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Bring your next presentation to life with customizable powerpoint design templates. whether you're wowing with stats via charts and graphs or putting your latest and greatest ideas on display, you'll find a powerpoint presentation template to make your ideas pop., presentations.

Help your data, insights, and recommendations make a statement with beautiful and easily customizable presentation templates.

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Celebrate accomplishments big and small with customizable certificate templates. From gift certificates to awards for finishing a course or training, find a template that highlights their accolades.

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Boost visibility for your show, project, or business with easily customizable poster templates. Find templates for all your promotion needs and make them uniquely yours in a flash.

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Keep track of whatever you need to in style. From personal planning to promotional calendars, find templates for every kind of project and aesthetic.

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Say more with less using helpful and easily customizable infographic templates. Add clarity to business presentations, school projects, and more with these helpful templates.

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Tips, tricks, and insider advice from our business and design experts

A quick way to create beautiful, powerful PowerPoint presentations

Create captivating, informative content for PowerPoint in just a few minutes—no graphic design experience needed. Here's how:

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Let's create a powerpoint design, frequently asked questions, where can i find slide templates and themes that i can customize.

To find customizable slide templates and themes, you can explore the business presentations templates or search by PowerPoint templates . Once you find a template that resonates with you, customize it by changing its color scheme, add in your own photos, and swap out the font.

How do I use pre-made PowerPoint templates?

After you've chosen a PowerPoint template to use, customize it. Explore [design tips] on how to customize a deck that resonates with your brand while putting emphasis on the topic at hand. Play with other design elements, like photo shapes, to make each slide unique.

How can I make or edit my own custom PowerPoint templates?

Start from scratch by creating your own PowerPoint template . Follow tips for designs and business presentations so that your unique template is cohesive and relevant to your brand. Incorporate your brand's color scheme and graphics so that all your slides aren't text only.

What kinds templates can I get online for PowerPoint?

You can get PowerPoint templates that have modern designs, animated ones, or even hand-drawn art in each slide. The color schemes range from bold to subtle. Each template's slides are also organized based on what you may want to include in your presentation . You can use the template as a starting point and customize its specific details from theme.

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Presentation designs

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation design for ShotSpotter'

Express yourself with a custom presentation design created just for you by a professional designer. Need ideas? We’ve collected some amazing examples of presentation images from our global community of designers. Get inspired and start planning the perfect presentation design today.

Presentation design with the title 'Create our new "Whiteboard Hacking" training template!'

Create our new "Whiteboard Hacking" training template!

Presentation design with the title 'Retail Technology PPT Template Design'

Retail Technology PPT Template Design

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Parlor'

PowerPoint for Parlor

Presentation design with the title 'E-Book for BeNatural Singapore'

E-Book for BeNatural Singapore

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Aqua Angels'

PowerPoint for Aqua Angels

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for EuroCAST USA'

PowerPoint for EuroCAST USA

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Bean-To-Bar Chocolate'

PowerPoint for Bean-To-Bar Chocolate

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Mobile Health Consumer, Inc.'

PowerPoint for Mobile Health Consumer, Inc.

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Prima'

PowerPoint for Prima

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Data Literacy'

PowerPoint for Data Literacy

Presentation design with the title 'Jibby Presentation'

Jibby Presentation

Power Point Design Jibby Ltd, needs professional, fun and cool design.

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Inventium'

PowerPoint for Inventium

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation design for pet business'

Presentation design for pet business

Presentation design with connected slide transition

Presentation design with the title 'Clean and Professional Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template'

Clean and Professional Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Elegant presentation style for pitch deck power point template

Presentation design with the title 'Green movement presentation template'

Green movement presentation template

Simplistic and minimalist green movement presentation

Presentation design with the title 'Pitch deck'

Elegant and professional PPT pitch deck. with the color scheme of the logo. Also, from site branding and feel (

Presentation design with the title 'Create a Modern Powerpoint model for a growing start-up'

Create a Modern Powerpoint model for a growing start-up

Presentation design with the title 'High technology environment monitoring template'

High technology environment monitoring template

Modern with techy feels presentation template

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint design for Antibiotics Adjuvant'

PowerPoint design for Antibiotics Adjuvant

This is probably one of the most fun design process I ever did in 99designs. I tried to give a more modern feel to the brand with bright popping colors and playing with font size dynamics. It didn't make the cut but it is one of design style I'd love to make.

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Adforprize'

PowerPoint for Adforprize

Presentation design with the title 'Modern Presentation to sell our software product'

Modern Presentation to sell our software product

This is for marketing and IT people as user target, and we made it looks connected each slide, so the audience will see it as a story.

Presentation design with the title '99designs Presentation Template for Startups'

99designs Presentation Template for Startups

Presentation design with the title 'Pitch Deck for Google "Search Inside Yourself" Mindfulness Seminar'

Pitch Deck for Google "Search Inside Yourself" Mindfulness Seminar

Pitch deck from google "Search Inside Yourself"

Presentation design with the title 'Tegrita Rebrand - New PPT Template'

Tegrita Rebrand - New PPT Template

Every design has its branding self but can be inspired by other designs to build their style. Like this project is inspired by my other portfolio and then marry them inspiration style with their brand

Presentation design with the title 'Compelling PowerPoint Template/Presentation for upcoming Customer Meeting'

Compelling PowerPoint Template/Presentation for upcoming Customer Meeting

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Enventives'

PowerPoint for Enventives

Presentation design with the title 'Best Christmas Ever Training Videos'

Best Christmas Ever Training Videos

Presentation deck use as training's for our volunteers and each slide will be a different theme.

Consulting company presentation

We design presentations to be clean, neat, professional but do not leave creativity. The colors following the client company brands.

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Template Design - Contest Winner'

Powerpoint Template Design - Contest Winner

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Deck for new interior design business'

Presentation Deck for new interior design business

Simple and luxury design that can implement for any content

Presentation design with the title 'Syxsense Inc. Powerpoint Template Design'

Syxsense Inc. Powerpoint Template Design

Clean Powerpoint Template Design

Presentation design with the title 'Design a 10 slide presentation for'

Design a 10 slide presentation for

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Template Design'

Powerpoint Template Design

Presentation design with the title 'HRBlue Presentation'

HRBlue Presentation

HRblue ist eine Personalberatung, die auf den Bereich Human Resources spezialisiert ist.

Presentation design with the title 'Clean Branded Powerpoint Template Design'

Clean Branded Powerpoint Template Design

Branded Powerpoint Template. Why should your deck not visually represent your brand? Weather for internal presentations or even for an outside audience. I well designed deck will get your message across while leaving a memorable impression of your brand on the audience. Get in touch to discuss your project scope, requirements and budget.

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design for Real Estate Professionals'

Presentation Design for Real Estate Professionals

Even though it consists of a lot of content, I made this still easy to follow all deck, because I made more white space.

Presentation design with the title 'ASCATU - PPT Template'

ASCATU - PPT Template

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design'

Presentation Design

Presentation Design for technology firm

Presentation design with the title 'Medical Presentation'

Medical Presentation

Presentation design with the title 'GTP Presentation'

GTP Presentation

Presentation design with the title 'Better clinics'

Better clinics

Presentation design according to the mood board provided.

Presentation design with the title 'Vibrant powerpoint template using brand logo!'

Vibrant powerpoint template using brand logo!

Presentation design with the title 'ProActive Presentation Template'

ProActive Presentation Template

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint presentation'

PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint presentation for the customer service and business process outsource contact center. Business and professional look and feel.

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Presentation template for company presentation'

Powerpoint Presentation template for company presentation

Looks simple but still modern, like the branding that the customer has

Presentation design with the title 'Rakani Capital Presentation Entry'

Rakani Capital Presentation Entry

Rakani Capital Presentation Entry Presentation Redesign

Presentation design with the title 'PPT template for a financial analytics company with a Nordic brand identity'

PPT template for a financial analytics company with a Nordic brand identity

Presentation design with the title 'Laserax Powerpoint Template Design'

Laserax Powerpoint Template Design

Clean Presentation Design

Presentation design with the title 'Amazing PPT template for innovation consulting company'

Amazing PPT template for innovation consulting company

Clean presentation template with gradient color

Presentation design with the title 'Modern presentation for our sales network'

Modern presentation for our sales network

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design'

Streamlined Pitch Deck for our Drone App

Presentation design with the title 'PerkTech Presentation Template'

PerkTech Presentation Template

1-1 Project PerkTech Presentation Template

Presentation design with the title 'RedZone Robotics Presentation Deck'

RedZone Robotics Presentation Deck

Presentation design with the title 'LoveChock Presentation Redesing'

LoveChock Presentation Redesing

Lovechock presentation redesign from old deck to new template and change the look and feel so it suit with company brand

Presentation design with the title 'Pitch deck for a marketing services consultancy'

Pitch deck for a marketing services consultancy

Presentation design with the title 'Professional Powerpoint Presentation'

Professional Powerpoint Presentation

A technological company with a focus on artificial intelligence for healthcare so that like a modern, sleek, professional and futuristic look but not sterile or bland.

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint template contest winner'

Powerpoint template contest winner

A Powerpoint template design I did for Logicforce and ended up winning it.

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Presentation Design '

Powerpoint Presentation Design

What makes this project truly remarkable is the collaborative spirit with our client. Their unwavering cooperation has been the driving force behind this design endeavor. Together, we've crafted a presentation that not only showcases the physical beauty of the apartments but also captures the essence of a lifestyle that seamlessly blends elegance with functionality. Ready to Elevate Your Project? Let's Create Together! For those with a vision seeking a tailored design experience, I'm open to 1-on-1 collaborations, let's turn your vision into reality.

Presentation design with the title 'Modern Powerpoint Presentation for Business Conference'

Modern Powerpoint Presentation for Business Conference

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design'

Custom PowerPoint Template Design for Cybersecurity Company

Presentation design with the title 'Elliephant PowerPoint Deck'

Elliephant PowerPoint Deck

This powerpoint template designed for Corporate gifting platform. The design looks modern and clean. This is made for investor/customer looks more readable. In the design I use image which is represent the idea and client concept.

Presentation design with the title 'Cultivated Meat Presentation'

Cultivated Meat Presentation

The main target audience for client's products are cell research labs, cell manufacturers and cultivated meat companies. So, they needed a presentation with all the details.

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Templates for Modern Business IT Support Company'

Powerpoint Templates for Modern Business IT Support Company

A modern template for a modern business IT support company

Presentation design with the title 'PAABAC'

Offering information and Trainings to professionals in the payment industry.

Presentation design with the title 'Agriculture Powerpoint Design'

Agriculture Powerpoint Design

This powerpoint template is designed for agriculture things. For the process, we make the part of the logo for presentation design element. The goal is to give the impression and representation of the concept of agriculture itself

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Redesign'

Presentation Redesign

Presentation design with the title 'ChatLink Presentation'

ChatLink Presentation

Pitch Deck design for ChatLink

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint Presentation'

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentation with elements of infographic.

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design'

Automative Presentation Company

Laserax works with the world’s leading manufacturers to implement automated laser marking and cleaning solutions. Providing turnkey machines and OEM systems, the driving force behind Laserax is the desire to push the limits of laser technology and establish new standards in the industry.They wanted a presentation to showcase their products. Here is my design concept for the same..

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation redesign for Munich Leadership Group'

Presentation redesign for Munich Leadership Group

revision last presentation so looks more modern and fresh.

Presentation design with the title 'Pet Consultant  PowerPoint template'

Pet Consultant PowerPoint template

Petrichor Gardens ABS provides cat and dog training and behavior services to pet owners and animal shelters in the southern New Hampshire area. They were looking for emotion-provoking PowerPoint template. Here was my design concept for the same.

Presentation design with the title 'Weltklasse Zurich Presentation template'

Weltklasse Zurich Presentation template

Presentation design with the title 'Init iq Powerpoint designs'

Init iq Powerpoint designs

I love this minimalistic

Presentation design with the title 'Power Point design for Aprilaire'

Power Point design for Aprilaire

This is my entry for Aprilaire's Power Point design contest. Borrow their style for their website and added my own flair in this deck. This design didn't win the contest but I personally very happy with the result.

Presentation design with the title 'Bold Powerpoint for TV Promotions'

Bold Powerpoint for TV Promotions

The design captures the excitement of television and provides a sophisticated edge to SponsoTV

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint Template'

PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template for and e-commerce company that uses custom capability to increase revenue and margins on millions of new products. Presentation to be used as a pitch deck.

Presentation design with the title 'Valentiam Group Presentation Template'

Valentiam Group Presentation Template

Presentation template for Valentiam Group

Presentation design with the title ' Lighthouse Storage Presentation Design'

Lighthouse Storage Presentation Design

Client wanted to create a presentation to introduce new employees to their company and it's structure. Here's my design concept for the same.

Presentation design with the title 'Explore Evansville Presentation Design'

Explore Evansville Presentation Design

Presentation Template Features: • 08 PPT Slides • Easily & Fully Editable • Customizable Charts, Graphs & Tables • Drag & Drop Image Placeholder • Format 16x9 HD Widescreen • Slide Transitions Included • Fonts Used: Bebas Neue Pro, Montserrat • Brand Color Used • Master-Slide Based Layout

Presentation design with the title 'Pitch Investor for Eagle India Investments Fund'

Pitch Investor for Eagle India Investments Fund

The objective is to create a marketing document for the fund. This document would be ideally shared with prospective investors in the fund.

Presentation design with the title 'Attractive Design for conferences of leaders'

Attractive Design for conferences of leaders

Engaging and Attractive Design for conferences of leaders of media and technology companies. The Client suggestion and input was a driving factor for the success of this piece of Artwork.

Presentation design with the title 'Clean Presentation Templates for Health care company'

Clean Presentation Templates for Health care company

A clean and sleek presentation design for Health company.

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Design for Bygglovsverket'

Powerpoint Design for Bygglovsverket

Presentation design with the title 'Measure Up Corp Company Overview'

Measure Up Corp Company Overview

A branded deck designed for the nation’s leading building measurement firms, servicing the country leading real estate organizations.

Presentation design with the title 'TruAccess Networks - Wanting our image and presentation material to separate us from the pack'

TruAccess Networks - Wanting our image and presentation material to separate us from the pack

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for a Venture Capital'

PowerPoint for a Venture Capital

Venture Capital Investor Pitch Deck

Presentation design with the title 'Typography Enhancing Sportive Presentation'

Typography Enhancing Sportive Presentation

Clean and Impressive use of the typography to bring a mental effect to the presentation design. This is one of the nice and upcoming pieces of artwork of the 2018 Portfolio.

Presentation design with the title 'Blue Wavy Theme Decks'

Blue Wavy Theme Decks

This is my proposal during the contest. But, I only make it to the final round.

Presentation design with the title 'Renaissance Capital's video series'

Renaissance Capital's video series

Presentation design with the title 'Creative Deck for a Profesional School'

Creative Deck for a Profesional School

Presentation design with the title 'Simple and Sleek PowerPoint Design'

Simple and Sleek PowerPoint Design

This contest is for IT company that used for internal and external presentation, then I make it in general so it will still on both internal and external

Presentation design with the title 'Presentazione per Maxi Schermo'

Presentazione per Maxi Schermo

Siamo la moderna Project Company Italiana che sviluppa il lavoro nel real estate sulle necessità e gusti del Architetto in tutti i dettagli custom. Arricchiamo il valore degli spazi con soluzioni esclusive per i singoli interventi. La nostra sede è un punto d’incontro per il professionista moderno e dinamico che, con il proprio cliente vuole il meglio in ogni dettaglio. Il grande show room aziendale permette di cogliere spunti ed idee per completare l’involucro edilizio come gli spazi interni, il garden e l’illuminazione. In BI.CI. il partner vive l’emozione di un viaggio attraverso i cinque sensi del Design. Tocca con mano i materiali, respira il profumo della natura, ascolta il suono dei giochi d’acqua, assapora il meglio del Italianità, si riempie la vista con le contemporanee forme del vivere moderno. Un vero “journey throughout Italian life style”.

pieman by E-T

Presentation designs not a good fit? Try something else:

How to create your design.

If you want an amazing presentation design that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world.

Start a contest

Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner.

Start a project

Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom design.

Presentation design with the title 'Missional.Life Keynote Slides'

4.8 average from 37,560 customer reviews

What makes a good presentation design?

A great design shows the world what you stand for, tells a story and makes people remember your brand. Graphic design communicates all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your presentation design tell your brand’s story.

Presentation design with the title 'Design a Modern, Engaging PPT Template for our Growing Agency'

Graphic design trends Discover stunning trends and find out what's new in the world of graphic design… Keep reading
The 7 principles of design Graphic design adheres to rules that work beneath the surface of any great artwork. Learn all about them here… Keep reading
Fundamentals of color theory Color can have an immense power - if you know how to use it. Learn all about the fundamentals of color theory here… Keep reading

Home Blog Design How to Get Great PowerPoint Design Ideas (with Examples)

How to Get Great PowerPoint Design Ideas (with Examples)

How to Get Great PowerPoint Design Ideas (with Examples)

Are you staring at that blank PowerPoint slide? Unable to decide which PowerPoint slide design is the best to make your presentation pop? The longer you look at that computer screen, the harder it seems to get PowerPoint design ideas, not easier. We’ve all been there.

