Business Administrator Cover Letter Examples

Use these Business Administrator cover letter examples to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

business administrator cover letter

Business administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company. They keep the business running smoothly by handling tasks like scheduling, budgeting, and organizing.

To get a job as a business administrator, you need a well-written cover letter. Use these examples to write a cover letter that will show hiring managers that you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

Formal/Professional Writing Style Example

With a strong background in financial management, business administration, and proven track record of success in a variety of industries, I am confident that my skills and expertise align with the requirements and responsibilities of this role. I am excited to bring my passion for driving performance enhancements and my ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment to your organization.

As a Business Administrator with over 5 years of experience, I have gained significant knowledge in all aspects of financial management, including budgeting, forecasting, cost control, and analysis. My ability to streamline financial processes, enhance operational efficiency, and improve overall productivity have consistently contributed to the success of my previous employers.

Furthermore, my strong communication skills, attention to detail, and results-driven approach have allowed me to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, fostering a cohesive environment that drives organizational success. Throughout my career, I have been praised for my ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, adapt to changing priorities, and maintain a high level of professionalism.

At ABC Company, I’ve been able to reduce operating expenses by 15%, while enhancing reporting and compliance standards. As a result, our organization has become more streamlined, better managed, and positioned for future growth. I am eager to replicate this success at your esteemed organization.

I believe my extensive experience, combined with my passion for finance and administration, make me an ideal candidate for the Controller position at your organization. I am excited at the prospect of contributing my skills and expertise to help drive the continued success of your company. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how I can add value to your team.

[Your Name]

Entry-Level Writing Style Example

As a recent graduate from XYZ University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, I believe that my educational background and strong desire to make a positive impact on the business world make me a perfect fit for this role at your esteemed organization.

During my academic career, I demonstrated strong analytical and problem-solving skills by excelling in subjects like Strategic Management and Research Methods. I also developed effective communication and teamwork abilities through various group projects and presentations. Furthermore, I gained hands-on experience as a part-time administrative assistant at a local marketing firm, where I honed my organization and multitasking skills.

My passion for constant learning and personal growth would make me a dedicated and enthusiastic team member. I am eager to apply my knowledge in real-world situations and contribute to the overall success of your company. I am confident that my background and skills make me an ideal candidate for this role, and I would be honored to work alongside the talented professionals at your organization.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications for the Business Administrator position in greater detail. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Networking/Referral Writing Style Example

I was referred to this opportunity by my mutual acquaintance, Jane Smith, who is your Assistant Manager. Jane and I have worked together in the past at XYZ Corporation, and she has been kind enough to highlight how well suited my skill set and experience may be for this role at your company.

In my previous position as a Business Administrator at XYZ Corporation, I demonstrated exceptional organizational and leadership skills, managing a team of 10 administrative staff while effectively supporting the goals and objectives of the company. My ability to streamline procedures, optimize resource usage, and manage the day-to-day administrative tasks have contributed significantly to XYZ Corporation’s growth and success.

Having worked with Jane, I understand the importance of fostering strong professional relationships based on mutual respect and trust. My collaboration skills and strong work ethic have allowed me to adapt seamlessly to new teams, stakeholders, and projects. I believe that these qualities, along with my extensive experience in business administration, make me a strong fit for this position.

I am excited about the prospect of contributing my skills and experiences to your company and further strengthening my relationship with Jane. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss further how I can be a valuable asset to your team.

Enthusiastic/Passionate Writing Style Example

As someone who has always been passionate about bringing efficiency and organization to the business world, the opportunity to work with your dynamic team is nothing short of a dream come true!

Throughout my professional journey, I have acquired a strong set of administrative skills and a deep understanding of business operations, which make me the ideal candidate for this role. My strong work ethic, adaptability and dedication to success have enabled me to excel in various business environments so far.

Your company’s commitment to innovation and continuous growth is truly inspiring. I am excited about the chance to contribute my talents to such a driven and progressive workplace. As an avid advocate of collaboration and communication, I am eager to join your team and aid in fostering the strong relationships that lead to sustained business success.

I have held several business administration roles, seamlessly balancing multiple projects and maintaining a keen eye for detail. This has allowed me to develop effective time-management and problem-solving abilities, which make me well-prepared to thrive under the demands of such a challenging and rewarding position.

Please find attached my resume, providing a more comprehensive snapshot of my achievements and qualifications. I am confident that my sincere passion and dedication to the business realm will make me an outstanding addition to your company’s future.

Thank you for considering my application. I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to discuss my suitability for this role in greater detail and, more importantly, to demonstrate my unwavering enthusiasm for joining your exceptional organization.

Warm regards,

Problem-Solving Writing Style Example

I have been following your company closely and I am impressed by the innovative solutions you provide to your clients. However, I have identified some areas where I believe my skills and expertise can contribute significantly to the continuous growth and success of your company.

In your recent annual report, figures showed an increase in operational costs affecting the overall profit margin of the company. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a successful track record of significantly reducing operational expenses in my previous roles, I can assure you that I have the experience and knowledge to tackle this issue head-on. In my most recent role, I was able to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in procurement, resource allocation, and workflow management, resulting in a 25% reduction in operational costs.

Additionally, in your pursuit of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, I believe that my background in process optimization will be an asset to your company. I have a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification and have effectively implemented process improvement strategies, leading to faster project turnarounds and increased customer satisfaction rates by 20%.

Furthermore, I understand that communication and collaboration are fundamental components in delivering exceptional solutions, and I pride myself on my ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams. My strong interpersonal and organizational skills have been consistently praised by both colleagues and managers in previous roles.

