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PowerPoint vs Other Presentation Tools: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to creating impactful presentations, there are numerous tools available in the market. However, one of the most popular and widely used applications is Microsoft PowerPoint. While PowerPoint has been the go-to choice for many professionals and educators, it’s important to consider other presentation tools as well. In this article, we will compare PowerPoint with other presentation tools to help you decide which one is right for you.

PowerPoint: The Classic Choice

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around since 1987 and continues to dominate the presentation software market. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities that make it ideal for creating visually appealing slideshows. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can quickly learn how to use it effectively.

One of the key advantages of PowerPoint is its compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows and Mac. This means you can easily create presentations on one device and present them on another without any compatibility issues.

PowerPoint also provides a vast library of templates, themes, and design elements that allow users to create professional-looking presentations in no time. It offers a plethora of customization options, allowing you to tailor your slides according to your specific needs.

Prezi: The Dynamic Alternative

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that takes a different approach than traditional slide-based tools like PowerPoint. Instead of using slides, Prezi allows users to create dynamic presentations on a virtual canvas where they can zoom in and out and navigate through content freely.

This unique feature makes Prezi an excellent choice for storytelling or when you want to present information in a nonlinear format. It enables presenters to create engaging visuals that captivate their audience’s attention from start to finish.

Additionally, Prezi offers seamless collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the same presentation simultaneously. This makes it an excellent choice for teams or individuals who need real-time collaboration capabilities.

Google Slides: The Collaborative Solution

Google Slides is a web-based presentation tool that is part of the Google Workspace suite. Similar to PowerPoint, it offers a range of features to create visually appealing presentations. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools make it accessible to users of all skill levels.

One of the standout features of Google Slides is its collaborative capabilities. Multiple users can work on a presentation simultaneously, making it ideal for team projects or remote collaboration. It also allows for real-time commenting and editing, ensuring seamless communication among team members.

Another advantage of Google Slides is its integration with other Google Workspace apps such as Google Docs and Sheets. This integration allows users to import data directly from these apps, saving time and effort when creating presentations.

Keynote: The Mac-Friendly Option

If you are an Apple user, Keynote is the presentation software designed specifically for you. Keynote offers a sleek and modern interface with powerful tools that allow users to create stunning presentations effortlessly.

One of the key advantages of Keynote is its seamless integration with other Apple devices and software. You can easily create presentations on your Mac and present them using your iPhone or iPad without any compatibility issues.

Keynote also provides a wide selection of pre-designed templates that cater to various presentation styles. Additionally, it offers advanced animation and transition effects that can enhance the visual appeal of your slideshows.

Choosing the right presentation tool depends on your specific needs and preferences. PowerPoint remains a solid choice for its versatility, while Prezi offers a dynamic alternative for nonlinear storytelling. Google Slides excels in collaborative capabilities, especially for remote teams, while Keynote provides an excellent option for Apple users seeking seamless integration across devices.

Consider the features, ease-of-use, collaboration options, and platform compatibility when deciding which presentation tool suits you best. Ultimately, selecting the right tool will empower you to create impactful presentations that engage and impress your audience.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


presentation ppt sample

20 Great Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design [+ Templates]

Carly Stec

Published: August 03, 2023

When it comes to PowerPoint presentation design, there's no shortage of avenues you can take.

PowerPoint presentation examples graphic with computer monitor, person holding a megaphone, and a plant to signify growth.

While all that choice — colors, formats, visuals, fonts — can feel liberating, it's important that you're careful in your selection as not all design combinations add up to success. We’re not saying there’s one right way to design your next PowerPoint presentation, but we are saying there are some designs that make more sense than others.

→ Free Download: 10 PowerPoint Presentation Templates [Access Now]

In this blog post, you'll learn how to create an awesome PowerPoint deck and then see real presentations that nail it in exactly their own way.

What makes a good PowerPoint presentation?

A great PowerPoint presentation gets the point across succinctly while using a design that builds upon the point, and doesn't detract from it. The following aspects make for a great PowerPoint presentation:

1. Minimal Animations and Transitions

Believe it or not, animations and transitions can take away from your PowerPoint presentation. Why? Well, they distract from the design you worked so hard on — and from your content, too.

A good PowerPoint presentation keeps the focus on your argument by keeping animations and transitions to a minimum. That said, you don’t have to eliminate them all. You can use them tastefully and sparingly to emphasize a point or bring attention to a certain part of an image.

2. Cohesive Color Palette

It’s worth reviewing color theory when creating your next PowerPoint presentation. A cohesive color palette uses complementary and analogous colors to draw the audience’s attention, emphasize certain aspects, and deemphasize bits of information that the audience might not need at a certain point in time.

