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best presentation making app


best presentation making app

AI Presentation Maker

When lack of inspiration or time constraints are something you’re worried about, it’s a good idea to seek help. Slidesgo comes to the rescue with its latest functionality—the AI Presentation Maker! With a few clicks, you’ll have wonderful slideshows that suit your own needs . And it’s totally free!

best presentation making app

Generate presentations in minutes

We humans make the world move, but we need to sleep, rest and so on. What if there were someone available 24/7 for you? It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and ask the AI Presentation Maker to give you a hand. The possibilities are endless : you choose the topic, the tone and the style, and the AI will do the rest. Now we’re talking!

Customize your AI-generated presentation online

Alright, your robotic pal has generated a presentation for you. But, for the time being, AIs can’t read minds, so it’s likely that you’ll want to modify the slides. Please do! We didn’t forget about those time constraints you’re facing, so thanks to the editing tools provided by one of our sister projects —shoutouts to Wepik — you can make changes on the fly without resorting to other programs or software. Add text, choose your own colors, rearrange elements, it’s up to you! Oh, and since we are a big family, you’ll be able to access many resources from big names, that is, Freepik and Flaticon . That means having a lot of images and icons at your disposal!

best presentation making app

How does it work?

Think of your topic.

First things first, you’ll be talking about something in particular, right? A business meeting, a new medical breakthrough, the weather, your favorite songs, a basketball game, a pink elephant you saw last Sunday—you name it. Just type it out and let the AI know what the topic is.

Choose your preferred style and tone

They say that variety is the spice of life. That’s why we let you choose between different design styles, including doodle, simple, abstract, geometric, and elegant . What about the tone? Several of them: fun, creative, casual, professional, and formal. Each one will give you something unique, so which way of impressing your audience will it be this time? Mix and match!

Make any desired changes

You’ve got freshly generated slides. Oh, you wish they were in a different color? That text box would look better if it were placed on the right side? Run the online editor and use the tools to have the slides exactly your way.

Download the final result for free

Yes, just as envisioned those slides deserve to be on your storage device at once! You can export the presentation in .pdf format and download it for free . Can’t wait to show it to your best friend because you think they will love it? Generate a shareable link!

What is an AI-generated presentation?

It’s exactly “what it says on the cover”. AIs, or artificial intelligences, are in constant evolution, and they are now able to generate presentations in a short time, based on inputs from the user. This technology allows you to get a satisfactory presentation much faster by doing a big chunk of the work.

Can I customize the presentation generated by the AI?

Of course! That’s the point! Slidesgo is all for customization since day one, so you’ll be able to make any changes to presentations generated by the AI. We humans are irreplaceable, after all! Thanks to the online editor, you can do whatever modifications you may need, without having to install any software. Colors, text, images, icons, placement, the final decision concerning all of the elements is up to you.

Can I add my own images?

Absolutely. That’s a basic function, and we made sure to have it available. Would it make sense to have a portfolio template generated by an AI without a single picture of your own work? In any case, we also offer the possibility of asking the AI to generate images for you via prompts. Additionally, you can also check out the integrated gallery of images from Freepik and use them. If making an impression is your goal, you’ll have an easy time!

Is this new functionality free? As in “free of charge”? Do you mean it?

Yes, it is, and we mean it. We even asked our buddies at Wepik, who are the ones hosting this AI Presentation Maker, and they told us “yup, it’s on the house”.

Are there more presentation designs available?

From time to time, we’ll be adding more designs. The cool thing is that you’ll have at your disposal a lot of content from Freepik and Flaticon when using the AI Presentation Maker. Oh, and just as a reminder, if you feel like you want to do things yourself and don’t want to rely on an AI, you’re on Slidesgo, the leading website when it comes to presentation templates. We have thousands of them, and counting!.

How can I download my presentation?

The easiest way is to click on “Download” to get your presentation in .pdf format. But there are other options! You can click on “Present” to enter the presenter view and start presenting right away! There’s also the “Share” option, which gives you a shareable link. This way, any friend, relative, colleague—anyone, really—will be able to access your presentation in a moment.

