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Airtel Internet Not Working? 5 Quick Fixes and Solutions You Need

Slow internet can become a villain in our important conversations as we don't want to keep our crushes wait on seen if you are facing slow internet here's a cure.

  • Internet outages or slow speeds are irritating.
  • It can result in a problem as the internet is the main form of communication.
  • Some fixes can help us with slow speeds and broken internet.


There are only two network providers who are allowing us to surf at high speeds one is Reliance Jio and another one is Bharti Airtel. Among these Bharti Airtel is one of the few remaining oldest and biggest telecom players exists in the Indian market. If you are also an Airtel user and facing any sort of continuous buffering or loading while surfing the web chances are there is an issue with your Internet connectivity. If so, some sure short fixes are listed that can help you fix your internet issues 90% of the time.

How to Fix Airtel Internet Issues

Here are some of the ways we discovered during my testing that appeared to be working in most cases of internet malfunction and slow internet connection. 

Check APN Settings

An Access Point Name commonly known as APN is a setting that resides in your phone that is read by the phone to establish a connection between your Phone and the internet provider which in our case is Airtel. It provides your phone with required settings that allow the phone to understand the type of internet it’s connecting to like 3G, 4G, and 5G as well as the ports and the security settings for the encryption.

There are multiple ways to receive or manually set up the APN settings on your smartphone. You can receive the APN settings directly from Airtel by simply sending an SMS. Users can also set up the APN by going into the settings. You can check out the APN settings details in more in-depth here .

how to solve network problem in airtel

  • Tap on the gear icon next to your operator name to open the network setting

how to solve network problem in airtel

  • Enter the following values in the APN fields and save the settings

Change SIM Slot

In some smartphones, the network ports and bands are different according to the SIM slot. In almost every smartphone the SIM slot 1 is the port that supports the most high-speed networks.

So putting the sim that is utilized in data usage only makes sense. So if you have your Airtel SIM in SIM slot 2 then you must remove the SIM from the SIM slot 2 and put it in the slot 1 to have uninterrupted internet access.

Disable Flight Mode

Flight mode on modern-day smartphones disconnects its access to the network. Initially, it was introduced to be turned on during a flight as the mobile networks tend to interrupt with plane’s radio frequency.

Even if you are not in flight one can use it to escape from the continuous pinging notifications and texts for a while which indeed is a good practice. But, sometimes we forget to turn it back off which can result in complete disconnectivity from the internet which is concerning. 

You can quickly check if your flight mode is on or off by simply swiping down on your phone’s Quick Settings pane. If it’s already off you can also turn it off and then on after a minute or two to reestablish the network connection to your nearest network tower. This can help you to gain internet speeds back if you are facing slow speeds.

Check for Inactive SIM

There are also chances that your SIM card might have been deactivated due to a lack of balance or not being used for long. In such cases, the simplest way to check the SIM status you can ask your friend or family to make a call on that number which will then announce your SIM status if it’s inactive by any chance.

Another way to check your SIM status is to call Airtel customer care at 111 or 121, or you can draft a mail requesting your SIM status on [email protected] . If you don’t want to make a call or draft a mail you can also dial *106# and choose the 1st option to see the details of your registered number.

Network Downtime

Recently there have been many instances of network downtime for one reason or another as well. If your internet on your specific network is not working at all you can check on their social media if that’s the case in your area. If that’s the case all you can do is wait till the network downtime is lifted. Most users will receive a text notification once the downtime is lifted.

How to check if my Network is not working?

You can simply check if your internet is working or not by opening any webpage or video or you can also visit speed test sites or your choice to check for slow speeds.

How to prevent SIM cards from being Inactive?

Keep the SIM functional and recharged to prevent it from being inactive.

How much time does it take to lift Internet Downtime?

It depends on the area and the reason for the internet outage. It can last from up to 2 hours to 24 hours as well.

airtel netflix

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How to fix invalid or no sim error on phone.