Slide design ideas example: Cohesive color palette, Planetly

3. Contextualized Visuals

An image does speak more than words. And it’s been proven that the human brain is wired to process visuals much faster than words. Take advantage of that by including graphs, photos, and illustrations that can help you build upon your point while keeping your audience’s interest.

Slide design ideas example: Contextualized visuals, Freshworks

Make sure you contextualize those visuals by explaining verbally why that image is there. Otherwise, it’ll be distracting to the audience and may potentially cause more questions than answers.

presentation ppt sample

10 Free PowerPoint Templates

Download ten free PowerPoint templates for a better presentation.

  • Creative templates.
  • Data-driven templates.
  • Professional templates.

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

Tell us a little about yourself below to gain access today:

Powerpoint design ideas.

It's impossible for us to tell you which design ideas you should go after in your next PowerPoint, because, well, we don't know what the goal of your presentation is. Luckily, new versions of PowerPoint actually suggest ideas for you based on the content you're presenting. This can help you keep up with the latest trends in presentation design .

In PowerPoint 2016 and later, PowerPoint is filled with interesting boilerplate designs you can start with. To find these suggestions, open PowerPoint and click the "Design" tab in your top navigation bar. Then, on the far right side, you'll see the following choices:

PowerPoint Design Ideas option in the top bar

Click the "Design Ideas" option under this Design tab, as shown in the screenshot above. This icon will reveal a vertical list of interesting slide layouts based on what your slides already have on them.

Don't have any content on your slides yet? You can easily shuffle this vertical list of slide design ideas by clicking various themes inside the color carousel to the far left of the Design Ideas icon, as shown below:

PowerPoints theme inside the Design panel

As you browse and choose from the themes shown above, the Design Ideas pane to the right will interpret them and come up with layouts. Below, we’ve included some of our favorite ones.

Atlas (Theme)

Covering a more creative subject for a younger or more energetic audience? On behalf of PowerPoint, might we suggest the cover slide design below? Its vibrant red color blocks and fun lines will appeal to your audience.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Atlas theme

PowerPoint Ideas for This Theme:

  • Use this simple theme to focus on key elements of your presentation.
  • Customize the colors to match your brand or try contrasting colors for text and background for readability and visual appeal.

Madison (Theme)

This design doesn't have the intensity of the first slide on this list. But it has a simple structure that can make any PowerPoint presentation a good slideshow.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Madison theme

  • Add unique and on-brand fonts, textures, and borders to this theme for classic and cool presentations.
  • Add an image collage or textured photograph to create distinct and consistent PowerPoints for your brand.

Parcel (Theme)

Parcel offers a variety of slide layouts with geometric shapes. Add these shapes to your slides to create interesting visual elements. Use them for backgrounds, content, or decoration, and experiment with different shapes, sizes, and layouts.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Parcel theme

  • Add a color-blocked background for a fun but relaxing tone for your audience, or use color blocks to highlight sections of text.
  • Experiment with this PowerPoint theme's contemporary fonts for cool slides that feel professional.
  • Add a chart or graph to visualize data in your presentation.

Crop (Theme)

This PowerPoint design idea uses graphic elements such as lines and bars to give structure, contrast, and modern flair to your slides.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Crop theme

  • Make the most of this theme with high-quality images. Simple compositions with lots of negative space or bold focal points can help your slide's design pop.
  • Use this theme's grid layout to create clean, organized layouts, even if design isn't your strength.

Badge (Theme)

We're particularly fond of this PowerPoint design style. By using lines and contrasting elements — like a burst, as shown below — you add depth to your slides. This can help your content capture and hold your audience's attention more easily.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Badge theme

  • Add badges to highlight key points and sections, or to showcase achievements.
  • Add original illustrations to your presentation's design. You might think you need to use professional illustrations for this. But adding quick doodles or sketches to this theme can help you create authentic and creative PowerPoint presentations.

If you're not fond of the built-in PowerPoint design themes, you can always download a free PowerPoint template and input your content onto pre-made slide styles.

Let’s take a look at the best ones you can download below.

Creative PowerPoint (Template)

This presentation template uses bright colors and plenty of white space to convey a modern but fun design. Organic shapes and geometric lines and patterns add an extra visual element to the slides, achieving depth and personality. Get it here .

Creative PowerPoint Template

Download These Templates for Free

Design Ideas for This Template:

  • Create custom graphics or textures and layer them on top of this template's image layers to create beautiful slides for your brand. Be sure to use consistent styles and colors for a cohesive design.
  • Get inspired by the clear visual hierarchy of this template as you customize it. Use font sizes, color, and graphics to highlight each section. This can help you make sure that important information stands out from supporting details.