Discover more content

This is just the beginning! Slidesgo has thousands of customizable templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Our designers have created them with much care and love, and the variety of topics, themes and styles is, how to put it, immense! We also have a blog, in which we post articles for those who want to find inspiration or need to learn a bit more about Google Slides or PowerPoint. Do you have kids? We’ve got a section dedicated to printable coloring pages! Have a look around and make the most of our site!

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The 10 Best Slideshow Apps of 2023

Enhance your slides by making automatically making better, more engaging slideshows

best presentation making app

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best presentation making app

  • Payment Services

Here are the best Android and iOS apps to make better slideshows.

Best Fast and Easy Photo Slideshows: Google Photos

Add photos and videos to a slideshow.

Add music to slideshows.

Add multiple instances of the same photo.

Automatically adds music to the entire slideshow.

Can't add animations or special effects.

Can be challenging to find and select photos.

When you want to make a simple slideshow that showcases pictures stored on your Android or iOS device, use Google Photos. It creates simple movies that contain photos, videos, and music. There aren't any extra bells and whistles, so you can't add animations or other special effects.

It's easy to create a slideshow in Google Photos. All you do is organize the images into an album, then create an MP4 movie. Before you finalize the movie, you can change how long each image appears, move them around, and add additional pictures. You can also add music that plays during the entire length of the movie. Google Photos includes a long list of theme music to fit every mood.

Download For :

Best for Real-Time Collaboration: Microsoft PowerPoint

Add special effects and animations to slideshows.

Create a slideshow with your family and friends.

Basic features are available with a free Microsoft account.

Requires a Microsoft 365 subscription to access all features.

May not play voiceover or audio during a slideshow.

Save and share slideshows as PPTX files only.

If you use PowerPoint on your desktop or laptop PC, you find the same familiar look and feel in the PowerPoint mobile apps. You also find a basic set of presentation tools, including slide layouts, themes, audio, slide transitions, and animations.

When you save your slideshows to OneDrive , you can start one on your mobile device, then finish it on your desktop PC. Plus, when your files are stored in the cloud, you can collaborate online with family, friends, and co-workers via the PowerPoint co-authoring feature.

Best for Music Slideshows: Magisto Video Editor

Turn photos into music videos automatically.

Add text and stickers to slideshows.

Includes over 100 built-in templates.

Need a paid subscription for advanced features.

Many users don't like the August 2020 update.

Videos are watermarked in the free version.

Magisto is a music slideshow maker and a video editor. Choose your photos, select a theme, add music, and your slideshow is ready. The Magisto library contains a vast array of commercially licensed songs. Photos can be added from your gallery, Google Photos, or iStock.

Along with music slideshows, you can create collages and short movies with ease. The Magisto video editor is powered by artificial intelligence that adds graphics, effects, and filters that fit the theme of your photos.

The Magisto Help & Learning Center has over 100 tutorials and articles that show how to create, edit, and manage your videos.

Best Built-In Themes: SlidePlus

Includes over 100 themes for any occasion.

Add photos from Facebook and Instagram.

Automatically trims portrait photos to zoom in on faces.

Paid subscription after a 3-day free trial.

Video can be glitchy.

Slideshows are limited to 25 photos.

SlidePlus is a video slideshow maker app that's straightforward to use and doesn't need video editing skills, so you spend less time creating a stunning slideshow and more time sharing it with your family and friends.

SlidePlus contains over 100 themes that cover a variety of occasions. They're designed with pre-selected music, special effects, and built-in transitions. All you do is add the photos and text. If you want, you can change the music.

Best for Social Media Posts: MoShow

Creates GIFs and looping videos.

Great selection of templates.

Good for beginners.

The free version limits video to 30 seconds.

Not many music options.

Paid add-ons can be expensive.

MoShow is a slideshow maker, photo editor, and video editor. It turns your photos into movies that can grab people's attention on your social media channels. You can easily share your slideshow video on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.

MoShow contains all the tools you need to create a slideshow with minimal effort. Choose your photos, select a style, and preview the results. It includes over 90 styles. It also has an extensive collection of effects, slide transitions, text overlays, and cinematic glitch effects. 

Best for Long Slideshows: PicPlayPost

Create 30-minute slideshows.

Record in 1080P and 4K HD.

Build live video wallpapers.

It isn't intuitive and may be difficult for novice users.

Only plays MP3 music files.

Ads may get in the way.