SIM card not detected

It is no big secret that we are heavily dependent on our smartphones. They have an integral role to play in our daily lives, and life would be quite difficult without them. Now, one of the most important features in our mobile phones is the ability to make normal phone calls. In addition, mobile data is also quite helpful. Both of these combine to make smartphones special. Naturally, it would be quite worrisome if somehow your phone showed up the message of ‘SIM card not working’. What would you do in such a scenario?

Do not worry. Here is our blog on how you can tackle such a situation. Keep reading to find out.

Why do I see the SIM card not working or SIM card not detected message?

There can be multiple reasons on why you are seeing this message. The reasons can vary between software as well as hardware ones. Regardless of whatever the reasons may be, it is essential to get the issues fixed.

Furthermore, the SIM card not detected notifications can also differ between Android and iOS devices. We will take you through both the methods so that you get more clarity.

SIM card not detected message in iOS devices

If you have an Apple device, these are some of the steps that you should follow if you are seeing an invalid SIM message:

  • First of all, make sure you have an active plan with your network carrier. There can be many instances when your current plan has expired, and that is why you are seeing the invalid SIM message popping up. Simply go to your carrier’s website and make the desired recharge. Your network will be back up in almost no time.
  • In case, the mobile operator’s plan is not functional, then you can also try to restart your iOS device. It ideally works out if there are any underlying and minor issues that maybe affecting your device temporarily.
  • Furthermore, if the previous step doesn’t work out, try looking for an update. You need to check for an update to the mobile carrier settings. Open the Settings app on your smartphone, go to General and then About section. If any update is available, click on the button and go ahead with it. The update should fix any of the issues with the SIM not working message.
  • Next, try removing your SIM card from the device and inserting it once again. While inserting the SIM card, make sure that you are placing the SIM tray perfectly. It should not be left loose.
  • As a last resort, try to see if another SIM card is working. If it is, then there is an issue with your SIM card itself. You might have to replace your SIM card now that the previous one is not working anymore.

These solutions will end up fixing your iOS device and you can get going once more. However, if not, then it is time to approach your local Apple service centre and get things sorted out from there.

SIM not working or SIM slot not working on your Android device?

Here is what you can do on your Android device:

Restart your phone to fix your invalid SIM error

Restarting your phone is one of the easiest and effortless ways to fix your smartphone’s invalid SIM notification. This is quite an effective solution as well, because restarting your phone can also fix a lot of software issues on your device. These issues may have been built up over the course of time, and now they are affecting your cell phone. All these glitches will get cleared up when you restart it.

Try out the Airplane Mode on your Android

Toggling the Airplane Mode on your Android device is also an effective way out of this problem. When you turn it on, all the networks of your device are turned off. Next, turn off the Airplane Mode, and all the networks will be back again. If the SIM not showing network problem is a temporary one, your SIM card network will be back once again.

Look around the SIM card tray

The SIM card tray is where your SIM card is stored in your smartphone. In case, you have ever dropped you phone or accidentally damaged it, then your network can be affected by it. Take your smartphone and look around the SIM card tray for any damages. If there are indeed signs of any form of physical damage, then you should get it fixed. Once fixed, the SIM not working message will no longer be there.

Switch the network operator to fix your invalid SIM error

Many times, the network operator settings on your smartphone may not be accurate. To fix that, follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app on your Android device.
  • Now, move over to the Network settings.
  • Here, you will come across the mobile operator’s section.
  • Next up, search for networks.
  • When you click on search, a number of networks will appear for you. From this list, choose the network of your operator.

This will fix the invalid SIM error on your smartphone.

Buy a new SIM card for your smartphone

If all the above methods are not working, then now is the time for you to buy a new SIM card . It is quite possible that your SIM card is no longer working. Therefore, buying a new one is the only way out now. Moreover, if you feel that you are being overcharged for the plans of your previous operator, you can also try looking for a new operator.