I am eager to join your company and contribute to solving the challenges at hand, bringing my innovative mindset and hands-on experience. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and how they align with your organization’s goals.

Storytelling/Narrative Writing Style Example

I vividly remember the day I first realized my passion for business administration. It was a rainy Tuesday, and I had just stepped into my first role as an Office Manager for a small startup. I was tasked with organizing a company-wide meeting to discuss new policies and procedures. Despite my initial nerves, I dove headfirst into the challenge.

As I stood in front of that room filled with colleagues, I felt a sense of exhilaration. I had spent countless hours researching best practices, creating a detailed agenda, and coordinating with various department heads to ensure a seamless and productive meeting. The result was a well-orchestrated event that not only effectively communicated the necessary information but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the team members.

That day, I discovered how my organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to multitask could directly contribute to the success of a business. Since then, I have honed these skills through various administrative roles, with a focus on improving efficiency, reducing costs, and creating a positive work environment.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my experience and passion for business administration to your organization. I believe that my background in managing projects, coordinating with cross-functional teams, and implementing process improvements make me a strong candidate for this role. I am eager to contribute my skills and enthusiasm to help drive your company’s growth and success.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and learn more about your organization’s needs.

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Cover Letter Samples for Business and Administration

Alison Doyle is one of the nation’s foremost career experts.

business administrator cover letter

What to Include Your Cover Letter

  • Cover Letter Template
  • Cover Letter Examples

Sending an Email Message

Sample email cover letter.

When you're applying for administrative and business positions, one of your most important qualifications will be your  communication skills . The first time they will be evaluated is when the hiring manager reviews your cover letter and resume.

It's important to make a good first impression, in order to increase your chances of landing an interview (and eventually, the job).

Before you start writing a cover letter, take a look at administration and business cover letter examples to get an idea of how to construct a professional and effective letter that is going to sell your credentials to the hiring manager.

Before you start writing your cover letter, review the job posting. You'll find a list of the job qualifications that the employer is looking for.

Use your cover letter to show the hiring manager that you meet the job requirements.

Match your qualifications  to the job listing by analyzing the ad and making a list of  keywords  related to the skills and experience sought by the hiring manager. You can also include the general  administrative  and business skills that employers seek in the candidates they evaluate for employment opportunities, as well as any  hard  or  soft  skills related to the role but not specifically included in the ad.

Work these keywords into your cover letter and resume, to ensure that your application materials  make it through the applicant tracking system  and get to a real person with the ability to call you for an interview.

The letter should include the following:

  • Subject line , with your name and the job (if you’re sending your cover letter via email)
  • Contact Information (top of the letter for a printed version, below signature for email cover letter)
  • Professional greeting
  • Paragraph 1: A brief introduction and why you are writing
  • Paragraphs 2 and 3: Your qualifications for the job for which you're applying
  • Closing Paragraph: Appreciation for being considered for the job, and how you will follow up if you have a contact person
  • Professional closing

If you're not sure what to write, have a look at these cover letter samples for inspiration. You can use them as a general model as you then draft a letter reflective of the unique experience and business / administrative skills that you can offer an employer.

Cover Letter Template for Administration / Business Jobs

Download the cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Cover Letter Examples Administration / Business Jobs

Review these cover letter examples and then write a personalized letter that explains how your skills relate to the criteria listed in the job posting. It's important that your letters are customized for each job you apply for, highlighting your relevant experience.

Sample Cover Letter #1

Justin Applicant 123 Main Street Anytown, CA 12345 555-555-5555 555-555-1234

September 1, 2018

Dear Hiring Manager,

I was excited to read about the Administrative Assistant job opening at XYZ company. I have several years of experience in a variety of fields including insurance and finance.

In addition to my extensive office experience, I have strong communication, customer service, and administrative skills. My broad background makes me an excellent candidate for this position.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange an interview.

Justin Applicant (signature hard copy letter) Justin Applicant

Sample Cover Letter #2

Bruce Applicant 123 Main Street Anytown, CA 12345 555-555-5555

Jimi Lee Manager Acme Finance 123 Business Rd. Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Lee,

I am writing to apply for the position of executive assistant, as advertised on Indeed. I was excited to see the job opening due to my several years of experience in the field. I was as an administrative assistant in financial services before taking a position as an executive assistant at a luxury automobile company.

In addition to my administrative and executive assistant skills, I have strong customer service and communication skills, especially in the written form. At my last job, I rewrote much of the company's website copy, which was acknowledged by my manager’s superiors. 

I have attached my resume for your review. I look forward to hearing from you about this exciting opportunity. You can contact me by e-mail at or through my cell phone at 555-555-5555.

Bruce Applicant (signature hard copy letter) Bruce Applicant

When you are sending your letter via email include the reason you are writing in the subject line of your message:

Subject: FirstName LastName – Executive Assistant Position

List your contact information in your signature, rather than in the body of the letter:

FirstName LastName Your Email Your Phone Number Your LinkedIn Profile (optional)

Here’s an example of what a complete email cover letter looks like:

Subject: Wendy Worker – Executive Assistant Position

Dear Ms. Jones,

It is with much enthusiasm that I am submitting to you my application for the executive assistant position that has recently opened with ABC Inc.

During my eight-year career with XYZ Enterprises, I have honed flawless competencies in office space planning and administration, appointment and meeting scheduling, travel coordination, data entry, and expense reporting that will allow me to “hit the ground running” as your next executive assistant. I can also offer you proven event coordination talents, having orchestrated all details of 25+ high-profile conferences and stockholder meetings that earned positive feedback from all attendees.