You have your content ready. What you need now is a way to present this content in a way that leaves your audience impressed. Indeed, you don’t want your audience to feel bored when you present your ideas. 

5 PowerPoint Design Ideas to Craft the Perfect Presentation 

An excellent solution to this issue is to learn how to get Design Ideas on Microsoft PowerPoint. The good news is that these PowerPoint ideas have already been intelligently crafted for by the modern AI algorithms provided in Microsoft PowerPoint. Plus, combining them with visually appealing slides by SlideModel , you have the perfect toolset to make outstanding presentations .

When beautifully made PowerPoint templates already exist, there is no reason to spend your energy and the hours of your day creating a design from scratch.  

And so, without further ado, we present the creative presentation ideas to incorporate and execute stunning PowerPoint designs to ensure that your audience pays attention to you. Let’s dive in!

Presentation Idea #1: Employ existing PowerPoint themes from Microsoft PowerPoint

Your Microsoft PowerPoint comes with a number of presentation themes preinstalled that you can choose from. This way it reduces the amount of time you need to spend to choose from PowerPoint slide ideas. You can then proceed to edit and customize a presentation template per your requirements. Although they do not come with the necessary details to guide you through the editing process, this can be a good starting point.

Alternatively, you can browse some of our pre-designed PowerPoint themes examples to use in your presentations.

PowerPoint Design Ideas from existing templates in PowerPoint

Presentation Idea #2: Incorporate the core design principles

With the task of creating a PowerPoint presentation, the presenter has to make sure the design elements within the presentation are attractive and draw attention. This involves a number of factors such as the alignment, color combinations, charts and graphs, fonts, animations, transitions, and many more. There is a science behind design which involves psychological principles. Each line style, font, color and graphic you use in your slides will ultimately influence the message you are conveying to the audience.

For instance, you may choose the font based on readability ( Verdana, Tahoma, Helvetica, Times New Roman ), category ( Serif, Slab Serif, Sans Serif ), purpose ( logo or text ), etc. You may choose the font size on accessibility (where a starting size of 12 points=16px is considered to be the most accessible). All the above mentioned fonts are ADA-compliant as well, which is a plus.

These core principles are a tenet of PowerPoint slide ideas, and are valid for short but also for long form PowerPoint style presentations.

Presentation Idea #3: Take the expert opinion 

A wordy slide will only make people switch off and turn to their phones. What is needed is to use as few words as possible to convey as much information as possible.

1. The 1-6-6 rule

The 1-6-6 rule is one of the few generalized rules that suggest that there ought to be one main idea for each slide, a maximum of six bullet points, and a maximum of six words per bullet point. You may also see this rule in the form of the 1-5-5 or the 1-7-7 rule. Therefore, employ this rule per your specific needs. 

The rule of 1-6-6

2. Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 rule 

Heed the words of Guy Kawasaki , the modern design evangelist. According to him, an average person can’t keep up with more than 10 concepts in a meeting. Therefore, a presentation should include no more than 10 slides, last no longer than 20 minutes, and use font not smaller than 30 points. This is known as the 10/20/30 rule by Guy Kawasaki, and some professional presenters take it in mind when preparing and designing their presentations.

Presentation Idea #4: A picture is worth a thousand words. A video a billion.

It’s not enough to be as succinct as possible because visuals are an even more effective medium to convey the necessary information. A visual can be a simple picture, graphs, charts, or a video that can ensure that the audience understands the point you are trying to make and support the message you convey to an audience. 

Converting your slideshow into a video helps you free yourself from constant clicking to get to the next point or slide. To achieve this, you can use the “Record” feature (in the Record tab) in PowerPoint to convert your presentation into a video. 

How to record a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint

This also enables you to avoid reading your slides, which is discouraged most of the time. Have a monolog prepared for your presentation and let the slides speak for themselves in the form of a video. This way, you talk to the audience and actively engage with them. This makes you the best presenter bar none there and is one of the best PowerPoint ideas today. 

Alternatively, the PowerPoint Designer provides some attractive video presentation templates that you can use and incorporate in your slide shows. Check out some of them here:

To access these PowerPoint Design Ideas, simply go to PowerPoint’s Design tab in the Ribbon, and look for the Design Ideas button, as shown below:

Design Ideas option in Designer

Alternatively, to take advantage of video presentations, you can insert videos from the Insert tab.

Video presentation design ideas in PowerPoint

Presentation Idea #5: Plot a Call to Action (CTA)

When you finish your presentation, your audience must have a purpose and a sense of direction to work towards that purpose. This requires some calls to action to be included in your presentation. These phrases will motivate and inspire your audience members and make them realize they have the drive to take the actions they need to take. 

Here are a few examples of such slides:

Example of Call Us slide design for PowerPoint

Creative PowerPoint Design Ideas from the PowerPoint Designer Slides

If you are looking for fresh design ideas to use in your presentations, PowerPoint Design Ideas can be helpful. Here are some examples of slide designs you can use and apply with the ease of a few clicks into your existing presentations. These designs change not only the appearance of your cover slide but also the internal slides.

Example 1: Blue PowerPoint Design Idea with Curved Lines

Blue PowerPoint Design Idea with Curved Lines

Example 2: A modern design idea with pastel colors

A modern design idea with pastel colors

Example 3: Creative PowerPoint Design Idea with a colorful background

Creative PowerPoint Design Idea with a colorful background

Example 4: Presentation Design Ideas with Creative Cover Slide Layout

Presentation Design Ideas with Creative Cover Slide Layout

Example 5: PowerPoint Design Idea Concept for Presentations

PowerPoint Design Idea Concept for Presentations

Example 6: Presentation Design Idea with diagonal lines

presentation design idea

Example 7: PowerPoint Design Ideas with Bubble and Liquid Style

PowerPoint Design Ideas with Bubble and Liquid Style

Example 8: Modern PowerPoint Design Idea Concept Template

Modern PowerPoint Design Idea Concept Template

How to use PowerPoint Slide Design Ideas to Enhance your Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint comes with a significant number of features to create a custom slide that satisfies your design needs. This section will take you through the main methods to create a custom slide. Here we go!

1. The Home Tab

For both text and visual, the Home tab has a number of fundamental features to create an attractive slide. These features include the Layout, Alignment, Font, Font size, SmartArt, Arrange, etc. With the Arrang e functionality, you can create layers in your slide to give depth and a cooler format to the slide.

Microsoft PowerPoint Tabs

2. The Insert Tab

The Insert tab allows you to populate your slides with visuals from simple shapes to images and videos, thereby making the slide far more informative without the use of extra words. It includes the Table, Shape, Icons, Action, Equation, Audio, Video, etc. 

Insert Tab menu in PowerPoint

From this tab, you can insert a variety of visual graphics into your slides: pictures, shapes, icons, or even screenshots from your other apps.

Let’s take a look at the following quick example. Using the Icons tab, we can get access to a huge collection of Illustrations, Stickers, Videos and Cutout people. The illustrations can serve as a base point to decorate your presentation and produce visually appealing slides.

3. The Transitions and Animations tabs

Two of the most well-known features of PowerPoint, they not only allow beautiful effects to mesmerize the audience, but they are also necessary to order and arrange your text and data in a way that constitutes a narrative. Or in other words, you can use these features to support your speech and at the same time add some visual effects to your slides, while telling a coherent story. 

Transitions tab in PowerPoint

4. The Design and View tabs

The Design tab is the placeholder for the PowerPoint Designer feature. When you click on the Designer, it populates the right-hand side of the window with a pane that contains Design Ideas.

presentation design idea

The Designer feature is available to those with an active Office 365 subscription. However, as a workaround, if you don’t have this version of PowerPoint, you can use the PowerPoint Online version.

When you add an image to the slide, the PowerPoint Designer automatically generates design ideas to help you create a professional-looking slide, create illustrations, convert text to a graphic, etc. You can choose from several generated layouts, which will also allow you to save a significant amount of time when you are creating a presentation.  

You can use the Slide Master and the Layout Master to make sure that all your slides contain the same font and images (e.g. logos). You will find these options in the View tab. 

In the View tab, we find options to optimize how the slide will look to the viewer during the slideshow. But another amazing feature that we briefly mentioned a bit earlier, is contained in this tab, the Slide Master .

When you choose a new layout for your slide, it has its own theme, i.e. its own way to arrange and show the text and graphics. With the Slide Master , you can make sure all your slides follow the same theme in terms of fonts and images. This in turn leads you to the Slide Layouts to modify each individual slide. 

With the Slide Master , you can modify backgrounds, rearrange placeholders, customize text format, etc. 

With the help of these feature-rich tabs, you will be able to customize and optimize your slides to your satisfaction. This will ensure that the presentation is so remarkable that the viewers can’t help but take note of the information that you wish to convey. 

It is important to remember that this is an iterative process for everyone. You might need a few trials to land on the perfect combination of color, text, alignment, animations, and the rest to get the results that you desire. 

With these tools in hand and the professionally designed templates from SlideModel, you can be sure that your presentation will never be boring again.

If you do not see the Designer feature… How to enable Design Ideas in PowerPoint?

As mentioned earlier, the PowerPoint Designer , for some known as PowerPoint Design Ideas, is an AI-powered feature within the Microsoft PowerPoint software (in the Design tab) that helps you generate slide design ideas automatically. 

PowerPoint Options showing how to enable PowerPoint Designer slides ideas in a presentation.

However, if you do not see the Designer feature on your computer, just go to File -> Options -> General , where you will see the Automatically show me design ideas in the PowerPoint Designer section. Check this box and the Designer feature will start working. 

Let’s take a quick look at how to use the Designer feature. For the following example, we are going to simply put our text on a new blank slide and click on the “Designer” icon to get suggestions for creative slide layouts on the right. Simply click on the layout that suits your needs. The final slide will be a unique visual that you can use to get started with your presentation.

How to use the Designer feature

You can also go to the Designer after getting your text onto several slides to prepare a thematic slideshow. The more you experiment, the better the output. 

PowerPoint Design Ideas not working

Like any other software you’ve used for work, you may come across problems that keep you from using the Designer feature. On the desktop version, the PowerPoint Designer is only available to paid subscribers. However, the subscription for Office 365 Germany does not have this feature. On the other hand, for the web version it is available to everyone. 

Is the PowerPoint Design Ideas not working for you? There are a few reasons for such an issue to arise and there are appropriate solutions for each of them:

1. Unable to see the Design Ideas button

If you have bought the subscription to Microsoft Office but still don’t see the option to turn on Design Ideas in the Design tab, this is what you have to do to correct this error: 

  • Turn on the Office Connected Experiences . Go to File > Account , and under Account Privacy , select Manage Settings :

Manage Account Privacy Settings in PowerPoint

  • If your subscription is paid for by your organization, ask your IT department for it to be turned ON.
  • You need to uninstall and then re-install Office if you have just upgraded to the Microsoft 365 subscription.

2. Unable to see any design suggestions

If you are able to turn on the Designer function but no new design suggestions are presented in the right hand side pane, this is how you solve this issue:

  • Check to see if your internet connection is working.
  • Use an in-built theme from Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Make sure your slide has the Title or Title + Content layout.
  • Only use a maximum of four images of size greater than 200 by 200 pixels.
  • Check to make sure no one else is co-authoring or working on this presentation.
  • Check to make sure there is no shape or text box within the slide.

3. The Design Idea button is grayed out

Is the Designer functionality inaccessible or unclickable? Nothing to worry about; take the following steps to fix this problem – 

  • As before, make sure your internet connection is working
  • Only select a single slide at a time and make sure that you haven’t clicked on another point, such as between two slides

How to Turn Off PowerPoint Design Ideas?

There are several ways to turn off PowerPoint Design Ideas, in this short tutorial we explain how to do it:

How to Turn Off PowerPoint Design Ideas using Ribbon?

The easiest way is to use the Ribbon, when you are in Normal View click on the Ribbon design option.

Then click on Design Ideas in the design option.

That’s it, that way you can turn the PowerPoint Design Ideas functionality on and off.

How to Turn Off PowerPoint Design Ideas using the Task Pane?

Another way to turn off PowerPoint Design Ideas in the normal PowerPoint view is to use the Task Pane.

Click on “Stop showing ideas for new presentations” at the top of the Design Ideas Task Pane.

How to Turn Off PowerPoint Design Ideas using PowerPoint Options?

The third option to disable the PowerPoint Design Ideas functionality is through PowerPoint Options.

Click on the file option in the Ribbon. Then the options box appears.

Click on General in the left menu.

In the right pane, uncheck “Automatically show me design ideas” and “Automatically show me suggestions when I create a new presentation”.

Click Accept.

Final Words

Once you apply these PowerPoint slide design ideas, the result will be a more engaged audience that holds on to your every word. These recommendations are the exact solution you need to refine your presentation. 

Now that you have the resources and the tools to perfect your presentation, there’s no need to wait any longer. Get started and show your audience what you can do! Let us know in the comments below how this guide has helped you create the ideal presentation.

presentation design idea

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presentation design idea

10 Pro PPT Tips: PowerPoint Design Ideas

It’s not difficult to design a PowerPoint presentation. Designing an effective presentation, however, is an entirely different story.

Studies show that 91% of presenters feel more confident when presenting a slideshow with a great design. But, the problem is that 45% of professionals find it difficult to design creative layouts.

A PowerPoint presentation is not just about creating a few slides with bright colors and images. It mainly needs to be able to convey your message more effectively, maintain your audience’s attention, as well as to persuade and convince them.

Designing such a slideshow is not a Herculean task. You just need to know the right tricks.

In this guide, we share some useful PowerPoint tips and PowerPoint design ideas to help you learn how to craft creative slide layouts more easily. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How Does Unlimited PowerPoint Templates Sound?

Download thousands of PowerPoint templates, and many other design elements, with a monthly Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 presentation templates, fonts, photos, graphics, and more.

The X Note

Pitch PowerPoint

Modern PPT Templates

Modern PPT Templates

New & innovative.

Explore PowerPoint Templates

Use the Built-In Design Ideas Tool

PowerPoint Designer is one of the best built-in tools available in the software that many users are still not aware of. This tool allows you to instantly apply high-quality design layouts to slides with just a few clicks.

PowerPoint Design Ideas

You can find the PowerPoint Designer under the Design tab of the software. Simply add some text and an image to a blank slide and the Design Ideas tab on the far-right will start suggesting different design layouts. All you have to do is pick one.

This AI-powered feature in PowerPoint works wonders when you have to quickly put together a slideshow. The only downside is that this tool is only available in the Office 365 version of PowerPoint. If you’re using PowerPoint 2019, using a good template is the best alternative.

Get a Professional Template

Coming up with a great slide layout design is a big responsibility. And it’s probably why it takes over 8 hours for most professionals to design a PowerPoint presentation.

powerpoint templates envato

Using a custom PowerPoint template is the easiest way to save hours of time and still design a professional-looking slideshow. You can download pre-made PowerPoint templates from third-party marketplaces and customize them with your own content. You can change the colors, fonts, and add your own images. It’s much easier than having to craft creative slide layouts on your own.

You can find inspiration by browsing our best PowerPoint templates collection.

Pick the Right Color Scheme

According to color psychology , specific colors have the power to evoke emotions in humans and even persuade them to take action.

For example, there’s a reason why Stop signs and For Sale signs use the same Red color. It’s simply hard-wired into our brain to stop and look when something is displayed in this color.

powerpoint color scheme

You can also leverage color psychology to design more effective PowerPoint slides. Based on the topic, you can pick colors to evoke the right emotions in your audience.

In order to do this, you need to pick a color palette for your slideshow design and create a consistent design across all slides in the presentation.

Add Custom Fonts

The text you use in each slide is the driving force behind educating and convincing the audience. Needless to say, it’s very important to make sure your titles and descriptions are easily readable and clearly visible in each slide.

powerpoint choose the right font

Find a great font family for your presentations and avoid using the default system fonts. This will give your slideshow a unique and professional look.

You can check out our best fonts for PowerPoint collection to find a unique font for your designs.

Learn to Use Master Slides

The aptly named Master Slides in PowerPoint is where you can master the art of customizing your slide layouts.

powerpoint master slides

From the View tab, you can find the Slide Master option to open the editor. Here, you can customize the pre-built layouts included in the slide theme you’re currently using.

You can change the colors, fonts, styles and the changes will automatically apply to all of the master slides in the theme. You can even design your own custom slide layouts to quickly add slides to your presentations in the future.

Learning to use Master Slides will make your presentation design process much simpler.

Adopt Design Trends

Fusing design trends into your PPT slide layouts is another great way to make your presentations look creative and relevant.

powerpoint pastel colors

For example, using pastel colors in PowerPoint slide design is a popular trend these days. You can use such trends to add unique and personalized layouts to your presentations.

Vintage design, Art Deco, dark color themes, and geometric are a few other PPT design trends you can use.

Include Infographics & Charts

Presenting numbers and data is an important part of a PowerPoint slideshow. It’s much more difficult to convince your audience without data to back your claims.

