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KS3 Creative Writing SOW

KS3 Creative Writing SOW

Subject: English

Age range: 11-14

Resource type: Other

Miss Gray's Shop (KS3, IGCSE and IB)

Last updated

22 February 2018

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Creative Commons "Sharealike"

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Useful and clear starting point to build on, thank you. Would be great to have more diverse range of author examples (only one woman, all authors are white)

Empty reply does not make any sense for the end user


thanks...using this for homeschooling my 14 year old...appreciated!

So, glad I found this. I have done similar work in the past but the power point adds a freshness to the module.

Excellent document. Thank you.

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English Home Learning Tasks KS3

Here are 20 different resources and links for you to continue your English studies. Every Wednesday, your class teacher will direct you towards a particular resource (or page of a booklet) they would like you to focus on. They will tell you this through Google Classroom.

However, if you would like to do an extra resource too, the table attached has lots for you to choose from.

Resources you can trust

Creative writing: KS3 homework tasks

Creative writing: KS3 homework tasks

This fun set of five separate homework tasks can be used to build KS3 students' confidence with creative and narrative writing.

With a range of image-inspired creative writing tasks to complete over several weeks at home or as quick writing worksheets in lessons, you'll find carefully scaffolded 'flash' writing activities to build students' writing skills at a sentence level.

The writing activities include a focus on the GCSE assessment objectives A05 and A06, and encourage slow writing techniques to hone their craft as writers and SPaG skills. There's also a word bank to provide support and inspiration for students and to build their vocabulary.

The success criteria for the tasks is also shared with students, who should try to use rhetorical questions, different sentence types and a wide and creative vocabulary.

There's a particular focus on using literary devices, such as personification, similes and metaphors and sensory diction, as well as considering the grammar of sentences to make their writing more varied. This includes using adverbs and present participle verbs to start sentences, and considering how to use more ambitious conjunctions to link compound sentences. 

An example set of homework tasks or lesson activities from this downloadable resource: 

Task 1: Write two sentences about this image using personification (describing an inanimate object using human qualities).

e.g. Her sword was alive with anger.

Task 2: Create two compound sentences about this image using a range of conjunctions.

e.g. Daylight started to fade and a dark, restless night drew in.       

Task 3: Describe the image using a sentence that starts with an adverb.

e.g. Angrily, she raised her sword.

Task 4: Describe this image using your senses.

e.g. The sunlight touched her face, warming her.                                                                                                      

All reviews

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ks3 creative writing worksheets

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Trending stories

Actor playing Lady Macbeth

Top results

ks3 creative writing worksheets

10 of the Best Creative Writing Resources for Teaching Plot and Setting in KS3 English

ks3 creative writing worksheets

Whether students want to create an epic adventure in a fiery inferno or tense tale in a sleepy town, make sure they create a compelling plot and a fully realised setting with these resources…


Storyboard templates

ks3 creative writing worksheets

Whether it’s short stories, comic strips or filmmaking, every tale needs the right structure to be told well.

Having a beginning, middle and end may be a staple of storytelling , but alone it’s not enough, and there are many ways to tell a story.

But however you choose to write yours, one thing is constant – good stories need good structure. These storyboard template resources and activities will help your students develop the skills required to add that foundation to their creative writing.

Check out these resources here.

Year 7 English worksheets

ks3 creative writing worksheets

Get to grips with descriptive writing across two lessons with these free Year 7 English worksheets which focus on a piece of text all about the jungle.

Create a spooky atmosphere

ks3 creative writing worksheets

Creative writing lessons need to stimulate all of the senses and inspire students. Creative writing in the Gothic genre – spooky stories – offers a wonderful opportunity for this. This is a topic that always manages to enthuse pupils and one of the most exciting aspects is that the outcome is completely different with every group.

Giving students time for thinking and the creation of ideas is essential. This plan provides the stimulus from which a number of sessions can be developed. Subsequent periods can also focus on the development of different writing skills as required by the individual needs of a group.

Get this resource here.

Use The Hobbit to write about tunnels

ks3 creative writing worksheets

In this ‘build your own adventure story’ resource students discover new lands, and overcome monsters and other obstacles.

It begins with a passage from JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit , where Bilbo finds himself in a dark cave and meets Gollum for the first time. There are 10 pointers to look at to explore the passage, before student’s begin to write their own story.

It starts in a tunnel, which of course needs describing, and the other side of that they emerge in a fantasy land, which, guess what, also needs describing. They’ll also need to create maps, monsters and much more.

Download it here.

The Place as Character

ks3 creative writing worksheets

This interactive resource from Eduqas offers an opening paragraph example of a story that creates a real sense of setting. Students should read through and identify the adjectives used to develop the atmosphere of the place being described.

The second section is where they give it a go themselves, writing out a descriptive passage about a place. But there are lists of adjectives they can click on to insert them into the story should they get stuck for inspiration.

Give it a try here.

Inspiring images and sticky notes

ks3 creative writing worksheets

Inspiring images and endless sticky notes might be all you need to get learners producing some truly creative writing. And this lesson is one where students of all abilities (including in mixed ability groups) from Y7 to Y9 are taught engaging creative writing.

Getting students moving around the classroom (especially in classes where behaviour can be challenging) can be daunting but the speed of the task keeps students focused and can result in some fantastic work being produced without too much teacher talk or instruction needed.

This is very much a facilitation of learning and creating for the teacher. You do need a number of resources (and one way to differentiate this lesson thoroughly is to decide exactly which student will have each picture), but for all the coloured sticky notes required, it is well worth the effort.

Download this free lesson plan here.

Playing with structure

ks3 creative writing worksheets

This excellent resource on Structure features sections about narrative structures, structure of stories, how you can play with structure, opening and closing a story and how narrative point of view can affect the how you structure the plot.

Dig in to all this here.

Model texts for settings

If you’re after example texts for different settings then head to Literary Wagoll where you’ll find descriptions of an alien world, a fairground, a tree house, a thunderstorm and various others.

Check out all these and more here.

Plot elements

ks3 creative writing worksheets

This short and sweet resource is a handy reminder of what the ‘plot’ actually is (and how it can differ from how you choose to tell your story), and it also includes a fun little exercise based on quickly coming up with a plot based on a random word.

You’ll find it here.

Plot advice

ks3 creative writing worksheets

This post features an excerpt from the book What’s the Story? Building Blocks for Fiction Writing , and builds on the idea of what a plot is.

It also includes a short list of traditional plot types, and tips for building a compelling plot, like using momentum, creating stakes and giving the characters goals and motives.

Give it a look here.

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ks3 creative writing worksheets

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