Professional Style PowerPoint (Template)

These PowerPoint slides use more neutral colors and fonts to create a calm and elegant vibe. It also highlights quality images to communicate key points. Get it here .

Professional Style PowerPoint Template

  • This template works best with subtle pastels and muted colors. Try non-traditional color combos, like peach and mint green, for a unique PowerPoint presentation.
  • Images and data visualizations will stand out in this template, so make sure you have excellent photos and illustrations to showcase.

Data PowerPoint (Template)

This template uses a rounded font to draw sharp contrast with the lines and graphs that will populate the presentation. If you want to offer engaging visuals with number-crunching content, the slide design ideas in this template are a great choice. Get it here .

Data PowerPoint Template

  • Try an on-brand duotone color scheme or use a dark background with this template to give your slides a simple but trendy look.
  • Use the built-in icon library or import custom icons into your slides. You can use icons to represent important topics or concepts for easier skimming. This visual feature can also make your slides more exciting.

Simple PowerPoint (Template)

By pairing vibrant colors with pale ones, this PowerPoint gives an understated feel, which can draw attention to the content while still being visually engaging. Get it here .

Simple PowerPoint Template

  • Combine multiple images with vertical or horizontal formatting in this template for dynamic and beautiful slides.
  • Play with contrasting typography styles. Try combining a bold heading font with a simple body font. This can help you draw attention to important information and make your PowerPoint design easy to read.

Best PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Business presentation slides, business plan template, company profile template, marketing plan template, project status report template, annual report template, product launch template, visual brand identity template, infographic template, financial report template, industry trends template.

Want some inspo as you create your next presentation? Look no further — whether you're projecting your slides in person or sharing them online, these slides will help you impress your audience.

And to make your search even easier, we've added gorgeous templates for the most popular business needs below. Keep reading to find the best Microsoft PowerPoint template for your next presentation.

Business presentations can be intense. This set of PowerPoint slides could include a wide range of important information such as:

  • Company history
  • Mission and vision
  • Business goals
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Growth strategies

So, business presentations can be overwhelming for an audience to consume. This makes great presentation design essential.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Business Presentation Template

The Modern PowerPoint Template featured here is sleek and modern. But it's also fun and appealing, with a streamlined design that leaves a lasting impression.

Pro tip : Use headers to communicate top priorities in your business presentation. Then, use body copy and images to add details that will support and enhance your PowerPoint.

A well-crafted business plan is vital to any business, whether it's a startup, scale-up, or established company. A business plan can be just as complex as a business presentation, but it also needs to entice investors and partners.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Business Plan Template

This Retro PowerPoint Template is fun, interesting, and unique. It also has easy-to-read text and plenty of space for useful images and charts. This makes it an ideal template for business presentations.

Like your business plan, your company profile is key to developing your business. But your company profile is more than a peek at your biz plan. It's a chance to highlight your team, culture and values, major clients, and your company history.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Company Profile Template

When done right, this presentation can show your competitive advantage and build trust for your brand. This means that your presentation slides need to be just right. Download the company profile template featured above and five more great company profile templates today.

The right marketing plan presentation can decide whether your team will have the budget and resources it needs to meet your goals. That's why marketing plans need great presentation design.

After using a marketing plan template to write out your completed plan, use an eye-catching presentation template to share your ideas.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Marketing Plan Template

This Typographic PowerPoint Template will make it easy to use custom graphics and typography that will make your brand presentation shine.

Pro tip : Use different charts and graphs to highlight the data you used while making marketing plan decisions. This will reinforce the logic of your ideas while adding more visual interest.

Project status reports keep stakeholders informed about project milestones, timelines, risks, and budget. Try this template to add transparency, manage expectations, and stay proactive with your project presentations.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Project Status Report Template

Annual reports offer a company's performance summary, achievements, finances, and more. This means that an organized layout is essential to showcase growth and wins for the year. This presentation needs to be well-designed so that it inspires the trust and confidence of employees, shareholders, and members of the community.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Annual Report Template

Try this annual report template if you want to create a PDF or this template for PowerPoint .

Pro tip : Choose the right presentation software for your presentation. While most presentation design is created in PowerPoint or Keynote, sometimes it’s a good idea to try out new tools.

Product launch is an exciting time at any company. A great PowerPoint presentation for product release will include:

  • Product features
  • Target audience
  • Marketing strategy
  • Launch timeline

Besides generating excitement, this deck keeps stakeholders consistent and connected. It's central to driving customer interest, engagement, and sales.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Product Launch Template

The Doodle Template is a great choice for product launch presentations with its range of slide features. It has lots of space for product images, as well as icons to represent stakeholders, teams, or product features.