The way you present the data in a presentation is also important. Because if you present them in plain numbers, you’ll have a tough time getting through to the audience.

powerpoint infographics

Instead, visualize your data in a more appealing way. You can do this by using infographics, charts, timelines, and graphs.

You don’t have to hand-craft these visuals. In fact, there are PowerPoint templates that come loaded with editable infographics and charts you can use in your own presentations.

Follow the 10/20/30 Rule

Guy Kawasaki, a popular author, speaker, and entrepreneur, introduced a very simple rule for creating effective PowerPoint presentations called the 10/20/30 rule . It goes like this:


  • Use no more than 10 Slides in your presentations
  • Present the slides in under 20 Minutes
  • Use a 30-Point Font for text

It’s simple and straightforward. The main goal of this strategy is to create short and efficient presentations without filler content.

While these rules are too strict for delivering certain presentations, you can still use them as guidelines to create better slideshows.

Use Illustrations Instead of Stock Images

If you’re tired of seeing the same images in every presentation, blog post, and social media post, keep in mind that your audience is just as tired as you are.

There are many great free stock photo sites with great selections of images. Unfortunately, these images are used by thousands of people all over the web. If you use the same images, the chances are your audience will easily recognize them.

powerpoint illustrations

A good alternative you could try in your presentations is to use illustrations. With the right illustrations, you can make each slide look and feel unique. As well as add personality to your presentation.

Illustrations are easy to find. You can download illustration packs from marketplaces like Envato Elements or download them from free sites.

Remember The KISS Principle

kiss principle

KISS , the design principle popularized by the US Navy in 1960 is still relevant today. The idea behind the Keep It Simple, Stupid principle is to encourage designs that are simpler and easier to understand.

Follow this principle when designing your presentations. Instead of filling each slide with long paragraphs of text, use short sentences. Instead of adding lots of images, use just one or two images per slide. Keep It Simple and Straightforward.

Hopefully, these PPT design tips will help you craft better and more effective presentations in the future. Learning new tips and tricks is part of the design process. So keep learning and keep experimenting with new ideas.

Also, check out our complete guide to using PowerPoint templates to learn more about presentation design.

A Beginner’s Guide To Presentation Design [+15 Stunning Templates]

A Beginner’s Guide To Presentation Design [+15 Stunning Templates]

Table of Contents

  • What Is Presentation Design? 

What Is the Significance of Presentation Design?

Understanding various forms of presentations.

  • 10 Tips to Create a Compelling Presentation Design 

5 Inspirational Presentation Design Trends

  • 15 Best Presentation Design Templates to Consider 
  • Key Takeaways 
  • Conclusion 

Once you’ve mapped out your presentation, it’s time to tackle the intimidating task of creating a visually stunning presentation design . Creating an excellent presentation design becomes simpler by learning and adhering to fundamental presentation design standards. Here is a presentation design guide to creating an engaging and well-designed presentation,  regardless of the kind of project you are putting together. 

What Is Presentation Design?

Presentation design focuses on the visual facet of your presentation to captivate your audience. An outstanding presentation design may significantly impact your target audience, whether it is investors, employees, collaborators, or potential customers. The design must ideally complement the material of your presentation to help get your views across and convince your audience.

Creating a presentation for the first time to present in a professional setting or to a large audience might feel challenging. This guide to presentation design will walk you through the elements required for building a visually appealing presentation. 

presentation design idea

A presentation is much more than just a layout of slides with text and graphics on them. You need to make sure it’s visually appealing too. It is mainly because visuals are much more engaging than written words in your presentation slides. Presentation design is crucial because it allows you to combine your ideas, narrative, graphics, facts, and statistics into one cohesive tale that drives your audience to the decision you desire.

A robust presentation design may unlock doors you never imagined could be opened. An effective design is much simpler to understand and earns a lot of credibility for your brand. You can communicate your message effectively, encourage your audience to take subsequent actions, and get them to engage with what you’re saying with excellent presentation design.

You have the potential to communicate your point of view, create a brand identity, and get your audience to see and hear you loud and clear when you build a presentation with impeccable design. The material of your presentation is crucial to your project’s success, but a poor design may divert the listener’s attention (and not for a good reason). Don’t let a lousy presentation design force you to lose out on a huge business opportunity.

Creating a winning presentation design involves combining design components to produce slides that will neither bore nor exhaust your audience. Instead, it will engage and inspire them effectively. So, instead of creating a lousy presentation using shoddy designs, it is significant to master the fundamentals of creating the best presentation design.

Presentations may be used for several purposes and can come in different forms. A quarterly sales presentation with your team will not be the same as a presentation focused on employee training. 

In the first scenario, you’ll strive to advance your team to achieve targeted sales growth. In the second, you’ll focus on imparting essential knowledge and skills to your employees. Looking at some of the most prevalent presentation types can give you a better idea about presentation design and when to begin constructing your own.

1. Investor pitch presentation

Using facts to convince rather than enlighten is the primary goal of this presentation style, as indicated by the name. If you’re a startup or a small firm looking for investment, you’ll need to use this form of presentation to your advantage. An investor pitch presentation will be required when you’re explaining your company’s user acquisition growth rate to prospective investors. Such presentations are created using the classic pitch deck concept to make the perfect, thoroughly professional pitch.

2. Educational presentations

Educational presentations are sometimes misunderstood as informative presentations since they are designed to teach viewers new skills and educate them on a new subject. You may need to produce a presentation for a school for various reasons, such as presenting an idea or providing an academic report.

Academic and corporate training programs often employ this presentation format. A video tutorial with comments and suitable themes may be added to the slides to improve them. Educators are always looking for new and unique methods to provide engaging and enthralling presentations for their students. Using an educational presentation template may guarantee that your presentation is visually appealing as well as easily comprehensible.

3. Webinar presentations

Webinar presentations are the newest craze, and they’re a win-win for presenters and the audience alike. A webinar refers to an online presentation, but unlike a video posted elsewhere, the webinar takes place in real-time and with the active participation of the audience. There are several themes and settings for which webinar presentations might be utilized. 

Short surveys, quizzes, and Q&A sessions let participants feel more involved in the webinar. Most commonly, a webinar is meant to disseminate information, but it may also act as a marketing tool, a source of leads, or a way to generate new sales and sign-ups.

4. Report presentations

A report presentation is intended to offer the necessary information to those engaged in a process or project. Report presentations are critical in ensuring these stakeholders that the procedures that must be followed for the project’s completion are effectively planned and executed. Sample reports are also accessible to these stakeholders. 

A report presentation may take numerous forms, such as a business report or an infographic. Reports on sales and marketing performance, website statistics, income, or any other data that your team or supervisors wish to know about can be presented during the report presentation.

5. Sales presentations

Sales presentations are often the initial phase in the sales cycle, and are, therefore,  critical. A sales presentation, often known as a sales pitch deck, is a form of presentation you would need to provide a prospective customer or client with when pitching a product or service.

Not every sales presentation is designed to close a deal right away. The goal might be to pique the curiosity of the people concerned. Sales presentations often include your company’s unique selling proposition (USP), product price points, and testimonials. Your sales presentation must be engaging and successful in influencing potential customers, using a well-thought-out approach.

6. Inspirational presentations

An inspiring presentation is a standard tool used by managers, team leaders, motivational speakers, and business owners to stimulate and encourage their audience. Inspirational presentations are essential to influencing others and achieving your individual and business goals. 

To get a desirable result from this kind of presentation, elicit an emotional response from the audience and motivate them to act. Using a presentation template that has been professionally developed provides you with an advantage over others. 

7. Keynote presentations

Keynote presentations are given in front of a larger audience. A good example can be those shown at TED Talks and other conferences. While the presenter gives the entire speech, there are advantages to using slides, such as keeping an audience engaged and on track.

10 Tips to Create a Compelling Presentation Design

If your presentation is lousy, you might come across as unprepared, uninterested, and lacking any credibility. A well-designed presentation makes you appear reliable and competent. Here are some fantastic points to help you develop the best presentation design.

1. Outline your content and fine-tune the message

It’s crucial to prepare your content and fine-tune your main message before you begin developing your presentation. Try to figure out what your target audience wants to know, what they may already know, and what will keep them engaged. Then, when you create your presentation’s content, keep those things in mind and furnish designs accordingly. It is vital to remember the key takeaway of each deck you create.

Too much information shown on a single slide is difficult for most viewers to comprehend. Make sure you don’t overwhelm your viewers; each presentation slide should include no more than one key point. Make your information as brief as possible, yet make it detailed enough and valuable.

2. Use more visuals and less text in your decks

Your audience recalls information considerably better when images complement it because they can better understand visual features than simple text. Presenters that employ images instead of words get more favorable feedback from their audience than those who rely only on text.

presentation design idea

Using visual examples in slide decks increases audience engagement, encourages more questions, and registers your message in the minds of your audience. Remove any unnecessary text from your slides and replace it with visuals that will engage your audience.

You may use various methods for adding images, but the most common is using your data’s visual representation. It’s important to note that adding visuals does not mean sprinkling fancy images and symbols across your slides. Relevant images and iconography are a must.

3. Limit the use of fonts and colors

It is vital to pay attention to color schemes and other design components, such as fonts, to ensure your presentation succeeds. Although it may be thrilling to employ as many fonts and colors as possible, the best presentation design practices imply that you should only use two or three colors overall. Also, make sure the content in your slides is of a different font than the headers.

When it comes to color schemes, certain combinations work better than others. When choosing colors, keep in mind that they should not detract from the message you want to convey. Add an accent color to one or two of your primary hues for a cohesive look. It’s critical that the colors you choose complement one another and communicate your purpose effectively. Headers should be in one typeface, while body content should be in another. Add a third font for the accents, if you’d like. 

4. Create a visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is an important consideration when including text in a presentation. Visual hierarchy is one of the most significant but underappreciated presentation design principles. Color, size, contrast, alignment, and other aspects of your slide’s elements should all depend on their value.

When creating a visual hierarchy, you must clearly understand the story and its structure. Your audience’s attention should be drawn to the most critical components first, then to the second-most essential aspects, and so on. When creating your presentation, think about the story you want to tell and the visual hierarchy you need to support it. If you do this, the essential ideas you wish to convey will not be lost on your audience. 

5. Incorporate powerful visuals

It is important to use visual aids to make a compelling presentation: think images, icons, graphics, films, graphs, and charts. You should also ensure your slides’ aesthetics accurately portray the text they contain. Alternatively, if you don’t have words on the slide, make sure the visuals mirror the words you’re saying in your speech.

Visual aids should enhance your presentation. In addition, you’ll want to ensure that your slide has some form of visual representation so that you’re not just dumping a bunch of text onto a slide.

6. Avoid using bullet points

These days, any excellent presentation design instruction would encourage you to avoid bullet points as much as possible. They’re dull and old-fashioned, and there are more effective methods to display your material. 

A slide consisting of icons, images, and infographics is more exciting and conversational than one written in list form. Using bullet points for each slide’s primary theme is a standard PowerPoint design recommendation that you should refrain from while designing your presentation.  

7. In group presentations, segregate slides by theme

While making a group presentation, finding an appropriate balance of who should be demonstrating which presentation segment is often challenging. Arranging a group presentation by topic is the most natural technique to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak, without the presentation becoming incoherent. Your group presentation should be divided into sections based on the subject.

Prepare your presentation ahead of time so that everyone understands when it’s their turn to talk. It’s up to each person in the group to pick one thing to talk about when they give this presentation to investors or potential customers. For instance, the business model slide may be addressed by one person, while another can discuss the marketing approach.

8. Maintain consistency

Consistency is essential when you work on the design of your presentation. Your presentation is still one presentation, no matter how many slides it has. Design elements, color schemes, and similar illustrations can all be used to achieve design consistency.

Although some of the slides in your presentation may appear to be styled differently than the others, the overall presentation must be held together by a single color scheme. To ensure that your viewers don’t lose track of what you’re saying, make sure each of your slides is visually connected.

9. Emphasize important points

It is pertinent to use shapes, colorful fonts, and figures pointing to your material. They help emphasize vital information to make it stand out. This not only keeps the reader’s attention on the page but also makes your design more streamlined. Emphasizing the point you’re trying to put across with visual elements makes it easier for your audience to grasp what you’re saying.

10. Integrate data visualization

Consider utilizing a chart or data visualization to drive your argument home, especially if you have vital figures or trends you want your audience to remember. This might be a bar graph or a pie chart that displays various data points, a percentage indication, or an essential value pictogram. 

Confident public speaking mixed with good visuals may greatly influence your audience, inspiring them to take action. The use of design features makes it simpler for your audience to grasp and recall both complex and fundamental data and statistics, and the presentation becomes much more enjoyable too. 

Even though trends come and go, effective presentation design paired with some inspiration to get you started will always be in style. Think about what’s current in the world of graphic design before you create a staggering presentation deck for a creative proposal or a business report. To help you better, we’ve come up with a list of the most popular presentation design concepts. 

1. Dark backdrops with neon colors

While white backgrounds have long dominated web design, the advent of “dark mode” is gradually altering that. Designers may use dark mode to play with contrast and make creative things stand out.

presentation design idea

This is a great way to get your audience’s attention and keep them interested in what you have to say. The key is to pick one or two bright colors and utilize them as highlights against a dark backdrop, rather than using an abundance of them.                                                                                            

2. Monochromatic color schemes

In recent years, color schemes originating from one base hue, such as monochromatic color schemes, have been given a subdued pastel makeover. The usage of monochromatic color schemes in presentation design is always seen as clean and professional. It’s ideal for pitch decks and presentations since monochrome is generally utilized to assist people in concentrating on the text and message, rather than the colors inside a design.

3. Easy-to-understand data analysis

The fundamentals of data visualization should be restored. In other words, even the most complicated measurements may be made easy to grasp via effective design. Designers, marketers, and presenters are generating snackable stats in the same way infographics have found a place on visual-first social networks.

Create a dynamic proposal or presentation with the help of an infographic template that is easy to use. You can create distinctive slides with animations and transitions to explain your point more effectively. With the help of templates, you can convert your data into bar graphs, bar charts, and bubbles that represent your idea simply, guaranteeing that every data point is simple to comprehend.

4. Straightforward minimalism

Minimalism is a design trend that will probably never go out of style. It has always been a show-stopper. Each slide should offer just enough information to let the reader comprehend what’s going on. You should use a color palette that isn’t distracting. Your simple presentation will enthrall your audience if you boldly highlight your most significant points and use trendy fonts.

5. Geometric structures

There’s a good reason why designers are so fond of geometric patterns, 3D objects, and asymmetrical layouts. They’re basic yet stunning, making them perfect for times you want to make a lasting impression with the information you’re sharing. 

More cutting-edge components, such as 3D shapes and floating objects, are used in presentation graphics these days. Go for a presentation template that contains editable slides that enable you to easily add your visuals and material to brighten your presentation. 

15 Best Presentation Design Templates to Consider

In the case of presentation designs, you should never sacrifice quality. Ideally, you should have a design that improves your brand’s image, amplifies your message, and enables you to deliver various content forms efficiently. 

The problem is, it’s pretty challenging to locate premade themes and templates of this merit. We’ve made it easy for you by putting together a list of the best 15 presentation design templates out there. These presentation design suggestions are a great place to start.  

1. Business plan presentation template

This is a crucial business presentation template with a significant emphasis on visualizations and graphics. To create a business strategy, you need this presentation template. It consists of several crucial elements, such as a mind map, infographics, and bar graphics. Replace the placeholder text with your own to complete the presentation.

presentation design idea

2. Pitch deck template

Startups seeking financing require a clean and eye-catching pitch deck design to impress investors. You may use it to present significant aspects and achievements of your company to investors. You can include slides for mockups, testimonials, business data like statistics, and case studies.

presentation design idea

The pitch deck presentation template is excellent for your next client pitch, as it allows you to pick from a range of different startup tales to showcase the most crucial features of your firm.

3. Brand guidelines presentation template

Creating a bespoke presentation talking about the company dos and don’ts may be a terrific approach to discuss your brand rules with your team and stakeholders. You can easily show off your brand’s typeface and color schemes using this presentation template.

presentation design idea

4. Marketing plan presentation template

Marketing is a vast concept, and the slides included in this design stock set reflect that broadness. A well-executed marketing strategy is essential to the success of any team. A marketing plan presentation template should ideally include slides for charts, timelines, and competition research. You can create executive summaries or mission statements with the below-mentioned presentation’s elegant and minimalistic slides.

presentation design idea

5. Keynote presentation template

This keynote template has a lovely color scheme that is equal parts captivating and professional. You can employ a keynote presentation template if you’re going to be a keynote speaker at an upcoming event and want to ensure that your design stands out.

presentation design idea

In addition to several slides, the template comes with various predefined color schemes. This template is perfect for any business presentation requiring a well-designed layout.

6. Training manual presentation template

A training manual presentation template may be used to convey new hire training to your workforce. It is essential for the design to be as clean and straightforward as possible.

presentation design idea

These training material decks created with a predesigned template make it easy for new employees to learn the ins and outs of their jobs. 