PicPlayPost is a slideshow maker and video editor. After selecting your photos, add text and stickers, apply a slide transition, and choose background music. Then, use the video editing tools to trim the slideshow video and change the layout aspect.

When your slideshow is complete, PicPlayPost includes options to share it to your phone gallery, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Messenger, and Google Photos,

Best Photo Editor: Vimory

A large selection of templates and filters.

Tools to edit and enhance photos.

Built-in slide transitions, effects, and frames.

It's easy to share slideshows on social media.

Slideshows are limited to 30 photos.

Photos sometimes pixelate on the video.

Many templates and effects are only available as premium content.

If you don't have graphic design skills, Vimory includes an assortment of templates to give you a quick start on a stunning slideshow. If you want to create your own look, use it to enhance your photos with effects, frames, and music. Then, add slide transitions to give your project a few groovy moves. When you're finished, Vimory turns your images into a looping video slideshow.

Vimory contains sharing tools, so posting your slideshows to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other sites is straightforward. You can also use the app to send your slideshow through Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts, and other chat apps.

Best for HD Video Recording: Vizmato

Convert photo slideshows into GIFs.

Includes cool visual video effects.

Exports 1080p video.

Requires in-app purchases for many features.

Slideshows are limited to 15 photos.

The editing process isn’t intuitive.

To make a slideshow in Vizmato, select the photos you want to display, add a theme and music, and your video slideshow is ready. The app includes a music library, video editor, audio effects that change your voice, and social sharing tools.

Vizmato also contains an HD video and GIF recorder. You can record videos on your mobile device and then use it to adjust the pace and add filters. Your video can be saved as a GIF or as a looped video.

Best Simple Video Editor: Videoshop

A massive selection of sound effects.

A good introduction to professional video editing.

Easy to use and has basic layouts.

A limited number of transitions.

The preview tools are lacking in some effects.

The pro version can be expensive.

Videoshop is primarily a video editor, but you can also import photos and create slideshows and edit them in the app. It contains all the features expected in any video editor, including sound effects, text, filters, and transitions. It has controls that trim, adjust the color, stop the motion, rescale the size, and reverse the video.

When you're ready to share your slideshow, Videoshop makes it easy to share with a dozen popular social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Best Companion Mobile App: Movavi Clips

Plays a short tutorial when you first open the app.

Royalty free music can be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.

Exports HD quality video.

Must pay a separate fee, even if you own the PC or Mac version.

Can't save a slideshow project as a draft and continue later.

Can't apply filters to all clips at once.

Movavi Clips is an advanced video editor that also makes eye-catching photo slideshows. It has all the necessary tools, including cropping, filters, transitions, stickers, and royalty-free music and sounds. You can also trim your slideshows with the video timeline and merge multiple slideshows into one video.

Movavi Clips only works on smartphones, not on tablets.

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10 Best Presentation-Making Apps for Android and iPhone

Mehedi Hasan

Whether you are a student or an office job holder, you must deal with different projects. And exposing your presentation is one of the most common tasks of any project. Especially for university students, lots of their marks depend on their presentation. And a big part of your performance depends on how you are making the slide presentation. Once you have a great topic and a bucket full of information, you can rely on the best presentation-making apps for your Android and iOS devices.

Best Presentation-making Apps to Help Make Something Great

Most people make their presentations on Microsoft Powerpoint using their PC. But often we don’t have a PC or just don’t have time to use it. Making presentations has become easier just by your smartphone with the best apps for students and jobholders. And we have already tried tons of apps that help make presentations. And the following ten apps we found to be the most useful in this case.


Important Features

  • There are more than 40 apple designed themes, and you can simply start with the text outline.
  • A whole bunch of people can work together on one presentation at a time.
  • A slide navigator will initially help for a quick skim but won’t add new or reorder the slide.
  • It indeed lets you add photos and videos from 700 editable shapes.
  • You can also remove images from backgrounds using instant alpha.

Pros: It automatically saves your presentation, and you can store it in iCloud or a box. In addition, it lets you export the presentation in PDF, image files, HTML, PowerPoint, or movies.

Cons: You won’t find any rotation feature in it.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and presentations

  • You can easily sync the presentation into OneDrive, and start and edit it on your device.
  • It has highly customizable options such as illustrations, graphics, shapes, etc.
  • The application lets you share the presentation via email with others.
  • It indeed allows you to invite others, and they can edit, view, and give suggestions on your slides.
  • You can make a PDF file for your presentation with this app.