Eager to learn more about your administrative needs, I would welcome the opportunity for a personal interview. Thank you for your time, consideration, and forthcoming response. 

Wendy Worker 555-123-4567 (optional)

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Business Administrator Cover Letter Sample

Land your next job more easily and pick up more ideas for your cover letter with this easily editable Business Administrator cover letter sample. Copy-paste this cover letter example at no cost or revise it in our job-landing cover letter builder.

Milan Šaržík — Certified Professional Résumé Writer

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Business Administrator Cover Letter Sample (Full Text Version)

Marika Blekte

Dear Head of Recruitment,

As a Business Administrator with 2 years of experience, I am delighted to apply for this opportunity.

I am currently the Business Administrator at BTF, Inc., where for the past year I have coordinated the daily operations of this small logistics organisation. In particular, I:

  • provide organisational support to the CEO, Director of Operations, Head of Finance, and Head of Sales
  • support Business Development with sales reporting, pricing tables, proposals, and manuals
  • monitor and order office supplies, negotiate with suppliers and vendors, and coordinate maintenance
  • prepare correspondence, memos and reports, and prepare monthly management presentations

Prior to this, I was an Office Administrator at ABC Corporation for 14 months before the company was acquired by BTF, Inc.

I posses a high level of integrity and tact, the ability to negotiate confidently and professionally at all levels, and excellent interpersonal, communication, and coordination skills. I am able to assimilate large quantities of verbal and written data quickly and produce accurate documentation. I am familiar with the programs in your job description including QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel (Pivot Tables, VLOOKUPS).

Please find attached my resume for your consideration. Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Milan Šaržík — Certified Professional Résumé Writer

Milan Šaržík, CPRW

Milan’s work-life has been centered around job search for the past three years. He is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW™) as well as an active member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Careers Coaches (PARWCC™). Milan holds a record for creating the most career document samples for our help center – until today, he has written more than 500 resumes and cover letters for positions across various industries. On top of that, Milan has completed studies at multiple well-known institutions, including Harvard University, University of Glasgow, and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Edit this sample using our resume builder.

Don’t struggle with your cover letter. artificial intelligence can write it for you..

Don’t struggle with your cover letter. Artificial intelligence can write it for you.

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Business Administration Cover Letter

15 business administration cover letter templates.

Business Administration Cover Letter Sample

How to Write the Business Administration Cover Letter

In response to your job posting for business administration, I am including this letter and my resume for your review.

In my previous role, I was responsible for super-user expertise to payroll staff to ensure maximized system efficiency for both the payroll and time systems.

I reviewed the requirements of the job opening and I believe my candidacy is an excellent fit for this position. Some of the key requirements that I have extensive experience with include:

  • Analyzes and produces ad hoc reports/initiatives as needed
  • Analyzes and creates spreadsheets and presentations
  • Recommends appropriate actions and/or alternatives for floor activities, off sites and events related to the LAC GP&S department in the Miami office
  • Software Change Management familiarity or experience (ex
  • Familiarity with software application development (ex
  • Project Management familiarity or experience (ex
  • Skilled using Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Leadership necessary to guide the financial administration of ODE

Thank you for considering me to become a member of your team.

Finley Stracke

  • Microsoft Word (.docx) .DOCX
  • PDF Document (.pdf) .PDF
  • Image File (.png) .PNG

Responsibilities for Business Administration Cover Letter

Business administration responsible for technical assistance and training on various HRIS IT systems and programs (e.g., applicant tracking system, exit interview, etc.).

Business Administration Examples

Example of business administration cover letter.

Please consider me for the business administration opportunity. I am including my resume that lists my qualifications and experience.

In my previous role, I was responsible for day-to-day support and high-level troubleshooting for HR/Payroll information systems: Dynamics AX 2012, Avanti Payroll, ADP CV7, EmpCenter, Taleo Enterprise, SSRS reports, and SSIS-based system integrations.

Please consider my qualifications and experience:

  • State government operations
  • Oregon Employment Department services
  • Regional Business Services Model implemented in the Portland Metro Area
  • An understanding of the workforce system partners
  • The approach the Employment Department uses to engage businesses/employers for recruitment purposes
  • Action and results oriented work habits
  • Carry out a full range of business support activities
  • Carry out a full range of business administration activities

Thank you in advance for reviewing my candidacy for this position.

Quinn Murray

Previously, I was responsible for timely communications and actionable information to Director and Executive Vice President in order to maintain revenue forecasts, accounts receivables and accounts payable.

  • Equivalent of GCSE Maths and English Grade A-C
  • Proven track record as a SAP Business Analyst or as a functional consultant with multiple implementation projects support experience at medium to large size companies
  • Able to work in highly diverse cultures and teams
  • Check and verify learner applications for Education and Skills Funding Agency Compliance
  • Fully fluent in both the English and French language – both written and verbal
  • Knowledge of individual life insurance new business processes is an asset
  • Process individual applications and renewals issue supporting documents in accordance with agreed time and service standards
  • The University seeks doctorally qualified applicants with substantive experience in business administration with strong quantitative skills strong commitment to the values and lifestyle of evangelical Christianity

I really appreciate you taking the time to review my application for the position of business administration.

Shae Buckridge

I would like to submit my application for the business administration opening. Please accept this letter and the attached resume.

Previously, I was responsible for word processing services using appropriate software packages to prepare documents such as memoranda, correspondence, reports and procedure manuals ensuring documents meet relevant standards and are completed in specified timeframes.