7. Case study presentation template

A case study is an excellent way to illustrate a point in your presentation. The best way to attract new consumers using a case study presentation is to show them how your existing customers are using your product or service. Make sure to highlight how your product solved their pain points.

presentation design idea

8. Interactive brief presentation template

It’s common to provide a creative brief when working with a contractor, freelancer, or designer to ensure everyone involved understands what the final product should look like.

presentation design idea

An interactive presentation template like a creative brief is a terrific concept for absorbing and memorizing that information.

9. Workforce handbook presentation template

When hiring a new employee, your company needs to create an employee handbook to ensure they know the company’s objective and general working norms. You may connect this presentation to your intranet or website, or just distribute the digital version through a password-protected or private link.

presentation design idea

10. Ignite presentation template

Using this template as a starting point for an Ignite presentation would be ideal. An Ignite presentation is a five-minute presentation consisting of 20 slides, compelling the speaker to speak fast and concisely. As a result, an Ignite presentation template prevents you from using too much text on any slide. 

presentation design idea

11. Informative presentation template

The need to create an educational presentation may arise due to several reasons, such as onboarding new hires, explaining a concept to students, and more. An informative presentation template is a suitable solution in all cases.

Regardless of who they are meant for, presentations are the optimal format for sharing information with any audience. Create an educational presentation that you can embed in a blog post or publish on several platforms online. Make presentations to provide knowledge at conferences and other meetings.

presentation design idea

12. SWOT analysis presentation template

A strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis is a valuable tool for gauging where your business stands, and how your strategic planning measures are paying off. This presentation template is an excellent tool for SWOT analysis or refining your marketing strategy.

presentation design idea

It comes in several formats; circular design and hexagonal shapes being two of them. You may modify the colors as desired.

13. Competitor analysis presentation template

Knowing your competition and what they offer is essential for a successful business. Competitor analysis means researching your competitors’ key strengths and weaknesses, which can, eventually, help you define your goals and USPs more clearly. 

presentation design idea

There are built-in interactive elements in this competitor analysis presentation template, which can help hook your audience. 

14. Bold presentation template

Ideal for non-corporate sales presentations, a bold and daring presentation template includes slides with a vibrant, attention-grabbing theme that is neither overbearing nor distracting. The color combination is striking without being oppressive.

presentation design idea

15. Company overview template

Creative presentation templates are all the rage today. Using a lot of negative space will allow your audience to take a breath and direct their attention to the most crucial parts of your presentation. It is suitable for corporate presentations, since it doesn’t stick out more than is necessary.

presentation design idea

Key Takeaways

  • Audiences tend to forget a large percentage of what was addressed before the presentation is through. This is why it is important to create a presentation design that is memorable.
  • A presentation is much more than just a layout of slides with text and graphics on them. You need to make sure it’s visually appealing too. 
  • Use a wide range of best presentation design tools, components, and styles until you discover the one that resonates with your target audience. 
  • Consider the most recent trends and best practices, and dedicate time to thoroughly crafting every presentation.
  • Fine-tuning your message, avoiding the use of bullet points, incorporating visual hierarchy, and incorporating data visualization are a few design tips to create a winning presentation. 

Both your presentation style and design are crucial. You can deliver more dynamic, memorable presentations by creating visually pleasing decks. It’s advisable to create a resourceful presentation design if you want to elevate your personal as well as professional credibility.

Take cues from some popular presentation templates, and enhance one little aspect at a time. Now is the time to practice everything you’ve learned in this presentation design guide. As with any other visual communication, creating the best presentation design requires time, effort, and patience. Never be afraid to try something new; you’ll quickly see the benefits a strong presentation can have on your project.

A presentation design puts ideas, tales, words, and pictures into a series of slides that convey a narrative and engage your audience.

A presentation design template is used to achieve a uniform look for your slides. Templates are pre-made presentations into which you may insert your data.

People remember images and words better than just words. The design of your slides should be simple and consistent. This way, your audience will focus on the most important points.

Use high-quality images to back your message, but don’t use too many special effects. Make sure you don’t read from your slides.

A well-presented, memorable introduction and conclusion are two essential parts of a presentation. Don’t forget them when you write your outline.

Presentation design is essential, because it helps you weave your ideas, narrative, images, facts, and statistics into a unified story that leads your audience to the choice you want them to make.

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Microsoft 365 Life Hacks > Presentations > 7 Simple Presentation Design Ideas That'll Captivate Any Audience

7 simple presentation design ideas that’ll captivate any audience

Visual aids are essential to communicating your ideas and connecting with audiences, but cluttered slides, cheesy stock art, and other distracting design elements can derail an otherwise great presentation and undermine your credibility as a speaker.

a presentation on a tablet.

Whether you’re creating a deck for an upcoming charity event, helping your kids build their first school presentation, hosting an online meeting with your volunteer group, or working on a branded template for your business, visuals help keep viewers rapt. To choose the right visuals, however, you must know your audience.

And while tailoring your visuals to the audience at hand is important—some rules are universal.

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Here’s how to make your next speech pop by following these seven presentation design ideas and layout tips:

one, show, don’t tell, two keep it simple, three choose your fonts wisely, and four, consider the informational hierarchy.

1. Show, don’t tell.

The fastest way to bore any audience to tears is to plaster a wall of text or bullet points across a screen. When in doubt, it’s always better to use less text and more visuals. This saves you time when putting the presentation together but also keeps your audience focused on what you’re saying. (Otherwise, it’s like trying to read a book while watching TV; one of those things is not getting your full attention.) Fortunately, everything from stats to timelines to company goals can be rendered visually or, at a minimum, accompanied by a strong image or illustration.

2. Keep it simple.

Using rainbow-bright colors, a dozen fonts, complex graphics, and flash animation does not make your presentation stand out; it makes it feel chaotic. A slide is not a magazine spread and your audience does not have time to read more than a few lines of text. So don’t try to cover too much ground in a single slide. One idea per slide is ideal—particularly when showing bar graphs, pie charts, and other numerically driven data. If that would make your presentation too unwieldy, follow the rule of thirds. When using a grid layout, split the slide into equal thirds so it appears well-balanced. The 6×6 rule is also worth bearing in mind for bullet-heavy slides: No more than six lines of text with six words per line. Any more than that and your audience will be reading your magnum opus (or tuning out altogether) instead of listening to you talk.

3. Choose your fonts wisely.

All typography sends a message. Sure, if you’re pitching investment bankers, choose a serious font that says “I mean business.” But you’re probably not. So, if you’re trying to reach a younger group like teens, for example, choose a trendier font that shows you’re down with the kids. Serif fonts like Times New Roman and Garamond are better for printed pages, whereas sans-serif fonts like Helvetica, Verdana, and Tahoma are easier to read on screens. Sticking to two contrasting fonts—ideally one serif and one sans-serif, e.g., Minion and Futura or Garamond and Liberal—can be effective, so long as you keep legibility top of mind. Use a minimum point size of 24 but ideally closer to 30; the people in the back row shouldn’t have to squint to read your slides. And whatever you do, don’t use all caps (NO NEED TO SCREAM!) or wacky fonts like Papyrus, Curlz, and—sin of all sins—Comic Sans.

4. Consider the informational hierarchy.

When it comes to layout , English speakers will instinctively try to read text from top to bottom, left to right. For text-heavier slides, control what your audience reads first by aligning the text flush left, increasing the point size, or coloring key lines. Like a theater usher for the eyes, it directs the audience to the most important information first and makes a slide more scannable.

five, use high quality art and imagery, six, think in color but don’t go overboard, and seven have fun with it just not too much

5. Use high-quality art and imagery.

Bad visuals are worse than no visuals. If you want your presentation to feel trustworthy, don’t rely on trite stock photos, amateur-hour illustrations, or grainy low-res images you plucked off the internet. If you must use stock art, you can make photos look less banal by manipulating them with editing tools—cropping the images, adding gradients or background fills, or overlaying a transparent color to alter the mood and make your presentation more cohesive from slide to slide. And remember: This isn’t a vacation scrapbook. It’s better to use one compelling image per slide than multiple mediocre images.

6. Think in color—but don’t go overboard.

Accenting a presentation slide with loud colors like highlighter pink or yellow can be bold and eye-catching. But neon-bright hues should never be used on body copy, as they can cause eye fatigue. Instead use dark text on a light background and light text on a dark background, avoiding intense gradients that can make copy difficult to read. If you want to compare two perspectives or post a list of pros and cons, illustrate those points in a split screen with contrasting colors (e.g., navy blue text on a light gray background on the left and light gray text on a navy blue background on the right). For preset color combinations that are perfectly balanced, try these presentation templates .

7. Have fun with it—just not too much.

An audience can only take so many bar graphs and pie charts before their eyes glaze over. Unless your topic is very traditional, or deadly serious, it’s OK to experiment with visual aids like word clouds, pictographs, cartograms, blueprints, and tree charts. Conservative slides can be classed up with elegant borders, or you might weave a hint of color into those graphs and charts . ( Researchers have found that color visuals increase an audience’s willingness to read by an impressive 80 percent.) For more light-hearted presentations, you can illustrate points with pop culture references, memes, comic strips, or TikTok clips. But everything in moderation, right? Visual aids are meant to support your major talking points, not dominate the speech.

When you are equipped with powerful infographics and well-designed slides, you don’t need bells and whistles like clip art, slide transitions, and goofy sound effects to keep an audience engaged. (Those swoosh-y sounds on bullet points? So dated.)

So, practice your speech and trust in the quality of your work—and you won’t fall prey to amateur-hour gimmicks.

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Powerpoint Presentation Templates and Design Tips to Hold Your Audience’s Attention

By Sara McGuire , May 03, 2023

presentation templates blog header

What’s worse than sitting through a boring presentation? Being the one to deliver a boring presentation. Presentation templates to the rescue!

Say goodbye to typical, boring PowerPoint slides, too. Instead,  create a presentation that will make a lasting impression with presentation templates like this one to engage your audience:

presentation templates

Just so you know, some of our templates are free and some require a small monthly fee to use. Signing up to Venngage is always free.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create a presentation that will not only grab the attention of your audience but hold onto it as well.

This post will offer tips for creating different types of presentations , including:

  • Pitch decks
  • Elearning slides
  • Class presentations
  • Webinar presentations
  • Marketing presentations

We’ll also give you design tips to customize our presentation templates.

Click to jump ahead:

  • Dedicate each slide to only one topic
  • Start with presentation templates
  • Don’t overburden your slides with text
  • Establish a visual hierarchy on your slides
  • Pick a visual motif that runs throughout your presentation templates
  • Visualize data using charts and infographics
  • Create custom illustrations using icons to help tell stories
  • Highlight important information using big, bold colorful text
  • Alternate between different slide layouts to keep your audience engaged
  • Add a progress tracker to your presentation slides
  • Download your presentation as a PDF

Venngage Presentation Export to PowerPoint

The example above shows how you can customize our templates and export them directly to PowerPoint. Click any of the presentation templates on this page, sign up for free and you’ll enter Venngage’s online presentation maker tool. It’s a drag and drop editor that anyone can use.

Design a presentation that engages your audience

Think about the last boring presentation you sat through:

  • What did the slides look like?
  • Did they have a bland color scheme?
  • Were there too many points (or worse, paragraphs) crammed onto one slide?
  • Were the charts and diagrams clunky and hard to understand?

When people see the same old boring PowerPoint themes, there’s a good chance they’re going to lose focus.

Rich media, like video, matters more than ever and there’s no better way to stand out than by creating creative and engaging visual content . If you want to really capture your audience’s attention, you need to design creative presentations , like this one:

Airbnb Pitch Deck

That means incorporating eye-catching images, effective data visualizations, and bold typography into your slide decks.

Iconics Pitch Deck

This onboarding presentation, for example, strategically uses bright icons and illustrations to make the material more engaging. This is especially important when presenting to new hires, who are likely dealing with information overload on their first day. 

HR Presentation Template

In this particular case, a more visual approach is not necessarily a matter of aesthetic preference, but a decision that can make your presentations more likely to stick. Pro Tip: Venngage has over 40,000 icons and illustrations you can use to spice up your presentations!

Need something more geared towards speaking? Our keynote presentation templates are all the rage.

Many Venngage users have told us that they’re always looking for ways to make presentations more engaging. But most of them don’t have any formal design experience.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry–this guide is for you. You can also check out this video for all the highlights:

Here are my top tips for designing a presentation with impact:

1. Dedicate each slide to only one topic

Franchise Pitch Deck

Just as it’s important for your slides to not be cluttered, it’s also important for your slides to be cohesive.

Keep each slide focused on just one topic. The topic of each slide should be clearly stated in the slide title.

For example, this presentation template covers different ways to be creative. Each individual slide covers one approach:

Creative Presentation

This simple, straightforward slide pattern will help the audience follow along without any confusion.

Or take this presentation template that introduces some of this year’s biggest business trends. Rather than listing multiple trends on one slide, each trend is fleshed out in its own slide:

Business Trends Presentation

As a presenter, keeping your slide topics organized will help you organize your thoughts as well. Each new slide will signal a new topic.

2. Start with presentation templates

Before jumping into the other tips, let’s set the foundation.

You’ve decided to create something a little more interesting than a standard PowerPoint theme–good on you! But that doesn’t mean you have to start completely from scratch.

Instead, you can give yourself a head start by using creative presentation templates, like this one:

Geometric Creative Presentation

Or this one:

presentation design idea

While most PowerPoint themes are fairly limited in how much you can customize them, freeform presentation templates will give you the freedom to alter the design as much as you want.

For example, let’s take this template:

Uber Presentation Template

I used Venngage’s My Brand Kit tool to efficiently apply our brand color palette to the Uber template in one click:

Venngage My Brand Kit

We’ve got a ton of creative presentation templates. You can take a look at them in our presentations templates library .

Cool? Now let’s talk presentation design.

3. Don’t overburden your slides with text

Client Pitch Deck

Even if you decide to ignore most of the other tips in this guide, don’t skip over this one. This is presentation design 101.

When you flip to a slide covered wall-to-wall with text, there’s a good chance your audience is going to think:

  • I don’t want to read all of that.
  • This presenter isn’t well-prepared.

In fact, a study published in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly found that anxious presenters tended to use more text on their slides, usually because they used their slides as speaking notes.

Instead of using a bunch of text, look for ways to present information visually charts and infographics .

For example, this slide template uses brief text and some simple icons to summarize the presentation :

Weekly Update Business Presentation

This startup pitch deck makes use of evocative images, icons and big text to help present its ideas:

Yellow Startup Pitch Deck

4. Establish a visual hierarchy on your slides

When you flip to a new slide, your audience will be seeing it for the first time. Their eyes are going to naturally be drawn whatever the focal point on the page is.

The focal point is the most dominant area on your slide–the point that draws the most attention.

You can create a hierarchy of information on your slide by making the most important information the focal point of your slide. In most cases, the focal point will be the slide title, or a particular visual, or an important phrase or number.

There are a few ways you can create a visual hierarchy on your slides.

You can bold important phrases, like the word “Facebook” in this slide:

Quarterly Digital Marketing Report Business Presentation

Icons also help to establish a reading order. They draw your eye from point to point. Placing icons beside headers and important points will make them stand out from the other information on the slide.

Mint Pitch Deck

Icons can also be used to indicate where a new point begins:

Sherbert Business Presentation

Color selection can also be used to establish a visual hierarchy. Take a look at how the colorful blocks in this slide help to make the slide titles pop:

Subscriber Sales Business Presentation

Your eyes are drawn first to the title text, then to the supporting information beside it.

5. Pick a visual motif that runs throughout your presentation templates

You can use visuals to pull your presentation design together and make it cohesive. Picking a visual motif will allow you to use consistent visuals throughout your presentation.

A visual motif is a repeated pattern, design, or image. In your presentation design, a motif can take many forms.

When it comes to infographic color selection , one of the simplest approaches is to use a consistent color motif (or color scheme). That could mean using one or two colors for all of your headers, background and borders.

For example, this presentation template uses two shades of purple for a modern design:

Product Pitch Deck

But combining different colors and patterns can also make for a more interesting design. For example, this presentation template uses a blue stripe motif to link the slides together visually:

Monthly Sales Report Template

You could also use a recurring shape or image, like the circle image frames in this presentation template:

presentation design idea

Or you could use a motif that reflects the theme of your presentation. For example, this presentation template uses a recurring cloud motif throughout the presentation to reflect the “dream” theme of the brand:

presentation design idea

This is a case where starting with a presentation template can really come in handy, because the template will already have a motif. Look for presentation templates with a motif that fits your topic and brand.

6. Visualize data using charts and infographics

Replacing text with visuals is one of the best ways to prevent your slide design from becoming cluttered. Charts and infographics present information in an engaging, digestible way.

I won’t go into too much detail here about what types of charts you should use for what data. We’ve got an in-depth guide to picking charts for that.

But I’ll give you a few ideas for some types of charts and infographics that work well in presentations.

Related : How to Make Better Infographics for PowerPoint

If you want to visualize steps in a process, the history of something, or a roadmap, use a timeline.

This slide template uses a simple timeline with complementary icons to emphasize each date:

presentation design idea

To compare amounts or sizes, a bubble chart can help drive the point home:

Airbnb Pitch Deck

Learn how to customize this template:

To create an infographic for geographic and demographic information , a map can make a big impact on your audience:

Orange Business Presentation - Map

A classic pie chart or bar graph should be easily understood by your audience, provided you’re following  chart best practices .