Pro tip : Use the bright and cheery graphics in this template as is or replace them with sketches from your product creation process for a customized touch.

Consistency and visual appeal are crucial elements of building a strong brand identity. Using a PowerPoint presentation template can help you clearly communicate the details that make your company's brand, logo, typography, colors, imagery, and design one of a kind.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Visual Brand Identity Template

Start with this brand building guide to make sure you've nailed down the most important elements of your brand identity. Then, use one of these templates from Canva to develop your brand identity presentation.

Infographics are a powerful way to present complex information or data in a visual way. Different types of information lend themselves to different presentation styles.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Infographic Template

You can add these free PowerPoint templates for infographics to a larger slide presentation or use this format to create an infographic for other channels.

Pro tip : Add an infographic to a business or data presentation to add data insights and storytelling to your presentation slides. This will help make your PowerPoint presentation more memorable.

Concise financial reporting helps businesses review their financial performance for better decision-making. This presentation often includes confidential data such as revenue, profit, and cash flow.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Financial Report Template

The Abstract PowerPoint Template has slide designs for data comparison, quotes, and analysis. Its clean and simple design will make your financial report presentations look cool and professional.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need the latest industry insights. And to keep that data engaging, you need great presentation design for trends. Trends decks might include data on market research, competitive analysis, new technologies, or consumer behavior.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Industry Trends Template

This 3D Gradient PowerPoint Template combines bold colors with fun shapes. It's the perfect vehicle to highlight bright images, icons, and data on the latest trends.

Pro tip : New information can be tough to consume, so it's best to keep your copy short and easy to understand. Use images that tell a story to make the most of every section of your presentation.

Good Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design

To see some examples of the best PowerPoint presentation designs, check out the following decks.

1. "The Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing," Velocity Partners

We've said it once , and we'll say it again: We love this presentation from Velocity Partner's Co-Founder Doug Kessler. Not only is the content remarkable, but the design is also quite clever. While each slide employs the same background visual, the copy in the notebook unfolds brilliantly through a series of colorful doodles and bold text. This gives the presentation a personal feel, which aligns with the self-reflective nature of the concept.

2. "You Don't Suck at PowerPoint," Jesse Desjardins

If the contrast used throughout this PowerPoint presentation design were a human, we'd marry it. This skillful presentation from Jesse Desjardins employs the perfect color palette : balancing black and white photos with pops of fluorescent pink, yellow, and blue. The cheeky vintage photos work to reinforce the copy on each slide, making the presentation both interesting and visually appealing.

3. "Accelerating Innovation in Energy," Accenture

Balancing visual backgrounds with text isn't easy. More often than not, the text is formatted in a way that winds up getting lost in the image. This presentation from Accenture combated this issue by combining shapes and graphics to create contrast between the text and the background. Well done.

4. "Visual Design with Data," Seth Familian

When you're tasked with presenting a lot of information in a little bit of time, things can get sort of messy. To simplify this type of presentation, it's a good idea to use a visual agenda like the one shown above. This index clearly signifies the start and finish of each section to make it easier for the viewer to follow along and keep track of the information. The presenter takes it further by including an additional agenda for each exercise, so that the audience knows what they're supposed to do.

5. "How to Craft Your Company's Storytelling Voice," MarketingProfs

Do you love these hand-drawn illustrations or do you love these hand-drawn illustrations? I mean, c'mon, this is amazing. Certainly, it would have been easier to generate these designs online, but this approach highlights MarketingProf's commitment to investing the time and thought it takes to create an out-of-the-box piece of content. And as a result, this presentation stands out in the best way possible.

6. "Blitzscaling: Book Trailer," Reid Hoffman

If you're going to go the minimalistic route, take note of this PowerPoint presentation example from Reid Hoffman. This clean design adheres to a simple, consistent color scheme with clean graphics peppered throughout to make the slides more visually interesting. Overall there are no frills or unnecessary additions, which allows the informative content to take priority.

7. "Healthcare Napkins," Dan Roam

This presentation dates back to 2009, but the design is still as good as ever. The colorful, quirky doodles help tell the story while also serving as an interesting way to illustrate data (see slides 20 and 21). For visual learners, this approach is much more inviting than a series of slides riddled with text-heavy bullet points.

8. "One Can Be Diverse: An Essay on Diversity," With Company

This presentation employs both powerful images and modern typography to illustrate the point. While many of the slides contain long quotes, they are broken up in a way that makes them easily digestible. Not to mention all of the text is crisp, clean, and concise.

9. " 10 Things Your Audience Hates About Your Presentation ," Stinson

his simplistic presentation example employs several different colors and font weights, but instead of coming off as disconnected, the varied colors work with one another to create contrast and call out specific concepts. Also, the big, bold numbers help set the reader's expectations, as they clearly signify how far along the viewer is in the list of tips.