Pros: This app lets you save the presentation in multiple formats or as a video. Furthermore, it enables you to set the time and transitions for each slide that will be displayed.

Android iPhone

3. FlowVella Presentation App

FlowVella Presentation App

  • There are more than 25 unique and professionally designed presentation templates, and you can pick the suitable one for the presentation.
  • It will ensure you instant access to any cloud source, including Dropbox, Creative Cloud, Google Drive, Adobe Market, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • You will get a presenter view option with speaker notes. Indeed, the audience won’t see the notes.
  • You can easily share and collaborate your presentation with others on social media.
  • With your invitation, others can edit, create or add pictures to the slide.

Pros: There will be different fonts and colors, and you can even save any slide. Moreover, you can save it on cloud storage or simply sync it to OneDrive.

Cons: It’s not a completely free app though you can enjoy making ten slides as trials.

4. Canva: Design, Photo & Video

Canva, presentation-making apps

  • There are more than 500 fonts, and you can use glitch, effect, curved, or neon text styles.
  • It initially allows you to save videos as GIFs for social media usage.
  • You can simply cut out product pictures for online shops or collages.
  • The audio track system will help you to add music to the video in your slide.
  • You can also put effects on the font or cut out photos using background remover.

Pros: It will help you with YouTube intro maker, podcast, motivational quotes creator, etc. Additionally, you can resize any image or poster banner with a single tap.

Cons: The app doesn’t work offline.

5. Google Slides

Google Slides

The best part of this app is that it lets you make any presentation almost effortlessly. Apparently, it would be a clever selection if you make presentation slides at the eleventh hour. Moreover, both iPhone and Android users can use it for free.

  • You can collaborate with your friend or co-workers on a presentation. Apparently, it makes creating group presentations more hassle-free and fun.
  • With this app, you can make or modify presentations offline.
  • This incredible app lets you present your presentation slides from your smartphone over the internet.
  • It automatically saves the presentation progress whenever it gets an internet connection.
  • The persons who are linked with your presentation can mark any spot on the slide and comment on it.
  • This app features “smart suggestions,” which let you create attractive slides almost instantly.

Pros: You can modify files from other presentation maker software like PowerPoint. Besides, you can continue your left presentation-making from other devices that are linked with your Gmail.

Cons: It has relatively fewer creative capabilities and templates than some alternatives.

iPhone Android

6. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

This app decreases pressure on the device’s CPU while working. Apparently, it gives you a lag-free experience even while making a presentation in a hurry. The only thing you will need is a stable internet connection.

  • You won’t lose your progress on a sudden internet cut with this app.
  • There are more than 40 million stock image features in this app. Apparently, these let you create unique and mind booging presentation slides.
  • All the features of the app are at one interface and pretty easy to reach.
  • This helpful app lets you share your presentation directly from the app.
  • It can automatically align text and spacing. Thdoesn’ture eventually makes presentation-making much easy and hassle-free for everyone.
  • You can simply collaborate with you friends or co-worker to make a stunning presentation.

Pros: It lets you search images for your side, which makes this app very favorable. In addition, you can connect with various social media to grab pictures for your presentation slides.

Cons: It doesn’t let you choose the designs for your slides.

7. Zoho Show

Zoho Show, presentation-making apps

It is so easy that you can simply paste your text and add a favorite template to make a standard presentation. Plus, it has a handy workspace where most of the features are right beside your fingertip. You can also collaborate with your co-workers to modify the same presentation together.

  • It initially features tons of standard and professional templates and charts. Plus, the developers add the latest templates and other items quite frequently.
  • You can simply add logos for your slides. Apparently, it will automatically be added to the rest slides of the presentation.
  • This incredible app lets you insert videos from YouTube and Dailymotion directly.
  • There are more than 30 transition effects and 45 animations on this app.
  • You can also open and modify PowerPoint files through it.
  • This app is compatible with Android wearables and Apple watchOS. Eventually, you can navigate the slides with a smartwatch.

Pros: Your projects are automatically saved in cloud storage so that you won’t lose them ever. Moreover, it lets you keep your presentation as a PDF or video.