This presentation template uses a bar graph, a pie chart and a line graph to show different metrics:

presentation design idea

If you can, mix up the types of data visualizations you use. This will help prevent your audience from getting bored.

Those are just a few different ways you can use charts to visualize. For more ideas, check out our guide to picking the best charts for your data .

7. Create custom illustrations using icons to help tell stories

Custom illustrations are one of this year’s  biggest graphic design trends . They’re fun, quirky, and more exciting than a boring old stock photo.

Creating your own illustrations for social media graphics might seem like a costly and time-consuming undertaking. And it can be. But I’m going to offer you a hack:

Use icons to create illustrations.

Venngage Dashboard

You can arrange icons together to create a scene–like the pieces of a puzzle. (Venngage offers over 40,000 icons, so finding an image shouldn’t be too hard!) 

For example, this real estate presentation template uses icons to illustrate each real estate hack:

presentation design idea

When picking ico ns or symbols for your illustrations , make sure that the icon style you use is consistent. For example, this presentation template uses line art icons for a scribbly youthful look:

presentation design idea

For more ideas, read our guide to creating icon illustrations .

8. Highlight important information using big, bold colorful text

Returning to the idea or focal points on your slide: emphasize a key number or phrase when creating a persuasive presentation using big, bold text in a contrasting color.

This will communicate to your audience that if they take away one thing from your slide, it should be that piece of information.

For example, this presentation template uses bright colored font in several sizes larger than the rest of the text to emphasize important numbers on each slide:

presentation design idea

But you could also pick one color to emphasize key information with. That way, your audience will catch on to the pattern and look for that color in upcoming slides.

Take a look at how this presentation uses teal to contrast with the other text and emphasize information:

Email Marketing Business Presentation

9. Alternate between different slide layouts to keep your audience engaged

You may be tempted to use the same slide layout throughout your entire presentation–either for consistency or because you’re not sure how else to design your slide.

The problem is, using the same slide layout over and over again won’t do much to excite your audience.

There are other ways you can create consistency throughout your presentation, while also using different slide layouts–like through a visual motif.

For example, this presentation template uses five different slide layouts. The consistent color scheme, image style and font style pull the presentation together.

presentation design idea

To come up with different slide layouts, try dividing your slide into columns. This can make it easier to arrange the elements in your slide.

column layout

This can make it easier to arrange the elements in your slide.

presentation design idea

10. Add a progress tracker to your presentation slides

Creating a sense of forward movement will help keep your audience engaged.

Similar to how you would put the chapter title at the top of the pages in a book, you can track the progress of your presentations in your slides. This will let your audience know what stage you’re at in your presentation. Your audience will also be able to refer to the sections in your presentation more easily afterward.

That said, pacing your presentation thoughtfully with well-designed presentation slides also adds brownie points to your presentation. Check out the top qualities of awesome presentations and learn all about how to make a good presentation to help you nail that captivating delivery.

A simple progress bar at the bottom of your slide shouldn’t distract too much from the rest of your information.

11. Download your presentation as a PDF

It’s common for audience members to request a copy of your presentation for their reference. Make sharing your presentation easy by exporting it as a PDF or zipped file.

presentation design idea

If you don’t want to send a PDF, you can present it directly in Venngage using our presentation tool. Simply Publish your presentation to be taken to the presentation page, or click the Preview button to view your presentation privately.

presentation design idea

Now that you’re equipped with some fundamentals of presentation design, the best way to learn is by doing. It’s also the perfect time to upgrade your presentation skills  while you’re thinking about it too!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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30 Presentation Design Ideas & Tips to Impress Your Audience in 2022

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By Iveta Pavlova

in Inspiration

6 years ago

Reading time: 4 min

Viewed 20,769 times

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Presentation Design Ideas, 2018

Update March 2022: Fixed broken links and added new presentation design idea examples

PowerPoint and its alternatives are multifunctional tools that serve a wide variety of purposes for both marketers and non-marketers. The popular software for presentation design holds unlimited powers of influence, as long you know how to use it right.

Today we’ll share valuable presentation design ideas and tips, so you can make the most out of your presentation. Before moving on to the actual design process, put your ideas on paper. This will help you clear up your concept and is crucial for building a high-quality presentation. Now, let’s begin!

1. Make Sure Your Eye-Catching Visuals Don’t Steal the Spotlight

The design of a presentation is supposed to support your information in more than one way. Overlooking your presentation design means throwing away all of your efforts to prepare a presentation in the first place. No matter the topic, you need to convey value. This means you need to make your presentation eye-catchy but try not to let your visuals steal the spotlight from the information itself.

  • Presentation: Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview (January 2020) v01 by DataReportal

2. Go Simple and Witty

Simplicity is a highly advocated practice simply because it gives results. Now, there are simple and boring presentations, and there are simple and witty ones. The second one will win your audience to your side.

  • Presentation: Marco Gold Standard by MarcoTechnologies

3. Prioritize Clarity Over Complexity

Push the boundaries but not too far. Obviously, clarity is a factor that definitely works in favor of your presentation’s success. A familiar pattern is a better approach than presenting the information in a completely new arrangement.

  • Presentation: 10 Things your Audience Hates About your Presentation by Stinson

4. Turn your Presentation Design into a Story

We all know that design can provoke powerful emotions. But do you know which technique provokes even a stronger emotion? That’s right, stories. Use this double power for your presentation to influence your audience on a deeper level.

  • Presentation: Apple Inc Case Study by Shail Daswani

5. Don’t Underestimate Power of Pop Culture References

Use the power of association to your advantage. When people connect new information with things they already know, they are more inclined to listen to you and accept your message.

  • Presentation: The Art of the Presentation by Jeffrey Stevens

6. Leverage the Power of Whitespace

This is a blank space left between design elements in the composition. It is a great tool when you want to make a point and focus the viewer’s attention on a particular part of the design.

7. Apply the Rule of Thirds

3 stages, 3 steps, 3 points, 3 ideas… People tend to accept, understand and memorize these things better if they are narrowed down to 3. The audience simply loves this number, so all that’s left for you is to make the best out of this rule.

  • Presentation: Achieving digital maturity: Adapting your company to a changing world from Deloitte United States

8. Use Minimum Text In Your Slides

A presentation design is created in order to help the presenter communicate certain information. Moreover, a presentation in front of an audience is meant to be listened to, and not read. This is why some professionals advise not to use more than 6 words per slide. Use more visual content, instead.

  • Presentation: How to think like a startup by Loic Le Meur

9. Don’t Forget the Mobile Users

Mind this tip when designing a presentation that will also be watched on mobile devices. Big sections of text in presentation design are hard to read on small screens.

  • Presentation: How to Master Difficult Conversations at Work – Leader’s Guide by Piktochart

10. Match the Presentation Design with the Topic

The topic of the presentation often dictates the theme of the design. For instance, a wedding-themed presentation suggests a soft, romantic color scheme, a business presentation is often designed in brand colors, etc.

  • Presentation: How To Have Your Dream Wedding Without Burying Your Budget by DesignMantic

You’d probably like to learn  4 Invaluable Presentation Design Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

11. Use Semi-Transparent Gradient Graphs

Different tools are used to present data. However, presenting it in a visually appealing way will bring more positives for you. Semi-transparency and partial overlapping are super trendy when it comes to presenting graphs. Choose different colors complementing each other, and apply semi-transparency increasing to the top.

  • Presentation: Achieving digital maturity: Adapting your company to a changing world by Deloitte United States

12. Be Trendy with Gradient Overlays

Gradients and color transitions are still trendy. This means you can use them bravely in all of your designs including presentation design. White text on top works amazing for this kind of overlay.

  • Presentation: 10 Insightful Quotes On Designing A Better Customer Experience by Yuan Wang

13. Use a Partial Overlay to Put an Accent

We already established that white lettering goes well with a colored semi-transparent background. Another technique is to use this background as an element and not a full background, so you can draw the eye to a certain area.

  • Presentation: 500 Demo Day Batch 19: Gluwa by 500 Startups

14. Use Brand Colors

Choosing a presentation design style according to your brand is a smart move. This way, you will certainly differentiate your work from other presentations. Also, it’s wise to include your business’s branding – your logo in all of your slides.

  • Presentation: How to Market your Charity in the Digital Age by Michael Horton

15. Try Bright Colors

Bright colors still rule the web in 2022, so there will be a lot of them in presentation design, as well. With these colors, it’s more than easy to catch the attention and make a statement. Combine them with 3D or flat illustrations and flattering text color (white works amazing) to make the presentation design pleasant for the eye.

16. Choose One Popping Color

If you want to keep the vibe of the bright colors but still make the presentation design elegant and classy, use just one popping color (it can be even neon) over a black-and-white themed background (or simply over muted colors).

  • Presentation: 24 Design Tips from Real Designers by Edahn Small

17. Try Sticking to Black and White

Going black-and-white has always been trendy. This look can provoke a variety of moods depending on how you use it. The Black and white duo provokes nostalgia, drama, mystery. But it could also make your concept look elegant and simple.

  • Presentation: A Guide to User Research (for People Who Don’t Like Talking to Other People) by Stephanie Wills

18. Use Trendy Pantone Colors

This presentation uses the Ultra Violet Pantone color of the year 2018 , but you can go with any annual Pantone color to vibe with the current. Now is the time to try Very Peri Color of the year 2022 .

  • Presentation: Top Productivity Working Hacks by Jan Rezab

19. Use Simple Outline Illustrations to Explain a Concept

Using illustrations instead of pictures can help you emphasize a point. Illustrations are great conceptual tools, so when it comes to presenting, they can help you get your message across with ease. Flat outline illustrations, on the other hand, are simplistic enough to explain a concept and attractive enough to catch the viewer’s attention in a presentation design.

20. Flat Illustrations are Always a Good Choice

Flat has been the king of illustration in the graphic design world for so long, that we can’t make this list without it. The multifunctional simplistic shapes make this style suitable for both icons and conceptual illustrations in a presentation design.

  • Presentation: The 12 Characteristics Of A Horrible Boss by Debra Ulrich

21. Mix Styles

You don’t have to limit yourself to using only one style throughout the whole presentation. Feel free to combine gradients with flats, outlines, and other styles to achieve a more attention-grabbing look.

  • Presentation: 5 Storytelling Lessons From Superhero Stories by HighSpark | Visual Storytelling Agency

22. Use Art Illustrations

A fully illustrated slide is a move that pushes the boundaries of the ordinary presentation design. This approach, especially used as an opening slide, will certainly nail your audience’s attention from the very beginning, so it’s worth giving it a shot.

  • Presentation:  Achieving digital maturity: Adapting your company to a changing world by Deloitte United States

23. Try Modern Low-Poly Illustrations

Low-poly is a style of illustration that has become modern in recent years. The style brings a futuristic vibe and makes the design look edgy. This style can be applied to the presentation design elements or even the background for a bolder look.

  • Presentation: One Point Per Slide – Why It’s Important and How to Do It by Stinson

24. Use Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes can totally make a design look modern, elegant, and more interesting. Whether circles, triangles, diamonds, or else, geometric shapes provide a wide field for experimenting. This means your opportunities are endless and the result could be an absolutely unique presentation design.

  • Presentation: Designing For Emails: 8 Hacks To Design Emails That Are Eagerly Awaited by DesignMantic

25. Give Each Concept a Different Color

Colors are a perfect way to distinguish different ideas and concepts. Plus, they help the audience follow your thought more easily. Distinguishing your ideas from each other by using colors is a great way to focus on different messages in the same presentation. Just make sure to keep the style consistent.

  • Presentation: 125 Clickass Copywriting Tips by Barry Feldman

26. Try Creative Typography

You should absolutely step outside your comfort zone and experiment with attractive new ways of presenting your lettering.

  • Presentation: 14 Inspiring Paul Rand Quotes! by DesignMantic

27. Try Unconventional Fonts

With the huge diversity of fonts available online, don’t be afraid to try out new looks. A new font stands out and makes the presentation design feel completely different.

  • Presentation: GAME ON! Integrating Games and Simulations in the Classroom by Brian Housand

28. Use Numbers to Mark Progress

Numbers are a great way to help your audience keep track of your thoughts. They help you take the viewer through the whole process and they boost the clarity. Numbers also give the feeling of a step-by-step process. They can simplify any idea and make it easier to be understood. In the following example, each slide is a numbered step. This is a provenly effective practice but you can experiment with expanding each number over a few slides.

  • Presentation: 21 Hottest Productivity Hacks for 2016 by HubSpot

29. ABC of Anything

The ABC is a cool way to make your audience follow a list. Unlike numbering which could be infinite, this type of alphabetical bulleting does have an end obviously.  This technique engages the viewer a lot because, first of all, the viewer sees something familiar – the alphabetical order. Secondly, people like the feeling of completion which helps them keep their interest till the end of the alphabet.

  • Presentation: The ABC’s of Living a Healthy Life by Dr. Omer Hameed

30. Call to Action

Don’t be afraid to tell your audience what to do next. A CTA button is rewarding your efforts spent on the presentation.

  • Presentation: 4 Biggest Challenges for Creative Teams by Wrike

Presentation design doesn’t have to be boring. These 30 presentation design ideas and tips will help you breathe life into your presentation and win your audience’s attention. You are welcome to share more ideas in the comments below, so we can discuss what works and what doesn’t. Happy designing!

You may also be interested to read these related articles:

  • The Best Free PowerPoint Templates to Download in 2022
  • How to Calm Down Before a Presentation: 10 Practical Tips and Techniques
  • Top Graphic Design Trends 2022: Raising the Game

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Iveta Pavlova

Iveta is a passionate writer at GraphicMama who has been writing for the brand ever since the blog was launched. She keeps her focus on inspiring people and giving insight on topics like graphic design, illustrations, education, business, marketing, and more.

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Thousands of vector graphics for your projects.

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Here are some other articles we think you may like:

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10 Best Explainer Video Styles for Your Business

by Iveta Pavlova

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25+ design blogs we love, follow & recommend.

35 Modern Clean Website Design Examples of Flattering Simplicity

35 Modern Clean Website Design Examples of Flattering Simplicity

by Lyudmil Enchev

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presentation design idea


Published: August 03, 2023

When it comes to PowerPoint presentation design, there's no shortage of avenues you can take.

PowerPoint presentation examples graphic with computer monitor, person holding a megaphone, and a plant to signify growth.

While all that choice — colors, formats, visuals, fonts — can feel liberating, it's important that you're careful in your selection as not all design combinations add up to success. We’re not saying there’s one right way to design your next PowerPoint presentation, but we are saying there are some designs that make more sense than others.

→ Free Download: 10 PowerPoint Presentation Templates [Access Now]

In this blog post, you'll learn how to create an awesome PowerPoint deck and then see real presentations that nail it in exactly their own way.

What makes a good PowerPoint presentation?

A great PowerPoint presentation gets the point across succinctly while using a design that builds upon the point, and doesn't detract from it. The following aspects make for a great PowerPoint presentation:

1. Minimal Animations and Transitions

Believe it or not, animations and transitions can take away from your PowerPoint presentation. Why? Well, they distract from the design you worked so hard on — and from your content, too.

A good PowerPoint presentation keeps the focus on your argument by keeping animations and transitions to a minimum. That said, you don’t have to eliminate them all. You can use them tastefully and sparingly to emphasize a point or bring attention to a certain part of an image.

2. Cohesive Color Palette

It’s worth reviewing color theory when creating your next PowerPoint presentation. A cohesive color palette uses complementary and analogous colors to draw the audience’s attention, emphasize certain aspects, and deemphasize bits of information that the audience might not need at a certain point in time.

Slide design ideas example: Cohesive color palette, Planetly

3. Contextualized Visuals

An image does speak more than words. And it’s been proven that the human brain is wired to process visuals much faster than words. Take advantage of that by including graphs, photos, and illustrations that can help you build upon your point while keeping your audience’s interest.

Slide design ideas example: Contextualized visuals, Freshworks

Make sure you contextualize those visuals by explaining verbally why that image is there. Otherwise, it’ll be distracting to the audience and may potentially cause more questions than answers.

presentation design idea

10 Free PowerPoint Templates

Download ten free PowerPoint templates for a better presentation.

  • Creative templates.
  • Data-driven templates.
  • Professional templates.

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

Tell us a little about yourself below to gain access today:

Powerpoint design ideas.

It's impossible for us to tell you which design ideas you should go after in your next PowerPoint, because, well, we don't know what the goal of your presentation is. Luckily, new versions of PowerPoint actually suggest ideas for you based on the content you're presenting. This can help you keep up with the latest trends in presentation design .

In PowerPoint 2016 and later, PowerPoint is filled with interesting boilerplate designs you can start with. To find these suggestions, open PowerPoint and click the "Design" tab in your top navigation bar. Then, on the far right side, you'll see the following choices:

PowerPoint Design Ideas option in the top bar

Click the "Design Ideas" option under this Design tab, as shown in the screenshot above. This icon will reveal a vertical list of interesting slide layouts based on what your slides already have on them.