  • Educated to GCSE/A LEVEL
  • Reliable, hardworking and determined
  • Display high levels of professionalism within the workplace
  • Intermediate skills in MS Excel and Powerpoint
  • University (or equivalent) with a focus on financial markets
  • Be knowledgeable in regards to ADP payroll systems and basic GL and Accounts Payable systems
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Has experience with IT infrastructure, IT application technologies and framework

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my cover letter and to review my resume.

Brooklyn Beatty

In the previous role, I was responsible for curriculum insight and guidance to the Chief Academic Officer regarding continuous improvement initiatives for the program.

My experience is an excellent fit for the list of requirements in this job:

  • BCBS 239 experience preferred
  • Data Lineage and data tracing experience preferred
  • Experience managing Agile activities (scrum master) and facilitating Agile project meetings
  • Experience with IT Service Management concepts and practices
  • Experience with ServiceNow and SharePoint platforms
  • Basic understanding of manufacturing
  • Experience in an ERP is preferred
  • Experience working in multi-cultural, community setting

In my previous role, I was responsible for expertise in administrative, data warehouse, and reporting systems that serve as key data access points, utilizing current data extraction methodologies.

  • All applications will be accepted via the “Apply Now” link
  • Prior experience with Compliance and Legal Governance preferred
  • JDE EnterpriseOne experience preferred
  • Strong background in accounting, experience in construction and inventory
  • General analytical abilities
  • Knowledge of project management tools and methods preferred
  • Knowledge of health care industry and trends preferred
  • Knowledge of KP benefit offerings and systems preferred

Corey VonRueden

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business administrator cover letter

Administration Manager Cover Letter Example (Free Guide)

Create an administration manager cover letter that lands you the interview with our free examples and writing tips. use and customize our template and land an interview today..

business administrator cover letter

Are you looking for a position as an administration manager? Our comprehensive cover letter guide will help you get the job of your dreams. From how to structure your letter to what to include, we'll provide all the tips and tricks to crafting a compelling and effective cover letter.

We will cover:

  • How to write a cover letter, no matter your industry or job title.
  • What to put on a cover letter to stand out.
  • The top skills employers from every industry want to see.
  • How to build a cover letter fast with our professional Cover Letter Builder .
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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am excited to apply for the position of Administration Manager at ABC Company. With my extensive experience in office management, I am confident that I am the best candidate for this role.

In my current role as an Office Manager at XYZ Company, I have been responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office, including overseeing administrative functions, managing budgets, and providing customer service support. Furthermore, I have implemented several cost-saving measures, improved efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction. I have also been responsible for coordinating events, managing databases, and ensuring that the office remains compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

I possess the necessary skills to excel in the role of Administration Manager at ABC Company. I am highly organized and detail-oriented, with excellent communication skills. I am also adept at multitasking and working under pressure. Additionally, I am proficient in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and other software programs.

I believe my qualifications and experience make me an ideal candidate for this role. I am confident that I can bring a great value to your team. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Why Do you Need a Administration Manager Cover Letter?

  • A cover letter for an Administration Manager position is essential when applying for a job in the field.
  • It is a way for you to introduce yourself to the employer, explain your qualifications, and highlight your credentials for the role.
  • It also gives you the opportunity to express your enthusiasm for the position, and why you believe you would be a good fit for the job.
  • A well-written cover letter can make all the difference in getting your foot in the door and landing an interview.
  • It shows the employer that you are serious about the job and have taken the time to craft a professional letter.
  • It also allows you to provide further details about your skills, experiences, and expertise that would be relevant to the role.
  • Your cover letter can also be used to demonstrate your knowledge of the company, and why you would be a great addition to their team.

A Few Important Rules To Keep In Mind

  • Keep your cover letter brief and to the point. Focus on the qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the position.
  • Use a professional and business-like tone. Avoid overly informal language.
  • Address the cover letter to the specific person to whom you are applying.
  • Show enthusiasm for the role and the organization.
  • Highlight your relevant experience and qualifications.
  • Explain why you are the best choice for the position.
  • Proofread your letter for errors and typos.
  • Include your contact information in the letter.
  • End the letter with a polite closing.

What's The Best Structure For Administration Manager Cover Letters?

After creating an impressive Administration Manager resume , the next step is crafting a compelling cover letter to accompany your job applications. It's essential to remember that your cover letter should maintain a formal tone and follow a recommended structure. But what exactly does this structure entail, and what key elements should be included in a Administration Manager cover letter? Let's explore the guidelines and components that will make your cover letter stand out.

Key Components For Administration Manager Cover Letters:

  • Your contact information, including the date of writing
  • The recipient's details, such as the company's name and the name of the addressee
  • A professional greeting or salutation, like "Dear Mr. Levi,"
  • An attention-grabbing opening statement to captivate the reader's interest
  • A concise paragraph explaining why you are an excellent fit for the role
  • Another paragraph highlighting why the position aligns with your career goals and aspirations
  • A closing statement that reinforces your enthusiasm and suitability for the role
  • A complimentary closing, such as "Regards" or "Sincerely," followed by your name
  • An optional postscript (P.S.) to add a brief, impactful note or mention any additional relevant information.

Cover Letter Header

A header in a cover letter should typically include the following information:

  • Your Full Name: Begin with your first and last name, written in a clear and legible format.
  • Contact Information: Include your phone number, email address, and optionally, your mailing address. Providing multiple methods of contact ensures that the hiring manager can reach you easily.
  • Date: Add the date on which you are writing the cover letter. This helps establish the timeline of your application.