10. "Pixar's 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling," Gavin McMahon

This presentation by Gavin McMahon features color in all the right places. While each of the background images boasts a bright, spotlight-like design, all the characters are intentionally blacked out. This helps keep the focus on the tips, while still incorporating visuals. Not to mention, it's still easy for the viewer to identify each character without the details. (I found you on slide eight, Nemo.)

11. "Facebook Engagement and Activity Report," We Are Social

Here's another great example of data visualization in the wild. Rather than displaying numbers and statistics straight up, this presentation calls upon interesting, colorful graphs, and charts to present the information in a way that just makes sense.

12. "The GaryVee Content Model," Gary Vaynerchuk

This wouldn't be a true Gary Vaynerchuk presentation if it wasn't a little loud, am I right? Aside from the fact that we love the eye-catching, bright yellow background, Vaynerchuk does a great job of incorporating screenshots on each slide to create a visual tutorial that coincides with the tips. He also does a great job including a visual table of contents that shows your progress as you go through the presentation (and aligns with the steps of content marketing, too).

13. "20 Tweetable Quotes to Inspire Marketing & Design Creative Genius," IMPACT Branding & Design

We've all seen our fair share of quote-chronicling presentations but that isn't to say they were all done well. Often the background images are poor quality, the text is too small, or there isn't enough contrast. Well, this professional presentation from IMPACT Branding & Design suffers from none of said challenges. The colorful filters over each background image create just enough contrast for the quotes to stand out.

14. "The Great State of Design," Stacy Kvernmo

This presentation offers up a lot of information in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming. The contrasting colors create visual interest and "pop," and the comic images (slides 6 through 12) are used to make the information seem less buttoned-up. Once the presentation gets to the CSS section, it takes users slowly through the information so that they’re not overwhelmed.

15. "Clickbait: A Guide To Writing Un-Ignorable Headlines," Ethos3

Not going to lie, it was the title that convinced me to click through to this presentation but the awesome design kept me there once I arrived. This simple design adheres to a consistent color pattern and leverages bullet points and varied fonts to break up the text nicely.

16. "Digital Transformation in 50 Soundbites," Julie Dodd

This design highlights a great alternative to the "text-over-image" display we've grown used to seeing. By leveraging a split-screen approach to each presentation slide, Julie Dodd was able to serve up a clean, legible quote without sacrificing the power of a strong visual.

17. "Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint," Slide Comet

When you're creating a PowerPoint about how everyone's PowerPoints stink, yours had better be terrific. The one above, based on the ebook by Seth Godin, keeps it simple without boring its audience. Its clever combinations of fonts, together with consistent color across each slide, ensure you're neither overwhelmed nor unengaged.

18. "How Google Works," Eric Schmidt

Simple, clever doodles tell the story of Google in a fun and creative way. This presentation reads almost like a storybook, making it easy to move from one slide to the next. This uncluttered approach provides viewers with an easy-to-understand explanation of a complicated topic.

19. "What Really Differentiates the Best Content Marketers From The Rest," Ross Simmonds

Let's be honest: These graphics are hard not to love. Rather than employing the same old stock photos, this unique design serves as a refreshing way to present information that's both valuable and fun. We especially appreciate the author's cartoonified self-portrait that closes out the presentation. Well played, Ross Simmonds.

20. "Be A Great Product Leader," Adam Nash

This presentation by Adam Nash immediately draws attention by putting the company's logo first — a great move if your company is well known. He uses popular images, such as ones of Megatron and Pinocchio, to drive his points home. In the same way, you can take advantage of popular images and media to keep the audience's attention and deepen your arguments.

PowerPoint Presentation Examples for the Best Slide Presentation

Mastering a PowerPoint presentation begins with the design itself. Use the ideas above to create a presentation that engages your audience, builds upon your point, and helps you generate leads for your brand.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2013 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. This article was written by a human, but our team uses AI in our editorial process. Check out our full disclosure to learn more about how we use AI.