Don't have any content on your slides yet? You can easily shuffle this vertical list of slide design ideas by clicking various themes inside the color carousel to the far left of the Design Ideas icon, as shown below:

PowerPoints theme inside the Design panel

As you browse and choose from the themes shown above, the Design Ideas pane to the right will interpret them and come up with layouts. Below, we’ve included some of our favorite ones.

Atlas (Theme)

Covering a more creative subject for a younger or more energetic audience? On behalf of PowerPoint, might we suggest the cover slide design below? Its vibrant red color blocks and fun lines will appeal to your audience.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Atlas theme

PowerPoint Ideas for This Theme:

  • Use this simple theme to focus on key elements of your presentation.
  • Customize the colors to match your brand or try contrasting colors for text and background for readability and visual appeal.

Madison (Theme)

This design doesn't have the intensity of the first slide on this list. But it has a simple structure that can make any PowerPoint presentation a good slideshow.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Madison theme

  • Add unique and on-brand fonts, textures, and borders to this theme for classic and cool presentations.
  • Add an image collage or textured photograph to create distinct and consistent PowerPoints for your brand.

Parcel (Theme)

Parcel offers a variety of slide layouts with geometric shapes. Add these shapes to your slides to create interesting visual elements. Use them for backgrounds, content, or decoration, and experiment with different shapes, sizes, and layouts.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Parcel theme

  • Add a color-blocked background for a fun but relaxing tone for your audience, or use color blocks to highlight sections of text.
  • Experiment with this PowerPoint theme's contemporary fonts for cool slides that feel professional.
  • Add a chart or graph to visualize data in your presentation.

Crop (Theme)

This PowerPoint design idea uses graphic elements such as lines and bars to give structure, contrast, and modern flair to your slides.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Crop theme

  • Make the most of this theme with high-quality images. Simple compositions with lots of negative space or bold focal points can help your slide's design pop.
  • Use this theme's grid layout to create clean, organized layouts, even if design isn't your strength.

Badge (Theme)

We're particularly fond of this PowerPoint design style. By using lines and contrasting elements — like a burst, as shown below — you add depth to your slides. This can help your content capture and hold your audience's attention more easily.

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Badge theme

  • Add badges to highlight key points and sections, or to showcase achievements.
  • Add original illustrations to your presentation's design. You might think you need to use professional illustrations for this. But adding quick doodles or sketches to this theme can help you create authentic and creative PowerPoint presentations.

If you're not fond of the built-in PowerPoint design themes, you can always download a free PowerPoint template and input your content onto pre-made slide styles.

Let’s take a look at the best ones you can download below.

Creative PowerPoint (Template)

This presentation template uses bright colors and plenty of white space to convey a modern but fun design. Organic shapes and geometric lines and patterns add an extra visual element to the slides, achieving depth and personality. Get it here .

Creative PowerPoint Template

Download These Templates for Free

Design Ideas for This Template:

  • Create custom graphics or textures and layer them on top of this template's image layers to create beautiful slides for your brand. Be sure to use consistent styles and colors for a cohesive design.
  • Get inspired by the clear visual hierarchy of this template as you customize it. Use font sizes, color, and graphics to highlight each section. This can help you make sure that important information stands out from supporting details.

Professional Style PowerPoint (Template)

These PowerPoint slides use more neutral colors and fonts to create a calm and elegant vibe. It also highlights quality images to communicate key points. Get it here .

Professional Style PowerPoint Template

  • This template works best with subtle pastels and muted colors. Try non-traditional color combos, like peach and mint green, for a unique PowerPoint presentation.
  • Images and data visualizations will stand out in this template, so make sure you have excellent photos and illustrations to showcase.

Data PowerPoint (Template)

This template uses a rounded font to draw sharp contrast with the lines and graphs that will populate the presentation. If you want to offer engaging visuals with number-crunching content, the slide design ideas in this template are a great choice. Get it here .

Data PowerPoint Template

  • Try an on-brand duotone color scheme or use a dark background with this template to give your slides a simple but trendy look.
  • Use the built-in icon library or import custom icons into your slides. You can use icons to represent important topics or concepts for easier skimming. This visual feature can also make your slides more exciting.

Simple PowerPoint (Template)

By pairing vibrant colors with pale ones, this PowerPoint gives an understated feel, which can draw attention to the content while still being visually engaging. Get it here .

Simple PowerPoint Template

  • Combine multiple images with vertical or horizontal formatting in this template for dynamic and beautiful slides.
  • Play with contrasting typography styles. Try combining a bold heading font with a simple body font. This can help you draw attention to important information and make your PowerPoint design easy to read.

Best PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Business presentation slides, business plan template, company profile template, marketing plan template, project status report template, annual report template, product launch template, visual brand identity template, infographic template, financial report template, industry trends template.

Want some inspo as you create your next presentation? Look no further — whether you're projecting your slides in person or sharing them online, these slides will help you impress your audience.

And to make your search even easier, we've added gorgeous templates for the most popular business needs below. Keep reading to find the best Microsoft PowerPoint template for your next presentation.

Business presentations can be intense. This set of PowerPoint slides could include a wide range of important information such as:

  • Company history
  • Mission and vision
  • Business goals
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Growth strategies

So, business presentations can be overwhelming for an audience to consume. This makes great presentation design essential.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Business Presentation Template

The Modern PowerPoint Template featured here is sleek and modern. But it's also fun and appealing, with a streamlined design that leaves a lasting impression.

Pro tip : Use headers to communicate top priorities in your business presentation. Then, use body copy and images to add details that will support and enhance your PowerPoint.

A well-crafted business plan is vital to any business, whether it's a startup, scale-up, or established company. A business plan can be just as complex as a business presentation, but it also needs to entice investors and partners.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Business Plan Template

This Retro PowerPoint Template is fun, interesting, and unique. It also has easy-to-read text and plenty of space for useful images and charts. This makes it an ideal template for business presentations.

Like your business plan, your company profile is key to developing your business. But your company profile is more than a peek at your biz plan. It's a chance to highlight your team, culture and values, major clients, and your company history.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Company Profile Template

When done right, this presentation can show your competitive advantage and build trust for your brand. This means that your presentation slides need to be just right. Download the company profile template featured above and five more great company profile templates today.

The right marketing plan presentation can decide whether your team will have the budget and resources it needs to meet your goals. That's why marketing plans need great presentation design.

After using a marketing plan template to write out your completed plan, use an eye-catching presentation template to share your ideas.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Marketing Plan Template

This Typographic PowerPoint Template will make it easy to use custom graphics and typography that will make your brand presentation shine.

Pro tip : Use different charts and graphs to highlight the data you used while making marketing plan decisions. This will reinforce the logic of your ideas while adding more visual interest.

Project status reports keep stakeholders informed about project milestones, timelines, risks, and budget. Try this template to add transparency, manage expectations, and stay proactive with your project presentations.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Project Status Report Template

Annual reports offer a company's performance summary, achievements, finances, and more. This means that an organized layout is essential to showcase growth and wins for the year. This presentation needs to be well-designed so that it inspires the trust and confidence of employees, shareholders, and members of the community.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Annual Report Template

Try this annual report template if you want to create a PDF or this template for PowerPoint .

Pro tip : Choose the right presentation software for your presentation. While most presentation design is created in PowerPoint or Keynote, sometimes it’s a good idea to try out new tools.

Product launch is an exciting time at any company. A great PowerPoint presentation for product release will include:

  • Product features
  • Target audience
  • Marketing strategy
  • Launch timeline

Besides generating excitement, this deck keeps stakeholders consistent and connected. It's central to driving customer interest, engagement, and sales.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Product Launch Template

The Doodle Template is a great choice for product launch presentations with its range of slide features. It has lots of space for product images, as well as icons to represent stakeholders, teams, or product features.

Pro tip : Use the bright and cheery graphics in this template as is or replace them with sketches from your product creation process for a customized touch.

Consistency and visual appeal are crucial elements of building a strong brand identity. Using a PowerPoint presentation template can help you clearly communicate the details that make your company's brand, logo, typography, colors, imagery, and design one of a kind.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Visual Brand Identity Template

Start with this brand building guide to make sure you've nailed down the most important elements of your brand identity. Then, use one of these templates from Canva to develop your brand identity presentation.

Infographics are a powerful way to present complex information or data in a visual way. Different types of information lend themselves to different presentation styles.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Infographic Template

You can add these free PowerPoint templates for infographics to a larger slide presentation or use this format to create an infographic for other channels.

Pro tip : Add an infographic to a business or data presentation to add data insights and storytelling to your presentation slides. This will help make your PowerPoint presentation more memorable.

Concise financial reporting helps businesses review their financial performance for better decision-making. This presentation often includes confidential data such as revenue, profit, and cash flow.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Financial Report Template

The Abstract PowerPoint Template has slide designs for data comparison, quotes, and analysis. Its clean and simple design will make your financial report presentations look cool and professional.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need the latest industry insights. And to keep that data engaging, you need great presentation design for trends. Trends decks might include data on market research, competitive analysis, new technologies, or consumer behavior.

Best PowerPoint presentation examples: Industry Trends Template

This 3D Gradient PowerPoint Template combines bold colors with fun shapes. It's the perfect vehicle to highlight bright images, icons, and data on the latest trends.

Pro tip : New information can be tough to consume, so it's best to keep your copy short and easy to understand. Use images that tell a story to make the most of every section of your presentation.

Good Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design

To see some examples of the best PowerPoint presentation designs, check out the following decks.

1. "The Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing," Velocity Partners

We've said it once , and we'll say it again: We love this presentation from Velocity Partner's Co-Founder Doug Kessler. Not only is the content remarkable, but the design is also quite clever. While each slide employs the same background visual, the copy in the notebook unfolds brilliantly through a series of colorful doodles and bold text. This gives the presentation a personal feel, which aligns with the self-reflective nature of the concept.

2. "You Don't Suck at PowerPoint," Jesse Desjardins

If the contrast used throughout this PowerPoint presentation design were a human, we'd marry it. This skillful presentation from Jesse Desjardins employs the perfect color palette : balancing black and white photos with pops of fluorescent pink, yellow, and blue. The cheeky vintage photos work to reinforce the copy on each slide, making the presentation both interesting and visually appealing.

3. "Accelerating Innovation in Energy," Accenture

Balancing visual backgrounds with text isn't easy. More often than not, the text is formatted in a way that winds up getting lost in the image. This presentation from Accenture combated this issue by combining shapes and graphics to create contrast between the text and the background. Well done.

4. "Visual Design with Data," Seth Familian

When you're tasked with presenting a lot of information in a little bit of time, things can get sort of messy. To simplify this type of presentation, it's a good idea to use a visual agenda like the one shown above. This index clearly signifies the start and finish of each section to make it easier for the viewer to follow along and keep track of the information. The presenter takes it further by including an additional agenda for each exercise, so that the audience knows what they're supposed to do.

5. "How to Craft Your Company's Storytelling Voice," MarketingProfs

Do you love these hand-drawn illustrations or do you love these hand-drawn illustrations? I mean, c'mon, this is amazing. Certainly, it would have been easier to generate these designs online, but this approach highlights MarketingProf's commitment to investing the time and thought it takes to create an out-of-the-box piece of content. And as a result, this presentation stands out in the best way possible.

6. "Blitzscaling: Book Trailer," Reid Hoffman

If you're going to go the minimalistic route, take note of this PowerPoint presentation example from Reid Hoffman. This clean design adheres to a simple, consistent color scheme with clean graphics peppered throughout to make the slides more visually interesting. Overall there are no frills or unnecessary additions, which allows the informative content to take priority.

7. "Healthcare Napkins," Dan Roam

This presentation dates back to 2009, but the design is still as good as ever. The colorful, quirky doodles help tell the story while also serving as an interesting way to illustrate data (see slides 20 and 21). For visual learners, this approach is much more inviting than a series of slides riddled with text-heavy bullet points.

8. "One Can Be Diverse: An Essay on Diversity," With Company

This presentation employs both powerful images and modern typography to illustrate the point. While many of the slides contain long quotes, they are broken up in a way that makes them easily digestible. Not to mention all of the text is crisp, clean, and concise.

9. " 10 Things Your Audience Hates About Your Presentation ," Stinson

his simplistic presentation example employs several different colors and font weights, but instead of coming off as disconnected, the varied colors work with one another to create contrast and call out specific concepts. Also, the big, bold numbers help set the reader's expectations, as they clearly signify how far along the viewer is in the list of tips.

10. "Pixar's 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling," Gavin McMahon

This presentation by Gavin McMahon features color in all the right places. While each of the background images boasts a bright, spotlight-like design, all the characters are intentionally blacked out. This helps keep the focus on the tips, while still incorporating visuals. Not to mention, it's still easy for the viewer to identify each character without the details. (I found you on slide eight, Nemo.)

11. "Facebook Engagement and Activity Report," We Are Social

Here's another great example of data visualization in the wild. Rather than displaying numbers and statistics straight up, this presentation calls upon interesting, colorful graphs, and charts to present the information in a way that just makes sense.

12. "The GaryVee Content Model," Gary Vaynerchuk

This wouldn't be a true Gary Vaynerchuk presentation if it wasn't a little loud, am I right? Aside from the fact that we love the eye-catching, bright yellow background, Vaynerchuk does a great job of incorporating screenshots on each slide to create a visual tutorial that coincides with the tips. He also does a great job including a visual table of contents that shows your progress as you go through the presentation (and aligns with the steps of content marketing, too).

13. "20 Tweetable Quotes to Inspire Marketing & Design Creative Genius," IMPACT Branding & Design

We've all seen our fair share of quote-chronicling presentations but that isn't to say they were all done well. Often the background images are poor quality, the text is too small, or there isn't enough contrast. Well, this professional presentation from IMPACT Branding & Design suffers from none of said challenges. The colorful filters over each background image create just enough contrast for the quotes to stand out.

14. "The Great State of Design," Stacy Kvernmo

This presentation offers up a lot of information in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming. The contrasting colors create visual interest and "pop," and the comic images (slides 6 through 12) are used to make the information seem less buttoned-up. Once the presentation gets to the CSS section, it takes users slowly through the information so that they’re not overwhelmed.

15. "Clickbait: A Guide To Writing Un-Ignorable Headlines," Ethos3

Not going to lie, it was the title that convinced me to click through to this presentation but the awesome design kept me there once I arrived. This simple design adheres to a consistent color pattern and leverages bullet points and varied fonts to break up the text nicely.

16. "Digital Transformation in 50 Soundbites," Julie Dodd

This design highlights a great alternative to the "text-over-image" display we've grown used to seeing. By leveraging a split-screen approach to each presentation slide, Julie Dodd was able to serve up a clean, legible quote without sacrificing the power of a strong visual.

17. "Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint," Slide Comet

When you're creating a PowerPoint about how everyone's PowerPoints stink, yours had better be terrific. The one above, based on the ebook by Seth Godin, keeps it simple without boring its audience. Its clever combinations of fonts, together with consistent color across each slide, ensure you're neither overwhelmed nor unengaged.

18. "How Google Works," Eric Schmidt

Simple, clever doodles tell the story of Google in a fun and creative way. This presentation reads almost like a storybook, making it easy to move from one slide to the next. This uncluttered approach provides viewers with an easy-to-understand explanation of a complicated topic.

19. "What Really Differentiates the Best Content Marketers From The Rest," Ross Simmonds

Let's be honest: These graphics are hard not to love. Rather than employing the same old stock photos, this unique design serves as a refreshing way to present information that's both valuable and fun. We especially appreciate the author's cartoonified self-portrait that closes out the presentation. Well played, Ross Simmonds.

20. "Be A Great Product Leader," Adam Nash

This presentation by Adam Nash immediately draws attention by putting the company's logo first — a great move if your company is well known. He uses popular images, such as ones of Megatron and Pinocchio, to drive his points home. In the same way, you can take advantage of popular images and media to keep the audience's attention and deepen your arguments.

PowerPoint Presentation Examples for the Best Slide Presentation

Mastering a PowerPoint presentation begins with the design itself. Use the ideas above to create a presentation that engages your audience, builds upon your point, and helps you generate leads for your brand.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2013 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. This article was written by a human, but our team uses AI in our editorial process. Check out our full disclosure to learn more about how we use AI.

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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How to Easily Create a SlideShare Presentation

How to Easily Create a SlideShare Presentation

  • Add and delete slides Video
  • Apply or change a slide layout Video
  • Apply Themes to presentations Video
  • Get design ideas for slides Video
  • Change slide masters Video
  • Change the page orientation Video
  • Add a watermark to your slides Video
  • Organize slides into sections Video
  • Add a logo to your slides Video

presentation design idea

Get design ideas for slides

presentation design idea

Note:  Design Ideas was renamed to Designer. The video shows the old name, but the feature works the same.

PowerPoint Designer helps you automatically create professional looking slides in seconds. Just insert one or more pictures, a list of items, or a list of dates, and select the design you want.

Note:  This feature is only available if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription . If you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of Office .

Insert one or more pictures, a list of items, or a list of dates.

To insert a picture, select Insert > Pictures and choose the picture you want.

Select the design you want.