It's important to place the header at the top of the cover letter, aligning it to the left or center of the page. This ensures that the reader can quickly identify your contact details and know when the cover letter was written.

Cover Letter Greeting / Salutation

A greeting in a cover letter should contain the following elements:

  • Personalized Salutation: Address the hiring manager or the specific recipient of the cover letter by their name. If the name is not mentioned in the job posting or you are unsure about the recipient's name, it's acceptable to use a general salutation such as "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear [Company Name] Recruiting Team."
  • Professional Tone: Maintain a formal and respectful tone throughout the greeting. Avoid using overly casual language or informal expressions.
  • Correct Spelling and Title: Double-check the spelling of the recipient's name and ensure that you use the appropriate title (e.g., Mr., Ms., Dr., or Professor) if applicable. This shows attention to detail and professionalism.

For example, a suitable greeting could be "Dear Ms. Johnson," or "Dear Hiring Manager," depending on the information available. It's important to tailor the greeting to the specific recipient to create a personalized and professional tone for your cover letter.

Cover Letter Introduction

An introduction for a cover letter should capture the reader's attention and provide a brief overview of your background and interest in the position. Here's how an effective introduction should look:

  • Opening Statement: Start with a strong opening sentence that immediately grabs the reader's attention. Consider mentioning your enthusiasm for the job opportunity or any specific aspect of the company or organization that sparked your interest.
  • Brief Introduction: Provide a concise introduction of yourself and mention the specific position you are applying for. Include any relevant background information, such as your current role, educational background, or notable achievements that are directly related to the position.
  • Connection to the Company: Demonstrate your knowledge of the company or organization and establish a connection between your skills and experiences with their mission, values, or industry. Showcasing your understanding and alignment with their goals helps to emphasize your fit for the role.
  • Engaging Hook: Consider including a compelling sentence or two that highlights your unique selling points or key qualifications that make you stand out from other candidates. This can be a specific accomplishment, a relevant skill, or an experience that demonstrates your value as a potential employee.
  • Transition to the Body: Conclude the introduction by smoothly transitioning to the main body of the cover letter, where you will provide more detailed information about your qualifications, experiences, and how they align with the requirements of the position.

By following these guidelines, your cover letter introduction will make a strong first impression and set the stage for the rest of your application.

Cover Letter Body

As an experienced Administration Manager, I have the skills and qualifications necessary to contribute to the success of your organization. I am confident that my extensive knowledge of office operations, strong organizational and time management abilities, and excellent customer service skills will make me an asset to your team.

In my current role as an Administration Manager, I manage all aspects of day-to-day office operations, including scheduling, customer service, maintaining records, and managing staff. I also oversee inventory management and budgeting. My experience has allowed me to develop an eye for detail and accuracy, both of which have been essential in maintaining efficient operations.

I am adept at people management, and I have successfully trained and supervised staff in a variety of departments. I am also experienced in developing and implementing new protocols and procedures to streamline operations. As an experienced leader, I am able to motivate and inspire teams to reach their highest potential.

I am also comfortable working with a variety of computer programs, including Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, and several customer database programs. My experience in data entry and record-keeping is also an asset in this role.

I possess excellent communication skills and am able to quickly build relationships with both clients and colleagues. I am also highly organized and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. I am confident that I am the right candidate to fill the Administration Manager position and would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Complimentary Close

The conclusion and signature of a cover letter provide a final opportunity to leave a positive impression and invite further action. Here's how the conclusion and signature of a cover letter should look:

  • Summary of Interest: In the conclusion paragraph, summarize your interest in the position and reiterate your enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to the organization or school. Emphasize the value you can bring to the role and briefly mention your key qualifications or unique selling points.
  • Appreciation and Gratitude: Express appreciation for the reader's time and consideration in reviewing your application. Thank them for the opportunity to be considered for the position and acknowledge any additional materials or documents you have included, such as references or a portfolio.
  • Call to Action: Conclude the cover letter with a clear call to action. Indicate your availability for an interview or express your interest in discussing the opportunity further. Encourage the reader to contact you to schedule a meeting or provide any additional information they may require.
  • Complimentary Closing: Choose a professional and appropriate complimentary closing to end your cover letter, such as "Sincerely," "Best Regards," or "Thank you." Ensure the closing reflects the overall tone and formality of the letter.
  • Signature: Below the complimentary closing, leave space for your handwritten signature. Sign your name in ink using a legible and professional style. If you are submitting a digital or typed cover letter, you can simply type your full name.
  • Typed Name: Beneath your signature, type your full name in a clear and readable font. This allows for easy identification and ensures clarity in case the handwritten signature is not clear.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Administration Manager Cover Letter

When crafting a cover letter, it's essential to present yourself in the best possible light to potential employers. However, there are common mistakes that can hinder your chances of making a strong impression. By being aware of these pitfalls and avoiding them, you can ensure that your cover letter effectively highlights your qualifications and stands out from the competition. In this article, we will explore some of the most common mistakes to avoid when writing a cover letter, providing you with valuable insights and practical tips to help you create a compelling and impactful introduction that captures the attention of hiring managers. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, understanding these mistakes will greatly enhance your chances of success in the job application process. So, let's dive in and discover how to steer clear of these common missteps and create a standout cover letter that gets you noticed by potential employers.

  • Not highlighting your qualifications for the job.
  • Not including a professional summary.
  • Including irrelevant information.
  • Making the letter too long.
  • Using passive language.
  • Not addressing the letter to a specific person.
  • Using generic phrases.
  • Not proofreading your letter.
  • Failing to include contact information.
  • Not customizing the letter for each job application.