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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Self Introduction PowerPoint Template

cover photo for company profile template

Introduce Company Profile PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

Go-To-Market PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

Business Case Study PowerPoint Template

Top Picks Infographic PowerPoint

Infographic PowerPoint

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Multi Level Circular Organizational Chart Template

PPT Template for Business Presentations

Invictus PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

Light Business PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

Light Bulb Idea PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

Scorecard Dashboard PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

Table of Content Slides for PowerPoint

presentation ppt sample

Mission and Vision PowerPoint Template

Cover Image for Company Profile Presentation

Company Profile PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

30 60 90 Days Plan PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

RAG Project Status Dashboard for PowerPoint

presentation ppt sample

Thesis Presentation PowerPoint Template

Here you can find a collection of some of the best PowerPoint Templates. You can choose from a collection of the best slide templates to make your presentations for various purposes. Find the best PowerPoint templates for business or education, including topics such as Management, Science, Technology, Arts, Entertainment, and more. With thousands of creatively designed and ready-made presentation templates, you can browse and pick the most suitable template for your next presentation. These best slide templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides can boost your productivity in preparing a presentation and, at the same time, help convey a message to an audience with visually appealing slides.

Also, all presentation templates, slides, layouts, etc., that made it to our Best PPT Templates list are Mac and Windows-supported. You can also run them on Keynotes, Office365, and Google Slides. These templates come in different colors, styles, fonts, and font sizes, making them unique. The colors, icons, shapes, vector images, and other elements used for these templates are carefully selected, which you can change to your preferred color and edit to your desired text. To suit your preference, you can always add the content (heading, subheading, etc.) to these templates. It makes any of these templates personal, and your audience will pay more attention.

The Best PPT Templates help you save time, energy, and resources because they are 100% editable in Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. Using the best presentation templates, you can make your presentation memorable by combining visually appealing slides and communicating your message efficiently.

Browse through a huge collection of PowerPoint templates curated from various well-crafted, visually appealing, downloadable, and editable templates to select the most suitable for your presentation. The collection of best slides comprises PowerPoint shapes, presentation diagrams, PowerPoint icons, infographics, illustrations & vector images, charts, and other essential elements.

All the curated best PPT templates and slides are professionally designed to meet today’s visual standards.

Best Business Presentations PowerPoint Templates

Searching for the perfect corporate look for your presentations can be a real challenge. If you don’t have design experience, trying to create something on your own can be time-consuming and might not look professional.

Our crew curated a broad selection of business presentation templates that work with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. These designs include eye-catching graphics to spotlight the most important parts of your company’s message and offer you the tools to create professional-quality reports, slides, and more.

presentation ppt sample

Strategy Consulting PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

Employee Onboarding Presentation Template

presentation ppt sample

Business Executive PowerPoint Slide Deck Template

presentation ppt sample

Annual Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Best pitch deck powerpoint templates.

Be clear, persuade, and close business deals by elaborating your pitch decks with our selection of pitch deck PowerPoint templates. This selection of PPT templates lists a variety of styles with a distinctive corporate aesthetic, ideal for entrepreneurs who look for a quality combo of a professional look and engaging graphics. 

With concise designs, a clear layout of information, and eye-catching details built out of editable PowerPoint shapes, you cannot go wrong with these pitch deck templates.

presentation ppt sample

Executive Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

Carnival Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

presentation ppt sample

Creative Company Presentation Template

presentation ppt sample

Modern Startup PowerPoint Template

What are the best powerpoint templates for business.

At SlideModel, we have numerous business PowerPoint presentation templates that you can use for maximum business productivity and proper dissemination of information to your audience seamlessly. Speed up the presentation design process by reusing 100% editable and customizable presentation templates.

Depending on the objective and type of presentation you are preparing, you can use business presentation slides like the Corporate Business Presentation Template or a Business Plan PowerPoint Template to prepare presentations for presenting to investors.

What is the best PowerPoint template?

Every business presentation template serves a specific purpose. At SlideModel, we seek to create the best PowerPoint templates that fit the user’s needs. Within our wide variety of templates, you will find the best PowerPoint presentations for different categories: Infographics Templates , Dashboard templates , PowerPoint Diagrams , PowerPoint backgrounds , Company Profile Templates , and Pitch Deck Templates , among others.

All presentations in our extensive gallery are 100% editable and compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Therefore, they can be used for multiple purposes and reused according to the presenters’ needs.

What makes a good PowerPoint presentation?

Making a good and engaging PowerPoint presentation requires the following procedures:

  • Be sure to properly include PowerPal elements such as graphics, images, colors, etc.
  • Avoid using (extended) sentences; instead, use short phrases.
  • Be sure to add empty spaces in your presentation intentionally. This helps readability.
  • Use complementary and contrasting colors
  • Use a consistent background design with the help of PowerPoint theme colors.
  • Avoid using more than 3 typefaces or font families.
  • Limit the number of slides. Find out the ideal number of slides depending on the expected length of the presentation (e.g., find out how many slides for a 10-minute presentation)
  • Add a concluding slide with the summarizing points
  • Take advantage of the About us slide to include contact info in business presentations and proposals.

Where can I find the best free PowerPoint templates?