In addition, you will also not have to change your phone number. Simply port number to a new mobile phone operator and you will be good to go. Hence, you do not have to go through the entire ordeal of updating your phone number everywhere. Porting is also quite easy, and effortless.

These are some of the solutions you can use to fix the message of invalid SIM on your phone. If none of these work, then you should get your phone checked at a service centre.

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How to Lock SIM Card?

Airtel SIM Not Working, Not Showing Network Today? Fix Now (2023)

Airtel SIM not working problem fix

Airtel SIM Not Working Today? Is your Airtel SIM failed to connect to the network? Is your Airtel SIM not working properly on your recently changed device? or you may be getting no signals after inserting your SIM card for a long time.

If you are facing any sort of issues mentioned above then you need to read this article completely.

This guide will help you figure out the most common issues related to the Airtel mobile network and will help you fix them in a few seconds.

In this article I have mentioned every step in detail to fix your problem instantly, if you miss any of the steps, you might be not able to get your signals back.

Table of Contents

Steps to Fix the Airtel SIM Not Working Problem:

Every SIM card becomes dead over time. If your Airtel SIM card is dead , due to inactivity or because of a SIM card short-circuit, which is common for some users, you need to contact your nearest outlet/Airtel office for a SIM card replacement facility.

If you’re sure enough that your Airtel sim is not working for some other reason, then you must try the below-mentioned steps for a quick resolution.

I have been an Airtel user for almost 10+ years, and the steps am going to share in this article are 100% tested and tried, so have some patience and follow the steps carefully.

Watch the Video:

  • Switch off your phone, & remove the SIM card
  • Clean the gold-plated area of your SIM card using a neat cloth to remove the dirt
  • Insert the SIM card properly in slot 1 ( if you have a dual SIM phone )
  • Switch on your device, by pressing the power button
  • Go to the phone settings , and activate the airplane mode
  • Leave the device for 15 – 30 seconds and then deactivate the airplane mode
  • Change the device network selection to Automatic mode
  • Please wait for a few minutes until it auto-registers to the nearest Airtel network
  • Change the network mode to 4G/3G Recommended
  • If your network selection is set to automatic , change it to manual mode
  • Go to Settings – Backup & Reset – Network Settings – Reset Network Settings
  • Move to an open area , maybe you’re not inside the coverage area
  • Update your device date & time to the recent
  • Update your phone software to the latest version
  • Check your validity & recharge details properly

These are the most effective & working solutions and also work well with all devices. Hope it will fix the Airtel SIM not working problem.

*Also get 100Rs. Free Coupon by clicking the above button & downloading the app.

Airtel SIM Network Problems and Solutions:

Airtel sim not detecting in my device:.

To fix this issue, make sure your SIM is active and good in condition. Then remove the SIM card, clean the gold-plated connectors using a neat cloth, and insert it back in slot 1 of your phone.

This problem usually happens because of the dirt present on your SIM, in most cases if you’re using an old SIM card for a very long time.

Airtel SIM not Working in Slot 1:

In this case, we may assume that your SIM card is active and has recently not been detected due to some reasons. Remove your SIM card and place it in SIM slot 2, if you have a dual SIM handset.

You can also check your SIM card by putting it in another handset for confirmation. If the SIM is working fine by altering the handset/SIM slot, then your device is having some kind of issues with the SIM card slot.

Airtel Network Suddenly Disappeared:

This is one of the most asked queries of every cellular subscriber, and you don’t need to be worried about it. This problem happens usually several times a day, due to some technical upgrades or system maintenance activities.

Just wait for a few hours and you will start to receive the signal very soon. To confirm the issue, just cross-check it once with your nearest Airtel subscriber. If the same thing has happened to them, rest assured and wait.

Also, Read:

  • How to Check Data Balance in BSNL Number
  • Jio SIM not working solutions

Possible Reasons for Which your Airtel SIM not Working Properly:

There can be many reasons why the user can’t get any network signals, and we have compiled the most common ones below; do check out these things properly.