You can also bring up Designer by selecting a picture, and then select  Design > Designer .

Turn on Designer

The first time you use PowerPoint Designer, a message appears asking your permission to get design ideas for you. Select Turn on to use.

Note:  To learn more, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement .

Turn off Designer

Select File > Options , and in General , uncheck Automatically show me design ideas in the PowerPoint Designer section.

What's PowerPoint Designer?


Need more help?

Want more options.

Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

presentation design idea

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

presentation design idea

Microsoft 365 training

presentation design idea

Microsoft security

presentation design idea

Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

presentation design idea

Ask the Microsoft Community

presentation design idea

Microsoft Tech Community

presentation design idea

Windows Insiders

Microsoft 365 Insiders

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presentation design idea

Best 15 Presentation Design Ideas

Presentation Design Ideas

Table of Contents

Despite being in the modern world, most of us are still drawn to moments where design presentations do not seem to be visually engaging or intriguing.

Maybe because most of the time, people who create these design presentations do not properly use white spaces or perhaps just fail to create quality presentation content that can dazzle and grab the audience’s attention.

Powerpoint presentations and Keynotes may be considered electronic slideshow siblings which have been proven useful for communication in many circumstances – work, student life, and even businesses .

As a matter of fact, statistics have shown that 89% of people use PowerPoint over other presentation tools available in the market due to familiarity and easy navigation.

presentation ideas design

A presentation is a form of storytelling that changes the way people think about a subject matter. And believe us when we say – good stories can create an emotional connection between the presenter and their audience .

To tell good stories with your entire presentation, you should consider having presentation ideas that will gain visual interest and visually engage with your audience. According to presentation statistics, 91% of presenters agree that they gain confidence when they know that their presence is beautifully designed. However, 55% of people still say that a great story is what holds their focus during a presentation.

 design presentation ideas

But how do presentation designs affect your storytelling? Does it really matter? If you want to know these things, the more reason you should continue reading this article.

Get ready to understand what presentation designs are, their uses, the elements that make your presentation, their types, and many more!

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What is a PowerPoint Presentation?

As mentioned earlier, multiple free download software applications allow users to create presentations and turn their presentation ideas live. Multimedia presentations have indeed become an inevitable part of both education and businesses. Although there are a lot of software companies that have thrived in recent years, Microsoft’s PowerPoint remains to be the evergreen leader.

This is no surprise at all!

In the last decades, Microsoft has established Powerpoint as what it means to be a presentation software . The powerful application has been continuously developed and enriched with more robust features.

 powerpoint presentation design ideas

It has everything you need to create animated presentations with 3D models, advanced motions, and other styles and features that boost collaboration.

A Powerpoint presentation, otherwise known as a Powerpoint slideshow, is a presentation created on the Microsoft software, Powerpoint. It allows users to add visual and audio elements to a presentation. It is considered a multimedia technology that acts as a tool for presenting data, collaborating, and sharing content of all sorts .

 ppt presentation design ideas

PowerPoint slideshows are considered one of the most straightforward, most useful, and easily accessed tools to create and present visual aids. With elements and tools creatively combined, the audience is much more focused through increased visual impact, productivity, and spontaneity. Check out some PowerPoint presentation design ideas .

What is a Presentation Design?

Presentation design is a collection of words, charts, and images designed in a slide to tell good stories or pass a vital message that will be able to inform, entertain or grab your audience’s attention. In order to have a flawless, completely perfect presentation, you must pay close attention to each element of the design idea.

Here are the key elements of presentation design you should take cognizance of.

The key to every presentation design is ensuring that all slides are aesthetically united and related. Your slide deck must have a uniform appearance and feel. For presentation ideas to become more aesthetically pleasing, all items on a page should have the appropriate color, texture, speech bubble, and other shapes .

The slide designs must be unified and serve a certain function. The intended message will be lost, and the intended audience will be confused if the slide designs appear disorganized or lack cohesiveness.

presentation folder design ideas

Another vital element of the design you should focus on is the emphasis that a particular portion of the object utilizes the proper combination of color, positioning, and size. This is where the wise use of white space comes into place.

By doing so, you can get your viewer’s attention. Therefore, you should have some design elements in mind you want to emphasize. In addition, you can boost the emphasis by utilizing bright colors, larger graphics, and bold text. Find the guide for how to choose the brand colors .

There are two sorts of balance in presentation design, namely, symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Regarding symmetrical balance, the elements on both sides of a design are similar in size or location. One example of this is the human face. Therefore, to make the most of the symmetrical design strategy, you must check and ensure that the photos, text, and all elements on both sides of the slide are equally weighted and positioned.

 presentation slides design ideas

On the other hand, when it comes to asymmetrical balance, each side of the design is distinct while remaining in balance. The kind of balance that asymmetrical designs make it more visually appealing by giving the overall design a new feel or vibe.

Any presentation needs to have motion or a sense of it to visually break your content. Designers mainly use curved lines to make it look like the slides are moving so that the audience thinks they are all part of one seamless whole.

So far, these are the four essential elements of a presentation design. The main point is to use all these elements in your creative presentation ideas and slide deck to ensure your presentation’s organization and visual appeal.

Be consistent with your colors , font size, font weights, and font type to ensure the design cohesiveness . Here are some tips you may consider for your presentation’s typography.

  • Consider choosing a color for the whole PowerPoint presentation and ensure there are highly contrasting colors and proper use of white space that could be easily seen and read on the projector.
  • Never underestimate the significance of font style, size, and type in Powerpoint presentations. While trying to escape the regular and primary font type such as Times New Roman or Calibri in search of a much more posh font with font weights, it is essential that you stick with readable fonts. Remember that a Powerpoint presentation should be able to convey your message.
  • Avoid using caps lock during a PowerPoint presentation so that it does not pass a message that you are screaming at your audience. Instead, you could highlight critical points you aim to focus on while delivering a personal or business presentation.

What is the purpose of a PowerPoint Presentation?

Understanding the purpose of a PowerPoint presentation is a core ingredient to running a business, introducing and selling products to customers, and pitching a sales presentation.

To gain a whole new level of leverage for your business branding, you must understand what purpose your Powerpoint presentation is trying to serve your audience.

Here are some of the most essential purposes of a Powerpoint presentation in your business:

One of the purposes of a PowerPoint presentation is to inform people about new or existing information that impacts how they make decisions. Presentations are often demonstrated with stock images, graphics, video, or text, allowing you to communicate effectively with your audience.

 design ideas for powerpoint presentation

To Entertain

Do you want to make your audience laugh? How about for them to cry? Another significant purpose of an excellent presentation is that it can engage your audience’s attention by making them feel and be entertained via visually appealing content that makes them consider the worth of what they are learning or listening to.

 slide presentation design ideas

To Persuade

The purpose of a great presentation is to entice an engaged audience by captivating their minds, logic, or emotions. Which leaves them with no choice but to act on the great idea shared by the presenter. Your ability to persuade an audience is largely dependent on how well you can captivate your audience’s attention.

presentation deck design ideas

Types of PowerPoint Presentations

Knowing and understanding how crucial a PowerPoint presentation is have helped many businesses close business deals running up to millions of dollars with just the right amount of slide decks.

This only goes to show that every Powerpoint presentation must depict its apparent intention, which goes beyond grabbing viewers’ visual interest. After all, creative presentation ideas have the capability to boost a business’s revenue bank.

However, aside from understanding how creative presentation ideas impact your business presentation, you would also have to know the different presentations you have to create based on their content.

Portfolio presentation

A portfolio presentation mainly explains to your clients the list of products/services that you offer as a brand. This presentation template gives you the chance to take a panel through your design process and workflow. While delivering this presentation, you must ensure you do the following:

  • Include the best possible projects you have worked on so far. You do not want to show off a half-baked project to your potential clients.
  • Ensure that your design process and workflow are well organized and communicated.
  • Make sure you do not waste time going over the list of the products and services you offer as an organization.

Pitch Decks

Also known as a startup pitch or slide deck, this presentation is intended to make your business investor give in to your business idea or schedule a meeting with your organization for further business talks. The acceptable number of slides for a slide deck should not be more than 19 slides. The following are to be included in a slide deck:

  • Introduction
  • Competition and Investments

One crucial thing about pitch deck presentations is that the presentation template is not crowded with many texts as they may bore or distract your audience.

Timeline Presentation

Also known as schedule presentation, the timeline presentation is best used to communicate present data such as events, dates, and companies’ growth records in a chronological and visually appealing manner.

If you want the best type of PowerPoint presentation to show trends from both the past and present events, chronologically, then you may want to consider using the timeline presentation.

For instance, a timeline presentation could be used to create an agile development cycle. Mind you, you do not necessarily need to use a Powerpoint presentation. You could as well use the office timeline and if you think you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate that will hinder you from designing a creative presentation, outsourcing this role to a presentation agency will be just the best decision you would make.

There are a few things that you should be able to remember when creating a timeline presentation.

First is that you should be able to differentiate between tasks and milestones. Tasks are a series of activities that are prerequisites for accomplishing a milestone. Milestones, on the other hand, are the deadlines that you give for specific goals or deliverables.

Another is that you have to make sure that you sync any external data created outside of the Powerpoint presentation and avoid using the undo feature or CTRL Z command to avoid alternating major changes on your slide design.

Roadmap presentation

If you are presenting a business’s strategic plans within a specific duration of time, then a roadmap presentation would be your best option. Roadmaps presentation are often used to imagine a business’s strategic plans.

They are primarily used to illustrate the required project actions or processes required by a business to achieve a specific project. Think of these types of presentations as some sort of manual that walks a team through the entire phase of a project.

Roadmap PowerPoint presentations are often used by project/product managers to walk team members through every phase of an ongoing or upcoming project or product to allow for strategic planning to achieve specific goals.

Roadmap presentations are also best for illustrating business strategies and analysis in line with the overall goals and plans of the organization as they can effectively bridge gaps between product vision and technology.

There are a whole lot of roadmap presentation templates that can be found online and they include product roadmaps, project roadmaps, customer journey roadmaps, and marketing roadmaps.

Sometimes, a presentation template can help you easily and quickly create your creative presentations.

Elements of a perfect roadmap PowerPoint presentation

  • A perfect roadmap PowerPoint presentation should be easy to understand and, above all, able to track. It also must align with the company’s goals and objectives.
  • It should be presented based on customer acquisition to help facilitate the team members’ decisions toward managing a product.
  • It should conform to the goals and objectives of your organization.

Ignite Presentation

The word “ignite” presentation sprung up from the slogan enlighten us, but make it quick . It is a kind of presentation that gives presenters the room to enlighten their viewers for a dura with about 20 slides that automatically advance. Each of these slide designs is displayed for 15 seconds. The ignite presentation began in Seattle, Washington, in 2006 with O’Reilly Media. It has spread to over 350 countries as of the time of writing. The goal of the ignite presentation is to appease the audience with great content that captivates them, leaving them hungry for more.

Benefits of Ignite Presentation

You would enjoy using ignite presentation only if you know the benefits attached to using it. A few of its benefits include being able to adequately prepare before your audience as you would want to ensure that you give a solid and intelligent speech.

It also allows you to be mindful of your time and stick with it. It is no news that an average human’s attention span is 8 seconds. So engaging with them within 1-5 minutes will be your challenge. After that, your speech is defeated.

Pechakucha Presentation

The name ‘Pechakucha’ was derived from the Japanese language , which means chit-chat. Pechakucha presentation is an informative presentation that should not exceed 400 seconds. A Pechakucha presentation is typically made up of 20 slides that give the presenter less than 20 seconds to present each. In total, the presenter gets 6 minutes and 40 seconds to make the presentation, primarily focused on telling stories through images such as hand-drawn illustrations, comic book images, and other image-focused slide designs, rather than reading heavy texts from the slide deck.

The challenge in these types of presentations is the use of strategic storytelling techniques and synchronized timing to make audiences avoid losing focus.

Creating a Pechakucha Presentation

To succeed in delivering a Pechakuta presentation, you should know how to create a Pechakucha presentation:

1. Pick a topic that you can present. It should be a topic that you love and have an interest in.

2. Create an outline for your presentation to ensure that your speech is synchronized with the time, so you do not exceed your time limit.

3. Create your own presentation with creative presentation ideas using great stock photos that will interest and engage your viewer’s attention.

Product Catalog Presentation

Product catalog presentation is essential for marketing as it gives detailed information about your product, such as product price, specifications, quantity, logo, and many more.

This PowerPoint presentation idea has been chiefly used in B2B and B2C transactions. It facilitates decision-making in purchasing products, increases conversion rate, fastens a customer buying process, and enables product managers to draft a new product listing if necessary.

Corporate Presentation

It is a unique strategy for communicating a company’s brand image.

This whole presentation is best used to pitch the uniqueness of either your brand’s product, services, or brand identity.

The image you create about your organization determines the impression others will have about your brand. Hence, the need to promote your brand image in a good way. Below are ways to create a corporate presentation:

  • Think of what subject will most likely interest your audience about your location.
  • Consider the best platform you want to use for your presentation, such as Powerpoint, Keynotes, Canva, and others.
  • Maintain the proper use of white space on your slide deck to avoid information overload.
  • Ensure you stick to a cohesively designed slide layout to communicate your message.
  • Use valid and reliable real-time data and visual representations or statistical diagrams such as pie graphs, charts, etc.

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short, convincing presentation you give to get people interested in what your company does. It can also be used to get people engaged in a project, an idea, a product, or even yourself. A great elevator pitch should not exceed 20-30 seconds. The following steps below will help you prepare a great elevator pitch:

  • Define a goal.
  • Describe what you and your brand does.
  • Share information about what makes your business stand out from your competitors.
  • Hook your audience with a compelling question.
  • Practice and do not stop practicing.

Motivational Presentation

One of the most prominent examples of motivational presentations is the inspirational presentations you can easily find on Youtube. A great example of a motivational presentation is TedTalks. Many motivational presentations persuade, inspire, and motivate the audience.

Motivational talks in the design world may be scarce. However, in business, motivational presentations may not be as dramatic and life-changing. Still, they sure can grasp your audience’s attention and gain their approval.

A great example of this is a company overview presentation where an assigned presenter presents a company’s information, how it was founded, its leaders, the company’s mission and vision, and the most important of it all – the company story.

This way, the company holistically connects with the audience, which can boost morale during a team meeting, executives present and convince potential customers to invest or even work with them, or an HR representative makes new hires more enticed to work for the company.

Top Best 10 Tips for Preparing a Presentation

Think of your presentation as an opportunity to wow your audience and spike your organization’s growth.

However, you need to be adequately prepared to deliver a good presentation as it defines not only how you project yourself to your audience but your business’s branding.

Here are some excellent tips for preparing a presentation:

Prepare a presentation outline

Before delivering a presentation, ensure you have prepared your presentation outline. Doing this will help you streamline what best to present with great presentation ideas and relevant content.

 creative presentation design ideas

Use valid resources to create relevant content

It is important that your presentation content is based on the use of valid resources. Effective content must have a hook, body, and conclusion. Therefore, in order to have content that is worth listening to, it should be factual, engaging, and should be goal-driven.

 design ideas for presentation

Rehearse your own presentation

It is usual for presenters to feel anxious about presentations. Unfortunately, a lot of presenters develop anxiety, especially when they feel that their presentation may not sound as authentic if practiced too much. However, experts suggest that in rehearsals that go for a minimum duration of 3-4 weeks, presenters can present their content that sounds the most natural.

 graphic design presentation ideas

Let your body speak for you

Research conducted by Albert Mehrabian explains that the body language of the presenter determines 55% of an effective presentation. In comparison, 38% is determined by the voice tone used by the presenter and the rest by 7% by the message the presenter intends to convey to the audience. So, when you are rehearsing as a presenter, make sure you use the body language and voice tone you think are suitable for your audience’s attention.

 presentation slide design ideas

Do not be scared to let go of your notes

There is no possible explanation for why you have to remember the notes of your presentation from start to finish. But make sure your notes are structured in a way that helps you keep the audience’s attention. One of the best tips to rehearse smoothly before delivering a presentation is structuring your notes with data points so you can keep track of what you intend to speak on during your presentation.

 business presentation design ideas

However, in many cases, experts suggest that presenters are sometimes better off without notes as it exudes mastery and professionalism. Therefore, it can be wise at times to let go of your notes and remember your content by heart.

Think about the visual aids you use

Visual aids are important tools to make your audience understand your presentation even more. It is imperative to remember that if your visual aids are loaded with information such as a long list of data points, it may become difficult for your audience to focus on your content.

Design tips would suggest that having great visual aids should always be appropriate to the content that you are making.

 design ideas for presentation folders

Use a microphone (if needed)

In some cases, presenters need microphones for presentation – and they are not toys that you hold for fancy. It is vital that what you say is magnified, especially in a room full of people. So, should there be a need to use a microphone, make sure that it is reliable for delivering your presentation.

Rehearsal with your dress

Do a full “dress rehearsal” with the dress you plan to present with a day before the said presentation. If you fumble during the rehearsal, try to fix it the same way you would during the presentation.

 presentation designs

And on the said date, ensure you deliver a good presentation. Remember that delivering a creative presentation is a lot like organizing a good show. To be your best self when giving information, you need to practice. Also, check out the guide about how to create an attractive PowerPoint presentation .