Key Takeaways For an Administration Manager Cover Letter

  • Highlight your experience in both administrative and managerial roles.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Show how you successfully handled multiple projects and tasks.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of relevant computer software and technology.
  • Showcase your excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Emphasize your ability to work effectively under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Highlight any additional certifications or qualifications you have.

Business Administrator Cover Letter Examples & Writing Guide

Business Administrator Cover Letter

By Megainterview Team

  • Updated August 30, 2023
  • Published July 23, 2023

Are you looking for a Business Administrator cover letter example? Read our ultimate Business Administrator cover letter writing guide and learn from tips, examples, and proven strategies to land a job interview.

A cover letter is a crucial component of any job application, and it’s especially important when applying for a position as a Business Administrator. This role is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a business, and a well-written cover letter can demonstrate your qualifications and enthusiasm for the position to potential employers.

When crafting a cover letter for a Business Administrator position, it’s important to highlight your relevant experience and skills. This might include your experience managing teams, overseeing budgets, or implementing processes and procedures. Additionally, it’s important to demonstrate your understanding of the company and the industry in which it operates and to express why you are the best candidate for the role. By putting in the time and effort to craft a well-written and personalized cover letter, you can increase your chances of standing out from other applicants and landing the job.

What does a Business Administrator do?

A Business Administrator is a professional responsible for overseeing and coordinating various aspects of business operations to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Their role can vary depending on the organization and industry, but common responsibilities include managing budgets, implementing operational policies, handling administrative tasks, and supporting strategic planning.

Business Administrators may supervise staff, coordinate projects, and facilitate communication between different departments. They analyze financial data, monitor performance metrics, and recommend improving organizational processes. Additionally, Business Administrators may handle human resources functions, such as recruitment, training, and performance evaluations, to support the organization’s workforce.

Business Administrator Cover letter

Below we discuss some essential points to focus on when writing your cover letter.

  • Relevant Experience and Skills : In your cover letter, highlight your experience as a Business Administrator or in related administrative roles. Emphasize specific skills such as budget management, project coordination, and process improvement.
  • Attention to Detail : Business Administrators deal with complex data and sensitive information. Illustrate your attention to detail and accuracy in handling administrative tasks and financial data.
  • Leadership and Teamwork : Business Administrators often work with cross-functional teams and manage staff. Showcase your leadership abilities, teamwork skills, and your capacity to build and lead a successful team.
  • Problem-Solving and Adaptability : Organizations face various challenges, and Business Administrators need to be adaptable and quick problem solvers. Highlight your ability to analyze situations, identify solutions, and adapt to changing business needs.

A Business Administrator oversees and coordinates business operations to support organizational efficiency and success. When writing a cover letter for a Business Administrator position, focus on highlighting your relevant experience and skills, attention to detail, leadership and teamwork abilities, and problem-solving and adaptability.

Tailor your cover letter to the specific company or organization, expressing your genuine interest in contributing your administrative expertise to streamline operations and achieve their business goals.

Business Administrator Cover Letter Example 1

Dear [Hiring Manager],

I am excited to apply for the Business Administrator position at [Company/Organization Name]. With a proven track record in administrative management and a keen eye for optimizing operational efficiency, I am eager to contribute my expertise to support the smooth functioning of the organization.

As a seasoned professional with [X years] of experience in business administration, I have successfully overseen day-to-day operations, managed budgets, and streamlined processes to enhance productivity.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated proficiency in financial analysis, resource allocation, and contract management, resulting in cost savings and improved performance. My strong organizational and multitasking abilities have allowed me to effectively handle diverse administrative responsibilities.

I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, enabling me to collaborate with cross-functional teams, vendors, and clients. My ability to build positive relationships and maintain open lines of communication contributes to a harmonious and productive work environment.

I am skilled in utilizing various software and tools to streamline administrative tasks and maintain accurate records. My dedication to continuous improvement drives me to stay updated with industry best practices and implement innovative solutions.

Thank you for considering my application. I welcome the chance to discuss my qualifications further and demonstrate how my expertise can make a valuable impact as a Business Administrator at [Company/Organization Name].

Business Administrator Cover Letter Example 2

I am writing to express my interest in the Business Administrator position at your esteemed organization. I am confident that my experience, skills, and qualifications make me a strong candidate for the role, and I am excited to contribute my expertise to your team.

As a highly organized and detail-oriented professional with 5+ years of experience in business administration, I have honed my ability to manage and prioritize tasks efficiently, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. My experience has taught me the importance of clear communication, effective time management, and strategic problem-solving skills in ensuring that daily operations run smoothly.

In my current position, I have been responsible for managing office operations, scheduling appointments, preparing reports, and performing various administrative tasks. I have also demonstrated my ability to work independently and as part of a team, ensuring that all deadlines and customer requirements are met. Additionally, I have been instrumental in implementing new policies and procedures that have streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and increased productivity.

In addition to my hands-on experience, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a certification in Project Management. I have also been trained in a variety of software programs, including Microsoft Office and QuickBooks, and I have the ability to learn new systems quickly.

I am confident that my experience, education, and strong work ethic will be an asset to your team. I am eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to your organization and I believe that my dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence will enable me to make a positive impact.

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited to learn more about this opportunity, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications in further detail.

Business Administrator Cover Letter Example 3

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Business Administrator position at [Company/Organization Name]. With a track record of effective administrative management and a passion for driving organizational success, I am eager to contribute my expertise to support the company’s growth and efficiency.

