • 4 [ countable ] the series of computer slides (= images) that accompany the talk when someone gives a presentation at a meeting I put my presentation on a memory stick.
  • 5 [ countable ] a ceremony or formal occasion during which a gift or prize is given
  • 6 [ countable ] a performance of a play, etc. in a theater
  • 7 [ countable , uncountable ] ( medical ) the position in which a baby is lying in the mother's body just before birth

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