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Presentation Manager ®

Supports Projection to Two Screens

  • June 2023 - Release 7.573

Worship Presentation/Projection Software for Churches

Worship presentation software for your church's worship service that offers ease of use and the features you are looking for to streamline and simplify your worship projection. Take the Presentation Manager tour to learn more, then download our demo to try it yourself.

  • Included song database and popular Bibles.
  • Overlay text over Live video and movies.
  • DVD playback functionality.
  • Show different presentations on two projectors.
  • Designed so spontaneous changes don't disrupt worship .
  • Dual Preview Mode.
  • Slide templates allowing on-the-fly presentation changes.
  • Picture-in-Picture / Movie-in-Movie.
  • Windows 7,8,10 both 32bit and 64bit / MAC
  • Dual Bible translation display - on the fly

Presentation manager ® was first released in 1998 - we are now on version 7

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If your church has Powerpoint ® take your worship presentations to the next level - see comparison.

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Presentation Manager

You can create shareable presentations with all the charts available in your version of the Analysis module. Every change (title, axis value, top X, or color scheme) will be considered and inserted into the presentation.

In just 1 click, Orbit Intelligence now builds a comprehensive IP Business Intelligence presentation out of all charts listed in the “Favorite visualizations” tab.

Creating a presentation

You can create a one click presentation directly from the “Presentation” icon, by clicking on the “Generate presentation” button:

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

This presentation can include the Recommended visualizations , My favorite visualizations (Gold and Platinum users), or both. Recommended visualizations

-           Key players

-           Key players by legal status

-           Investment trend

-           Investment trend for key players

-           Markets & competitors’ location

-           Technology overview

-           Key players by technical domain

-           Key inventors

-           Landscape by technology clusters*

-           Technologies & applications

-           Key inventions by players

-           Key invention metrics*

-           Player impact*

-           Player indicators*

-           Market indicators*

-           Players dependency by citations

-           Litigations

* These charts are available to Platinum level subscribers only.

My favorite visualizations

my presentation manager

You can also create a presentation of your own, choosing each chart that will go in it by clicking on the “Export” button and selecting the “Presentation link” option:

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

You can create a new presentation by checking the “ Add this chart to a new presentation ” option, giving it a title and some notes (optional). The Ok button confirms the creation of the presentation, and the Cancel button closes the window without creating the presentation. By default, the link to view the presentation will be available for 3 months.

You can also add the chart to an existing presentation. Click on the presentation link button and check the “ Add this chart to an existing presentation ” option. The Ok button adds that new chart to the existing presentation, and the Cancel button closes the window without updating. 

Sharing a presentation

The Email presentation page shows the URL of the created or updated presentation. By default, the link is valid for 3 months. By clicking on Send by E-mail , you can indicate multiple e-mail addresses separated by a semi-colon. All recipients will get an e-mail with a link that is valid for 3 months by default.

You can add a personal message to your e-mail.

The Send button confirms the sending of the link to all indicated recipients. Once it has been sent, a green checkmark is shown before each e-mail address.

The Cancel button closes the window without sending. 

This page includes all the presentations that you have created.

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

The name, date created/edited, and date of expiration are indicated for each presentation.

The Presentation manager page provides options to :

-           Copy the presentation link

-           Rename the presentation

-           Set a date when the presentation will expire

-           Modify the default chart titles

-           Modify the default chart notes

-           Remove a chart from the presentation

-           Change the order of the charts in the presentation

Clicking on the View button opens the presentation in a new browser window. Each page displays a chart with its title and comment. You can browse from page to page with the black arrows at the bottom of the presentation.

To download the presentation to Powerpoint, simply click on the Powerpoint button at the top of the page :

my presentation manager

Custom 1-click presentation

my presentation manager

As a consequence, this chart (and all other customized charts) will be added to the 1-click presentation whenever this report is requested.

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ON24 Announces Presentation Manager XD

October 11, 2012

Virtual Communications Leader Delivers Next-Generation Presentation Interface

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – October 11, 2012 – ON24, Inc. , the global leader in webcasting and virtual event solutions, today announced Presentation Manager XD, its next-generation presentation interface. Designed to meet the unique needs of the webcast presenter, Presentation Manager XD delivers a higher level of control via an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows presenters to focus on what they do best – presenting.

Presentation Manager XD is now available for webcasts powered by Webcast Elite, ON24’s do-it-yourself solution that enables creation and deployment of professional-quality webcasts in just a few simple steps, right from the desktop.

Presentation Manager XD offers a sleeker look, enhanced functionality and more features than traditional presenter environments. An advanced tool for managing webcast presentations, Presentation Manager XD features and benefits include:

  • Movable and resizable windows, providing personalized screen views for each presenter
  • Customizable workspace for enhanced flexibility, enabling presenters to set up and alter the workspace as needed
  • An interactive storyboard, increasing presenter control and thus providing the ability to adapt to audience needs
  • A refined architecture and sophisticated auto-refresh engines to keep multiple presenters in sync throughout the webcast, seamlessly
  • Enhanced question-and-answer functionality to increase audience connectivity and engagement

Presentation Manager XD also offers role-based access to presentation tools, improving the efficiency and coordination of the producer, presenter and Q&A screener.

“The global reach, reliability and performance of the ON24 platform are unmatched, as is the convenience of the Webcast Elite product,” commented Sharat Sharan, CEO of ON24. “And now, ON24 has once again advanced the state of the art by giving webcast presenters a flexible and intuitive user interface that makes presenting in a webcast easier and less stressful and ultimately results in better presentations and increased audience engagement.”

About ON24, Inc.

ON24, the virtual communications platform for the global enterprise, provides interactive, impactful cloud-based solutions that drive outstanding results. ON24 offers a broad and innovative product portfolio, including webcasting, virtual events and virtual environments , accessible from any device and supported by robust reporting and analytics. Applications for the ON24 platform include demand generation , partner enablement , training , product launches , company town hall meetings and user conferences . More than 700 organizations, including IBM, CA Technologies, Merck, Unilever, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Amazon and New York Life, rely on ON24. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices throughout the world. For more information, visit


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