8. Remote for PowerPoint Keynote

Remote for PowerPoint Keynote

  • It can connect through both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Apparently, the Wi-Fi connection works faster than Bluetooth.
  • If you want, you can see the presentation preview on your smartphone.
  • This amusing app features a laser pointer and annotation that are helpful in many ways, especially for teaching purposes.
  • It also supports video and audio files for your slides.
  • You can simply convert the texts to many other languages immediately.

Pros: This app also lets you connect using barcode scanning. Moreover, it supports animation and notes.

Cons: The design looks quite outdated.

9. SlideShare


Moreover, the animations and translations of the presentations are beautiful and standard for any scenario. You can also share your presentations with others directly from SlideShare.

  • Searching and finding presentation slides are hassle-free on this app. Apparently, all slides are sorted by themes and topics.
  • You can simply comment on any presentation through it.
  • It has one of the world’s largest collections of presentation files, with over 15 million presentation files.
  • This incredible app also lets you follow famous companies who share their expertise on SlideShare.
  • You are allowed to save your files in favorites. It also lets you download and see slides offline.

Pros: It lets you limit the number of audiences who can see your slides. Besides, this incredible app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Cons: You can’t create a slide with it.

10. Prezi Viewer

Prezi Viewer, presentation-making apps

Moreover, it lets you add video and audio files to your presentation. Applying and modifying transactions and animations are pretty effortless.

  • This incredible app lets you collaborate with others to make a presentation together. Apparently, they can comment on their suggestions too.
  • You can simply make slides in more than 10 different languages through Prezi.
  • With this app, you can connect to any big screen via Bluetooth and present your slides through it.
  • It indeed lets you zoom in on your slides. Eventually, it is a great feature to present graphs and tables clearly.
  • You can also share your project with others via email or social media links.

Pros: It will give you access to your presentation project even if you are offline. Besides, you can save your presentation as PDF or Video files too.

Cons: It may need an internet connection to use various features of it.

Q: What is the best presentation-making app?

A: Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slide are the best presentation-making apps. These apps are available for Android and iPhone users, making things easier while preparing your next presentation. Eventually, they are free to use, and you can make different presentations on your device.

You can also try Keynote for iPhone and Prezi Viewer for both. This presentation-making software also provides the best tools for that as well. But if you want an app to share slides, then you better try SlideShare.

It is also essential to inform you that SlideShare only allows you to share slides, not make them. So, to have complete help dealing with your presentations just with your smart device, you should have a few apps to use their different functions.

Q: Can I use Microsoft Powerpoint on my smartphone to make presentations?

A: Yes, you can use Microsoft Powerpoint on your smartphone to make presentations. Almost all the tools you can use on your PC to prepare your presentation are available here. Indeed it’s a free app and available for both Android and iOS devices.

Q: Is Canva better than PowerPoint?

A: Because of having lots of advanced features, Canva is considered to be better than Powerpoint. Also, Canva comes with a more sophisticated design and user interface. While Canva makes using tools user, even on your Android device, Microsoft PowerPoint has many complications. So, Canva is better than PowerPoint.

Q: Can you convert PowerPoint to Google Slides?

A: Yes, you can simply convert PowerPoint to Google Slides. Indeed, the process is very easy and takes a few minutes only. Well, first, you need to open the PowerPoint file on your Google Drive, and next, you have to save the file there.

After that, just open your Google Slide, import the file from Google Drive, and simply do the customizations you need. In the same way, you can also import a file from Google Slide to Drive and then to PowerPoint.

Finally, Insights

So, to make your presentations attractive and successful, you can completely depend on your smartphone. Just pick up the best presentation-making apps for your device and complete them. If you find it working perfectly, just leave a comment about your experience of using it. New viewers will get help choosing the best one for them. Also, share this content with your friends, classmates, and colleagues who often need to prepare presentations. Thank you for your time and support.


