1. (PDF) Network Security

    literature review on computer network security

  2. (PDF) A Literature Review on Security Issues in Cloud Computing

    literature review on computer network security

  3. ⇉Network Security in Computer Networks Essay Example

    literature review on computer network security

  4. (PDF) Information Security in Cloud Computing: A systematic Literature

    literature review on computer network security

  5. (PDF) A Systematic Literature Review on the Cyber Security

    literature review on computer network security

  6. (PDF) Computer Network Security

    literature review on computer network security


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  1. (PDF) A Systematic Literature Review on the Cyber Security

    ... Cybersecurity is a collection of tools that protects cyberspace and, in turn, organisational and user possessions. According to Perwej [14], "Cybersecurity involves a collection of techniques...

  2. Computer Security: A Literature Review and Classification

    Michael Weiss Conducting a literature review in new domains presents unique challenges. The literature in a new domain is typically broad, fragmented, and growing quickly. Because little is...

  3. System security assurance: A systematic literature review

    In this paper, extensive efforts have been made to study the state-of-the-art, limitations and future research directions for security assurance of the ICT and cyber-physical systems (CPS) in a wide range of domains.


    The review also examines network threats and data web security procedures. The report proposes new research directions to advance research. This paper discusses network security for secure data ...

  5. A comprehensive review study of cyber-attacks and cyber security

    The low cost of entry, anonymity, uncertainty of the threatening geographical area, dramatic impact and lack of public transparency in cyberspace, have led to strong and weak actors including governments, organized and terrorist groups and even individuals in this space, and threats such as cyber warfare, cybercrime, cyber terrorism, and cyber e...

  6. A systematic literature review of cyber-security data repositories and

    In Machine Learning, the datasets used to build models are one of the main factors limiting what these models can achieve and how good their predictive performance is. Machine Learning applications for cyber-security or computer security are numerous including cyber threat mitigation and security infrastructure enhancement through pattern recognition, real-time attack detection, and in-depth ...

  7. A Systematic Literature Review on the Cyber Security

    A Systematic Literature Review on the Cyber Security. 1Dr.Yusuf Perwej, 2Prof. (Dr.) Syed Qamar Abbas, 3Jai Pratap Dixit, 4Dr. Nikhat Akhtar,5Anurag Kumar Jaiswal. 1Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology, Lucknow, India.

  8. Cyber risk and cybersecurity: a systematic review of data ...

    For the literature review, the authors used the keywords 'cyber', 'information threats' or 'vulnerability' in connection with the terms 'higher education, 'university' or 'academia'. A similar literature review with a focus on Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity was conducted by Lee et al. . The review revealed that ...

  9. Full article: Network security

    Network security is a specialized field consisting of the provisions and policies to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources as well as ensuring their availability through proper procedures.

  10. A Review in Recent Development of Network Threats and Security Measures

    The network attacks can be classified into three general categories: 1- Unauthorized access to resources and information through the network. 2- Unauthorized manipulation of information on a network. 3- Attacks that lead to disruption of service delivery and are called Denial of Service [3].

  11. Artificial intelligence for cybersecurity: Literature review and future

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that helps cybersecurity teams automate repetitive tasks, accelerate threat detection and response, and improve the accuracy of their actions to strengthen the security posture against various security issues and cyberattacks.

  12. Cyber Security Threats and Vulnerabilities: A Systematic ...

    A Systematic Literature Review on Information Security Leakage: Evaluating Security Threat Chapter © 2023 Threats on the horizon: understanding security threats in the era of cyber-physical systems Article Open access 24 October 2019 1 Introduction

  13. A Systematic Literature Review on Cloud Computing Security: Threats and

    Cloud computing has become a widely exploited research area in academia and industry. Cloud computing benefits both cloud services providers (CSPs) and consumers. The security challenges associated with cloud computing have been widely studied in the literature. This systematic literature review (SLR) is aimed to review the existing research studies on cloud computing security, threats, and ...

  14. 349293 PDFs

    Network security consists of the provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse,... | Explore the latest full-text research PDFs,...

  15. A systematic literature review of how cybersecurity-related behavior

    The extent to which an employee is aware of and complies with information security policy defines the extent of their information security awareness (ISA). ISA is critical in mitigating the risks associated with cybersecurity and is defined by two components, namely, understanding and compliance.Compliance is the employees' commitment to follow best-practice rules defined by the organization ...

  16. Applied Sciences

    A Systematic Literature Review on Penetration Testing in Networks: Future Research Directions by Mariam Alhamed * and M. M. Hafizur Rahman * Department of Computer Networks and Communications, CCSIT, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsa 31982, Saudi Arabia * Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

  17. A systematic literature review for network intrusion detection system

    1 Introduction The amount of important, sensitive, and confidential personal and business data traveling across the global network has dramatically increased in light of the significant rise in internet usage.


    The increase in the computer network system has exposed many networks to various kinds of internet threats and with this exposure, one can see that the need for increased network security is vital and important in every organization.

  19. Security, trust and privacy risks, responses, and solutions for high

    This Systematic Literature Review (SLR) explores these networks in terms of technologies, edge and cloud services, security, trust and privacy concerns. Torress-Carrion methodology is used as a guideline to conduct this review to find the recent security, trust and privacy concerns.

  20. Enterprise Computer Security: A Literature Review

    A recent literature review of the information systems research journal MIS Quarterly (MISQ) suggests that publication of academic research associated with a comprehensive understanding of computer security from an enterprise perspective is somewhat in short supply. This finding suggests that the comprehensive study of enterprise computer ...

  21. (PDF) A Review on Network Security

    ... (Ahmad et al., 2020) Has provided an overview of some network security issues and solutions, such as malware software, DOS/DDoS attacks, Man in the middle attacks, and packet sniffer...

  22. [2212.03299] A Systematic Literature Review on 5G Security

    A Systematic Literature Review on 5G Security. It is expected that the creation of next-generation wireless networks would result in the availability of high-speed and low-latency connectivity for every part of our life. As a result, it is important that the network is secure. The network's security environment has grown more complicated as a ...

  23. PDF 2019, Volume 6, Issue 2 A Literature Review of Cyber Security

    cyber security. Cyber security is used, in most literature, as an all-inclusive term. Definitions of this word differ, e.g. the Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as "measures taken to protect a device or computer network from unauthorized access or attack" The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) describes the following for