It is essential to emphasize eye-catching visual design in PowerPoint presentations. To create a professional PowerPoint presentation you need to spend more time on it. A nice ready-made template can help you finish your work quickly. So, to save time and effort, you can check our presentation templates at SlideModel. If you also want to save your budget, you can check out some of our free PowerPoint templates that can be easily downloaded and edited to suit your needs.

How can I download the best PowerPoint templates?

Get started by creating a SlideModel.com account , choose a plan that best suits your needs and download your PowerPoint template from our various presentations.

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Mega Icons Bundle with 2400 colored and black and white icons in PowerPoint EPS and PNG format

Mega Icons Bundle with 2400 colored and black and white icons in PowerPoint EPS and PNG format

Project Issue Tracking KPI Dashboard

Project Issue Tracking KPI Dashboard

Change Management Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Change Management Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Strategic roadmap timeline showing milestone key dates and research

Strategic roadmap timeline showing milestone key dates and research

Mckinsey 7s Strategic Management Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Mckinsey 7s Strategic Management Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Project management timeline gantt chart

Project management timeline gantt chart

Five yearly human resource shared services migration implementation roadmap

Five yearly human resource shared services migration implementation roadmap

Startup business plan powerpoint presentation slides

Startup business plan powerpoint presentation slides

Business process evaluation powerpoint show

Business process evaluation powerpoint show

Example Presentation For Job Interview PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Example Presentation For Job Interview PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Risk Management Kpi Dashboard Showing Open Issues And Control Performance

Risk Management Kpi Dashboard Showing Open Issues And Control Performance

Swot analysis of the company raise seed financing from angel investors ppt ideas graphics

Swot analysis of the company raise seed financing from angel investors ppt ideas graphics

Milestones Roadmap Strategic Planning Framework Business Direction Achieving Goals Preparation

Milestones Roadmap Strategic Planning Framework Business Direction Achieving Goals Preparation

Slides for a startup pitch deck powerpoint presentation slides

Slides for a startup pitch deck powerpoint presentation slides

ChatGPT IT Powerpoint Presentation Slides

ChatGPT IT Powerpoint Presentation Slides

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Sales Deck, Project Planning, Target Market Analysis, Company/Corporate profile, Corporate Strategy product Launch & hundreds more

Powerpoint Presentation Designs In seconds

Scientific visualization technique to help you find the perfect PowerPoint template in just 3 Clicks!


Large collection of editable presentation maps of countries, continents, counties, states and flags

  • 100% editable vector-based PPT maps
  • Separately color individual regions
  • Show locations graphically

Take Your Message Places with our maps

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  • Presentations already linked to Microsoft Excel
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Creative Idea Bulb PowerPoint Template


City Buildings Business PowerPoint Template


Rocket Launched PowerPoint Template


Water Colored Splashes PowerPoint Template


Stethoscope Hospital Symbol PowerPoint Template


Paper Idea Bulb PowerPoint Template


City of Business Man PowerPoint Template

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Workout for Kids Infographics presentation template

Workout for Kids Infographics

Looking back, we don't really know how children hardly got tired after hours of running and playing. Did they have a good workout plan? What we do have is this template full of editable infographics, which also contain illustrations, icons and pastel colors. You can use it to introduce the...

Famous Celebrity Portfolio Infographics presentation template

Famous Celebrity Portfolio Infographics

While a famous celebrity may not really need a portfolio… the rest of us could certainly do with glamming up ours! This elegant, minimalistic set of infographics in light gray is here to enrich your “Famous Celebrity Portfolio” and supplies you with additional ways to present your CV, experience, skill...

Kawaii Interface Social Media Strategy Infographics presentation template

Kawaii Interface Social Media Strategy Infographics

Navigate your social media strategy with finesse using these kawaii interface style infographics – a fully editable Google Slides and PowerPoint template. Decorated with inviting pastel colors, this tool makes strategizing feel less like work and more like playing an engaging game! From planning your content to monitoring analytics, every...

Cottagecore Style Portfolio presentation template

Cottagecore Style Portfolio

Download the Cottagecore Style Portfolio presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. When a potential client or employer flips through the pages of your portfolio, they're not just looking at your work; they're trying to get a sense of who you are as a person. That's why it's crucial to curate...

Industry 4.0 Business Plan presentation template

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Industry 4.0 Business Plan

In the world of business today, companies are constantly seeking to gain a competitive advantage through innovative technologies. This is where Industry 4.0 comes into play – the fourth industrial revolution that incorporates digital technologies into various industries and business processes. If you're in charge of a business that operates...

Gratitude Workshop presentation template

Gratitude Workshop

Propelling forward with an attitude of gratitude just got easier, thanks to this Google Slides and PowerPoint template! Designed to evoke tranquility with its serene palette of soft grays and greens, it is here to support your workshop on feeling and practicing gratitude. It is fully customizable, ensuring your content...