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Mehedi Hasan

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Movie Maker - Video Editor

Movie Maker - Video Editor

*** movie maker - video editor is the best video editing tool with full hd export and no watermark *** free and easy-to-use video editor and movie maker, now with high quality full hd support. works on both windows 10 and windows 11. movie maker - video editor is the best app for editing videos, or creating videos from your photos, video clips, and music. it provides basic video editing functions such as cut video, trim video, join video, add music and text, as well as more advanced features like image filter, transition effects, pan-zoom effects. you need to create a family video after vacation, a project presentation video at school, or a short video showcasing your product you want to edit videos to post on facebook/youtube/tiktok movie maker - video editor is the most simple, efficient, and affordable video editing app for you on microsoft store. ***movie maker - video editor is the free version of our app series which include a free app and a pro app. you can try the free version to work on quick and simple video project. if you need advanced features, you can purchase the pro app any time later. main features are: - convert video, rotate video, mute video, extract audio from video. - make movies from video clips and photos. - trim, rotate, flip, join video clips in movie project. - soundtrack with built-in music tracks or import from the user library. - add pre-recorded voice clip to soundtrack for voice over. - support most popular media formats: mp4, wmv, mkv, mov, avi, mpeg, mpg, mts, jpg, png, gif, mp3, m4a, wav. note: input video files must contain codecs supported by windows 10/11 uwp. if your video file is not supported, you can use the video converter tool to convert it to compatible format. - support heic photos with the free heic photo converter. - adding title and credits. - adding text, emoticon, photo overlay. - animated pan-zoom for still photo. - photo enhancement filters. - transition effects (fade, ripple, cross-zoom, wave, pixelate, square wipe...). - adjust audio volume for video clips and background music. - export high quality video with hd and full hd resolution. - output formats of mp4 (h264), mp4(hevc/h265), and wmv. - replacement for imovie, capcut on windows pc. advanced features that will be available if you upgrade to the pro version: - project management: enable save/load projects so that users can work on multiple projects. - quick tools: faster trim video, split video, crop video, join video, overlay video, screen recorder, green screen, and others... - support up to 4k resolution and 60 fps. - and many more tools for the best video editor you can have at the $15 price point... release note: movie maker - video editor version 3.x - support rotation for both text and photo overlay. - new text templates with animation. - fix bug with voice over in soundtrack editor. - keyboard shortcuts. - support heic photo with the photo converter quick tool. - improved quick tools for trim video, split video, join video to support original video resolution (for pro version). - new quick tools: censor video (for pro version). movie maker - video editor version v2.x - save video with software encoder and hardware encoder. - add green screen and screen recorder quick tools (for pro version). - improved voice over features. movie maker - video editor version v1.x - first release of video editor - movie maker. - create movie project from videos, photos, and music. - quick tools for free version: convert video, mute video, rotate video, time-lapse, extract audio from video. - quick tools for pro version: visual effects, slow motion and fast motion, stabilize video, video collage, video enhancement, extract photo from video. keywords: capcut for pc, imovie for pc, canva offline, movie maker, video editor, edit video, editing video, making movie, green screen, voice over, trim video, split video, crop video, join video, overlay video, screen recorder, capcut, imovie, 12/26/2017 7:31:48 am.


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    Focusky. Free and Paid from $9.9/month. Focusky is an easy and intuitive HTML5 presentation software with a user-friendly interface. You can create stunning presentations and animated videos by using the built-in templates available on the platform, character library, and 5000+ royalty-free vector files.

  2. Free AI Presentation Maker

    Slidesgo comes to the rescue with its latest functionality—the AI Presentation Maker! With a few clicks, you’ll have wonderful slideshows that suit your own needs. And it’s totally free! Get started How does it work? Elegant Education Pack for Students Try for free our new AI Presentation Generator and create a customizable template in seconds.

  3. The 10 Best Slideshow Apps of 2023

    02 of 10 Best for Real-Time Collaboration: Microsoft PowerPoint What We Like Add special effects and animations to slideshows. Create a slideshow with your family and friends. Basic features are available with a free Microsoft account.

  4. 10 Best Presentation-Making Apps for Android and iPhone -

    1. Keynote If you just have your iPhone to make your next presentation, Keynote may be the best app to help you. In fact, it is one of the best presentation-making apps on the list. Also, it lets you use your Apple Pencil to highlight any section during the live presentation.

  5. Movie Maker

    *** Movie Maker - Video Editor is the best video editing tool with FULL HD EXPORT and NO WATERMARK *** Free and easy-to-use video editor and movie maker, now with high quality Full HD support. Works on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Movie Maker - Video Editor is the best app for editing videos, or creating videos from your photos, video clips, and music. It provides basic video editing ...