Inactive SIM Card?

inactive SIM card

Make sure that your Airtel SIM card is active & running, sometimes while having multiple SIM cards with us, we often forget to recharge the SIM card for extended validity.

In this way if you do not have any active plans currently, you might have no signals, what you can do next is, just visit any nearest store and check if your connection is still active or not.

If the SIM card you are having is no longer valid, you can opt for a new SIM card from there.

Also Read: How to reapply for the Lost Airtel SIM

Low or no Network Coverage Area?

Have you tried to connect in a region/area where there are no active signals present? just cross-check it with another similar device having the same Airtel connection for better confirmation.

If they have good signal strength then proceed to the next step and if other people in your area have also had the same issues for a long time, it’s time to change the operator or you can change the living area, in this case, the alternative one is quite difficult.

Also Read: How to Check Airtel Signal Strength in Your Area

Flight Mode Activated?

Have you accidentally clicked on the flight mode button? just have a look, if it is active. While flight mode is activated on a device, you will get no network signals.

Just click over the icon again to disable it, and wait for some time to check the signal strength again.

Also Read: Visible wireless network not working solutions

Faulty Handset?

phone not working or faulty handset

Is your handset working perfectly? most of the time we never focus on the device we are having, just confirm that your handset is working fine or having any technical issues.

The best way to check is to insert some third-party operator’s SIM (except the Airtel one you have) to see if you are getting any network signals or not.

If you are still unable to receive any signals having another SIM card, do visit the nearest cell phone service center for a repair, or you can alternatively try any other handset if you have one.

If you have now got the network signals, but are still not able to establish the data connection on your device, then proceed with the next steps further.

Wrong Network Configurations?

(This step is a little bit technical, so please follow it carefully, and to add more details, we have also explained bit by bit in the next section of the article to cover it up fully.)

If you’re using the Airtel SIM card on your device for the first time, then it may ask you for some configuration settings(APN settings) to work properly.

Just save the configuration settings you have received and move ahead.

Please keep in mind that, the configuration settings are different for every handset.

That means, if you put the same SIM inside a new handset in the future, you have to reconfigure the settings on that device as well.

If you’re using a smartphone, then make sure that you are network search is set to automatic mode instead of manual mode . This way the device will automatically look for the available network signals nearby, and register itself with the valid one.

Don’t want to indulge yourself with these technical things? just reset the network settings to ease your job.

Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Network Settings Reset > Reset settings .

reset network settings on Airtel mobile

or, Settings > Connection & Sharing > Reset Wi-Fi & Mobile Networks > Reset Settings .

Also figure out that, the network mode is set to the recommended mode(4G/3G) whichever is applicable in your case.

  • How to Reset the JioFi Hotspot Password
  • How to Block Airtel SIM Online
  • Voxi SIM not working solutions
  • EE SIM not working solutions
  • Vodafone SIM not showing network fix
  • IDEA SIM failed to connect solutions

Steps to follow to properly set up the Airtel SIM card:

Now, you have checked all the possible causes and are now ready to set up your connection along with a working SIM card & working handset as well. If you are not sure about your SIM card condition and need to cross-check the SIM card for errors, then you can check the SIM card troubleshooting guide for a clearer understanding.

Now, follow all the steps below carefully to establish your connection to get all the high-speed network benefits on your device.

Step 1: Open your device SIM card tray, and insert an active Airtel SIM into the slot, if you are planning to access a high-speed data connection, then you must insert the SIM in slot 1 ( Recommended ) .

remove & insert the SIM properly in your Airtel mobile

Make sure you are inserting the SIM card in the right manner.

Step 2: Now put the SIM card tray back inside the slot, and turn on your device(if it is already turned on from the beginning, just restart the device).

Now wait a few seconds while the device is starting up, and ready to use.

Step 3: Move to an open area where there is a chance of good signal strength, and wait for a few seconds with patience.