Best 15 Creative Presentation Design Ideas

Below are 15 presentation ideas that will help you create an impressive slide deck that will wow your audience and keep them in your entire presentation.

Minimalist presentation theme

A minimalist design is clean and neat, and it places focus on what is relevant: your content. There are no stock images, icons, or text that could be interrupting. Everything on this one-of-a-kind presentation looks like it aligns together.

Make your PowerPoint opening slide count

Your opening slide is expected to engage your audience in a good way and make them stop scrolling. Therefore, your slide design should include a design style that best grasps the attention of your audience. Do not be afraid of using artsy iconography, typography, or even use pop culture references for your design.

Establish rapport with your audience

Hand-drawn illustrations can be compelling because they can make your audience feel connected and gain their trust. This is important as it helps you warm up with your audience, making them more eager to listen. Thus, you have to find the balance between being entertaining and serious at the same time.

Use a bold text

Whether you are addressing a small group or a stadium full of people, make sure everyone can see your text! Use a big, bold text that can be read even from the back seat.

The truth is, you never really can tell where your creative presentation will be seen. It could be seen in a conference hall and everything in between. With a bold, easy-to-read font, you can give a creative presentation almost anywhere in the world.

Make Your Slide Deck Mobile Responsive

As more and more people become bound to using their phones as their main device, it is crucial to make sure that your presentations are mobile responsive and compatible. This means that your texts are not overloaded on your slides.

Do not forget to include some good examples

Examples make your presentation content more understandable, especially if your topic contains complex and comprehensive subjects. Thus, it is highly recommended that you show off some good examples that would help convey your message better.

Repurpose your online courses into a creative presentation

You could curate content from a large written piece and turn it into a slide deck. Instead, try not to include too much information that would distract your audience. Only focus on key information and make sure that everything on the slide can be easily understood by your audience.

Try a fun design

There is no manual for creating a creative PowerPoint . Fun designs can include fun design ideas that may be out of this world for many! Some use a free download template or sometimes make use of fun design elements such as incorporating comic book layouts, contrasting colors, and fun text layouts!

presentation design ideas

Be consistent with your photo background

If you are going to choose a specific photo background, ensure that you are consistent with it. By doing this, the audience can pay attention to what is happening in the foreground. Plus, it makes your own presentation give out a whole different vibe.

Keep your style consistent with your branding 

You might be enticed to change the way you present your creative presentation each time. But do not instead stick to the kind of content that your brand is known for. If your brand is known for fun and minimalistic content, keep that style in all of the presentations you deliver under that brand. Make sure that your brand colors dominate your presentation to keep it cohesive with your identity.

Overlay stock photos with color

People often have trouble finding photos with the same style when they are making a presentation or slide deck. Therefore, adding a transparent color overlay is one of the design elements that you may use in making your photos and presentation cohesive.

 presentation template designs

Plan ahead for your presentation idea

It is easy to tell when a presentation is well-planned compared to when it is not. A well-planned presentation will reflect on the design ideas applied and the whole presentation itself. Thus, it is vital to take the time to plan out your presentation ideas and design concepts before doing the actual presentation. This also leaves your business a good and professional reputation.

Give white background a trial

Many people consider using a white background boring for a presentation, making them use a color or image as their background – which is not bad.

However, an excellent presentation idea can also use a white background with just the right amount of other design elements that can create a great and attention-grabbing presentation.

Alternate slide layouts

Keep your audience guessing if you want them to pay attention to your whole presentation. You do not want them to know exactly what is going to be on the next slide!

To alternate slides, layouts are a great way to keep things fresh and interesting. This means that you should change the way your slides look and how they are put together throughout your presentation.

Include an index

In any kind of presentation, it is important to tell the audience what to expect by telling them what the plan is.

This tells your audience what you are going to talk about during your presentation. This is especially helpful if the presentation is self-led so that the audience can easily move from one slide to the next as needed.

Steps to designing a presentation that will amaze your audience

When making presentation slides, you need to find a balance between keeping your audience’s attention and keeping their interest without taking their attention away from your main point. Below are some of the crucial steps involved in designing a presentation that will amaze your audience:

Keep it simple

If your slides pose to be more relevant than what you say, your message won’t have as much of an effect. To avoid this entirely;

  • Try not to use slides with a lot of text, especially if it’s just a recap of what you’re saying. The people in the room might be reading your presentation instead of listening to you.
  • Ensure you have a clear background to prevent distracting the attention of the viewers.
  • Use short, clear bullet points on your slides to show the main points of what you want to say. Some good speakers use images more instead to drive whatever point they are trying to make.

Consider the ratio of your presentation slide deck

There are several ratios of a presentation slide deck that are used during the presentation. It is important that you use the most appropriate size depending on device compatibility. For example, the 4:3 ratio is good for presentation slides that need to be seen on many devices. For conference presentations, you may use a ratio of 16:9.

Make a unique title page

The title page should be interesting to quickly grab the attention of your audience before you even start talking. It should give out what the topic is all about so as to not confuse your audience about what you are about to present to them.

Restrict the use of transitions and animations

Using a lot of animations often results in the audience being annoyed with the presentation. Thus, despite the possibility of slideshow presentations being boring, consider the type and the frequency of using animations. Here are some things to consider when using animations for your slide deck.

  • Use animations only when you need to like to show the steps of a timeline.
  • Your animations should be professional and not too flashy.
  • Do not make every part of your slide move.
  • Do not use animations between every slide, and do not use more than three different kinds of animations.

Use top-notch graphics

Using high-quality graphics as part of your design style exudes professionalism. Images can be easily used by the presenter to support and drive an important point. However, they should not look stretched as low-resolution photos can make your presentation look like a mess.

Refrain from using Clip Art as your audience may perceive them as amateurish. Instead, use stock-free photos which are high quality and free for commercial use. Some websites you may visit for stock photos are Pexels , Unsplash , and Pixabay .

Use the correct charts and diagrams

Charts and diagrams show data for the audience to easily digest and understand in a way that does not overwhelm them.

Consider using the data that is most important to include the most important points to be represented by charts. For example, horizontal bar charts are widely used for comparisons, vertical bar charts for trends, pie charts for percentages, and tables for presenting numerical data.

 best presentation designs

Use video or audio

Videos or audio are the best way to get people’s attention and keep them interested because they change the pace and help people understand what you are talking about. When using video or audio, consider the relevance of the video or audio content and its timeframe. The videos and audio you should use for the presentation should be topic-relevant and not lengthy as they can get boring leading to losing the focus of your audience.

Pick fonts wisely

Use and apply typography wisely for your presentation. It is best not to use more than two fonts as they may appear incoherent. Expert designers also suggest avoiding personalized fonts, significantly if the document can still be edited, as this can be incompatible with some computers. This may result in delays or mishaps on the day of the presentation.

Use contrasting colors

Research shows that using color makes people more interested in reading and more excited about a presentation. So use colors that evoke feelings and can help people understand what message you are trying to make.

Principles to Creative Presentation Ideas

Think and talk visually .

Remember that slide presentation are visual tools. Therefore, it is essential to consider that your design should be suitable for your content.

Be consistent.

Consistency is key. Keep your designs simple by using consistent elements such as fonts and colors. Make sure that they are visually engaging and cohesive.

Do not forget your branding

Aside from keeping your audience’s attention by providing the correct information, you always have to keep in mind what your brand represents, making your audience remember you throughout the presentation. Check out the tips and guidelines for designing a folder.

11 Tools for Creating an Amazing Presentation

Canva makes it easy to design, even for marketing companies and salespeople who don’t think they’re good at design. You can use the platform’s presentation templates immediately, and it’s easy to change them to fit your organization and presentation goals. In addition, you can make your presentation on canvas for free. Canva is integrated with applications like Instagram, Google Drive, Facebook, etc. The free version is free, but the pro version costs $12.95/month and $30/month for the enterprise plan.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint has been the classic presentation software for many years, but it hasn’t stayed the same. PowerPoint has many features that can make sales and marketing presentations lively, enjoyable, and engaging. In addition, Powerpoint has 3 paid versions: basic, $5/month; business-standard, $12.50/ month; and business premium, $20/month.

With Apple’s Keynote, you can work with people who use Microsoft PowerPoint as well as your Mac and iOS devices. This application software is a popular choice among sales and marketing professionals because it has visual tools that are easy to use, such as drag-and-drop and interactive charts. To top it all, this software for presentation is free.

SlideModel includes thousands of customized and fully editable presentation templates, allowing any presenter to save time while delivering engaging and aesthetically beautiful presentations. Their library of presentation templates includes several corporate objectives and is occasionally updated to introduce new business and education templates. SlideModel has several pricing models, which is a free plan, $0/month,

The one-day plan is $24.50, and the yearly plan is $199.90/year.

SlideShare is a common option for sales and marketing professionals seeking a means to share content with the public. Because it already has a built-in community, you may instantly distribute your presentation to a large number of individuals, and those individuals can embed your SlideShares on their websites and blogs or share them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This presentation platform is free to download or use by the public.

AhaSlides is presentation software that encourages audience participation. Construct an interactive presentation with live polls, idea exchanges, word clouds, and quizzes. Then, allow your audience to engage using their smartphones. Ahaslides presentation software has four different plans: the free plan, the Monthly plan called essential, $4.95/month, and the pro plan, which is also a monthly plan, $15.95 /month. allows you to create stunning presentations, pitches, and proposals without a design team. Instead, AI applies design specifications in real time, and you have access to a bank of free images and icons. has three paid plans: the free plan, the monthly plan, which is $12 per month, and the team, which is $38 per month.

Skilled sales and marketing professionals pick Emaze because it simplifies the process of creating stunning presentations. Emaze has both a business plan and a pro plan. The business plan is $40/month, and the pro plan is $13/month.

  • Google Slides

Google Slides is a presentation application included in Google’s free online Google Docs Editors suite. Google slides provide a few different types of services, which also include: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Keep.

Slidebean is another presentation program that stands out from the competition. Using Artificial Intelligence, the software essentially performs the design for you. Slidebean software creates your content and generates a presentation plan. In addition, it analyzes the essential components and organizes your text correctly. Slide bean has both free and paid plans. For monthly, pay $29, and yearly you pay $228.

Slides is an open-source, cloud-based presentation creation and sharing application. The application is compatible with all devices, even mobile ones. In addition, it includes capabilities that allow you to fully customize your slide decks. Slides have a media library that keeps your assets organized and makes it simple for team members to reuse them. For a more interesting presentation, you can employ vertical slides resembling sub-slides to your main slides. Slides have a free plan and 3 different paid plans: slides lite, $7/ month; Slides Pro, $14/ month, and $28/ month.

An extremely well-known cloud-based platform that allows users to build interactive presentations and track their outcomes. Depending on your subscription, you will have access to an extensive collection of editable templates on marketing, sales, business, and education topics, as well as icons and graphics.

The Stages of Presentation

Calculate the amount of time required to deliver your presentation, the required time to practice for the presentation, and memorize it. It will help to keep you in check while on stage.


There is no such thing as a fantastic unplanned presentation, and every excellent presentation could be better with more preparation. Preparation entails comprehending the audience’s needs, generating topic ideas from that vantage point, refining a single message, and organizing the supporting conversation. This planning is essential to success.


This consistency within the supporting media of pictures, typeface, and color enhances the effectiveness of the message.

Practice is the solution to many concerns about terrible presentations and the reason why so many are excellent. It requires more than a few readings of the script. It is targeted, particular, and organized.


It is about engaging the audience, responding to concerns and ideas, and being authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the classifications of presentation slides.

There are 3 classifications of presentation slides which are the following:

Text slides : These kinds of slides include lots of text layouts. These kinds of slides pose to be best for learners who understand better and faster through either reading or writing.

Visual slides : These kinds of slides include lots of graphics, stock images, directions, and many more. These kinds of slides are intended for viewers who understand information faster in visual form. This kind of slide is often preferred by visual learners.

Mixed slides : These slides include the use of both text layout and visual content to communicate key points to their viewers. Learners who use these slides could either be reading/writing learners or visual learners.

What does a good presentation look like?

A good presentation needs to have a headline, intriguing text, a body, and an end. In your introduction, you should briefly explain what you are going to talk about and why your audience will find it useful or necessary. Then, give a bunch of proof.

How can I make a presentation better?

  • Be clear and concise.
  • Create an attractive structure.
  • Use graphs and charts.
  • Know the latest design techniques and styles.
  • Just remember the 10-20-30 rule.
  • Tell a good story.
  • Look great and act accordingly.

What does a pitch deck include?

Most of the time, a pitch deck comprises several slides that help you tell a unique story about your brand.

Which is the most common software for presentations?

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Visme’s presentation tool

How do you smash a presentation?

  • Understand your key message.
  • Take note of your presentation time and make it your baseline for your slides.
  • Display only keywords or phrases on the slides.
  • Utilize visuals or graphics to clarify complex concepts.
  • Keep your explanations concise.

What are the ways to improve a presentation?

  • Speaking in front of others should be mastered.
  • Use more images and fewer words in your presentation.
  • Utilize your individuality.
  • Welcome questions and comments after the presentation are finished.
  • Be passionate and engaged.
  • Keep eye contact with the audience.
  • Show concern about your listeners.

A presentation is an excellent way for a speaker to share information with an audience. In businesses, it is a great tool to promote a business or a brand by providing demos, introductions, lectures, or speeches.

This allows a company to inform, persuade, inspire, or motivate potential clients to make a purchase.

Given all the importance of presentations, this blog post only emphasizes the importance of communicating with your audience.

 presentation board designs

And communication is best done with the right tools, such as having a creative PowerPoint that supports your message.

However, as designing is not for everyone, you may want to consider getting help from the experts like All Time Design . All Time Design can help your creative PowerPoint design ideas become a reality with design experts that can elevate your brand through well-created graphics that will surely take your presentation to a whole different level!

Get started and see for yourself. Request a demo today!

presentation design idea

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presentation design idea

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8 Interactive Presentation Ideas to Engage Your Audience in 2024

presentation design idea

Table of Contents

presentation design idea

Content creator:

Anastasia Popova

Anastasia is an experienced educator and dedicated agile learning enthusiast. Her particular areas of expertise include learning management and eLearning localization. She is passionate about sharing insights on effective tools and strategies for creating captivating eLearning experiences.

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    Here's a go-to tip to for a cohesive presentation design: use a design motif. The motif could be a recurring shape (like circles, lines or arrows) or symbol (like a leaf for "growth" or a mountain for "goals"). For more ideas, check out our guide to common symbols and meanings used in design.

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    Tip #1: Include less text and more visuals in your presentation design. According to David Paradi's annual presentation survey, the 3 things that annoy audiences most about presentations are: Speakers reading their slides. Slides that include full sentences of text. Text that is too small to read.

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    Presentation Idea #1: Employ existing PowerPoint themes from Microsoft PowerPoint Your Microsoft PowerPoint comes with a number of presentation themes preinstalled that you can choose from. This way it reduces the amount of time you need to spend to choose from PowerPoint slide ideas.

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    10 Pro PPT Tips: PowerPoint Design Ideas It's not difficult to design a PowerPoint presentation. Designing an effective presentation, however, is an entirely different story. Studies show that 91% of presenters feel more confident when presenting a slideshow with a great design.

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    Looking at some of the most prevalent presentation types can give you a better idea about presentation design and when to begin constructing your own. 1. Investor pitch presentation. Using facts to convince rather than enlighten is the primary goal of this presentation style, as indicated by the name. If you're a startup or a small firm ...

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    5. Pick a visual motif that runs throughout your presentation templates. You can use visuals to pull your presentation design together and make it cohesive. Picking a visual motif will allow you to use consistent visuals throughout your presentation. A visual motif is a repeated pattern, design, or image.

  17. 30 Presentation Design Ideas & Tips to Impress Your Audience in 2022

    1. Make Sure Your Eye-Catching Visuals Don't Steal the Spotlight The design of a presentation is supposed to support your information in more than one way. Overlooking your presentation design means throwing away all of your efforts to prepare a presentation in the first place. No matter the topic, you need to convey value.

  18. Create professional slide layouts with Designer

    Designer detects pictures, charts, or tables on a slide and gives you several suggestions for arranging them in a cohesive, attractive layout. More visuals, less text Too much text on your slide? Designer can turn text such as lists, processes, or timelines into an easily readable graphic.

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    Stand Out With These 5 Presentation Design Ideas Rada Voyvodova Content Marketing Manager 9 min read Share the article Need Quality Design at Scale? Superside is here to help. Let's chat! Book a call Presentation design is both an art and a science.

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    14. "The Great State of Design," Stacy Kvernmo. This presentation offers up a lot of information in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming. The contrasting colors create visual interest and "pop," and the comic images (slides 6 through 12) are used to make the information seem less buttoned-up.

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    Best 15 Creative Presentation Design Ideas. Below are 15 presentation ideas that will help you create an impressive slide deck that will wow your audience and keep them in your entire presentation. Minimalist presentation theme. A minimalist design is clean and neat, and it places focus on what is relevant: your content.

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