As a results-oriented professional with [X years] of experience in business administration, I have successfully overseen a wide range of operational functions, including financial management, human resources, and office logistics.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated proficiency in budgeting, cost control, and vendor management, optimizing resource allocation and driving cost savings for the organization.

I possess strong leadership and problem-solving skills, enabling me to effectively address challenges and implement process improvements that enhance overall productivity and employee satisfaction.

I am well-versed in managing administrative systems and utilizing technology to streamline workflows and maintain accurate records.

Thank you for considering my application. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and demonstrate how my expertise can make a valuable impact as a Business Administrator at [Company/Organization Name].

Business Administrator Cover Letter Example 4

I am writing to express my interest in the Business Administrator position at your esteemed organization. With a proven track record of success in managing business operations and driving growth, I am confident that I would make a valuable addition to your team.

I have extensive experience in managing day-to-day operations, implementing new processes and procedures, and ensuring the efficient use of resources. My expertise in business administration, combined with my excellent organizational and communication skills, has enabled me to deliver outstanding results for my previous employers.

In my current role as a Business Administrator at ABC Company, I have been responsible for overseeing the administrative and support functions of the organization. I have successfully implemented cost-saving measures, streamlined processes, and improved overall efficiency, which has resulted in increased productivity and profitability for the company.

I am highly motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to driving results. I possess the necessary leadership skills to effectively manage and motivate teams, and I am confident that I would be able to bring the same level of success to your organization.

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to your organization and contribute to its continued growth and success.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you in person and discuss my qualifications further.

Business Administrator Cover Letter Example 5

I am thrilled to apply for the Business Administrator position at [Company/Organization Name]. With a strong background in administrative management and a passion for organizational efficiency, I am eager to contribute my expertise to support the smooth functioning of the company.

As an accomplished professional with [X years] of experience in business administration, I have successfully overseen various aspects of daily operations, including financial analysis, procurement, and team coordination.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a keen ability to implement effective administrative systems, optimize processes, and drive cost-effective solutions. My strong attention to detail and analytical skills have resulted in improved data accuracy and streamlined workflows.

I possess excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, enabling me to collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams and foster a positive work environment. My dedication to maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity aligns with the values upheld by [Company/Organization Name].

I am skilled in utilizing modern technology and software applications to enhance administrative efficiency and maintain up-to-date records.

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Business Administrator Cover Letter Writing Tips

Below you will find some general and specific tips that you can use to your advantage when writing your cover letter.

General Tips:

  • Tailor your cover letter to the specific job you are applying for.
  • Address the letter to the hiring manager or person in charge of the hiring process.
  • Highlight your relevant skills, education, and experience.
  • Keep the letter concise and to the point. No longer than one page.
  • Use a professional tone and avoid using slang or overly informal language.
  • Proofread your cover letter for spelling and grammar errors.

Specific Tips:

  • Start with a strong opening statement that catches the reader’s attention and highlights your enthusiasm for the role.
  • Briefly describe your relevant experience, skills, and qualifications that make you a good fit for the position.
  • Explain how you can contribute to the company’s success and how your skills and experience align with the company’s mission and values.
  • Emphasize your ability to work in a team and how you can effectively communicate and collaborate with others.
  • Mention any relevant courses or certifications that demonstrate your commitment to professional development.
  • Conclude by expressing your interest in the opportunity to meet with the hiring manager to discuss the position further and your desire to contribute to the company’s success.
  • Include your contact information and thank the hiring manager for considering your application.

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How to Write a Cover Letter for Management and Administration Jobs

cover letter for management

The purpose of your cover letter

The power of the cover letter in making an effective job application should never be underestimated. A good cover letter will grab the employer’s attention and make them want to read your CV. The purpose of your cover letter and CV together is to whet the employer’s appetite, to establish you as a serious contender for the post and to persuade the recruiter that you are worth an interview.

The cover letter exists to:

  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the post, based on the research you have done about the role and the institution
  • Explain your rationale for applying and how the role fits with your career plans
  • Answer the question “Why should we hire you?” by demonstrating how you meet the key criteria for the post and what sets you apart from other candidates
  • Provide evidence of your written communication and language skills, including the ability to be clear, succinct and articulate.

This article focuses on cover letters for roles in HE Management and Administration and addresses:

When to send a cover letter

  • What format to use
  • How to tailor it to a particular role
  • Marketing yourself in the cover letter
  • The dos and don’ts of cover letter writing
  • An example ‘before’ and ‘after’ cover letter with detailed explanations of the improvements made
  • A checklist for you to ensure your cover letter is as effective as possible.

You should always send a cover letter with your CV unless you are expressly asked not to. The only exception is if you are posting your CV on a database/with an agency where it will be seen by numerous employers, in which case a Profile on the CV itself is helpful.

Even if you have explained your motivation for applying on the application form, it is still worth sending a separate cover letter. This is because the cover letter gives you another opportunity to market yourself and can strengthen your chances.

The format of a cover letter

For jobs in administration and management, you should aim for your letter to be no longer than three-quarters of a page. In order to make an impact, and to prove that you can explain ideas fluently and clearly, the letter needs to be succinct.

Keep paragraphs short and your typeface clear (a font size of 11 or 12 is recommended) as the employer’s attention span will be brief.

It is traditional to write the cover letter in paragraph format, and this is the format we have used for our example letter, although some candidates choose to use bullet points and/or bold to highlight key points.