Popular themes

Minimalist Business Slides presentation template

Minimalist Business Slides

Minimalism is an art style that frees the canvas and that lets the content stand out for itself. It’s a way of conveying modernism, simplicity and elegance and can be your best ally in your next presentation. With this new design from Slidesgo, your business presentations will be as professional...

Learn more about Thanksgiving! presentation template

Learn more about Thanksgiving!

You may know the general facts about Thanksgiving, but do you know all, absolutely all its traditions? That's what this template with pink gradients and colorful illustrations is for! This creative design will allow you to make a presentation about Thanksgiving facts, history and curiosities, to continue expanding knowledge about...

Merry Christmas presentation template

Merry Christmas

Christmas season is vital for many businesses. With this template we help you define a good marketing plan in the purest Christmas style. Captivate everyone with the Christmas ball graphs to explain your predictions. Use the decorated tree infographics to show the actions of your plan or the Christmas candy...

Harvest Feast: US Thanksgiving presentation template

Harvest Feast: US Thanksgiving

Celebrate the season of gratitude with a Google Slides and PowerPoint template. This design captures the festive spirit of Thanksgiving with a modern, cool and dark artistry. Enhanced by informative infographics, it successfully blends tradition with innovation. The template is perfect for sharing memorable family recipes, retelling historical narratives or...

Papyrus History Lesson presentation template

Papyrus History Lesson

History lessons tend to be boring for students, since they need to remember dates and a bunch of information. Make it entertaining by editing our free presentation template, whose backgrounds based on ancient papyrus rolls take it to the next level.

Fall Background presentation template

Fall Background

Say goodbye to Summer and welcome Fall with open arms. This beautiful template allows you to present a strategy for social media to your colleagues, illustrating your points and conveying your message. Its backgrounds full of leaves and plants and its warm colors are just spot-on.


Language Arts Subject for High School: The Odyssey Infographics presentation template

Language Arts Subject for High School: The Odyssey Infographics

The Odyssey was one of the two main epic poems from Ancient Greece that were allegedly created by Homer, but not the one that works in sector 7-G! If you haven't read it, give it an epic try! If you have read it, you might be interested in this template...

July Planner Infographics presentation template

July Planner Infographics

If you’ve loved our “July Planner” presentation, you’re going to love these infographics! They come in the same design as the July planner and allow you to take stock of your personal and professional goals, growth and learning and offer mood trackers, priority lists and so much more. Edit them...

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Sheep Says Baa! presentation template

Sheep Says Baa!

Printable design A4 format with coloring activities. You can save it in Google Drive and then print it!

Sad Donut presentation template


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Free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates & infographics for presentations

Preview of the Down Convergence List PowerPoint template slide

Down Convergence List for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Modern design template showing the "Up Convergence List" for PowerPoint presentations.

Up Convergence List for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Featured image of the Right Convergence List template for PowerPoint presentations.

Right Convergence List for PowerPoint and Google Slides

A preview of the Left Convergence List design for PowerPoint presentations.

Left Convergence List for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Preview of Diagonal Dynamics PowerPoint Template with 6 standard layout slides.

Diagonal Dynamics Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Preview of Hexachrome Wheel template for PowerPoint presentations

Hexachrome Wheel for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Preview of Pentachrome Wheel template for PowerPoint presentations

Pentachrome Wheel for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Preview of Quadchrome Wheel template for PowerPoint presentations

Quadchrome Wheel for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Preview of Trichrome Wheel template for PowerPoint presentations

Trichrome Wheel for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Flag of Finland Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

presentation ppt sample

Flag of Ireland Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

A preview of the VRIO Framework slide template for PowerPoint.

VRIO Framework for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Blog - ideas & resources.

A photo of a woman looking through a magnifying glass to illustrate the post Mastering Text Emphasis in Your Presentation: Tips and Techniques

Mastering Text Emphasis in Your Presentation: Tips and Techniques

Unlock the power of effective text presentation with expert tips on text quantity, font choices, slide design, and templates.

2023 Presentation Design Trends - by PresentationGO

2023 Presentation Design Trends

You have prepared a rock-solid presentation. Now, it’s time to prepare a slide deck that matches your great ideas, products, and stories. In order to impress your audience and leave an unforgettable impression, you need to design brilliant visuals that ...

How to ace your sales presentation in 10 steps - Tips by PresentationGO

How to Ace Your Sales Presentation in 10 Steps

Some presentations are more important than others. The one you are going to give next week could be a game changer. You need to convince clients that your product or service is the one they need. You know that these ...

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