Step 4: If there are still no signal issues there, try searching with the manual network search mode and wait for the available list of the networks, whenever you find the Airtel or IND Airtel in the list, click on it, and the device will start to register itself automatically.

manual network search mode on Airtel mobile

Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Automatically Select Network (toggle it off for the manual network mode).

Step 5: Update the phone software, if your device has outdated firmware still being used, consider updating the firmware along with the latest security patch for the best results.

update your phone software

Go to Settings > System > System updates . (Update the firmware by connecting your device to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot).

Step 6: Now install the received settings from the network to configure your mobile data connection, just save the settings and proceed further.

Step 7: From the network settings menu select the 4G mode , if you’re using a 4G Compatible handset.

Step 8: Enable the data roaming slider from the Network > Mobile Network > Data Roaming for uninterrupted data connectivity (This step is not mandatory, but you can follow this if you find it effective.)

For now, if you’re still not able to get any signals from the nearest Airtel tower, you can contact the customer care portal for the exact solution and know your device status easily.

You can contact the below numbers from any other mobile operators(non-Airtel) easily.

Also Read: How to Fix Jio Network Problems

Airtel Customer Care Numbers (for non-Airtel Users):

Airtel customer support contact details

For Both Prepaid & Postpaid Users

Also Read: How to Unlist a Number from Truecaller

Final Words:

We have covered some of the majorly known issues and their solutions, to find out a way for your problem which we think will definitely help you.

If there are still any issues, you can visit the nearest service center for a go-through process and find an appropriate solution there.

We have written the post, by compiling all the possible solutions to fix your Airtel SIM, not working problem, if you think this article will help others with their problems, then you need to share it now.

Do you have any questions still in your mind? don’t forget to comment below.

We will definitely try to solve your queries, and if the article was helpful to find a solution for you, then also mention, which step was effective for you, to overcome the situation so far.

Thank you, and have a great experience. 😉

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Why my airtel sim is not working.

There might be an issue with your device or network settings that we already covered in this article, please try to figure out that first.

Additionally, you can check the SIM status by putting it into a different phone and observing what’s wrong. If the SIM card works perfectly in your new handset, it’s time to check your phone properly for misconfigurations.

Why Airtel network suddenly disappear?

This is a common issue faced by most of the subscribers of any operator you say, there might be some network up-gradation processes being carried out by your local Airtel technical team for better connectivity in the near future.

Just wait for a few hours to get the signal back( it usually takes a few hours to days to complete the process ), and if after a few hours, you are still not receiving the signal, look for any nearby Airtel subscribers and gently ask them if they are having the same issue.

Make sure your device settings are perfectly ready to receive the signal, and that you have not misconfigured any settings recently.

Is Airtel having a network problem today?

No, Airtel is not having any sort of network problem, if you are having some issues check this article to ensure your device is perfectly set up to receive the signal.

Additionally, there may be a temporary downtime in your locality for some technical reasons, wait for a few hours to confirm the issue.

Why I am experiencing frequent call drops while using the Airtel operator?

This is one of the major problems of Airtel subscribers, but it mostly depends upon the congestion in the network, trying to place the call again after a few minutes.

You may also experience frequent call drops or divert while placing calls to the JIO subscribers, due to the conflict between Airtel & Jio these routing errors happen usually. Hope it will clear out soon in the future.

Also, if you are trying to place the call inside your home/office premises, try to move to an open area, where you can get better connectivity.

How to Contact Airtel Customer Care?

To contact the Airtel customer support help desk, you can call 121 from your registered Airtel number. They will address your queries faster.

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About Chinmay kumar

Being from the IT background, he loves to explore new gadgets and has a keen interest in the latest technologies & innovations. Also, he is a great reader and spends maximum time surfing about the new kinds of stuff over the Internet world, to keep himself updated about the latest trends.

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How to download an invoice from flipkart complete guide (2023), 17 thoughts on “airtel sim not working, not showing network today fix now (2023)”.