The order of paragraphs is not critical, but the following structure is recommended:

  • Address and salutation: Address the letter to a named person i.e. the recruiting manager who will shortlist the applications. A quick phone call or email should elicit this information.
  • First paragraph: An introduction, explaining which job you are applying for, how you heard about the post, and some brief background on who you are e.g. in terms of your current job role.
  • Middle section: Evidence of how you meet the top 3 or 4 criteria for the role, with brief illustrations of your achievements in each.
  • Final section: Explain what attracts you to this role in this institution and how the role fits into your career plans.
  • Concluding paragraph: A conclusion summarising what makes you suitable for the job and a statement expressing interest in an interview.

Tailoring your letter

The best way to tailor your letter effectively is to:

Do your research

Your cover letter needs to show what a great match you are for the job. The job and person specification will only give you so much. In order to understand the job context, the key priorities, what the recruiters are really looking for and how the job might develop you need do your own research.

This could include:

Online research

For example: into the University and Department’s strategies and future plans, it’s student profile, organisational structure and so on. For external appointments, you may be limited to what is available publicly so do use your networks to access these. You may be able to find useful information on news sites and publications such as the Research Assessment Exercise and Good University guides .

Discussion with the recruiting manager

Most recruiters are only too happy to answer questions about the job from potential applicants beforehand. This can also help you get your ‘name in the frame’ early. Just ensure that your questions are intelligent and be warned that the conversation might turn into an informal interview. You should reflect on why the employer should hire you, and refine your ‘elevator pitch’ before arranging the call.

Conversations with other employees

Including the departing jobholder, their colleagues and subordinates. For internal roles, you can use your internal networks to find these people. For external roles, you might ask the recruiting manager to put you in touch – or use your networks to see who knows someone in the right department and institution.

The depth of your research will show in your application and can really distinguish serious applicants from the rest of the pack. It’s also great preparation for the interview stage.

Be selective

The best way to tailor your letter is to pick out only the top three or four criteria for the post and focus your evidence on these. If the employer is convinced you have the right credentials, experience and skills for the areas that matter most, the chances are that they will invite you to interview. Your CV and your interview can cover the rest.

Use the employer’s language

Ensure you use the same keywords in your letter as the employer uses in their advertisement and in other sources (such as the Institution’s Values or Strategy statement). Listen carefully in conversations with the recruiter and colleagues for any buzzwords. If the institution talks about ‘student engagement’, ‘research capability’, ‘lean management’ or ‘employability’ issues – it will help if you talk about your experience and interests in the same terms.

Marketing yourself effectively

Before you write your letter, you need to be clear on what your Unique Selling Points are for the role in relation to the key job criteria.

Think about what will differentiate you from the competition. Consider who else might apply, internally and externally, and what they might offer. Consider what makes you stand out from them. This might include:

  • Greater depth of expertise or length of experience in this field
  • A particular blend of experiences which give you a unique perspective (e.g. having worked in both central functions and academic  departments, or having been a student yourself recently for student-facing posts)
  • Specific achievements in your current and previous roles
  • A qualification which is highly relevant to the role, but which not all the other applicants will have
  • A passion for and commitment to the subject matter of the job or for working in this particular area
  • Well developed professional networks in a relevant field which could prove helpful in the job
  • Or anything else you think might make the stand out in a way which is relevant to the role.

Tips for success

  • Put your most convincing evidence first. You need to make an impact in the first few sentences. Talk about your current or most relevant job first
  • Focus on achievements in your current and previous roles rather than merely your responsibilities. Quantify these wherever possible
  • Illustrate your achievements with brief but specific examples, explaining why these are relevant to this role. You can refer the employer to the CV for more detail
  • Concentrate on the areas which differentiate you from the competition rather than the basic job criteria
  • Demonstrate how well you have researched the role and the job context when explaining your career motivation
  • Explain your rationale if you are seeking a career change or sideways move
  • Be succinct. Ask a friend to go through it with you and edit out any wordy sentences and redundant words
  • End on a note of enthusiasm and anticipation.
  • Try to summarise your CV or give too much detail – you need to be selective about the points that you highlight
  • Make unsubstantiated statements about relevant skills and experience without giving examples
  • Send the same or a similar letter to more than one employer. Never ‘cut and paste’ as employers will suspect a lack of research and career focus
  • Make generalised statements about why you want to work for the institution (e.g. referring to ‘a top 50 global institution’ or ‘a department with a high reputation’)
  • Use jargon specific to your employer or profession which the employer might not understand
  • Focus on what the employer can do for you – it’s more about what you can do for the employer.

Example cover letter – with comments

business administrator cover letter

Example cover letter – improved version

business administrator cover letter

Cover letter checklist

Before you send off your letter, use our final checklist to ensure your letter is as strong as possible.

  • Done your homework so that you are clear about what the employer wants?
  • Given clear evidence of how you meet the most important criteria of the job?
  • Kept it to three quarters of a page or less?
  • Put your most important evidence in the first half of the letter?
  • Asked a friend to proof read it and ensure the language is succinct and clear?
  • Addressed it to the right person?
  • Given a convincing explanation of why you want the job?
  • Ended with a summary of why you would be perfect for this role?

Download the ‘How to Write a Cover Letter for Management and Administration Jobs’ ebook here .

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Lisa Carr is a careers consultant and coach who works with a range of public and private organisations including the University of Warwick and Warwick Business School, where she coaches Executive MBAs. She began her career as an HR manager in the energy industry and spent a number of years lecturing for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. After qualifying as a Careers Guidance practitioner she has worked with a wide range of clients from undergraduates through to senior academics and company directors.

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