My airtel no.9994**3567. My recharge package was upto 16/05/2021.On 13/05/2021 night, suddenly call service and net service were cut off with a message on screen “no sim card”.I cleaned the sim card and reinstated, no use. I shifted the sim card to some other phone,no use.Since airtel shops are shut due to govt restrictions on covid pandemic , I am not able to check it with airtel dealers. Kindly advise me what to do

You can call the respective customer care number of your state, to find out the exact issue. This kind of issue usually happens, if someone tries to swap the number.

Also, you can check the network strength of your location.

My airtel no. 8131******. My sim card suddenly stopped working this morning. Please advice me what to do.

my Airtel mobile number 978**97114 is out of coverage. plz help me

It may be due to a technical issue, please check your nearby Airtel subscribers. If they are receiving the signal properly or not.

My no=9933569682.Indian airtel 4G network problem, reset settings first sim settings say.

Why my airtel sim is not active? The call is neither going anywhere, nor is it coming from anywhere.

Please check, if you have any active plans yet or not? If you are using a smartphone, you can download and log in to the Airtel Thanks app to check your plan details.

the sim card wasn’t calling the number is 07083888550

Please check your validity & outgoing status first.


Please contact the Airtel customer support team to know more about your issue.


I can check my balance and load card but i can’t make calls or send sms with it.but there’s network signals on it. Here is the number 07081303584

My pre paid Airtel number :9444219897 is not working and No service shown

Sir, my airtel sim 8011336001 is not working today suddenly. Please help me debakantaborah

my airtel sim stop working today and I have done all the registration.

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Privacy overview.


Airtel Data Full Troubleshooting Guide: All Issues Resolved


Sometimes you may encounter problems with your Airtel data service, such as not working, being slow, not connecting, not showing, or being charged wrongly. These problems can be frustrating and affect your online experience.

But don’t worry; in this Airtel Data Full Troubleshooting Guide, I will show you how to troubleshoot some common Airtel data problems and fix them quickly. If you’re ready to fix your Airtel Data issues, let’s get started!

Airtel Data Full Troubleshooting Guide: Fixed!

Table of Contents

Why is My Airtel Data Not Working?

One of the most common problems with Airtel data is that it is not working. This means you cannot access the internet or use any online service on your device. There are three major reasons why this may be happening:

  • You have run out of data, the data bundle has expired, or you’ve exceeded your data capped. 
  • There are network settings or coverage issues
  • There are network or service outage issues

Continue reading to learn how to troubleshoot and fix the problems below.

How Do I Fix My Airtel Data 

If your Airtel data is not working, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • First, check your data balance and validity by dialing *312#. If your balance is insufficient or expired, recharge or renew your data plan.
  • Next, check your network settings and coverage. Ensure you’ve selected the correct network mode and enabled mobile data in your device’s settings. Also, check the network signal strength and ensure you’re in an area with good coverage. If you have a weak or no signal, try moving to a different location for better network reception.
  • Additionally, check your SIM card and device compatibility. Ensure your SIM card is inserted correctly and activated and your device supports Airtel’s network mode and frequency band. If you have a damaged or incompatible SIM card or device, consider replacing or repairing it.

If none of these steps work, contact Airtel customer support for data problems.

Why is My Airtel Data Slow?

If you’re having a slow connection, here are some possible reasons why:

  • You have low data or slow internet speed.
  • There is network congestion or interference
  • You have device performance or storage issues
  • You have DNS configuration issues

How Do I Speed Up My Airtel Data

If you are experiencing slow data on your Airtel network, here are some steps you can take to fix the issue: 

  • Firstly, check your data speed and plan using a speed test website. If your data speed is low, consider upgrading or changing your plan or switching to Airtel 5G. 
  • Another factor affecting your data speed is network congestion and interference, especially during peak hours or in crowded areas. Consider using the internet during off-peak hours, in less congested areas, or with fewer users. 
  • It’s also important to check your device’s performance and storage, including battery level, memory usage, app updates, and cache files. If any of these are causing issues, it can affect your data speed and performance. Charge your battery, free up some memory, update your apps, or clear cache files as needed. 
  • Change to a faster and more reliable DNS server, such as Cloudflare or Google, if your default DNS server is slow or unreliable. Follow the steps to change to Cloudflare DNS on your Android or iOS device.:
  • Go to Settings 
  • Tap Network & Internet 
  • Tap Advanced and select Private DNS
  • Select Private DNS provider hostname
  • Enter

Why is My Airtel Data Not Connecting?

If you are experiencing trouble connecting to Airtel Data, it could be due to network downtime from Airtel, insufficient data, or your device’s internet access settings. Once you have confirmed that none of these issues are causing the problem, you can take the following steps: 

  • Check your device’s network and airplane mode settings. To ensure that your Airtel data connect appropriately, verify that your device’s network mode (e.g., 4G, 3G, or 2G) is correctly selected in the settings menu and that airplane mode is disabled. 
  • Restart your device and refresh your network. Another helpful step when troubleshooting Airtel data connection issues is to restart your device and restore your network settings.

How Do I Connect My Airtel Data

To connect your Airtel Data, 

  • Buy an Airtel Data Plan
  • Turn on data on your device. Ensure you’ve chosen Airtel as your browsing SIM.
  • You’re now connected. Browse your favorite sites and social media platforms.

Why is My Airtel Data Not Showing?

If your Airtel Data is not showing, do the following:

  • First, check if you turned on the data. Swipe down on your home and check the notification tray. Ensure that data is turned on and you’ve chosen Airtel as your browsing SIM. Hold down the data icon to access settings to turn on data or change the default browsing SIM.
  • Next, ensure that you have data and that your data isn’t expired or exhausted. Dial *312# to check your data balance. If you’ve exhausted it, you must buy another Airtel Data plan.
  • Check your data notification and make sure you allow data notifications. Hold the data icon on the notification tray, then enable data notification. Should start receiving data notifications like usage and limit.

How Do I See My Airtel Data Usage?

To see your Airtel Data usage, do the following:

  • Open the Airtel App on your phone. Download the App from your App store and sign in with your Airtel number.
  • Tap the “More” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Tap “Transaction History”
  • Tap “Usage”
  • Choose “Data” from the list.
  • Your data usage will be displayed on your screen.

How Do I Reset My Airtel Data Settings?

To reset your Airtel Data Settings to default, do the following:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Tap on Network & Internet.
  • Tap on the Mobile network.
  • Tap on the name of your Airtel SIM card.
  • Tap on Access Point Names (APN).
  • Tap the three dotted lines and then tap the Reset to Default button.
  • Tap OK to confirm.

How Do I Get a Refund For My Airtel Data?

You can get a refund for your Airtel data by calling them on 300. You must check your data transaction history, data refund policy, and eligibility and contact Airtel customer support for a data refund request.

How Do I Contact Airtel Customer Support For Data Problems?

You can contact Airtel customer support for data problems by calling 300 from your Airtel line or visiting the nearest Airtel store or service center. You can also message them on their social media platforms to report your issue and get assistance.

What is The Airtel Data Troubleshooting Number?

The Airtel data troubleshooting number is 300. dial 300 from your Airtel phone. You can also dial +234 802 150 0111 if you are not using an Airtel phone or abroad. You can dial this number on your phone to update your network settings and configuration and fix any data problems.

How Do I Check My Airtel Data Settings?

You can check your Airtel data settings by going to the settings menu on your device and tapping Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Access Point Names. This will show you the details of your APN settings and configuration. 

Edit the details to your choice. You can find more information about Airtel Data Settings for different devices when you visit that link.

How Do I Change My Airtel Data Settings?

To change your Airtel data settings, follow these steps:

  • Open your phone’s Settings.
  • Select Mobile network.
  • Choose the Airtel SIM card.
  • Click the Edit button next to the APN that requires modifications.
  • Adjust the APN settings as needed.
  • Save the changes by tapping on Save.

How Do I Restart My Airtel Data?

If you want to restart your Airtel data, you can try turning off your device and removing your SIM card for a few seconds before turning it back in and back on. This process can help reset your device settings and reconnect to the network. 

How Do I Refresh My Airtel Data?

To refresh your Airtel data, try turning it off for a few seconds before turning it back on. This should help refresh the network. 

How Do I Enable Airtel Data? 

To enable Airtel data on your phone, please ensure you have an active data plan or bundle. Then go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network and toggle on the Mobile Data switch. If you have a dual SIM phone, select Airtel as your preferred SIM for data. 

How Do I Disable Airtel Data? 

If you want to turn off Airtel data on your phone, simply turn off the mobile data setting on your phone by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network and toggling off the Mobile Data Switch.

Why is My Airtel Data Being Used Even When I’m Not Using It? 

Have you noticed that your Airtel data is being used even when not using it? There could be a few reasons for this: 

  • Firstly, some apps may be running in the background and updating or syncing data without your knowledge. You can check which apps use the most data by going to Settings, Network & Internet, and Data Usage. From there, tap on App Data Usage to view the apps using data and restrict background data usage for specific apps by tapping on them and turning off the Background Data option. 
  • Secondly, certain features on your phone might be using data automatically, such as Wi-Fi Assist, which switches to mobile data when Wi-Fi is weak, or Auto-Update, which downloads app updates over mobile data. Go to Settings, Network & Internet, and Wi-Fi to turn off these features. From there, turn off the Wi-Fi Assist option. Additionally, go to the Google Play Store, select Menu and Settings, and choose Wi-Fi Only or Don’t Auto-Update Apps. 
  • Lastly, notifications or messages from social media, email, or other apps could use data when they arrive on your phone. To reduce these notifications, adjust the notification settings for each app or turn on the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone.

How Do I Stop My Airtel Data From Being Used in the Background?

If you want to prevent your Airtel data from being used in the background, you can try these few methods:

  • You can use your phone’s Data Saver mode to limit background data usage for all apps. To activate this, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Saver and turn it on, or swipe down on your home screen and turn on the data saver from the notification tray.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Background Data option to restrict background data usage for specific apps. To do this, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage > App Data Usage and select the app you want to restrict. Then turn off the Background Data option.
  • Lastly, you can use the Battery Saver mode to limit background activity for all apps. To activate this, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver and turn it on.

How Do I Block Certain Apps From Using My Airtel Data?

To block specific apps from using your Airtel data, you can use the following methods:

  • Use the Mobile Data option to restrict mobile data access for specific apps. You can do this by going to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps and tapping on the app you want to block. Then tap Mobile Data & Wi-Fi and turn off the Mobile Data option.
  • Use a third-party app such as NetGuard Firewall to block internet access for specific apps. You can download this App from Google Play Store and follow their instructions to set up rules for each app.

How Do I Check for Airtel Data Network Problems?

To check for Airtel data network problems, you must first confirm that you have active data bundles. If you have but can’t browse the internet, there may be network problems. In a rural area, you may not have as good of a signal as in a city. Try moving to a different location to see if that improves your signal.

Airtel may be experiencing a network outage in your area; if that’s the case, Airtel will notify you via text, or you’ll check for any information via their social media handles. 

How Do I Know if My Airtel Data is Blocked? 

To know if your Airtel data is blocked, call their customer service center number to talk to an agent. The agent will run a check on your line and tell you if your data is blocked or not. If your data is blocked, he/she will show you how to unblock it.

In this post, I have shown you how to troubleshoot some common Airtel data problems and how to fix them quickly. If you have any other questions or issues with your Airtel data service, please contact Airtel customer support for further assistance. 

If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and family who may also benefit from it. Thank you for reading, and stay connected with Airtel!

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